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We need to redpill them, the group has 7.3 members. We need them to make this squeeze happen.

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it did not
those are just some "right winged" punks
it is just narrative
the whole story is nonsense and it was just a regular short squeeze

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Fuck off. Diamond hands on GME. All or nothing on GME

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The problem is they are pushing SLV when people should focus on GME for now. Just wait till the squeeze is done, then shill silver.

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>pump my boomer rocks
How about no faggot.
You bought the shit, now rub your shiny rocks alone like the jew you are and beat inflation.
One more pro tip, all possible assets that trade on open market are a huge scam. The game has been over thought and leveraged to infinity. Enjoy the smoke and mirrors while you die and leave your kids a nice 6 figure nest egg they will blow on brain link pornography sessions.
Not your personal army.