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General FTM Thread.

Lets talk about FTM

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Please dump to 1cent please

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>Moon in 4 months.
Comfy hold.

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Looks like another chainlink waiting to happen.

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my comfiest hold

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Buy the dip

>> No.27245533

What's the make it stack ?

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>bought @ 0.12 just before the pump
>didn't sell

when are we expecting another pump? And will it reach >0.24?

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1 FTM = 1 Lambo

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The chart is showing a potential bull flag now, I reckon we're gonna be at 0.15 EOD and if there's another run then perhaps 0.25 EOW.

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where tf do you see bullflag>>27245681

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Moon mission ETA: 4 months.

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that shit is falling :D

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really uncomfy hold back when it dropped from 0.06 to 0.011 and stayed low for months and of course I sold my 100k back at like 0.04 and 0.035

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When $10?

I'm glad we hit ATH, but I'm holding until at least $5

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Buying the dip, let it continue to fall so i can buy more

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Whats the most efficient way to buy? I swapped for some in uni but from my understanding that is the erc-20 token? Fuck eth fees

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down she goes
this is gonna make u reddit fags cry
OMG it pump
then LOL it dumps

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Room temprature IQ detected

>> No.27247653

Reversal incoming

>> No.27247774

Buy the dip, retard.

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Biggest non-ETH defi platform, coombase, 4 pilots with Afghanistan, one completing in 4 months, crypto bull run, ghost chains being worth 50x more than Fantom in market cap

We’re in a good position. Never selling before multi billions in market cap

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FTM is the least reddit coin on biz. Ever.

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Whats the suicide stack?

>> No.27248565

1 tweet that we're listing on coinbase and we're making a new ATH.

>> No.27248582

Bros why is it going down now?

>> No.27248604

so i can buy more

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it's over

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financially ruined

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>bull flag
>downward breakout

Anon, i....

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Best app to manage FTM/Eth on Mobile?

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you will never be a man

>> No.27249081

ss 200k
make it is and will always be 1m

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Did your shitty TA skills also predicted the 10x run? No.

Then why the fuck are you doing TA in this market, you idiot ?

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The 65% correction is almost done, we'll pump from 0,09 which is the bottom.

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i sold last night. it’s going to drop because a ton of stakers unlock periods are about to end. i luckily unstaked just before that huge pump. i’ll buy back in at 3-4c to triple my stack.

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Is it worth to sell now so i can buy it lower? Or too late?

>> No.27249675

stakers staked from 2c, why would they unstake for measly x5 when this is going $1 sooner or later faggot

>> No.27249785

Another cretin. The lockings and unlockings happen on a daily basis, its not a specific date. It’s not like on a private sale where a fuck ton of the supply hits the market at once at a specific block height/time

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Suppose GME crashes the market in during the upcoming week. Will we expect to see a minor crypto crash, followed by a correction after a week?

It sounds like a good opportunity to dig into a dip.

>> No.27250216

i bet a bunch of people unlocked the day it was mooning. we’re approaching a week from that time and i predict a big sell off. if i’m wrong, whatever but that’s my guess.

>> No.27250334

you overestimate people. a significant amount will take a 5x in fear it’ll continue the trend and fall lower. in my case i want it to so i can scoop up a fuck ton at a low price.

>> No.27250409

GME has nothing to do with crypto. Why are you inventing a new narrative to fit your bias ?

>I bet
Show proof

>> No.27250444

why's suicide stack so fucking high? Do you not see fantom doing well?

>> No.27250463

It didn't even attempt a breakout upwards, it's going to take a while to pump up again if it does. I had put a stop loss at .11 yesterday and it triggered, probably buying again later

>> No.27250563

i literally said that’s my “guess”. you nervous or what?

>> No.27250760

I don't know. But I know it is coming. Hold, brother.

>> No.27250790

Ss is and will always be 100k

>> No.27250901

Its not that high the suicide stack has always been between 50k-100k and make it 300k-500k.

>> No.27251410

swingies get the rope

>> No.27251766

swingies do indeed get the rope but i can feel it in my gut it’s going down significantly. i’ve been holding for a year and it’s time to increase my stack.

>> No.27252774

i am financially ruined

>> No.27253098

are FTM holders the new XRP schizos?

>> No.27253362

I sure feel like a schizo due to the insane amount of faith I have in this coin.
I've been thinking about this a lot, maybe I've really lost it.
It's that, or some instinct that tells me this will be huge.

>> No.27253812

Trust the instinct.

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just bought more

>> No.27254532

Should I sell 500 link and get another 100k FTM?

>> No.27254592

when the stock market crashes bitcoin crashes and then the rest of crypto craches too

>> No.27254687

how does staking work on binance?

>> No.27254765

It's the same retard spamming it in every thread.

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Acid how much do you get paid by the team to shill this? I assume it must be quite a lot in comparison to the average salary in India.

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Panjesh, please do the needful and consult native English speaker for writing Fantom home page.

>> No.27255698

>t. shit id

>> No.27256100

Everything on Fantom site is beautiful and with tons of functionality you won't find in the shit coins that just launched for this bullrun. Everything is as comprehensive as eth was.

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Bro, I'm just trying to help them make their site look professional.

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>anime tranny coin full of mostly shitposting memeing kiddies as its community
whoever buys this lowest of shitcoins and funds trannies and terrorism deserves all their money lost

>> No.27256244

So I am a little confused about the ftm defi, specifically locking your staked ftm for sftm and then minting synths...I know you get the 6% for locking, but if I were to mint some XAG today before the markets open, if silver spikes massively, I would have made a decent profit correct? I was watching a video on this and the guy said that minting synths was the equivalent of shorting...that didnt sound right...any input? Thanks anons.

>> No.27256853

minting now will not grany tou any profits because you cant trade the higher value XAG for USD to pay your debt when minting

you will have to wait for fTrade to be released, so you can do the following:

-Mint fUsd (now you have a debt in fUsd)
-fTrade fUsd/XAG (now you own xag instead of fUsd
-price went up and you want to close the deal? Sell your XAG for fUsd and pay your initial debt


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>every shitcoin empty project gets shilled by dumbass redditors who dont understand crypto
>all the /biz/raelis comfy holding FTM gonna be rich in less than a year
Kek, you just cant make this shit up.

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Go back.

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Literally have made over 100k so far. I just want to MAKE IT so I and my children never have to work again.

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