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Bros... I don't feel so good.

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Diamond hands, hodl.

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Fuck hedgies and fuck jannies.

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lmao CRP predicted this


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Death to hedgies

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so if they are still over 100%
whats the real dip going to be like?

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I've heard so many different numbers regarding the losses incurred by shorts that I don't know what is real anymore.
Godbless clownworld.
Fuck kikes and jannies.

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How to I give you 4chan gold medal? I am from reddit. Nice frog btw and fuck January.

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Maybe he should make a chart that doesn't imply he's exaggerating 30-fold.

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God I hope the economy crashes. Should I go take money out the bank?

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>Blames redditors.
>Doesn't blame overly aggressive hedge funds trying to short more stock than it actually exists.

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reddit has less than 1% of the gme supply. even if the story was true that just means the market is teetering at the top of a bubble anyway

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That’s actually based

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exactly, this should have happened in 08.

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To quote Eric Cartman:
>Jews, play stupid games.
>Jews! That's why they're lame.

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Jannies refers to janitors or the idiots mods on here who ban people for making perfectly relevant threads

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I hope they take capital out of Wall Street and move it to crypto.

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Let it sink in that these hedgefunds had SEVENTY PERCENT exposure to fucking GAMESTOP SHORTS

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The new financial terrorists

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This has probably accelerated the inevitable USD/fiat crash.

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When these people are crying, something good has happened.

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good vid, we going weimar now

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They shouldn't invest more than they can afford to lose.

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Fucking lol, if only they let people have escapism in the form of videogames.

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>bought GME at $12
>sold at $420.69
>watching the rest of the stock market crash
>using my Gamestop winnings to pick up long positions hedge funds have been forced to liquidate
Is this what it feels like to be a Jew? I could get used to this.

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get shorty

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It's not enough.

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Well done, fuck them, rearrange the system. They should have all been out of business years ago.

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If this is a larp well done I had a sensible chuckle
If this is not a larp go back
That is all

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>borrow money
>buy contract of fake shares
>Pay fees
>Pay interest
>Pay people to clear your payments
>Pay people to execute your trade

Holy shit how will the economy ever survive without this productivity you goddamn nazis!?

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this, fuck these jew motherfuckers. I choose burning it down over cashing out for money.

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this is the dotcom bubble all over again
it's all over

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Why didn’t you sell your stocks retard? I’m going into crypto

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pls kys

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>Diamond hands

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I hope there are movies about this

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look at me, im the jew now

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Anyone blaming Jews is losing sight of the big picture. Hedge fund wallstreet crony types are culprits, not Jews. Don't let uneducated buffoons try and tell you otherwise.

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turn on the hose, full power!

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Watch the 10 year bond, if it keeps pumping it's over.

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It doesn't make any sense. Why don't the institutions just let the public pump up the stock and stay the fuck away from it? The only reason they are losing money is because they are shorting the stock.

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Imagine hedge funds that are planning to short Bond. Happy retirement to them

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>massive short squeeze will trigger inflation
If anything it will create massive deflation.

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Destroyed? Where'd it go?

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Should I cash out now?

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LOL Stocks are a zero sum game.
The money is transferring hands.
No money was destroyed in this process.

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Oh man, was labert dieser Willy

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Maybe they are talking about all the imaginary shares borrowed and sold to get shorts over 100%. So... 3.7tn dent in inflation? Cool.

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they will be shown in amc movie theaters

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To me

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from ((their)) pocket into goym pocket that is unacceptable basically like burning it

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Ok but will it trigger another financial crisis?

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>fuck January

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Who will get blamed? Retail investors or greedy hedgies over and illegally shorting?

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>look at me, im the jew now
you will always be a nigger

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>egotistical and narcissistic bankers/traders blame everyone but themselves
>news outlets and government either too stupid to realize, get gaslighted into believing them, or theyre just as egotistical and narcissistic

happens every time there’s a economic slump.

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I think this is orchestrated, we're moving over to crypto. All this shit will be tokenized soon. The 4IR WILL HAPPEN. I think these guys are right but they are merely holding pieces of the puzzle.

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Bullish for crypto. The market manipulation of these billionaires was bound to be exposed eventually and now its become a living, breathing cultural revolution of sorts. I have never owned a stock since I've only been in crypto since 2017 but this has been great to witness. However, I feel like stricter regulations are going to be imposed on retail traders soon because only billionaires are allowed to control the market, not you. You are there to pick up their mess when they fuck up...unlike this time. But yeah regulations are coming and I think itll force a lot of people to crypto and I mean beyond fucking meme bullshit doge.

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Nooooo not my hecking MSCI Worldinioh

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What's easier to buy? GME or politicians and media?

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You guys have to remember that the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" requires the old system to fail before they can bring in the new one. I don't think the objective is the retail investor here.

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suck my dick, that's how

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the socialism is strong with this one

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So hedge funds really are committed to blaming redditors for their greedy incompetent positions. They learned literally nothing from 2008.

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How is wanting the consequences of a free market be allowed to play out rather than have the government print money to save wall street qualify as socialism to you?

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I'm not that into conspiracy theories, so I don't know anything about the WEF. I'm not telling you you're a conspiracy nut though, I have an open mind. I just think conspiracy circles is where I would have heard about it. Anyway, where would I get info about this that isn't a place full of flat earth type stuff? Or do I have to sort through that to get it?

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>market crashes
>I'm 95% cash right now
>buy every thing at huge discounts
>ride it all back up

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Nope you don't have to go through any of that. Because the World Economic Forum is a very real and legitimate agency and they have all said this themselves.

Look into Klaus Schwab, his book 'The 4th Industrial Revolution', and The Great Reset. Of course conspiracy guys grab onto this but it's not like this information is mainly coming from them.

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lol. Crypto will never be mainstream as long as governments still want tax. Your average normalfaggot will not put up with nightmare crypto tax documents

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It will be even easier when crypto is mainstream, you won't be able to escape taxes at all because the damn ledgers are all public. Everything will be taxed.

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normies are retards

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cool, I'll check it out

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anon,,, i,,

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It's OK though because the money that was lost will be more beneficial to the economy in the hands of normie redditors and autistic neets than billionaire hedgies

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True. Even if they spend it on complete bullshit it will be better.

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Real shit. Amen.

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That's why the hedgies complaining is so funny, the money is better spent on pizza and body pillows than rotting in off-shore accounts

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I had the same thought, very convenient timing for this ‘never happened before’ event. But then again I’m the suspicious sort.

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a) Yes, it's serious
b) But the economy was going to crash anyway soon
c) And those richfags were hoping to milk every drop before bailing on us like the rats they are
d) Fuck wall street, globohomo and NWO

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Wasnt the big happening supposed to be on Friday?
When the option contracts had to be fulfilled and hedgies would buy our bags?

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normies aren't fooled this time. The fact this originated from leddit is a blessing in disguise and good PR overall for the ongoing shenangians

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This post is antisemitic. You are denying Jewish culture and heritage

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Even if we're accelerating their plans and they have to Reset early, whatever. Boiling the frog is boring, I'd rather they turn it up to 11 so the more aware frogs jump out.

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>news outlets and government either too stupid to realize, get gaslighted into believing them
YOU are stupid.

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Better you profiting than sketchy motherfuckers with connections like the oligarchs after perestroika

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It was always meant to happen after covid. The timing is extremely convenient. Reminder that the vaccination is pretty much here at this point too.

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Literally worse than the Holocaust. This time the losses are real.

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>I'm not that into conspiracy theories
Nothing theorical here. Great reset has been publicly announced and promotted by the "conspirators" themselves.

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Sounds like jewtalk, also Pol did its job and found out 21 of the top 25 hedgeies are fucking jewish

>> No.27230913

Jews are vastly overrepresented among these finance types, but for the sake of PR, this is not something to tell a normie directly -- it should be implied.

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Based reddit for once

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What's the endgame with the vaccination? When do we start seeing side-effects?

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Not minding the Reset as much if it's on our terms.

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This should be prefaced with something like Jewish world contributions so that normies don't automatically think "le ebil antisemite"

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looks like a completely normal and healthy retracement
not saying it won't drop 99%, it most certainly will once the Fed rugpulls
the Fed always rugpulls, there has never, ever been an inflationary expansion which the Fed did not stop with a deflationary event

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Why not just refusing to get vaccinated?

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The endgame with the vaccination is to end covid lol

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What side-effects?

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Checked. they literally rub it in your face here.
Check their websites, articles, videos...

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>fuck January
Sensible chuckle

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its so fucking cringe how normies think theyre making any kind of difference at all to wall street

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They are though. They've been doing this short fud song and dance for years and they're getting fucking exposed.

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If it didn't work the first twn billion, then did these retarded kikes kept going? Their greed was their downfall. Fucking moron investors, just as bad as some s o i retard buying every funko pop.

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What are you buying on dip? I’m also all cash aside from my GME position

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>Implying covid will ever end
Put on the five masks, coward.

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Poor hedgefunds....don't worry! I'll hold on to my shares until you recover!

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When hedgies start selling their good shit for their bad shit you know the market is completely fucked.

>> No.27232260

An economic collapse will fuck everyone. Especially during the pandemic.

Welcome to 2008 Part 2. It's dystopian how Reddit literally destroyed the US.

>> No.27232264

this image uses a picture of Chase Coleman the actor and not Chase Coleman the hedge fund manager, kek.

>> No.27232282

Guys you do realize that crypto's crashing along with FIAT right?

>> No.27232292

>until you recover
>implying there is a time you won't hold anymore

>> No.27232309

Covid is just a means to an end.

>> No.27232316

>Hedge fund wallstreet crony types are culprits, not Jews
They are the same people, twat.

Also, the big picture is that (((their))) exploitation and undermining of our civilization is much more nuanced and diffused than simply our economy.

>> No.27232362

It's possible in the short term but in the longterm no it's not.

>> No.27232364

>21 of the top 25 hedgeies are fucking jewish
No shit.
All you need to do is look up their origins on Wikipedia. The "Early life" section always unmasks them.

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oh noooooooo, the poor hedge funders had to sell their longs to not maintenance-margin-called and lose all their mooneeeeeeeeeeey,

>oh noooooooooooooo, ima saaad now

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Yes its totally destroyed and gone and not just redistributed.

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Shlomo pls,. you've been fucking it up for all of us for over 100 years. Get a grip or better yet, neck yourself.

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>Reddit spacing
Go back

>> No.27232617

Everyone who fell for this needs to go back NOW

>> No.27232644

You have money in the bank? Are you dumb? Cash is trash. Never keep anything in cash unless you are willing to lose it. Invest them

>> No.27232677

>poltards are on board
Huge sell signal.
Election newfags need not apply.

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oh gno...that sucks...

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Long Term Short Term hell fiat will probably recover one day too, but the fact of the matter is that the only utility from crypto is the ability to speculate on it and then cash out into fiat.
I honestly believe that crypto tech is the future for money, but it's not the boat that'll save you in this flood.
Buy fucking land.

>> No.27232753

>stock market going down
>bonds and treasuries go up a bit and get beaten way back down by the fed raising interest
>real estate plummeting from the bubble
>precious metals crab like always
Where do I "invest" my money exactly. Buy euros?

>> No.27232853

Fiat is trash. Invest in cryptocurrencies of course. It is the future.

>> No.27232919

depending on if you believe the silver undervaluation/shorting meme, owning physical silver ETFs rather than leveraged silver instruments might be good
there's also petrochemical, energy, and consumer goods index ETFs.
may be worth looking at some of the building blocks of life in the 21st century. and spreading your risk out over multiple currencies, countries, and asset types

>> No.27232921

Nice, fuck em like they fucked us in 2008

>> No.27232923

put on that 4th mask while I swab your ass wagie

>> No.27233002

Bitch I don't have the money to buy land that shit is expensive. These crypto systems will be up and running within the next 1 - 3 years and actually get usage at that time.

>> No.27233036

Here's hoping fellow wagie.

>> No.27233057

That was not my point you fucking idiot. Lockdowns and general slowdowns of production already set us up for a recession, add a 2008-style bubble (mind you, only Redditors will benefit from it) and this is gonna be a shitshow.

>> No.27233065

Imma stay with my conservative portfolio of 100% pennystocks instead.

I loaded up on silver trusts (PHAG) on Friday, but I'll sell for sure in 2 weeks because it's just a fad as always. And JPM can crush it any time by printing billions of SLV.

I still haven't decided whether I will remain in cash until we are well into the dip or buy petros/staples and other non-cyclicals.

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Absolute Chad

>> No.27233206

you were born with tens of extra chromosomes

>> No.27233246

High risk low reward. The idiot's investment.

>> No.27233280

Jews getting fucked over is the best feeling in the world. What could possibly beat that?

>> No.27233279

What are you doing on a cryptocurrency board if you're a boomer-market idiot

>> No.27233318

>the elites fucked us by locking us down

>> No.27233380

I only come here for /smg/.
Crypto being worse than penny stocks was the joke.

>> No.27233445

The more this unfolds the more I’m starting to think the same thing. It all just feels too perfect of a happening to not have been orchestrated to lead us into the 4IR. See you at the citadel anon.

>> No.27233518

Take it out, take it all out. Put it in bitcoin or eth, fiat is way too dangerous right now.

>> No.27233651

>it's not ETH jumping up and down in value like 50%, it's fiat. Duh.

>> No.27233724

The billionaires can simply fuck off to Seychelles while their puppets in government pass new legislation to protect them.

Meanwhile low- and middle-class Americans get completely shafted by the economic collapse. At the same time, the Redditors who keep shilling about "muh diamond hands XDD" are becoming the next billionaires at your expense.

You're being used by the next ruling class. These guys will tank the economy for a quick profit just like the guys before them did. Meanwhile the government won't change, the media won't change and Wall Street won't change.

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>> No.27233997

>Dindu nuffin
>We promise to be good boys now here's a donation

Not this time melvin

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>> No.27234128

>Don't fight back because they will retaliate
how cucked are you?
>At your expense
If you haven't prepared for these eventualities then 2008 taught you nothing.

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the real newfags expose themselves remarkably

>> No.27234220

Ok so what does this mean? I gotta buy a gun or what

>> No.27234223

lmao kek

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>> No.27234276

Should I buy SQQQ now?

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> fuck January

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>> No.27234345

hedgies had to sell the house and farm to fund their casino betting spree

>> No.27234359

Yeah except you're a chad and will probably stimulate your local economy with your money instead of making a shrine for you and your jew friends to circlejerk on it and never doing anything.

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You are deserving of one trillion interwebz good sir.

>> No.27234416

long GME
long UVXY
GME puts
QQQ puts

>> No.27234463

this is the most jewish thing I have ever seen

>> No.27234474

Can you imagine a new age of art and whacky tech shit that might come of this. I'm hoping the golden age might be just around the corner if we play our cards right. Of to Mars on a gamestop branded spacex ship to andromeda eh?...even if it's with redditors, I can live with that.

>> No.27234492


>> No.27234513

>the Fed always rugpulls, there has never, ever been an inflationary expansion which the Fed did not stop with a deflationary event
So if deflation is coming, then the dumb fucks like myself buying physical silver are losing out on future gains.

>> No.27234529

I will hold my GME and I will hold my land. You will take neither from me

>> No.27234537

Correct, it wasnt the hedgies that maneuvered themselves in a horrible position it was the amateurs who identified this retarded behaviour and punished it.

>> No.27234668

have you heard about monero?

>> No.27234678
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If this is real I swear to god I'm gonna fucking pump 500 more into GME

>> No.27234688


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Fucking goys gonna ruin me

>> No.27234823


Who owns the hedge funds?

>> No.27234828

Nobody is as retarded as you. It is literally impossible for crypto to not be mainstream. There is less than a 0% chance. You do not understand crypto.

>> No.27234846

let's call it redistributed, kek

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>> No.27234896


It's a good start.

>> No.27234929

he pays for his meals in car wash vouchers for his car wash

>> No.27234935

Paper gains. Hedgies have positions in a whole bunch of other things, and since they are paying retarded amounts of money to stave off having to buy back GME, they are being forced to sell the other stocks they own. The ongoing sell off of other stocks is putting downwards pressure on those stocks' prices that it is scaring normies into selling as well putting even more downwards pressure on these stocks. Honestly it's pretty great because I'm sitting on way too much cash right now and have been waiting to dump it into the market for awhile now.

>> No.27234943


>> No.27234947

The worst that will come out of this is another "recession" on paper. The coronavirus recession was a real recession where people stopped doing economic activity because of a pandemic. But sometimes sustained market dips don't really map to much change in tangible production or consumption. Yeah it might affect other things on paper like peoples' retirement funds but that will correct itself a little while later without anybody noticing much difference. If CEO compensation is measured in market performance then some hedgies and execs will "suffer" but the idea that this is going to burn the economy down is silly.

>> No.27234986

You should get checked for autism

>> No.27235036

So just to be clear, the silver squeeze thing is an op to distract people from this, right?

>> No.27235068

redditors get out

>> No.27235076

I actually found the post LMAO


>> No.27235098

>It's dystopian how Reddit literally destroyed the US.
its kino

>> No.27235109

fucking kill yourself dumb retard

>> No.27235127


New fag

>> No.27235154

Fuck Reddit and everyone who's taking part of this.

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>''''''''''''''destroyed'''''''''''''''' $3.7 trillion
you can't destroy hypotheticals

>> No.27235306

>1 1 anon on 4chan reks entire reddit movement with just one sentence

>> No.27235380

The future means FOMOing like a crack dependent on anonymous boards????
Get rich fast, so you don't have to work again doesn't seem sustainable in the long run.

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>> No.27235438

|> - "Stop threatening my unethical cash siphon scam that never should have been allowed"

>> No.27235444


>> No.27235479

>The tribe

>> No.27235540

What are you. Some kind of poorfag that can't afford to BUY for sicc beijing joe bailout bux when he used YOUR tax dollars to cover the losses? The only people getting fucked are npcs.
You are going to be able to retire after this because this time you're on the crest of the wave.

>> No.27235543
File: 18 KB, 607x582, who's behind this vase.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should use &:

3 just looks like he has his balls out.

>> No.27235637

>WEF is a conspiracy theory
Fuck off Klaus

>> No.27235661

All they had to do was sending me 10k to buy more games.
They doubled down on retardation, therefore it's all their fault

>> No.27235740

This. Blackrock is going to skullfuck the market yet again and come out a continent ahead. If they wanted to retire they should have picked Winners.

>> No.27235895
File: 8 KB, 383x132, yeetus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Boomers: I stormed the capital
>Millennials and Zoomers: No no no you're doing it wrong, that's not the seat of power. Here, watch this:

>> No.27235907

People need to read about Israel and the 'Samson Option'. This is why Israel is untouchable.
If you don't think (they) will do the same in these circumstances, re: stock markets, if things really do get too uncomfortable for them, then you are naive. They will bring the entire system down to spite you, and you can guarantee it won't hurt them as bad as it hurts you.

>> No.27235927

Based newfag

>> No.27235945
File: 166 KB, 1280x720, 78615818-EFF1-405E-A3D7-7F07D0B18D98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Huh? I’m still charging my attack, why did they explode?

>> No.27235998
File: 46 KB, 534x500, 1D05DD70-466C-4E2A-BFA8-FB805E60EF49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Red 2:
Look at the size of that thing

> Red Leader: Cut the chatter, Red 2. Accelerate to attack speed.

>> No.27236001

>An economic collapse wil

>> No.27236026

>It's dystopian how Reddit literally destroyed the US.
Yeah, it was the little guys. Not the fucking locusts of hedge fund fucks who took unnecessary risks yet again because they learnt nothing from 2008. How does the corporate boot taste, motherfucker?
To come back to a sensible economy, these hedge funds ALL need to fucking die

>> No.27236035

What stocks to invest in after the crash caused by GME etc.? I want cheapies with potential, please spoonfeed me.

>> No.27236057


>> No.27236062

lmao, great post

>> No.27236077
File: 172 KB, 1280x720, B949FA36-E3C5-4EF5-91FF-8DA7253AC74E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually this is more accurate

>> No.27236084

How dumb you must be, oh dear

>> No.27236095

>good PR overall for the ongoing shenangians
Indeed, if we get lucky r*ddit might be shutdown for good for this.

>> No.27236099

PSLV or silver miners I guess

>> No.27236128

>reddit army
You mean melvin capital. Do not let them change the narrative. They did this, not us.

>> No.27236204

The fed will just keep BURR'ing
Money is a spook

>> No.27236294

Its sad how easily baited this site is now

>> No.27236425

Unbelievably based

>> No.27236429

they don't listen or reason, just scream "SOCIALISIM"

>> No.27236442


>> No.27236455


>> No.27236559
File: 97 KB, 1080x771, 50810238_2102327703188920_683202686527078829_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Boomers' 401k goes to zero
>they have to wage to racist incel billionaires for the rest of their lives

>> No.27236565

>God’s law: comparison to God (ie richer than God) or denying God results in inevitable loss

Thanks a lot, asshole.

>> No.27236648

They're running out of time on their insurance. They only have 20, maybe 30 years before they wont be able to have a successful launch without interception if not preemptive destruction. If they detonate in silo/launch tubes, it wont get the coverage it needs. They're frogs in a pot.
Their aggression has locked their jaw on the faucet drowning them.

>> No.27236730

Should have invested heavier in Blackrock then? When they and the others pull out they're going to snap up even further profit for this year. It's going to be their biggest gains in a decade.

>> No.27237139

GEVO. Those ADHD retards will flovk back to good old green energy in no time.

>> No.27237189

I might as well hold USD.

>> No.27237204


>> No.27237250

Holy shit, they're really going to pull off blaming reddit for this coming crash. The normies are going to fucking fall for it.

>> No.27237283

>you’re a newfag!
>no you’re a newfag!
>I’m not a new fav, these guys are newfags!
>what a newfag thing to say!

>> No.27237341

>The coronavirus recession was a real recession where people stopped doing economic activity because of a pandemic
More like because of governemental FUD. On their own volition people would have kept going on like they do the flu, because it's no worse than that in reality.

>> No.27237349

>greedy billionaires make incredibly risky and stupid bet
>this is le reddit's fault

>> No.27237374

they'll use this as the reason the global economh collapses rather than the past year of lockdowns.

>> No.27237383

Asian financial crisis was buried and they didn't even have to cover the rawing that was done. Nobody even knows it even happened in the public consciousness. Nobody knows about the speculators fucking germany being a major driver of world war 2. It just keeps coming back to fucking jews being jews blaming someone else then going right back to it.

>> No.27237440

>implying the economy isn't bubbling anyway

>> No.27237462

>implying your mom isn't bigger then the economy

>> No.27237470

Hit them again!

>> No.27237539

>The normies are going to fucking fall for it
Normies pumped it, MSM has been completely debunked and discredited, and Wall Street is universally hated. They will not take the blame no matter how many times they say it. It will only grow their hatred for being lied about on a daily basis.

>> No.27237542

>Hedge fund wallstreet crony types are culprits, and Jews.


>> No.27237574

>3.7 billion wealth destroyed
Only nigger do that

>> No.27237582

Get a load of this salty newfag

>> No.27237590


>> No.27237716

waow a movie about some kissless virgins who pumped a worthelss stock thinking they were part of some revolution

>> No.27237746

>Numbers on a screen

>> No.27237752
File: 291 KB, 780x780, 1474882285884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fuck January

>> No.27237799
File: 294 KB, 544x544, 1611937391805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27237865

Anything can be mainstream with the right marketing

>> No.27237904

other people (You) need to realise many of us, while not actively looking to die, are fully prepared for annihilation if there is even a chance it is global

>> No.27237920

But they made the non-retarded hedgies rich helping others retire
The kissless virgin incels will retire on this as long as they don't blow it on retarded shit

This culling is incredible for everyone because it didn't blindside you this time.

>> No.27237959

They're killing everyone already.
What will you live for?

>> No.27238012

Don't forget that they made hedgies very afraid of short-attacking companies for a while. That's a good thing, vulture hedgies choosing and killing companies for profit was an absolute cancer.

>> No.27238034


>> No.27238069

>fuck January
t. melvin

>> No.27238101
File: 47 KB, 690x493, Uri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He thinks it's reddit
>He thinks it's an organic movement

>> No.27238143

SEA got fucking rekt and nothing happened. This is so small time it's not even a blip. Not to mention all the migrant shit. This entire manufactured demcoof was just a great harvest of companies at large and it's going to keep getting a nothingburger response.

>> No.27238185
File: 143 KB, 1058x1861, _20210105_161346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Noooo, not my third yacht.

>> No.27238200

This. Melvin and their backers will be in the wreckage but so many others are going to get gorillions.

>> No.27238275

You should not have stopped taking your schizo meds.

>> No.27238361

But why they keep publishing that info, it’s not like there are fandoms for hedgies like there are for actors who often claim all colors of the rainbow

>> No.27238387

Elaborate pls

>> No.27238388
File: 1019 KB, 2039x2893, 1611968440586.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>video length is 1:10

>> No.27238402

The proletariat just don’t know what they are doing if they knew they were affecting real lives they’d see what they are doing is wrong. We had to sell our third mansion to cover boating expenses! We’ve had to switch to tier two caviar and lobster for crying out loud!!

>> No.27238404

Keep denying reality as it happens in front of you?

>> No.27238439

If the info is public, the jewry is justified.

>> No.27238529

Because if they say we are crashing the baht with no survivors and you let them it is your fault not theirs.

>> No.27238902

Lucky bitch what made you move on it

>> No.27239009

INFINITE. Quantitative. Easing.
Line will go up again within days, a week or two at most.

>> No.27239078

Don't care still holding

>> No.27239087


>> No.27239090


>> No.27239101

epic post fellow fourchanner

>> No.27239235

>massive deflation
Of the dollar? How?

>> No.27239368

By money going into the stock market? The squeeze money has to come from somewhere.

>> No.27239813

>it's pretty great because I'm sitting on way too much cash right now and have been waiting to dump it into the market for awhile now.
This. Great buying opportunity. Hopefully it keeps going down and GME and AMC keeps going up I can trade my memestonks for actual investments.

>> No.27240084

what are you eyeing?

>> No.27240160

Fuck it. Milky way mission or this is becoming a family heirloom.

>> No.27240323

Ok bootlicker

>> No.27240563

Post title of video please?

>> No.27240719

Even, if they had to unwind some long positions, no way it represents that much.

>> No.27240787
File: 49 KB, 402x589, who controls the economy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>An economic collapse will fuck everyone
Should have left White men alone to play video games and eat tendies

>> No.27240901

>An economic collapse will fuck everyone
Not if it makes housing cheaper for retards like us, not if it allows us to have the economy come back stronger and more proper in 5-10 years time. Our generation is fucked anyway, the status quo of the current economy is clearly not working out

>> No.27240979

It's not them selling longs.
It's them selling their longs and causing the nine gorillions 0.000000001ns hard fibered bots to sperg out and dump. It's literally the kikes kiking themselves with their kike bots that are six hundred and sixty six billion times more advantageous than any human trader because they don't have the intelligence to understand the situation so they just see price dropping? Dump eeet so the whole market tumbles. The normies banic and dump. Then the bots see the too low prices and aktiver da buy.

>> No.27240995

Dunno. Might just buy boring old index fund ETFs and stop paying attention to the stock market. I’ve got better things to do with my life than just staring at stock tickers all day long, which is what I was doing for most of last week.

>> No.27241023

>Great buying opportunity.
Its only a great buying opportunity if peasants like us dont get slapped with trading regulations.

>> No.27241088


>redditors destroyed 3.7tn in global mkt cap

He's bullshitting and knows it damn well. They're sensing things are collapsing (a collapse everyone knows about for a long while by now, just avoiding the inevitable) and finally found a perfect scapegoat for the bubble to pop

>> No.27241102

Even CNBC admits that this meme stock surge isn’t likely to cause a meaningful contagion to the rest of the economy.

>> No.27241132

They pull ass they're going to get fucking piked. The burgers burned themselves over a drugged up nigger. What do you think happens if fucking jews say n-no you don't get your money it's m-mine right to their face.

>> No.27241170


>> No.27241173

Anyone who was around during the global financial crisis is thank you for ruining the global economy. Namely, making the most venomous banks suffer.


>> No.27241261

>What do you think happens if fucking jews say n-no you don't get your money it's m-mine right to their face.
I dunno, I pray you're right, I pray we do burn down our cities and have more chaos to push back against how badly they are going to fuck us, but I honestly dont think the useful idiots that would do this will do it.

>> No.27241283

>Hedgies had to pull all their good investments because hedgies got greedy and took a giant fucking risk on 140% short...
This was 1005 what they opened up to by taking this risk. There is no half time and they need to go to jail.

>> No.27241316
File: 85 KB, 720x720, 0E6E7A39-ABA9-45B9-A99F-B235C745D196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bullish for crypyo

>> No.27241385

Keep in mind that a lot of these people are basement dwelling depressed autists, who will have nothing to lose.
I wouldn't be suprised by some of them going on actual killing sprees in the wake of such jewery.

>> No.27241453

Wikipedia is actively scrubbing the early life section on millions of people for this very reason.

>> No.27241468


>> No.27241492

These hedge funds were ILLEGALLY short more outstanding stock than actually issued by GME. The SEC allowed them to do it and allowed them to double down on it, knowing it would destabilize the global economy. It's Wall Street's and the SEC's fault.

They would rather destroy the entire financial system than be left holding the bag.

Alas, the entire country knows this, and theres fuck all the elite can do to prevent the masses from uniting over this.

Thanks for playing, parasite.

>> No.27241542

It spilled over too hard to normies who are in hard.. Unlike the basement delling depressed autists it's going to fuck the people who actually went out and burned, murdered, and looted. They're going to get fucked hard if they think it's a bluff they're calling and considering it was them that fucking trained them to do it they should be more intelligent than that. The first person that starts shouting no taxation without representation or anything more pertinent and catching and it's sparked off.

>> No.27241593

You don't have a gun? Good luck finding ammo anon

>> No.27241629

This was exactly what I was thinking anon.

>> No.27241669

You misunderstand me. I think actual normies are not willing to be violent. They were the ones doing the OWS movement, and were laughed at, and for a good reason.

It's NEETs and autists who will do some actual damage if they get loose.

>> No.27241676

He was trained in his Hyundai of Peace brother.

>> No.27241836

They were coopted and it was still a time where there was still a false perception of rule of law or representation. They were trained to and cheered on burning looting and murdering a country that did nothing wrong. We're going to see what they do to those that have if they're stupid enough to go elbow deep in their pockets to take the GMEbux back.

>> No.27241854


>> No.27241853

I hate the precious metals or nothing crowd. What he said until the end was good, but then he goes on to predict a schizo end of the world scenario or back to medieval era shit.
They never for once think that its just a catalyst to force us into a digital currency where there is no transparency.

>> No.27241938

The proles will never revolt.

Man, people only remember the Panopticon part of 1984.

>> No.27242512

Every day that passes they're getting fucked harder from even more angles.

>> No.27242653

Still, the proles never ever revolt. It's always the middle class. That's why the middle class has been decimated in the last two decades.

>> No.27242913

Thanks for reminding me of these two I haven't coomed in a while to them.

>> No.27242929

>Reddit did it

Not the hedgies.

Get fucked.