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Friendly reminder to all the newfags what Parsiq has achieved so far and how much is still in store.

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piece of shit

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thank u parsnip

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What's your target anon. Seems early despite your astronomical profits.

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Yeah but the pricing isn't great. Doesn't need to cost more than a cup of coffee for the service to function. Don't really recommend that.

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Wish I could be as cool as you

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Parsnip is a 1B$ mcap minimum if really they are THE reverse oracle they pretend to be.
We will know that sooner or later.

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Sorry anon, someone got trips that said $1 End of Feb.
Sell everything I own for DOGE.

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can someone share video where there is tutorial how to make trigger on parsiq platform? I ve got banned for pajeetry. Kek

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can this piece of shit please dump

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It's been dumping to $1 for like two weeks now.

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Anon, its pretty much close to the bottom right now. I doubt you're going to get sub-1$, ever

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ive never seen a coin crab this bad in my fucking life

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i got priced out at $.80, if it's going to dump for a month straight i'd like it to at least dump that far

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thanks for telling everyone emphatically you're an newfag

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It bounced off exactly 1$, 4 times now. Im almost certain its not going under, unless BTC and ETH shit the bed

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Every day that passes the likelihood of a major announcement goes up.

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look on their official youtube
pretty easy to be honest

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You’ve been here a week?

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> I doubt you're going to get sub-1$, ever
famous last words

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ok thank you sir

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I'm not going to be your bagholder, cryptotranny. This is a stock market board now.

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I’m so close to selling

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wait for the announcement anon. diamond hands, you know what this shit is worth

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>W-w-why are you buying legitimate projects??? BUY GME DOGE AND XRP JOIN THE REVOLUTION

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I sold fuck prqties

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Two of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world being integrated in Q4 2021. This is an easy hold

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How long ago was this announced and why did it not pump it incredibly?
This is huge. Shopify and Salesforce virtually are the largest e-commerce platforms, period.

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Token unfortunately not needed at all

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I have a feeling that our newer holders literally just do no research at all, they dont even bother to look at the roadmap.
We got some seriously low IQ pumpchasers in here since recent pump.

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Mind, I did ask when it was announced; I can be pretty bad with keeping up with news. I bought after having understood what it can do, I'm not in telegram or anything either so I lose touch sometimes, hah.
Not surprising for some people though, look at what just happened with Doge.

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Wrong shoot yourself

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I wasnt insulting you, I was answering why it didnt pump.
I think the new roadmap for 2021 was posted somewhere early december.

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Oh I know, I'm just joking about how we poke fun but I'm still not fully in the know haha.
I'll go give it a read, thanks anon.

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I don't read shit and I'm all in on parsiq.

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Is prq the official coin of palestine?
I tend to think it is.

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I mean if you can trust all the other anons that its one of the best holds in 2021, then sure.
But your hands will be stronger if you know yourself.

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On 12/9/2020 they made a tweet teasing their roadmap. Uncertain if any announcements were made prior.


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give me something to read/watch.

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I fucking love Parsiq and antaloney these shits are gonna make me a quarter millionaire. Then I will buy 5 acres on which I will build a house on with my own two hands and raise a family with my trad wife

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>Partnership Roadmap:
>AMA with Anatoly: https://youtu.be/hLV2uTpT0qc
>AMA with Chainlink: https://youtu.be/bUknDya840A
>Simetri report: https://blockcast.cc/news/simetri-in-depth-report-interpretation-of-the-product-features-and-application-potential-of-parsiq-a-blockchain-automation-tool/
>Stansberry report: https://imgur.com/a/I1Hsn5P
>Techsauce Article: https://techsauce.co/en/tech-and-biz/oracles-smart-contracts-decentralized-finance
>Parsiq user tips:
>Parsiq ncase explained: https://rossicrypto.medium.com/why-parsiqs-ncase-will-become-industry-standard-49b4b9e73a67
>Fanmade Videos:


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Inshallah brother, with reverse triggers we will be able to reveal the hidden truth of Israel to the world.

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Partnership Roadmap: https://imgur.com/a/AZ5XHqu
AMA with Anatoly: https://youtu.be/hLV2uTpT0qc
AMA with Chainlink: https://youtu.be/bUknDya840A
Simetri report: https://blockcast.cc/news/simetri-in-depth-report-interpretation-of-the-product-features-and-application-potential-of-parsiq-a-blockchain-automation-tool/
Stansberry report: https://imgur.com/a/I1Hsn5P
Techsauce Article: https://techsauce.co/en/tech-and-biz/oracles-smart-contracts-decentralized-finance
Parsiq user tips: https://blog.parsiq.net/how-parsiq-wallet-and-contract-monitoring-gives-an-edge-to-traders/
Parsiq ncase explained: https://rossicrypto.medium.com/why-parsiqs-ncase-will-become-industry-standard-49b4b9e73a67
Fanmade Videos:


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Based, what's your target price to hit a quarter mili?

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Probably, but I'm a 10k stacklet poorfag who's been holding since last august, no point in selling now.

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Holding since August but have done no research? Absolute madman

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$10, acoomulated 25k at .10 but will forever regret not going all in harder but I didn't have as much funds then. It was so obvious and is still obvious what this coin is going to do. Selling half at $10 then staking the rest until at least $50 and I'll sell another half

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based retard

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Nice, similar size, I'm in a position where I can just hold and stake it until $50 and then I've basically made it. Cheers anon.

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Based see you at the yacht party

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nice, a paste, I'll work through this.

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When will it stop bleeding?

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after you sell

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This whale:

Unloaded his bags today, he's an impatient pump chaser who bought the top and sold the bottom 4 times already. I think he lost a few 100k buying high selling low on PRQ lmao.
Has 30k tokens left, after that we only go up from there.

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how much did he use to have?

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Wat le fug. How do I become a retarded whale? I had to start with $500 lmao

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like 500k if i remember correctly

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Because the people who spent $100 on BTC in 2011 because it was a funny meme probably never had or expected to need actual financial intelligence.

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he's only got like 30,000 left lmao. hopefully he'll push it below $1 for a minute

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how do you become a whale whilst being such a mong?

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Where’s the one who was st 1.3m a week or so ago?

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Being a rich kid playing around with daddies money I assume. You shouldn't assume all whales made their money in crypto

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