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everybody and their friends still talking about dogecoin, yeah im thinking this is gonna pump

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Shiba is literally X500 cheaper and is catching that Doge energy on reddit and twitter. If you arent buying Shib then you hate money. Its that simple.

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>everyone's talking about a shitcoin
>this is why its gonna pump
oh my sweet, sweet summerchild

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You can buy doge easily on any exchange, meanwhile you can only get shib on shit like uniswap

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got $10 worth of this cause i won't have much after rent. gas fees bit me but i'm up 8k% so it's cool.

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It keeps peaking at 0.033

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Buy both

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$SHIB is gonna pump. People don't want to get burned on the same thing twice

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doge going moon rn (right now)

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Fuck yo shitta

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>You can buy doge easily on any exchange
not on coinbase/pro

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what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuck

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i just bought back in
literally sold the bottom at 2.7c
want to kill myself now

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You noobs are too easy

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What's the ethnicity of the developers?

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I’m waiting for my fucking Binance to verify but where are normies buying if not RH? I need to transfer my gains

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can't believe you bought in at 0.06. are you retarded?

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They’re from Portland so.... shit-lib

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so fucking sick and tired of people dumping

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why don't you ask me again 2 hours from now. juts raced past .035 ahahahaha

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Embarrassing. This must be new Bog hypnotic hopium at work.

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Where can I buy Shiba?

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Take your pajeet scam coin elsewhere

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I’m 500x gains now

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yeah it's pumping again holly shot
whales are back at it

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.045 - .05 is the the high
then will bottom at .015

screenshot it niggers, i've predicted everything doge so far fairly accurately

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holy shit its at 4.1 REEEEEEEWEEEEE

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please see--> >>27261833

nice try rakeesh

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Fuck me dead. It's pumping.

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why tf would you put $34k into fucking dogecoin at 6 cents???

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>Bought at 0.06
>Sold at 0.025 because /biz/ said it will fall to under 1 cent by end of week
I wish nothing but bad things to happen to you fucking faggots

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>he bot ze dip?

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>Sold at 0.025 because /biz/ said it will fall to under 1 cent by end of week
Are you fucking stupid? One look at it's price history could have told you how unlikely that was.

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oh boy here comes the second wave. 0.005 eod

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look at the the current pump, sweaty

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how the FUCK do i buy eth and then transfer it into a wallet without having to wait a million years for the bank to clear it so i can transfer it

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There it is ladies and gentleman, goodbye to everyone

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>Dump eet.

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Sick and tired of people pulling out.

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just how high will it go tomorrow bros...

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And you fags thought he was meming

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I'm thinking .06

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You are about to get f’ed by whales again my friend. This is a fake out pump to get retards like you in again

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what do i use to buy instead of robinshit

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get ready for liftoff, refuel is COMPLETE

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35 is the new floor.

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yeah DOGE is probably going back up to 8c today and maybe beyond
hope you bought in

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its trending on twitter again, i’m expecting a big spike this tomorrow or sometime this week

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bros... we're gonna make it to a dollar aren't we...

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>normies may get their funds cleared on monday or tuesday
im not a financial advisor :^) but i think there's going to be a big dump then considering RH barely has any crypto and the funds deposited will be crypto only

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it is being pumped and dumped it wont reach beyond 5cents until maybe monday. and after that it will tank

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Within 2 weeks.
Screencap this.

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This. I can't even feel sad for doge retards anymore

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So how confident are you guys about Monday?

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I'm down 80% spot trading dogecoin in the last 3 days

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sorry to hear you sold at a big loss bro

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will do, do you already bought the rope?

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I'm not going to be your bagholder, cryptotranny. This is a stock market board now.

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0.1$ by tomorrow

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Honestly, I'm just gonna settle for a little profit and sell at 0.06, I don't care how high this goes

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i'm up 200% doing the same, why are you retarded?

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does it matter? coinbase is a shitty exchange

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You can use your credit card instead of making a bank transfer. Massive fees (~4%) but sometimes it may be worth it.

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It's my first 3 days in crypto, and I'm playing with lunch money

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I bought at 0.065, still holding

>> No.27266731

based. good riddance, imagine being this hyped and emotional over a fundamental lacking memecoin pump.

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only ever use money you can afford to lose

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i don't care if I miss out...I'm not touching this shit.

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Buy low sell high

>> No.27266968

This is the start of the 48hr pump

All uphill from here boys

>> No.27266973

Don't worry its retracing theres massive volume.

We're going past 0.08 this time my niggas

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Anyone actually in this coin deserves to get dumped on. Doubly so if they didn't learn their lesson last time a single whale tanked the price instantly.

>> No.27267097

Unfortunately I've been doing the opposite

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>listening to /biz/
>instead of just being here for shitposts
How new are you?...

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chill this is normal
don't sell for small profit, you'll want to kys when it hits 8c later today if you sell now

>> No.27267266

obviously. you've lost it all. why pull out now?

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>muh whales

do your research

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Whats the best crypto app? can wallet? when all the sites died on Thursday the only way i could find to get in was through Abra. I don't even know if Abra is good it is all i could find. Should i move over to Kraken or something?

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So I’m an absolute brainlet but
>create a metamask wallet
>connect to Binance Smart Chain
>move eth from binance to metamask
>connect metamask to uniswap
>buy via uniswap
This it??

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Prepare to be dumped on by the DOGE bagholders. $SHIBA is the next meme coin, you have 12 hours...

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Kill yourself pajeet

>> No.27268645

You just mad some guys got in at 0.007 and sold at 0.08, and you missed the boat. It's free fucking money, if you play it smart. It PND's regularly.

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Fuck off pajeet

>> No.27268973

My $rich$ great grandma just asked why robinhood is cucking her from getting in on the DOGE pump

This will BLAST OFF once robinhood normies get in

>> No.27269803

What are you boys using to trade doge? I need something to switch from RH->bank->???
I bought in early so I’m not losing anything at this point

>> No.27269848

>all the normies who sold at a loss are gonna get FOMO and buy again

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They will obviously dump. This is not an actual project. They made money, they get out.

Shiba is and will be the same, but you'ree still early for it.

Don't miss this like you missed DOGE

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What apps can I buy instantly on? I sold Friday and wanna get back in, but Rabbihood will only let me buy with my profits.

>> No.27270106

Pajeet plz

>> No.27270181

Waiting for them to verify me... how long does that typically take

>> No.27270198

Just buy ETH on any site that sells crypto instantly and then transfer to Binance.us (or binance.com if outside of US) and trade there. Do it fast cuz this thing is not stopping

>> No.27270254

same lmaaaaoooo
playing with pocket change, though

>> No.27270302

Also reason why buying ETH transfer is faster than BTC. And forgot obviously sell the ETH on Binance and buy DOGE with USD

>> No.27270363

they are reportedly taking longer than normal because of a higher than normal amount of new users

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We just made some phone calls. Pump it.

>> No.27270478

They're stalling deposits and verification. Once Monday hits and normies can buy dogecoin expect a decent pump.

>> No.27270574

How do I get MultiDoge to show my transactions?
It's been loading for days now and nothing...

>> No.27270650

You must watch a lot of CNN too, right?

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Thanks for the pump anons, just sold all my doge. Hold my bags for me will you? ;)

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can is still buy doge on RH

>> No.27270832

It’s at the peak guys

Dump quickly

Buy back in minus digits

>> No.27270966

If you missed the first pump, this is your last chance to get on the second one, the normie pump. Once the coin reaches .08 again, there will be a massive dump especially from people traumatized buying at the top, they know how painful it is. They're not gonna wanna repeat the same mistake again. The normies are going to be spooked and panic sell, they will now hold the bags you held.
You're crazy if you think the coin will stabilize above .08

>> No.27270968

I'm european how do I buy and sell fast at lowest fees?

>> No.27271201

I bought when it was under a penny, and dumped it all when it hit 8. Made out like a bandit, and laughing at all these people holding the bag bragging about how they bought at 2 and sold at 4.

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Definitely. I’ve got over 10k coinage in Doge. I want more but RH is my only platform option atm...

>> No.27271650

Lmao not happening, I would be surprised to see it even hit 10 cents

>> No.27271761

No shit sherlock, it's a pump and dump meme stock. You aren't supposed to hold it forever. You take advantage of normies buying their first crypto. You either play the game or hold the bags forever with the rest of the morons.

>> No.27271853

a single nigger is setting up a 10m sell wall

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Bought back in at 27 last night
Didn't think I'd do this again
When sell?

>> No.27272382

volume is too low i dont trust this

>> No.27272510

Do I really need 1M doge?

>> No.27272602

at 1$

>> No.27272963

Why is it just sitting there doing nothing

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>> No.27273050

it's "it's", pajeet

>> No.27273211

needs a massive volume injection to go much further a lot of trapped bagholders praying for this

>> No.27273283

Where are all the goombahs saying this was gonna be sub .1?

>> No.27273360

well you could explain it then.

>> No.27273504

itt we're laughing at them now

>> No.27273662

it will be

>> No.27273701

When should I buy doge?

>> No.27273720

fucking shameful

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Friendly reminder Binance could take a day to verify and you don't actually own crypto in Robinhood. Get in now while their buys still haven't gone through.

>> No.27273817

Same amount of people buying and selling, when there are more buyers than sellers it goes up. More sellers right now, driving the price back down.

>> No.27273921

I know but it's all I could afford at the time :(

>> No.27273994


>> No.27274022

binance has 0.01% trading fee

do they take money afterwards from your visa or is that fee automatically from crypto-buys?

>> No.27274072

lol I hope you at least break even. Don't get greedy on this one.

>> No.27274145

That's the explanation. Newbies trying to make a quick buck with little research.

>> No.27274262

Nigger you shill your shit in every thread. That's when you're not making your own shilling threads with you and your curry compatriots having 15 posts each. Kys. No one wants your street-shitter-tier curry coin.

>> No.27274299

Buy or sell

>> No.27274346

Each time you trade on binance they will take the .01% in the form of shares of the coin you trade. Each time you trade you will see that small deduction, it's automatic.

>> No.27274417

buy, it seems to be doing another fat pump

>> No.27274448

good, so I can make millions of doges just by selling high buying low, and its basically free

>> No.27274513

>bought at 4.5c
>sold at 2.9c
>put it all on 1inch to try and recover in a month
I'm gonna kms

>> No.27274612

>last dip oversold this high up
confirmed bullish

>> No.27274661

>missed the 0.45 pump cause I was asleep

>> No.27274698

Buy when, now?

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File: 1.22 MB, 498x266, YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Get in at .042 a few days ago
>Shit my pants when it keeps going down for a few days, get demoralized and think about just selling and eating the loss
>Wake up today
>See it coming back up
>Manage to get out JUST in time at .044
>It hits 0.46 and then eats shit again
>Thought I was gonna lose over $100 dollars, end up getting all of it back with $20 extra
Fellas...I think I won.

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File: 162 KB, 860x780, 1612123141190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this lazy of a shill

Somebody is getting desperate.

>> No.27274992

> Bought in at .031
> Sold at .06
> Bought original back and some more

>> No.27275113

stop auto selling on .04 you shit let them pump to .05

>> No.27275462

i want to buy different coins on my pc what do i use for windows browser

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Dude are you guys really all that poor? You'd make more scratching boomer lottery tickets and sniffing them

>> No.27275626

robinhood. it's worth it even with the deposit wait on crpyto

>> No.27275647

you could wait for another dip, otherwise i'd be grabbing it asap before it gets any higher

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Weirdly enough it's still been all over social media for me, even an old boss in his 40s was asking where to buy it yesterday and my older sibling who's 43 asked me to come over and teach them how to buy crypto today to buy fucking doge of all things
This is far from over but terrifying at the same time

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>> No.27276014

looks like it's consolidating after that massive breakout
volume is here, I'd say if you think it will pump today (I do personally) buy now before the next leg up happens

>> No.27276024

>will do, do you already bought the rope?
>do you already bought

fucking pajeets,,,

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File: 648 KB, 822x608, 1611903282425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont want to use robinhood im 35 and i have been on this website since i was in 11th grade i want to have a wallet i can manage on my pc

>> No.27276151

why is the price on Robinhood lower tan on Binance and Kraken?

>> No.27276171

please go back to re ddit

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>> No.27276285


doge is gonna pump like crazy because all the new normies infected by the GME are just getting in

i am trading and buying and holding and it is glorious

I expect the GME fuckery to only pump doge more and more

wouldn't be surprised if .02 is just the new floor because I am definitely buying any and all dips

>> No.27276344

They're just keeping the price down so they can move funds and buy a lot.

Don't worry we're headed to 0.15c

>> No.27276366

See you at 0.05 cents

>> No.27276430

>i am buying all dips
is poorfag code for "i'm all in please save me and buy more"
That said doge's probably mooning up to 0.05 on acocunt of the normie twitter/reddit hype which will keep going into the US evenign

>> No.27276748

i feel like this effect is powerful enough to usher it into anti bitcoin status as jst simply the other one that caught on

>> No.27276817

Made %800 in the initial pump, This smells like a trap though! Tops out right where majority got burnt only a couple of days ago!

>> No.27277012

People that wanted to buy couldn't because of account verifications and GME drama, initial pump was not ATH. Weak hands will not dissuade another PUMP. BUY BEFORE 0.5 AND HOLD TO AT LEAST 0.1

>> No.27277080

same argument can sorta be made for most coins
but coins keep going up
why even buy anything but BTC?

>> No.27277264

I'll buy a little for shits and gigs when i retests 0.0326

>> No.27277296

imagine having to cope this hard
>what's actually happening anywhere near $0.05

>> No.27277464

the group that fomos in tomorrow will take the baton pass and win the doge bagholder contest

>> No.27277588

Rakesh here, I spent 600 on doge. Shiba cunts should choke on Jewish foreskins. We are going to the moooon

>> No.27277696


>> No.27277780

tell me what wallet to use on pc!

i have 3 weird ones i want to buy

>> No.27278655

Where are you setting your stop loss?

>> No.27278889

get fucked degenerate gambler, u soon will learn what investing is about and it's not about fomo, pump and dump or fundamental lacking meme vaporwave shitcoin.
y'all deserve to be poor, dont get forgat that.

>> No.27279154

Emulate android or run it on desktop mode.
Don't use Robinhood though, it's ran by Jews.

>> No.27279201

Why do I get the feeling that what you are saying now will not age well very soon? Lmao

>> No.27279295

I have been trading for longer than you have been licking Jewish assholes.

>> No.27279471
File: 1.19 MB, 200x200, 1387695875310.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bought $150 at 0.05 like a dipshit
>waiting for it to crash so i can pump it again and make back my losses and then some

>> No.27279535


>> No.27279790

u will learn fast and hard, I've been in doge before , some while ago, doge is not about hopium. It's about being content about quick gains and investing elsewhere. Don't forget my post anon, you will feel pain, regret and after awhile you will get numb to it all only to swallow your pride and move on. I will be the one to smile, knowing that I will be right and you will wrong, on defi projects with small market caps that I spent hours of research on, and make more money than you lost on Doge.

peace retard

>> No.27279863

When do you think It could dip again?
I was planning on investing 50 USD, would it be better if I invest 25 now AND 25 in case it dips again?

>> No.27279900

Give me one good reason why dogecoin is mooning besides pump and dump

>> No.27280111


People's deposits they made on Robinhood thursday/friday are starting to come through. It's going to pump HARD tomorrow/tuesday and maybe wednesday then probably drop again.

>> No.27280157

this shit is so funny. after the .08 peak and free fall, people just want to get out ASAP see the fluctuation between .03 and .04. you should too instead of believing in a memecoin

>> No.27280378

Starting to come through on a Sunday are they, dumb fuck? Stop trying to scam people

>> No.27280388


>> No.27280484


1000+ places accept it as a legitimate form of payment meaning its becoming widely useable.

>> No.27280562


Some credit unions are open on sundays and consider them business days numbnuts.

>> No.27280645

Will it drop to fractions of a cent levels again, I readily enjoyed being able to buy millions of something for cheap just for lols, now it's too expensive : (

>> No.27280752

Please please please dump this DOGE shit and hop into SHIB while you still have a chance.

>> No.27280762

lamo it didn't even have the chance now to go to 05. people sold immediately.

>> No.27280953

it seems to be taking a dip right now, and has generally seemed to go down overnight as i've been watching for the last few days

i think chucking in a bit now and a bit later would be sensible enough, just don't get conned into expecting it to ever become close to like $1 a coin - you might double your money though

>> No.27280960
File: 53 KB, 286x287, 1611881227351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27281033

pls i wanna cheap DOGEs before pump

>> No.27281125
File: 637 KB, 160x160, mad doctor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want to buy at 0.008 again.
Come on.

>> No.27281331
File: 47 KB, 900x560, buy-dogecoin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27281333

Yeah smelt like a trap.

>> No.27281750

STFU Gupta

>> No.27282011

Why the crash!!!

>> No.27282081

Now what? Keep hodling?

>> No.27282165

i forgot to buy sorry ill start buying again.

>> No.27282171

Yes, selling now is stupid I think

>> No.27282174

it's hardly a crash, this is a super volatile market

>> No.27282242

What app can I buy doge coin on?

>> No.27282270

Literally a pull rug pajeet scam, you will never be white

>> No.27282317

no swallow your pride and sell you absolute retards, you've gambled and you've lost. Remember my post , you're a degenerate gamber not an investor you deserve to lose your money untill you learn.

>> No.27282357

Binance you stupid faggot, cmon

>> No.27282372

You have been saying this for days, just give it up man

>> No.27282378

binance website

>> No.27282418

You guys bought at the top

>> No.27282491

and if you're wondering why I accuse you of being an investor, you fomo, you greed, you gamble you're a lazy cunt that doesn't care about the fundamentals of a project you only pretend you do. go back to wageslaving your entire life , you dont belong.

>> No.27282658

you sound like the biggest faggot

>> No.27282835

Yes, i'm a gambler, and i'm not fucking selling faggot, i know it don't Will reach 1$, i'm only going for recovering and leaving

>> No.27282997

yeh you're right, too much drinking, too much caring, you have been warned retards. peace


>> No.27283155
File: 71 KB, 828x612, 1611961974148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>another FUD nigger trying to get people to sell their coins so he can buy at lower price
Kys cuck, the floor has been raised. Should have bought more when you could

>> No.27283389

jesus all those weak handed fags itt
it was exactly the same when the previous pum started, broke 1c, then retraced for few hours and everyone was screaming to sell and then it pumped straight to 8c
those pumps take time, hold at least 24h, thank me later

>> No.27283603

what's the price to pump my money into? 3.7c is too high

>> No.27283606

exodus is good
atomic seems ok
but thats a wallet. isnt a place like coinbase or binance better to buy the coins then transfer to the wallet?

>> No.27283659
File: 18 KB, 268x256, RH dump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic rel is the reason for Doge price stagnation, Robinhood noticed the pump and they halted trading
supposed to be back in 5 minutes!

>> No.27283805

Fucking niggers

>> No.27283938

Why would RH give a shit about a doge pump?

>> No.27283961

I'd do, good luck m8

>> No.27284034

because they don't have any money or doge for that matter

>> No.27284202

you alright there chief

>> No.27284250

Is Uniswap really safe to give my credit card to?

>> No.27284499

u wot m8

>> No.27284529

>i know it don't Will reach 1$
based dyslexiaposter

>> No.27284594

Wait, dont they have to cover the doge they are selling somehow?

>> No.27284600

So that I can buy shiba.

>> No.27285363

I really hope Doge moons. As a poorfag in Latin America this could literally save my life

>> No.27285584

>i know it don't Will reach

>> No.27286467
File: 19 KB, 497x197, Screenshot_2021-02-01 Bitcoin Exchange Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27286685
File: 66 KB, 680x588, 4972EFCA-22EB-4024-ABAE-A7F722B01EBC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It has no real utility or infrastructure. It might go up, but I’d advise caution. It’s not a currency in any meaningful way.

>> No.27286783

quick poll: how many of you have more than 100k DOGE?
or more than 1 MIL?

>> No.27286851

Of course they don't. Imaginary things don't actually have to exist to sell them. There's no way to transfer crypto off Robinhood, so really all they have to give you is money when you sell

>> No.27286860
File: 88 KB, 476x360, C285355D-B098-4976-854C-4B92729F47BC.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27286883

I hope this shit goes to zero
some normies I hate irl bought it

>> No.27287042

400kchad here

>> No.27287048

100k+ here

>> No.27287054

You can buy pornhub premium with it tho
Onlyfans coming soon

>> No.27287117

i had 200k until a few days ago, 50k now

>> No.27287150

>playing with house money
>bought in before the pump happened
>already doubled my initial investment and cashed it
>left 20k in for a laugh
>could tank or moon no matter to me
>sitting on a lotto ticket
>love watching people seethe

How can you guys be so confident it won't moon or tank? Literally anything can happen. Got my popcorn and beer

>> No.27287176


>> No.27287193

total nonargument.

if you don't think its exactly as easy to implement payment apps and whatever else for dogecoin as it is for bitcoin, you're an idiot.

the primary value of any currency, including crypto, is in how many people are using it or want to use it. no coin has had this level of mass public interest since bitcoin itself. EVERYTHING else is secondary you giant twat

>> No.27287293

i'll gain more if it moons than i'll lose if it tanks, so im pretty comfy right now

>> No.27287305

based. fucking hilarious seeing bizfags act like they've predicted every (or even any) massive explosion in demand before to any degree of accuracy distinguishable from statistic

>> No.27287340


>> No.27287386


>Get on your preffered trade
>swap BTC or ETH for it. Even some FIAT.
>funny yellow dog adquired


>Need to go on a specific app or trade
>Only ETH
>Must bay a absurd fee to convert starting on 20 bucks worth of ETH

>> No.27287406

from stastical noise

>> No.27287650

And pay high gas and network fees? Fuck off

>> No.27287782

Alright, let's hope the Bogs don't interfere while I'm asleep.

>> No.27287902

minerchad, 300k, paws of iron, in for the ride

when did you sell?

>> No.27288050

sold most of it at 5-6c on friday

>> No.27288340

don't do anything stupid with the profits now, you hear?

>> No.27288344

>a bunch of normies "investing" 20$ is gonna move the price

>> No.27288395

I'm looking for a point of entry, think I should get in now or wait for a drop? I'm thinkin drop.

>> No.27288569


>> No.27288573

either you believe in the coin, or git gud at pnd

>> No.27288636

It'll drop back to 0.02 guaranteed

>> No.27288694

no way this happens

>> No.27289067

It's a pump and dump meme coin. Literally no reason for anyone to hodl it long-term. I'll be buying back in at 1 cent.

>> No.27289289

>normies flocking in at this exact moment
>used in both reddit and pornhub
>implying i won't stabilize around 0,05 or higher long term

>> No.27289387

that's what it used to be before Elon's tweets
after the first pump he caused in summer of 2020 for the first time in its history DOGE consolidated for real and held a support level
this happened again after early January pump and we just saw it happen again
it's not just a PnD scheme this time, mass adoption is here with normies buying in and people for the first time started to hold DOGE for real
the whales are still accumulating too an effectively deflating increasing supply
it's not done yet, look at ow bullish the chart is

>> No.27289517

Theres two other dead cryptos that pornhub "accepted" so I dont think they are a good metric.

>> No.27289567

Yes it will go back down but the pumping and dumping isn't anywhere near it's end, look at its volume, look at top wallet holders, look at the chart.
Why are you applying the same logic as previous doge pumps when this time the volume is through the roof, top wallet holders are still buying and the chart is bullish?

>> No.27289690

that's literally all crypto is
>coin gets memed
>coin goes up
>coin gets exponentially memed
>coin goes exponentially up
happens literally every time

>> No.27289815

it's literally how it works
get in or miss out on another 300%+ gain from here

>> No.27289830

has the guy who owns 800 billion doge done anything yet?

>> No.27289913

But ruin someone other's

>> No.27289951

There is no reason for anyone to hold a significant amount of money in a high risk meme coin like doge instead of an established top 10 coin. I guarantee Elon himself has already cashed out for Bitcoin.

I've seen enough pump and dumps to know that indicators such as "top wallet holders buying more" means absofuckinglutely nothing. Often these whales are people with so much money that they couldn't give a shit about what happens to the price. They've got big holdings but no real skin in the game.

>> No.27290183

same, doge's last moon literally had it match the Brazilian Real in value.

>> No.27290264


>> No.27290380

same here monkeybro

>> No.27291084

Just went with 70$ bucks, graph is ok

>> No.27291461

>70$ bucks

>> No.27291887

Never say that again

>> No.27292153

is that too much or why implying?

>> No.27292204

> no reason
What is massive upside potential?

>> No.27292313

I told you fucking people that whales were FUDing on here to buy a dip.

No one, and I mean, literally NO ONE with an IQ above 80 seriously thought DOGE was going to hit sub 0.02 or not come back up to 0.04.

They'd be hopeless if they did.

>> No.27292381

>$ sign after the amount
>$ sign and bucks

it's $70 or 70 bucks. 70$ bucks is the most retarded thing I've ever seen.

>> No.27292398

This and based

>> No.27292509

>doge is gonna pump like crazy
This already happened. You missed it.

>> No.27292578
File: 578 KB, 888x894, 1591915329748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27292676

Keep coping, FOMOnigger. 10 threads ago and you were laughing with the other retards when it predictably dipped to 0.022.
I won.

>> No.27293253

where can i buy shibe? there's no binancy

>> No.27293377

Makes me feel better about loosing $10 from my 60$purchase, thanks anon

>> No.27293492


Any FUD you read now are ex-whales who sold their bags for 2x or 3x and want a cheap buy in for themselves for when it really jumps.

We know this coin is active. You can't predict anything that is going to happen to this coin anymore. 1 dollar EOY is a real goal.

>> No.27293519
File: 154 KB, 698x760, thinks_ang_rown_rich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27293567
File: 174 KB, 880x527, LoveMe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27293574
File: 69 KB, 880x488, Going Down With The Ship.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been a good run lads

>> No.27293601
File: 17 KB, 336x336, 3426623462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All these SHIB pajeet shills ITT
fucking lmao

>> No.27293644
File: 17 KB, 554x554, images (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Doge peeks 0.06 while sleep
I don't like this game, anons...

>> No.27293717
File: 40 KB, 521x937, C604E716-E705-4188-A7CC-9A1FD8BBFB73.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don’t care at all anymore. Poured half of my portfolio in this doggo. lets fucking go retards

>> No.27293832

Only because btc is crashing, doge/BTC is still very bullish

>> No.27293987
File: 114 KB, 1211x541, x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27294011

Thinking normies give a shit about DOGE/BTC

>> No.27294178

Also massive downside potential. It's just gambling.

>> No.27294244

Lmfao you fucking retard, you know what infinite supply and mining is? This isn't fucking stocks as soon as it gets profitable miners just switch their rigs to mine DOGE and dump on you to oblivion’ you fucking retard.

>> No.27294422

SHIB is better. Its the start of a fair launch. A community token. The Doge Killer. Look it up.


>> No.27294482

shib is shit, elon musk like doges

>> No.27294591
File: 77 KB, 667x659, 1604461968841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats the best site to buy doge xrp etherium and chainlink on?? seventy years goodluck to anyone who helps me im irish

>> No.27294604

Get down on your knees and start sucking. I know it's hard after cackling for hours on Friday, but it'll get better.
I'll throw some coins your way.

>> No.27294689
File: 275 KB, 921x666, WickDoge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27294713

tried to buy low sell high but I lost 5% in less than 10 minutes, i'll buy grt instead

>> No.27294729

Put a limit sell you dingus

>> No.27294942

u just missed the last bottom at 3.4cents. now it going up, not moonign or anything, but recovering

>> No.27295409

Based retard. I hope you make bank

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