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Is linkpool a scam?

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Ive heard rumors about the founder of linkpol being a rampant zoophiliac, is that true?

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per lp share you get 4 link every 14 days

with 1000 link you get 4 link every 14 days, daily pay out

chose yourself

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>with 1000 link you get 4 link every 14 days, daily pay out

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over 100k USD just to stake 200 LINK when staking finally goes live in Q2 2024. I'd say DELUSIONAL

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Did you make these numbers up yourself?

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nexo and for 4 link every 14 days its 2000 LINK
1K is just .1337 every day on base. If you have 30% of the account value in nexo shitcoin token you get a total of 7% APY iirc

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Might not be a scam but it's a risk i'm not willing to take. I'd rather have the equivalent in Link, which is almost certainly is not a scam.

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Based on what?

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>link is almost certainly not a scam
t. Newfag

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To put it another way, I did the math on this
2.8% interest on link from linkpool
4.51% celsius
5% nexo
Why do people use linkpool again?

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Welcome onboard, newfag. You got any linkies yet?

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Seeing a lot of FUD on both Nexo and Celsius. Why should I entrust my precious suicide stack to these centralized shitters?

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lol where did jonny rims horses even come from?

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I don’t give a fuck I’m not here to convince you of anything dyor faggot

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wouldn't put more than half a make it on nexo. Its insured by BitGo for 100 Million and licenced in Europe. I rode the celsius pump but a mobile app only shitoin parking, no thanks

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if I park 10k link in celsius how much will I earn?

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They’re releasing a desktop app in feb fwiw
4.51% interest compounded weekly

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4.51% interest

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Mat Beale.

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Anyone who owns this token is dumb. The price went from 100 to 83 today, down almost 20% on basically no trading volume. 1 LP costs 6k link, which is just hilariously overvalued. Whales are lining up to sell and they only need to sell 0.12 to push the price down to 65. I think normies that bought 0.04 lots below 70 should be selling here.

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I own over 14k link retard

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I'd love to do this but i'm shit scared of something going wrong. say there's an unprecedented financial collapse? Likely, in my view. You have to give custody of your links, right? I'd be worried.
t. 50k Link

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Well done! that was quick. did you just buy today?

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Youre the retard

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daily in times of smartcontracts is hardly acceptable, weekly no thanks

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Years ago same thing with LP

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I have 2.6 LP tokens, will I be able to buy a small house this year?

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If you sell now before the ERC20 dump

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It’s possible but chainlink themselves use celsius for custody so I’m already assuming Sergey knows what he’s doing
But it’s all about risk tolerance, you do you
Nice to hear from a fellow lt col btw ;)

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Even better.
You will be able to buy a Big Mac house and get a picture with Sergey when he comes over to taste your house.

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have you put the lot in? and hello!
-what's with angry 14k guy?

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With the current prices it costs $4000-5000 to buy the smallest possible share of LP.
With an ERC20 token this limit would be removed and smaller investors would be able to buy it.
This should increase the interest and liquidity.

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yeah just give simeon all your money, what's the worst that could happen?

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This is objectively false. Most of the sell side of the dex right now are whale sellers - you can check etherscan yourself. The bid side liquidity is extremely sparse. When we switch to ERC20, the whale sellers wont be able to work a limit offer anymore and will be forced to sell in the AMM pool. Since normie/small investor interest will take time to build, there will be a sell off initially as whale sell interest is higher than new buy interest. This is why there will be a big sell off after ERC20.

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KEK good point. I'd sooner give it to Sminem

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I have a ton of it with them
I figure if they’re good enough for chainlink they’re good enough for me
Plus I’ve done a lot of research on them and they are 100% legit as far as I can tell, you can even find talks between celsius founder and Sergey
nexo pays more but they don’t have that chainlink connection so I’m more paranoid with them
He’s in 6 figure hell.. can’t be easy

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I'm really thinking what will happen at the ERC20 switch and well.. I own 2LP and I could just buy more after the dump. Its alot of money

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This makes no sense, but it's good to see someone is paying you to try to make whales to sell.
Nothing will force the whales to sell once the ERC20 token is created if they didn't do it before.
They already waited more than 2 years and have certainly already cashed out what they wanted to sell before.
If there is no support for a limit order we can't call it a real exchange.
Even etherdelta would be better to sell LP and the ETH networks make it possible and a lot easier to exchange shares in a decentralized way.

Just take a look at how quickly BTC pumped, and GME and silver in the last days.
It won't take more than 1 day to build interest if they really do some marketing.
Take a look at what happened to the Tesla shares when they were multiplied 10x which reduced their individual prices for the retail investor.
But you either don't know or are a lying pajeet.

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are people talking about current returns really retarded? or are they pretending to be retard?

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All? not crazy! willing to risk enough so the fat Romanian scammer basically pays for my daily grocery run, and as long as his card doesnt arrive, cz gets the fees

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Is linkpool a scam?
maybe, but i bought some close to current prices.
it seems like very easy passive income
maybe it is a scam and that's what makes it so enticing. i dont know

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Now that I look at your way of writing you look like a jew.
Saying something is objectively false with no proof or argument while it's nothing else than your subjective point of view is the best example of what a kike would do.

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I’m aware it’ll go up but by how much and when? Meanwhile I’ve been making way more interest all last year by not owning linkpool
I hope it works out for you but thus far it’s not been a good investment imo

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meant for

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>Nothing will force the whales to sell once the ERC20 token is created if they didn't do it before.

Yea, no shit? The difference is right now the whales are working offers in the limit order book, so obviously there is sell interest, they just want to sell at the absurd price LP is trading at right now. They can't do that on an AMM dex - they'll be forced to sell into the pool at any price, and if there isn't balancing buy side liquidity (which there wont be at the launch of AMM LP trading), then the price craters. It's just supply and demand.

>Now that I look at your way of writing you look like a jew.
If this is your way of defending an argument, I feel bad for you

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star of David in the logo so I am betting that yea its a scam.

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It's tempting, I must say. I could retire on that, plus it'll only increase. Were you able to speak to a person on the phone at Celsius? I know nothing about it. Where are they based? I'll look into it

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They don't have to use your kike exchange.
If LP is an ERC20 token then it can be traded on every exchange including etherdelta.
You should really stop your fud campaign because it won't benefit your tribe to anger the future elite of /biz/.

I have nothing to defend because you have no arguments.
You are the same as a politician just telling lies with nothing to back it up.
It might work on reddit but you are in the wrong place for that, kike.

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>If LP is an ERC20 token then it can be traded on every exchange including etherdelta.
This limits liquidity even further, exacerbating the problems I was describing

>I have nothing to defend because you have no arguments.
And I have nothing more to say because you have no brain folds

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Take a look at what liquidity is doing to gamestop, kike.
But of course you will continue to ignore all my arguments and continue to repeat your empty lies like a good psychopath.

To a jew everything has a price, including your life.

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I haven’t thought to call
He lives in New York but dunno where they’re based
You can read about the founder
If you wanna test it out with a small stack use my ref code for 20 bucks of free btc

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Gamestop went up because there are more buyers than sellers and there was 140% short interest. In LP there are more sellers than buyers and 0% short interest. Go jerk off to your kike fantasy somewhere else.

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also a couple vids

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lp threads have the most peculiar arguments

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Thanks, anon. I've copied all that and will look into all of it. I'll defo use the referral code if i try it, which i probably will .

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Yes, don't even ask about ponies, believe me, you don't want to hear about that

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>Trusting cex

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Probably because they are illiquid as fuck so all anyone can do is speculate and make their best guess on what happens. This is like Urbit Stars or something you can't just throw $500 into it. it's several thousand dollars minimum and selling after you buy will be very difficult

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We have like 700 holders atm, there really isn't anything sure to say what will happen after the erc-20 swap.

Only that is sure is that this will have a lot more eyes on it. With its current MC It will immediately enter the top 100.

In my book, more interest rarely triggers a sell-off.

Or do you suggest otherwise?

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>With its current MC It will immediately enter the top 100.
LP is currently #60 overall, if you do the math. Whales know this is overvalued, hence the large amount of sell side interest right now. Right now they are able to work offers in the dex, but when we switch to an AMM then they cant do that, and if they still want to sell they are forced to take liquidity from the pool. Everyone here assumes that newbies will fomo in, but unless that happens in huge quantities right at the start of ERC20 trading, the whale sellers will just push the price down immediately. This is what happens on most ERC20 launches - immediate crashes downward followed by a slow rise back up as new interest gathers.

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Whales can absolutely try to game the AMM pool, it just carries significantly higher risk

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how do we make money with LINK?

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Exactly, if you're a whale who wants to sell at a certain price you can do that now, which is what they are doing since the LP/ETH price is ridiculously high. However in an AMM pool this risk just isn't worth it

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So tell me what classifies as a whale?
I hold 2LP myself and I can tell you I'm not planning to sell any at less than 400k a pop.

The selling pressure's also no deal if enough interest is there. Seeing how LP adds value to one of the biggest projects in the space and how it's so low key under the radar, I couldn't help but see more pressure on the buying side.

Either way, it's a gamble of course. Both of us are just speculating in the end.

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In my opinion, a whale is anyone with enough LP to move the price +/- 50%, so it depends on the situation. Right now bid side liquidity is bad, so a "whale" only needs to dump 1 LP to crash the price to 40 ETH/LP.

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being ignored so this is obviously another scam by bizfags

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you're asking retarded newfag questions bro do you really expect to be spoonfed?
you can convert link into alink and put it into a yearn vault right now if you want. apparently there are pretty decent returns on it

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why not? its not optimal but at the gas prices, interests and convenience, and no need for those nexo token; where lp share and most dexes, with a handful of exception, require two assets or shitcoins to earn for parking. for half a make it, okay trade off

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Right now LP gives me about $300 every two weeks and it's worth something like $200k
Next, I ask a couple of three questions to myself:
>How much more ChainLink network activity is needed before I can retire off that income.
Only about 12x, before I have a six figure salary for sitting on my ass doing nothing.
>How likely is it that ChainLink network activity will 12x in the coming years?
It's almost certain.
>Would I rather have 200k now, or retirement income in a few years?
Retirement income in a few years, but considering what 200k in January-2021 LINK could be worth come 2023, 2024, it's tempting to sell for LINK alone.