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>Still owns majority of supply (400 million circulating)
>All token sales lead to Binance (https://etherscan.io/token/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca?a=0xf37c348b7d19b17b29cd5cfa64cfa48e2d6eb8db))
>Absolutely no corporations use Chainlink
>DeFi is a ponzi just waiting for implosion once the game is figured out
>LINK has joined countless consortiums and alliances just to produce a bunch of DeFi price feed checks
>Staking, tsigs, arb, mixicles, deco, etc. all missing
>Gonser and other high profile company shill men disappear from the spotlight once they are paid off

Opening a new short at 4 pm once my wire goes through, price target of $13. Don't forget whales hold all the power

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Everything will probably go down next week tough guy

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whats the deal with that amex picture on biz?
>muh newfag
been here since mid 2017

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thanks just solded everything
>t. 10 link whale

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You need to go back

So? LINK is not worth a fraction of its current price. I am on my way to billionaire status, this is one of the easiest plays you could possibly make

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dr; not selling the only viable hedge to the incoming collapse of the global financial system caused by Wall Street hedgies' over leveraged and illegal naked puts constituting a position that is 140% short of outstanding GME stock.

$1000 eom and 80K by autumn while the world burns due to populous revolt against DC, Wall Street, City of London, DAVOS, et al.

YOU FUCKS will have to share the spoils with 2017 LINK marines.
>eat a bag of foreskins.jpeg

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agreed, idk why most of /biz/ is still holding link desu

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Everytime this faggot posts Link goes up

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You forgot to turn your trip off, again.
>I’m not schiff will win too.

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The fuck is that shit? I'm not Schiff but when the hell did he say that? Link to this?

You're about to see my threads a lot more with what's coming this week. Don't say you weren't warned

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lurk more

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Make another trip and have them talk to each other if you want to post about link. Thanks

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If, IF there is a global financial collapse, LINK will crater so hard you'll feel Sergey's button's pop like you were wearing his plaid. LINK would go to $0.0001 so fast you couldn't blink. Get real.

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Dont make me post the next support and and resistance levels once LINK bounces at $15.50 sells off again at $18.20 and then drops to $13.96 only to leave a multi-dollar candle wic who's green body will begin at $20.


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Will you still continue to fud in 5 years after even the nulinkers have all made it?

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It's over. I hope you sold before the storm

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>If, IF there is a global financial collapse, LINK will crater so hard you'll feel Sergey's button's pop like you were wearing his plaid. LINK would go to $0.0001 so fast you couldn't blink. Get real.
The most she'll plummet to is...(checks fibs).....$5.40.
>whales stick out like a fist full of sore thumbs

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if you're going to larp as oldfag you need to at least imitate how he writes, retard.

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>its over
It's over for anyone who isn't long LINK. Alas, the same financial elite behind the the GameStop squeeze, and the Great Reset, etc will be buying LINK at $5.40 with gains made from exiting the old financial system. And even if Binance printed some 5 minute wics to 1 cent, the actual price will recover and $80K link by fall of 2020, will be inevitable.

This next week will be the final shakeout.

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>$80K link by fall of 2020
>January 31, 2021

What did he mean by this?

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THIS is the biggest scam circulating in the top 10. I don't get how this russian faggot is not SEC'd yet but Ripple eats shit.

He's dumping $30M a week. Robinhood the app has only $100M cash available and this Russian dumps that much every month. He's now taking $100M/week, doing Pablo Escobar numbers.

And this whole board is licking his ass about it and drinking his cum on twitter.

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Classic FaggotUncle and his boomer fud

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*50M /month apologize

Imagine what projects could be built on that kind of money. Imagine you had $50M every month. You could start the new SpaceX,.

You (the marines) are pumping the biggest ponzi in crypto after BTC, but at least BTC has a user case.

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This is what smart anons knew, in 4 years he literally has nothing to show for his millions and millions but price feed checkers and marketing

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I've been watching link for a while, never bought because I believed it to be an Israeli scamcoin. All the pepes made it seem astroturfed, similar to kosher trumps campaign.

But, here it is...over $20 and I'm scratching my head, still not sure if I should buy in. Probably will continue to sit out.

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I have to agree with you. Unironically, LINK is a scam. This shit token will cause the greatest JUSTening the world has ever seen.

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Which 4pm?

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>>$80K link by fall of 2020
>>January 31, 2021
I fat thumbed your thesis' anus by accident. My apologies.
I meant 80K LINK by autumn 2021 if/when GME short sellers collapse the current global financial system with reckless abandon

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You, OP and the faggot who posted the red car picture are absolute fucking morons

The only way Sergay will continue to profit is if this keeps rising

That’s why it’s going to keep rising

Who the fuck cares if it’s not real? It’s literally free money

It IS a very legitimate project and he will likely be the next Bezos / Musk.

We are riding his coat tails, moron

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>This is what smart anons knew, in 4 years he literally has nothing to show for his millions and millions but price feed checkers and marketing
It's actually called Market Making and Sergey has been doing a fine job of it, all in preparation for the ass reaming that the current financial system is about to receive due to criminally negligent risk management by the hedgies' who shorted 140% of the GME float.

Stop being a gigantic antithesis of a heteronormative cisgendered chad.

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>Valid Thru 07/12
Fuck off

If you're going to reply to this faggot, at least sage

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Link is garbage. Basically XRP on steroids.

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12 minutes from now, wire came through. I am going with 12x leverage. Liquidation price of $25.30. Price target is $14 and below

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UncleOldFud and his merry band of fudders are all neck deep in LINK. Disregard their boredom. Disregard their fud. They're being blackmailed by DAVOS elites whom are threatening to expose their cooomer pics because they were too dumb to put a piece of tape over their cameras when busting nuts to trap porn.

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$21.14 is all you'll be able to squeeze before your family gets nervous about the buying that will likely occur at that price. You could always doubke down when price jump back up to $22.80ish and you're in the red.