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It feels like stealing at these prices

but this pump and dump still makes me anxious

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we broke above resistance and no one is talking about it.

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remain calm
focus on the future

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>>>27297309 (OP)

like this?

hope its something

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my man, that's exactly what my meme lines look like too. just like that.

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Just adding to my stack through funi.

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I have this meme indicator as well, https://www.tradingview.com/x/9deAoKTJ/

we've got another yellow buy signal

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interdasting, we'll see fren

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as long as those MA lines stay in that arrangement then I'll remain pretty confident

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How much are the rewards for minting fUSD per week?
and why aren't shilling fSILVER to get exposure?

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if you mint fSILVER and it goes up you lose out, since essentially your debt increases. That's why you either mint a stable coin or something that will dump

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Is the yellow line resistance?

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love these fantom threads bros. we will all make it

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$5 EOY

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is it a good idea to swap fUSD to wFTM if we hit the bottom again?

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when ren bridge sirs

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i'm selling FTM and buying XLM or selling XLM and buying FTM depending on which one pumps first


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Just hold FTM its an IQ test

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not selling it all of course

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Nothing to be anxious about. Just hold through 2021 and become a millionaire. Don’t fall to the shitcoin temptations

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Bought 3500 of these the other day. What's the EOY prediction on this?

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one million trillion billions

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More like mtf

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nice meme indicator, what does it look for ema cross or volume increase?

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Seriously how much it will cost EOY? Is it possible to reach 1$? Non meme answer plx

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Brah, even at $5 its still below Polkadot’s current market cap lol

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I hope u right fags

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any clue on why polkadot has the marketcap it does? really came out of no where.

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Polkadot seems to be pretty flawed with its parachain bullshit auctions. Does nothing but to form cartels and possibly new attack vectors. This was the same tech that was used by Facebook’s Libra and ditched right after probably because of the same reason. Enterprise won’t want to buy a fuck ton of DOT just to be able to play with the tech. Polkadot is fucked

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Also, by the time polkadot is going to get recognized by the enterprise sector, all of its parachain slots will be filled by absolute shitcoins that will try to bid in an attempt at pumping their market caps ( with the users crowdsale funds of course)

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Fantom will come out of nowhere to top 10

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Also, whats going to stop competitors from bidding and winning parachain slots only to leave them dormant right after?

Anyway, lets focus on FANTOM. Fuck the other shitcoins

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This is my moonshot bros. missed btc, missed eth, had a suicide stack for Link and have a decent sized bag for this. my only regret will be that i didnt by more

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To be fair to see it dump from 26 cents to 10 cents is kind of strange before a coinbase listing.

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FTMbros... I don't feel so good...

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Does anyone know the exact day CB intends to officially list FTM?

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I need this shit to drop. It’s shown it can easily get above $1 but now I want 200k

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I bought a shitload of this coin but it just keeps going down
I hate you fags for shilling your pajeet coins

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me too, let's fud it friend?

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how many do you have? i need 60k for 200k

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30k.... it was 5k for 200k before fuck ME

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Fucking chink scam look how Andre literally only tweeted about it once LOL he doesn’t even care because it’s a dead on arrival chink scam. Original team was busted for fraud when Andre took it over. Run by a 20 year old who spends it all at the club getting drunk

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you are not funny

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crazy how quick things can change. seems like just yesterday it was 2 links for a dollar

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I missed out on two or three 4x on other coins over the past 2 days because im hodling this shit.

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Which ones

>> No.27312720

Expanse to name one

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this retard just pointed out a shitcoin with 1.2M market cap and $120k washed volume

Holy fuck he's never going to make it

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At least I would have made more on that than holding after the fucking stupid pump ftm did a few days ago

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thinks he can sell the absolute top and buy other tokens bottoms, ngmi

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its literally impossible to time tops and bottoms like that without being part of a coordinated whale group. thats why i bought fantom. i just started a few months ago and im up 300% on fantom and 400% on gme. its a good start at least im just accumulating fantom and holding it for moon missions

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$5 is still lower than Polkadot's current market cap. That's how crazy undervalued we are

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youre a kewlSpergr man :P

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swing traders get the blade fren

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Can this shit go x100? I'm sick of being poor.

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would it be smart to buy all these stupid scam coins and ride them for 1-5 days while i wait for fantom? i cant believe fucking rubic, shiba, and donut are all up like 8000% and crazy shit like that. theyre already up like 1000% before the scammers shill them here though but they go up like another 200-500%

i know fantom is a long term hold and getting pushed out of the way while all these dumb asses rush to their 200% pump scam but im just so god damn poor

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Coinbase needs to happen soon wtf guys stop selling!

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Exactly. Missing out on those pumps just cause a bunch of hodlers are high on copium watching ftm drop over a 100% in days

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my stack swung $100k up and down this past week
i don't feel anything

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im pretty depressed from it because im poor and literally all i want is my own house somewhere warm and i need like 200-300k for it.

i literally just started and im up 500% on gme and 500% on fantom and making and losing thousands of dollars every day

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be patient

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i am bro im just so poor i need all these gains for the capital to actually make it

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you won’t make it if you spread yourself too thin across all that other shit
accumulate what you can and sit tight

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thats what im doing. im looking for a good time to sell gme and add to my fantom stack and probably get in some more stocks and maybe just gamble around with a couple hundred on shitty scam coins

my main focus is stacking fantom to 200k and getting some safe stocks that dont drop much and just give me comfy gains

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how much fantom do i need to make it?

>> No.27318619

its getting more and more expensive so its hard to say just try to keep your eye on it and whenever it dumps just buy it. used to only need 4k to buy 200k of fantom when i started now its like 60k fuck me.

got priced out

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its 22,800 ish dollars

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it was bound to happen, just be happy it held at 10 cents. That jump to 26 cents was waaaaay to quick.

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yeah its definitely stable. any of these /biz/ scams would of dropped down to like right back where it was

fuck i hate myself i saw it right at .015 and was gonna load up but i figured it was crabbing for a few months and was too lazy to open up binance and send around a bunch of crypto and shit.

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http://mileswmathis.com/ >> And Sentinel dvpn. OP. I just gave you two huge alpha leaks.

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its around 11 cents now? i don't understand

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XLM a shit.

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thanks fren, wgmi

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indeed. i never know when to buy more

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Based Euros waking up, we're about to pump

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Fucking Europeans dumped instead.

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why not just buy it when it dumps? its basically going to 100% be a 10x from here. shit im just watching it for awhile and gonna throw another 1k in

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How do you even know that when all it does is crab?

>> No.27324422

it was 2cents 9 days ago what the fuck are you talking about CRAB

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>but this pump and dump still makes me anxious
we're one pump away from 50c
over $5 by eoy is very likely

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that would make me very happy anon

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Same, as soon as I get more cash into my BTC wallet I'm buying more. Hope this dip lasts another couple of days

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plz not yet

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is this like a fucking EU only coin? shit ain't sold anywhere convenient for us in the states

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buy coinbase -> send to binance.com -> swap

>> No.27326034

binance.com won't let me use it from the US and I don't feel like VPN fagging

we have to use binance.us now and it's not listed there

>> No.27326072

Third world country.

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im literally from the usa and just did it in september. i had an old binance account from awhile back and i just logged on and sent btc to it and swapped it from fantom. no vpn or anything

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Soon frens, soon

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hopefully not too soon I want to build up my stack first

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i did some googling and i think americucks can buy it through kucoin the same way. just swap btc for ftm on their site

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