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>LINK marines think this shit will hit 6 figures
Seriously who is paying for this shit? Like what company will use a service that is this expensive?

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It's literally a scam please move on

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6 figures??? I'm after 3. Thats all I need anyway

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No it's gonna hit five figures, $81000.

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what I don't get is that chainlink doesn't even require LINK. You could pay the operators in whatever. It's completely decoupled - and if a major business or government wants to adopt it and pay operators in USD they could. LINK is only connected on an emotional level.

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This. 10k stacklet here.

Also, Arbitrum is about to launch, educate yourself newfag.

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Chainlink cryptocurrency tokens are a known scam

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Debunked countless times. Lurk more and dyor.

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Absolutely damning

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Chainlink FUD has exhaustingly been debunked many times now

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Even then who the fuck would pay for a service THAT expensive?

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No one has debunked my question though

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token has 18 decimals silly retard

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Do you guys want to get together and reenact this pic after the singularity?

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Circle 2 makes it in 3 figures. What do you consider a marine?

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I'm after $100 per Link. And I think I will get it

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we need sergay though

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I also had the number 81000$ in mind

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Nail salon scam

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actually out of interest does anyone have an idea of what significance 81000 has?? Is it some 42 numerology shit or just from "that" image?

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And? Who the fuck will pay for a service that costs 81k?

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I hope this is bait but just in case it isn't, ask yourself how can so many people buy Bitcoin right now when its $32500?

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can't tell if it's bait, but I'm seething about this

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Because BTC is a store of value nigger. So you will buy partial amounts similar to how you buy smaller amounts of gold. LINK is a service.

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High IQ
No it hasn’t you newfag plebbitor, the FUD has never been debunked. If chainlink was such a good project and not a scam, why would it’s founder, sergey, dump tens of millions of LINK shit tokens weekly? If he really believed in the project long term why wouldn’t he just HODL like you deluded ponzimarines? That’s just it though, he knows he’s selling jonestown punch so he’s dumping on retail to buy new lambos and penthouses for his family before the impending rug pull down to sub ICO prices when he just dumps 100m LINK in a single day. Pic related, it’s sergeys dad, driving a brand new lambo, where the fuck are the lambos for LINK investors? They don’t exist because sergey is a con artist selling a vaporware ponzitoken that he minted 1 billion of out of thin air

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The highest I heard was $81,000, but 6 figures sounds nice too fren

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LINK has 18 decimal places.

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you realize that the Link token price doesn't affect the price of the service????????? Link token price ( when staking is live ) means a more secure network which means that you would want to use the network

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BTC isn’t a store of value, it’s volatile as fuck, and is inherently useless, BTC has no uses cases other than as a transaction device, even then its trash as a transaction device because it’s slow as shit and unscalable. I’ll be laughing when the jews just create their own goverment digital currency that transacts instantly. You do realize they could kill BTC in a day by stating it’s used by terrorists, which it is, then ban all the fiat onramps/offramps? They could kill BTC in a day and they will eventually, right after they’ve finished unloading all their bags on the goys. Pic related the absolute garbage shit token XRP destroys BTC in everyway. XRP is going to zero too though

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LINK node operators are paid in LINK, hence giving the token value. Say one transaction, request, etc. costs 50 cents (random figure)

If LINK were 1 US dollar, the operator is paid 0.5 LINK

If LINK were 81000 US dollars per token, the operator is paid 0.00000617283 LINK

If this doesn't make sense you are genuinely, actually retarded. There are surely legitmate criticisms of LINK, that it's too expensive because you don't understand that you can pay a fraction of one token is just sad

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I don't think you understand what this project is about. It is not for public consumption. It is for people who have billions of dollars on the line and need the most secure way to invest/transfer it. The rich will pay hand over fist to make sure their assets are safe.

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$81k is mathematically proven

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damn you figured it out anon.

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When can it reach $81K?

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holy shit guys he figured it out link OG here just sold 500k its over guys

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Their assests are already safe. Why fix whats not broken?

>not for public consumption
Who ends up paying the price on what corporations spend?

BTC in its current state is used a store of value

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you are not intelligent enough to have this conversation.

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>Their assests are already safe
>Who ends up paying the price on what corporations spend?
not sure what you're asking. corporations pay the price to ensure that their money goes where it's supposed to go and does what it's supposed to do

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Dude fucking kill yourself already. Christ, schiff will win? Fucking seriously?

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buh derp derp sshplaarr
herp da hurp derpt shplert

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Stay mad kid, you’re just like a liberal faggot, just namecall because you have zero arguments

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> $90,000 LINK is fud

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you made me choke KEK

not trying to be mean man but probably read a bit more before coming to /biz/ and posting

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8 = H
1 = A
81 = Hitler Adolf

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LINK has 18 decimal places you absolute retard.

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You aren't

How arent they? Explain how the current system doesnt work.

Look i get you guys dropped your entire life savings into this scam and its dominated your life for upwards of 5 years now, but its time to face facts

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>No u

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One question

When 50 usd is hit... then what? straight up to 200 or no?

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Nice projection, thinking everyone who doesnt agree with you is a liberal.

No your takes have always been fucking garbage. I remember you fudding link at 2$ and saying bitcoin was going to 0 last year. Anyone listening to you wouldve been fucked. Hang it up, its over, youve been blown out time and time again. Easily the worst trip on this board. Kys.

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Hahahaha it can’t even get past $25. Hahahhaa. Gme did it in a second

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Straight down to sub ico levels

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I don't have time to go through the myriad of bugs/glitches that can occur in trading software/insurance software/supply tracking software/etc and most of the time it's human error. Also it may be 95% safe to use traditional means, but with Chainlink you are 99.99% safe due to the economic guarantees provided through the staking mechanism. Billionaires will gladly pay to have that extra 4.99% of safety.

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cope :^)]

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2017 basement neet investors (10k+) will sell off and drive the price down to ICO levels leaving everyone else as bagholders.

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post portfolio right now

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Toke ln Knot Kneaded

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High IQ take, you're definitely gonna make it

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Oh so it has a miniscule market

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Kek, did you have ever any exposure to real buisnesses with money in the billions?

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ok you're too dumb to understand so im done arguing with you

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Exactly, just like everyone sold btc at 100 and now its .10 a coin.

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oracle tech is very important. the token isn't at all

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Just curious what do you personally expect one link to be worth in usd 20 years from now? Like what sounds a reasonable prediction to you?

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God damn Reddit really needs to go the fuck back to basic algebra

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This is like saying low latency high speed internet infrastructure for trading firms is a miniscule market. Speed is one thing companies will pay out of their ass for. Security is another.

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>sergey always uses the same PowerPoints so even retards can understanding
Yet you idiots still have this weak of FUD. God damn, no wonder you niggers are poor

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How do I go about arranging to suck cock for Link so I can increase my <200 mini stack?

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>20 years from now
lmao no one can predict that. There are ways to secure information that are even greater than LINK (100% security) such as quantum entanglement that could be figured out in a decade or two, which would make Link useless. Also you'd have to factor in USD inflation so even if I said 50k or whatever that would be relative to what 50k is worth 20 years from now.

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Just drive to Sir Gays McDonalds and wait in line like the rest of us does.

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Literally never been refuted.
Any ERC677 token can replace LINK down the road as the native coin of Chainlink, preferably one that 30%+ of it's supply is controlled by a single entity.

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No, I'm serious. I bet there are some bigstack Link marines who'd get a kick out of sexually degrading a financially desperate mediocre looking 30 year old man.

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is not controlled*

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>mediocre looking 30 year old man.
Too old, try your local truck stop instead.

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Im about to buy myself my 100th LINK. I honestly want to make it but I feel lile im too late and wont have time to accumulate enough to actually make it.

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I disagree bud

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Toe cannot, knee did

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is that like an erc10
link was downgraded again?

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Why should we? It's either a bait or a redditor too stupid to realize what LINK actually is. You had three years.

>> No.27267937

You each time you will try to use money in the future or get the idea to buy a Big Mac.

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Is this real? This is actual real FUD wtf

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At $81k per token the actual service can cost as little as $0.0000000000000081 API validation, idiot.
>who would pay 1 penny for over a trillion API validations
>I am very smart

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Theyre not paying 5 figures to have their derivative cleared. They have clearing houses that do this for minimal fees. If Link is going to five figures its because LINK is rare - the companies using this for their smart contracts might use a "cup of coffees" worth OF a link token - not a whole token to execute their smart contracts not a whole token. But then who thought a whole link token would ever be used per transaction. Thats not the point. Then the question is - how many link tokens are there?
81k is real.

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It's the graveyard of fallen marines whose stacks have been absorbed by the kikes.

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fees aren't even set at 1 LINK right NOW. The permissioned nodes that exist today cost 0.1 LINK. And they could, and will be, much cheaper vs. LINK when staking goes live.

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Hi, guys. I wonder whether binary platforms are better than crypto trading? As I get, it is much easier to predict price growth or falling for such indices like Uber, Amazon, Microsoft.

Came across Baex (#baex), a defi binary system, and I am interested in their referral program and mathematical algorithm for regulation. Does anyone know about this exchange?

What tools do you use?

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>high value investors are accumulating LINK
>institutional investors are accumulating LINK

>> No.27268879


This is actually bullish.
Most 1% will stake and hold.

On the other side, this graph excluded all exchanges, team assets... which pretty much has most of the supply. So these remaining addresses do not really impact much

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Proven scam

Scams pump the hardest

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I dont doubt it, but large companies are often really waistfull in general.

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18 decimal points. The jobs the nodes perform will never cost a lot but the collateral the nodes require must be sufficient value for contracts totaling in the millions and billions. The token growth is directly correlated to network growth.

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value has to run thru the token though still

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feels like 2018 again with all the newfags going through the process of figuring out how this shit works, kek

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Board is completely shitted up with newfriends and shills, waiting for the inevitable crash to return to comfy state waiting on 1000EOY

my pet peeve is faggots like OP trying to make bold claims about tokenomics without even understanding decimalization

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newfag here. i'm humble enough to know i'm an idiot. i'm just trying to figure things and learn.

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LINK has a future as a staple in the market, and staples don't stagnate in price ceiling as history proves their worth while the market gains new capital from participants. LINK will grow and increase in market cap.

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Don't be modest, you sound like a bright young lady.

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pee pee poo poo

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>10k stacklet here.
Can you give them to me?

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I swea to god, if it gets downgraded one more time...

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Doge gonna be worth more than link soon. Smh

>> No.27274668

Worth more in what sense?

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if people don't get it by now they never will. Thats why fudding it doesn't matter. They'll never jump in, so why fuck with them?

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Market cap boi.

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Link has quite a few decimal points Anon.

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