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Who the fuck is suppressing the TRX price?

This is an absolute shitcoin snd vapourware but it’s trying to pump and someone or people are trying to stop it

Everytime it takes the smallest pump upward, it is immediately suppressed

This can’t go on forever though, eventually the volume is going to get too much

I’ve bought an amount of these as it is absolutely primed but I am not a long term holder in this shitcoin. I’m just here for the gains

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It dumped already when it was 4 cents fren

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I’m aware of that.

It does these massive pumps but then is immediately dumped back down

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This guy. Pic related.

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maybe if it starts pumping again the CEO can have another lunch with buffet and dump it back down.
and get told "Crypto is a scam".

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The fuck are you on GMEkid? It's 80% up since 24 hours ago or when I bought it for mere 25%

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We are talking about TRX in here, not XRP you muppet

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We are totally fucked, i just noticed my mistake aswell. But the fact you immediately knew... This market is doomed. In that case I agree with you, where the fuck are my gains on TRX. Then again I never bought anything closer to crypto than MARA and was happy that the fucking etoro has minimal trade 25$ of shitcoins.

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Chinks run the TRX market bros. They don’t want the gweilo make gains off of them.