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Am I the only one seeing the chart on this bitch? This shit is gonna take of very soon

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So you've been here for 5 minutes. Cool.

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The fuck you on about?

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>The volume you are seeing is Binance bots,
>The chart looks pretty dumpy
>Last but not least people are smart enough now not to send their money straight to the Philippines (see pic of the team)

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its fucking crazy
any predictions for this run?

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There's money to be made regardless

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There WAS money to be made in this, but then the team:
> fucked over investors by lying about governance
> fucked over investors by taking the knee to Binance
> fucked over investors by increasing the prerequisites for cards

They have lost trust of anyone reasonable and have shown that they care more about sucking that Binance dick more than anything.

Also, newsflash: this isn't 2017, the majority of people fucking hate Binance nowadays.

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As soon as americans wake up it's gonna take off hard. Charts look promising as fuck

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Hahaha I remember this exact post made about Swipe months ago before it was $2.50 and dumped below $1.. I'm sad I didn't screenshot it and I don't think I could find it via Google :(

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This is what I was on about but you don't deserve that much of time.

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Like DIA?

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Should be a $20 coin by now if they didn't didn't cuck out to binance

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After 6 months of holding I am happy to see this little PoS going back up again

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Lol I remember when this was being shilled HARD along with REQ and LINK. Guess which two I invested in? fucking hell

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The minute you bring SXP back to attention, CZ wil dump it hard back to $1. Just watch.

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I'm invested in this and regret it almost every day. Look how they cross their arms it's not natural at all, seriously look at anecita... wtf is she doing I've never seen anyone cross thier arms like that in my goddamn life

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How fucking realistic it is for this to hit 20$? I'm a nag holder, bought in at 3$, life is suffering. I am not selling until 20$ tho. Until then, staking it for 25% returns on https://app.swipe.org/..

See ya in 10$ thread, boys, wgmi

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utk is better and its not only a fucking visa card but smaller market cap. prove me wrong.

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pic related. don't buy this pos.

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It's pumping. In and out for easy money

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Heading for 2USD EOD

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undervalued desu

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>take of
yes I told you this scam would "take of" two days ago when it flipped long-term support/resistance. only blue skies ahead now