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It’s Halloween time again. Literally because I said so.


>Stock market words:

>Risk management:

>Live Bloomberg stream:

>Educational sites:

>Free chart:


>Pre-Market Data and Live data:

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:


>Boomer Investing 101:

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

>List of hedge fund holdings:



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>would have a 5 fig portfolio by now if the kikes didn’t drop the market

Imagine staying in this market. You all said you would fucking leave if they did this and they fucking did and you’re still fucking retarded. Imagine giving the Jews money STILL after this. I’m fucking done. I was up 500% on crypto this shit is fucking trash

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10k+ Friday eod WITHOUT the short squeeze is possible if Monday goes well and here's why I think that:
This is viral. All over mainstream media. Facebook. Youtube. Billboards. Everywhere you turn.
Every Dad and Grandma in the world are asking their kids about this "gamestock" over the weekend and of course little Billy is telling them to buy with every dollar they can spare and hold for liftoff for infinite returns. BILLIONS of people that have zero experience in stocks and finance now know about this "infinite money printing glitch".
If only 10% of them decide to join in that's 100-300mm people. If each person bought only a single share that's over 3x more shares than are currently held. There isn't enough to go around.
Now here is why Monday is big. Most of these average joes don't have brokerage accounts setup and that's going to take a few days for most people who want in to get going. Thursday at the latest everyone who wants in will be able to buy a share.
Monday most people wont be ready but they will be watching. If it ends even 10% above open they will start wanting in and we are set for liftoff.
Every day that passes next week is going to be exponential growth as people will want in more and more, scrambling as the rocket begins to leave the atmosphere. 400 Monday 1k Tuesday 2k Wednesday 4k+ Thursday very possible.
Even just 2k per share sounds insane to anyone who normally buys stock for any company but these aren't people who buy stock at all and they don't care about the company they just want a single ticket to ride the infinite money train. They'll pay whatever that ticket costs and when they get it they will hold until infinity and nothing less because they have much less to lose with just one share.
If the short squeeze doesn't happen Friday this will be the biggest pump and dump we will ever see in our lifetime. If it does we have 2008x100.

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*call female broker*
>Hello sir, ho-
>roses are red, violets are blue
>buy me 10 shares
>of TQQQ
>Sir your account balance is not-
Feels good to make your money work for you

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Should I buy $30k of GME on Monday?

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Meme stocks are

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How. The Jews halt the market every time it goes up 10%

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Those who shilled GME or remember GME shilling as early as August. Was Gamestop even a thing on wallstreetbets/reddit?

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any magazines about economy, buisness, foreign relations, politics or finance I should read on the regular that can help with investing, looking for trends, etc.?

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I just bought $20,000 worth of silver bricks.

Do your DD, my math suggests a 3-20x within 5 years

>Bank spot silver prices rising a few cents every hour

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I used to dislike cryptocurrency, but I do like that people posting about it way too much forced the stock market posts into 1 main general so I don't have to check the /biz/ catalog as much.

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The Jews can screw you out at anytime
Don’t you remember what happened with SoftBank when they made Reddit trust fund babies pay for Japanese boomers pension

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Fuck off kike enabler.

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/biz/ pls tell me is this a jew scam or is it a real way to make free money? >>27222662

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Chief OG Roaring Kitty / DeepFuckingValue was in from December 2019, but Reddit talked shit until January

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Holy fuck there's a lot of dumb niggers posting tonight. Don't forget it's tradition to post how long you've been here, the boards you frequent most by relevancy and of course how much you have never ever been to reddit, not even once to cross reference DD
>which makes you a retarded nigger
Fuck jannys tranny's pedocunny posters clf niggers so on and so forth

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You could buy AMC and GME instead anon

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I’m an administrator of this site and I don’t like your attitude.

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>No one

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Pitch me your schizo tier play

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Buy a gold bar lol

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tall Jones soda bottles

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What a fucking legend

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You're a pedophile and the FBI doesn't like you

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hold all my life savings inside of NVDA through this imminent market crash out of pure laziness to sell it

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It's possible. But so far the politicians are on the average joe's side or at least appear to be. There are only so many tricks they can pull before they tie their hands and make them stop so the free market can flow.

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well tell rape ape that I called you a dumb nigger

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Please keep the antisemitism at an absolute maximum or else we won't be having these generals anymore.

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How are we feeling for tomorrow? Red or Green?
I feel like the correction is yet to actually happen, so we'll be red at least half of next week.
I also think the GME situation would cause the broader market to dip.

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GAXY and OPTI. Both are about to get major government contracts, both are getting shorted by Citadel. When they go tits up, shits gonna soar.

OPTI just added the former head of the CDC to their advisory board. Glad I bought at 4 cents.

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I genuinely think there's a >10% chance that gamestop triggers a market wide liquidity event next week

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Gme is siphoning money from the rest of the stock market both ways it's actually insane to watch

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think about flow anon...

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fugg gonna cum and shid if it habben
bring it all down because of gamestop

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The FBI runs this site most likely

Who is rape ape?

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How is MSFT on this list?

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Which non-sellout brokers either have decent web platforms or have clients that work on linux?

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>doesn't know who rape ape is
clearly you aren't In the Know, probably not even a jannie much less admin

post with capcode or gtfo

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Use a different OS

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red for the next 10 years

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Obviously I’m not an admin. You couldn’t pay me to run this site dude

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Would things have been different if Zion don was still around

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Tastyworks werks fine on both my mac and windows

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Rape ape is this duck you mongaloid
Don’t forget AMZN, CMG, FB, AAPL, TSLA, DIS

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That AAPL dip looks fucking juicy lads, but should we wait until this GME bullshit is over with?

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>Biden removed the instant Diet Coke button

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So the economy is in worse shape than pre-covid, is it impossible to return to pre-covid levels because of all the cash floating around though?

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The whole system is rigged...

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I can't afford for TQQQ to fall much more, I'm too down to sell.

>> No.27226780

Buy it and double down as it keeps falling in case it does.
I'll be personally buying AAPL Bull X8 securities on monday, and will average down in case the market keeps dipping.

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Okay wtf is going to happen to GNUS? Is the moon mission cancelled or are we gonna bounce off support on Monday?

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I lost 200% shorting this piece of shit stock of a bullshit company that never was a good business and has been on the verge of bankruptcy for 5 years when its market cap was $15bn because redditniggers thought it was funny to do a pump and dump. I hope they all get fucking gassed by the SEC and the attentionwhoring retard leader gets sent to prison for decades. This is a reddit pump and dump and anyone who thinks it is a political statement is an actual fucking retard. Now my long in RIDE is overlevered. Fuck you Redditfags.

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Yes and we knew from the start we would be eating from the scraps of the market manipulators plate

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Green day, this is the same market that was unfazed by the US capitol getting raided.
GME and AMC going to create a bunch of bagholders, Robinhood CEO gonna get JUST'd by SEC and market will return to normal.

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I got out lol. Only memes and crypto now. When tqqq drops 7% you know we’re in for some shit.

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Barring CLF tranny's nonsense. Tell me why CLF or any other steel company is a bad investment during a global steel shortage and Joe bidens upcoming infrastructure plan

>> No.27226911

Deep red

>> No.27226933

damn. i haven't seen that garbage ticker mentioned in months
ceo is a piece of shit

>> No.27226958

It's not, we only look down on it because that tranny faggot is annoying and it takes time for a commodity supercycle, Robinzoomers want something that will pop in a few weeks.

>> No.27226966

It's probably a perfectly good investment but idk if it'll outperform the market or not. It's not flashy or squeezy and it's failed as a meme.

>> No.27226969

Because it goes down no matter what

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Ya I'll grab 100 shares of GME once this whole thing cools off to see where Cohen actually takes the company. Its made us all a lot of money and this is all literally free advertising for Gamestop. Wouldn't be surprised if the Q1 earnings are also good from people buying shit at Gamestop solely because they saw the news blabbing about it for weeks.

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Its going to pop huge this week. At the end of the month, funds rebalance. Along with the GME and AMC happenings, huge money is about to hit the market.

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biz was on GME for months before reddit actually caught on. I bought GME in sept because of /smg/ and those reddit fags didn't even start talking about it until late dec/jan

>> No.27227033

Qoomers will meme that obviously the steel would be chinese.
What the real answer is more likely is that there is plenty of US steel to satisfy demand with plenty of capacity that can easily be turned on so prices will drop regardless. An infrastructure plan has been brought up (but never passed) by Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama, and Trump. Odds are just not good.

>> No.27227058

A lot of people thought it was a good buy but only reddit and redditadjacent trannies thought a pump and dump was a good idea.

>> No.27227118

No one thought it was a good idea. Literal blockbuster.
>lurk more

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what yall be buyin monday

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Fucking Motley Fool and YT advertising scamniggers were recommending it since August.

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I am thinking some niggerberry

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Yeah, /smg/ had more than it's fair share of retards who didn't understand the play. The amazing thing is that some of those retards apparently still don't.

Everyone smart is rebuying if we go below $60.

>> No.27227259

the fool literally flip flop their opinions based on whoever pays them for fud.
>lurk more

>> No.27227273

Imagine being so greedy you didn’t pull out

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I spent a whopping $100 on CRBP calls and have no idea what they even do. Still up over 100% on them.

>> No.27227381

how fucked are the markets gonna be monday?
-400 points? w/ meme stocks and silver green?

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I opened up a Roth IRA yesterday. Am I gonna make it bros?

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I got bombarded with YT ads by some scamnigger recommending it for months. Literally the worst reverse psychology I have ever fallen prey to. I don’t like how “hot stock tips” are a real thing now because they always used to be a fucking scam. I mean, this is still a scam there are just more than enough retards to keep it going much longer than normal. DeepFuckingValue is a master pump and dumper but he is not gonna get away with it. The Democrats and the SEC want people punished for this.

>> No.27227433

stop adding >lurk more after all your posts
you're not clever

>> No.27227439

As long as you meme

>> No.27227504

Ok Melvin
>lurk more

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>GME FUD retards STILL think it's a pump and dump
ahahaha holy shit, how mad are you niggers going to be after the second short squeeze in March?

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Based. I think it's some marijuana biomeme.

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Neither do I, who keeps buying calls for this shit when the stock has taken a literal dump in the past week.

>> No.27227606

no u

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Maybe don't be part of the reason we bought GME in the first place. You deserve losing every fucking dollar you coping retard.

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Roth IRAs are a scam, close it.

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Wasn't it supposed to be at Friday?

>> No.27227636

How is that greedy? Holding stocks is greedy? Fuck off shill.

Why? Stonks only go up. (For now)

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Well how do I have money for retirement?I dunno what to do.

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Ya got me fren. Enjoy a nice ice cold bangs

>> No.27227720

There's some weird activity with it, it will moon soon. My pajeet friend wouldnot lie about something like that.

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How long can GME shorts hold out, exactly? How much interest are they paying on their shorts? Is there a way to know?

>> No.27227740

gonna short GME

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>> No.27227742

I would love a rootbeer right now

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Thanks for pumping my shares and calls faggot

>> No.27227806

Maybe. But any public information you must assume is manipulated to protect the system at this point

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No, I mean an entirely new short squeeze after this one has run it's course. GME will tank (obviously, not even bulls think GME is worth $500+ right now). Shorts will reenter, making the SAME DELUSION MISTAKE AS BEFORE (that Gamestop is worthless) and get burned EXACTLY THE SAME WAY (Gamestop is not, in fact, worthless)

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You're right this is a longer term keeper, only an ADHD zoomer would not buy and hold this comfy undervalued boomer stock

>> No.27227866

Unironically holding silver and silver miners to fuck central banking and earn some value in the process

>> No.27227870

I hope we didn't get Pajeet'd anon, I hope

>> No.27227871

two more weeks trust the plan

>> No.27227931

Imagine falling for the fundamentals meme, are you actually retarded? An entire social movement is stemming from this shit and you think you're going to short it? The hedge funds and their allies are in such massive damage control, and you thought to short it? You fucked up. You failed the IQ test, mechanics of the market trump whatever their worthless balance sheet says at the moment.

>> No.27227945

Some delusional retards after listening to that conference though they had a good plan or something. Closing stores and going digital is a death sentence, lining yourself up for the icu. They simply cant compete with steam or Amazon. Epic game store needs to do all those free game fuckery and exclusive deals with their infinite fortnite money and they still cant beat steam, not even close. Gme is unironically done after this meme dies. Omnichannel meme and etc its not even close to enough and becoming a meme has a giant downside after it dies “lol gme? That old meme lmao what a dead company, was a crazy meme tho, old now” normies wont like it anymore. Bankruptcy in 5 years for sure

>> No.27227947

Be careful anon, it's an old-school boomer PnD play spread through FB groups and schizophrenia.

(I'm holding 6K, but plan to sell it as soon as I see even a tiny bit of price loss. I'm also monitoring conservative FB groups)

>> No.27227953

I have $9 calls as well because of le gap fill and I'm up 50% even though the stock is down from when I bought them. I can't remember the IV when I bought, but I don't understand why they fucking went up on Friday.

>> No.27227960

>roth iras are a scam
Explain yourself nigga

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The balance sheet isn't worthless. It's quite good, actually, especially if you consider the $100M shelf offering that PLEASE FUCKING GOD LET THEM HAVE USED BY NOW and the massive amount of good will and brand recognition generated by the squeeze.

>> No.27228019
File: 26 KB, 400x529, AD19EA47-5AC4-4568-A46A-076E20E6BFD9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don’t forget the real memes

>> No.27228032

Is there a chance this Cramer fellow gets to serve as a cocksleeve to inmates in prison now that this is out in the open? This is so repugnant.

>> No.27228050

>Holding over a single weekend means I have to hold it for 5 years now
Ok boomer

>> No.27228062
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"""They"""" are expecting a big move anon

>> No.27228077

why do you keep trying to push basic bitch FAGMAN multi-hundred-billion dollar companies as "memes"?

>> No.27228090

My point is that most people just aren't considering it at this point. It's hardly a factor. Maybe for some people who got in earlier they considered it but at this point it's basically mania.

>> No.27228108
File: 506 KB, 1374x2045, g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a retard. Is it too late to buy?

>> No.27228145

I’m a stockfag but kek im up 300% on crypto right now. 400% on gme. 70% on tqqq. 40% on moon.

>> No.27228149

>Adjectives galore!

>> No.27228150

You are a fucking clown. When it dumps the retards who listened to Reddit will probably blame the company.

>> No.27228152


>The shorts plant "moles" inside target companies. The moles can be as high as directors or as low as janitors. They steal confidential information, which is fed to the shorts who may feed it to the friendly media. The information may not be true, may be out of context, or the stolen documents may be altered. Things that are supposed to be confidential, like SEC preliminary inquiries, end up as front-page news with the short-friendly media.

>> No.27228160

too late for $GME
just in time for $AG or $PSLV

>> No.27228203

Seeing if the Skimmers and algos restrict trading in these
>meme stocks

If the do than the real power houses will get involved

>> No.27228206

Okay, let's run a poll to see just how retarded /smg/ is. What's your EOY price target for GME?

>> No.27228218


>> No.27228225

My price basis on silver is so low its a nice play just for industrial uses at these prices, practically no downside for the physical when i brought, miners are a bit risky but just look what happened to the total market due to just GME, and how pms held and even rose

>> No.27228226

No. Nobody is going to hold you sad sack depressing virgin

>> No.27228254

Exploiting market mechanics to move the price is literally illegal and has never been done in such a high profile way before. Also, it requires the people doing this not to care about losing money which was never the case before the reddit mind virus.

>> No.27228273

If its under $200 then you can probably get in.
You can also try AMC or SPCE.

>> No.27228291

Ihor, one of the dudes that works at S3, said in one his last tweets that borrow fees are at 29% and decreasing. Honestly depends if the shorts have le diamond hands and the capital to sustain themselves.

>> No.27228293

Who else holding AMC, BB, BBBY and NOK?

>> No.27228303

Fair enough, but keep in mind most of the restrictions (especially on Robinhood) were due to liquidity issues at the brokers and clearing houses. There's no other logical explanation for shit like Starbucks and GM to be halted by Robinhood, other than "Robinhood can't afford the collateral"

>> No.27228314

>in such a high profile way before
Study economics or history you fucking piggly wiggly bitch

>> No.27228351

>reddit mind virus
Reddit just made these guys look like chumps. You didn't do enough research and you believed Citron, kek.

>> No.27228354

You are going to end up shorting the bottom of GME and I'll gleefully buy those shares and ride them back up.

>> No.27228367

For industrial uses? You're buying it and selling it for industrial uses, is that what you're saying? Cause that's what you said.
>risk free, just look how it's done nothing remarkable
...oh wait shit , I guess you're just losing to the massive inflation rape that's coming in any case, fuck off with your shit

>> No.27228427

SPCE is the most promising "next squeeze" imho if one actually happens, because Cathie Wood's forced buying for ARKX will be powerful. Half this thread is going all in ARKX the day it launches.

>> No.27228430

Looking for logical information in this clown market is trying to find a piece hay ina needle stack

>> No.27228432

>Paid bashers -

>The shorts will hire paid bashers who "invade" the message boards of the company. The bashers disguise themselves as legitimate investors and try to persuade or panic small investors into selling into the manipulation. (Click here for Confessions Of A Paid Stock Basher).

>How Pervasive Is This?

>At any given point in time more than 100 emerging companies are under attack as described above. This is not to be confused with the day-to-day shorting that occurs in virtually every stock, which is purportedly about thirty percent of the daily volume.

>The success rate for short attacks is over ninety percent-a success being defined as putting the company into bankruptcy or driving the stock price to pennies. It is estimated that 1000 small companies have been put out of business by the shorts. Admittedly, not every small company deserves to succeed, but they do deserve a level playing field.

>The secrecy that surrounds the shorts, the prime brokers, the DTC and the regulatory agencies makes it impossible to accurately estimate how much money has been stolen from the investing public by these predators, but the total is measured in billions of dollars. The problem is also international in scope.

>> No.27228445

>Just read Piggly wiggly

>> No.27228466

It is not a good insult when the person literally has no intention to short a stock again and only shorted it because it was already worth $15bn despite being a dungpile of a negative value business for its customers with no future.

>> No.27228471

>muh scitzo conspiracy theory

>> No.27228484


>> No.27228517

Yeah, since the 1934 act that made this illegal it has never been done like this in the open before. I hope roaring pussy holds onto the soap.

>> No.27228522

Let me be the first to say what a faggot nobody you are

>> No.27228539

It’s not a good idea to take advice from /smg/

>> No.27228546

I think the timeline
>Robinhood restricts meme stocks
>Robinhood draws hundreds of millions in loans
>Robinhood restricts 50 stocks, including boomer bluechips and random tanker penny stocks
>Robinhood seeks billions in emergency venture capital
Speaks for itself. Robinhood can't put up the collateral for it's users purchases.

>negative value
Please short it again, burning you twice would be funny.

>> No.27228552

Have you looked at MOON? Its pretty cool. They do the meme chasing for you. Up 30%

>> No.27228585


>> No.27228586

I didn’t believe anyone else’s opinion but my own that Gamestop was worth maybe $25 fair value and that Reddit was retarded and incapable of accomplishing their mission. I was wrong on the second account but it is still illegal anyway.

>> No.27228601

price basis does not mean much though. Losing unrealized profit is still losing profit.

>> No.27228625
File: 114 KB, 1571x1046, max_kino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want generic meme chasing, I want specifically space exposure. The enabling tech for a $10T plus space economy by 2024 is being built in a field in Texas, open to the public, and the market doesn't seem to care. This is alpha.

>> No.27228626

Getting those boomer stocks from literally here
>They restricted spycey Rycey
Spycey rycey was only shilled here. That’s how I know

>> No.27228627

>in the open

>> No.27228639

>Wich industrial uses
Half of silver mined each year gets used in a way that is far more useful than being a pet rock
This obviously gives value to it, if people need it it has value period
Industrial use is rising and limits downside risk a lot
Also with pet rocks you dont need the scam system that supports wallsreet at every opportunity
>Just look how it has done nothing remarkable
It x2 in a year, gonna see where this is going next

>> No.27228651


>> No.27228652

>To lazy to be a brain dead nigger chasing memes?
have you guys heard of this great new MEEM

>> No.27228666
File: 73 KB, 1297x732, crbp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've seen the barcoding, so maybe it is being manipulated by ((((them)))), but I hope they decide to make a move soon.

>> No.27228681
File: 195 KB, 631x1200, C8528ECF-8E6F-4A77-874A-605A4E1E686F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cry harder belching vagina

>> No.27228694

The article is about short sellers and has nothing to do with conspiracy theories.

Basically short sellers rig the market on almost all levels and lots of potentially socially beneficial companies have been bankrupted because of this practice. It's disgusting.

Check the Cramer video I posted earlier. He admits on camera they don't play by the rules.

>> No.27228717

Overcharging for games and buying used games for quarters is negative value to consumers, yes. The company is still going under.

>> No.27228725

Are you the asteroid mining dumbass?

>> No.27228726

coomcat qrd?

>> No.27228729

You are just a ostrich. Keep putting your head in the sand and continue getting ass raped by the hedge funds who literally shorted the housing market and caused the 08 crash.

>> No.27228744
File: 206 KB, 828x980, g2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You didn't have to put it like that.
Odds of that happening? I'm not American and transfers have retarded delays, so I couldn't buy in on the dip on Thursday or so. Looked at AMC because I'm a poorfag. Haven't looked at SPCE.

>> No.27228749

oh no not cramer holy shit

>> No.27228771

>doesn’t understand how pawn shops work
Fucking go buy some ROPE

>> No.27228782
File: 2.94 MB, 376x278, 176f54f65ff53fe13aa074b54e87d8a4-imagegif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We need to ban people shilling AMC. They're either bots, shills or brain dead retards looking to dump their bags.

DO NOT BUY AMC. Even the company is dumping shares on you

>> No.27228800
File: 60 KB, 400x400, 1563535831148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep shorting GME boys, I need a new house.

>> No.27228822

holding BB and NOK because of 5G hype rather than stonk hype

>> No.27228830

No, asteroid mining on Earth is a meme and will be until someone's mad enough to build Zubrin's NSWR. I think baggie was the one obsessed with asteroid mining.

Short it again, then.

>> No.27228839

not too late for GME.
until the shorts are closed it has yet to squeeze

>> No.27228842

>Ban shills
Why not just not talk about stocks then you Reddit cumdumpster

>> No.27228857
File: 2.35 MB, 498x280, 36436320.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok bro, why don't you short it?

>> No.27228883

Holy fuck there's an especially stupid lot here tonight. Look, I know silver has a lot of industrial uses. Pet rocks and industrial uses? There's discount blue chips right now and you're just shilling silver. Generally speaking just buy some silver, fuck you

>> No.27228881

what price you hopping off at?

>> No.27228882

If you make money, will you buy me a house to? Because I don’t have one. I need a house

>> No.27228889

I have never been fucked by a hedge fund except when I worked at one. You guys are just listening to too much lefty shit or blaming Trump losing on Steve Cohen and Ken Griffin for some reason.

>> No.27228890

>goes up over 1000% reaching 500$
Yeah no your totally right. No short squeeze here

>> No.27228907

find me a broker that hasn't disabled the sell button and I'll do it

>> No.27228934

can anyone recommend me a good livetrader youtube channel to follow for learning?

>> No.27228939

All I could find about ARKX is it might launch in April. Otherwise just buy SPCE I suppose.

>> No.27228958
File: 167 KB, 500x500, 1456970168815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm European and my broker doesn't allow it. I would, with the gains I got from selling AMC.

>> No.27228961

Seeing you queers make defenses of Gamestops objectively Jewish business model to own the Jews is hilarious.

>> No.27228983


>> No.27228987

>Even the company is dumping shares on you
It's the only sensible thing a company can do in such a situation: Issue new shares to raise capital and pay off debt.

>> No.27228989

You don't have to be such a disappointment to your gender around the world, never the less

>> No.27228988


>> No.27229013
File: 101 KB, 700x612, 1597383733306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SPCE is a terrible company that gives you zero exposure to the space economy. But it's sitting at a 70% short interest and when ARKX launches they'll be forced to buy millions of shares.

>> No.27229022

not having a sufficient silver supply is gonna be a damper on those ambitions

>> No.27229037

>never been fucked over by hedge fund
>admits to being actively worked over by being a cockgobbling employee for said hedge fund
>not my fault I invested my money
I don’t know what the fuck you are on about schizo. Take some meds. You are rambling about old presidents.

>> No.27229101

Not my position either assberger. Spin the wheel of buzz words and you might actually gaslight someone.

>> No.27229107

velodynebros... no one cares about lidar and we just get fucked daily...

>> No.27229123

How did a hedge fund touch you

>> No.27229139

tits or GTFO roastie

>> No.27229141


>> No.27229145
File: 185 KB, 1698x1140, 1609256121835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I was completely wrong about my play, so I'm just going to cope post about why it shouldn't have happened

>> No.27229182

there was something that passed here or on reddit that said they could hold 1 year at 400, or 180 days at 800, 90 days at 1600, etc etc...

basically who have the most diamond hands between short HF or long HF + autists

>> No.27229188
File: 702 KB, 1200x667, tuchman-worried.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hello /smg/
i am getting a little frightened that we are on the verge of a decent dip
i am worried that the s&p500 is going to dip more than 10% based on these factors
>liquidity issue for DTC
>liquidity issue for equity settlement
>Melvin/others underwater
>Citadel exposed to Melvin = sell other equities
>other funds exposed to Citadel/others sell equities
>domino effect like lehman 2008
>february bad month for stocks
>900,000+ each month first time unemployment filings
>new strain fud
>china slightly under expectations
meanwhile, the media has already told the story of retail traders driving stocks up with irrational mania. the crisis will be blamed on retail traders, instead of hedge funds who did shady derivative synthetic long shit to short a stock 140%
we are right now touching the 200 day ema (4hr)
if we bust through on monday, i don't see it stopping til $360 SPY minimum within days, maybe as low as $345 within a week
if we bounce on monday then i think crisis averted
i am hoping that the liquidity crisis will have been resolved
i am getting worried that the writing is on the wall. this is the black swan event
CPCE - so many equity puts bought this week
CPCI - decent amount of index puts bought this week
at the same time.. GEX did bottom out on friday
at what point will you short the market / go to cash / UVXY?
i know that many of you already have - i did myself with sqqq calls this past week, but the 10 year yield action with big bond selling on friday made me think that this dip may be short-lived. now i'm not so sure
maybe some news will be trotted out today before futures open to prop the markets up. positive vaccine news, stimulus news.. something.

>> No.27229210

It is still a pump and dump no matter how spectacular of a pump and dump it turns out to be. The idea is Gamestop is a piece of shit company and that is still true.

>> No.27229231

Touched me in my wallet by getting bailed out by tax payers for not taking responsibility on losing money.
>How did the peasants rape your family?

>> No.27229240

each week**

>> No.27229252

Wanna see this dick?

>> No.27229265

>12919 posts in this thread coping about how a geddy lee cosplayer with a funny hat collection took you to the cleaners on gamestop
If your short thesis was so good why didn't you share it publicly and make a bunch of money?

>> No.27229270


>> No.27229271

Musk said you don't need them for years...and then started buying them this year for newer models

>> No.27229277 [DELETED] 

You know niggers and whiteniggers and mexiniggers and militarywelfareniggers take much more money from your taxes than hedgefunds ever will.

>> No.27229296
File: 217 KB, 512x512, seed29440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You think? If I can buy in during a dip I might try, but if the buy-in price goes too high I'm not sure it'll be worth the risk, personally. Not that I'd be using life-changing money, but I'd still rather not lose that amount.
pls psychoanalyse me some more

>> No.27229307

good. a market dip means institutions will flood green stonks which happen to be meme stonks and silver stonk
im okay with this

>> No.27229324
File: 32 KB, 800x522, B6880666-3A4A-40F7-9AB1-18AF98D51A11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go eat sour grapes

>> No.27229336

I did but more people listen to Reddit. It is the way of the world now I guess. Better to just avoid anything Reddit touches.

>> No.27229345
File: 290 KB, 1012x1324, 1612025313151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bailing out the banks and funds in '08 was the correct move, schizo.

>> No.27229350
File: 2.32 MB, 1223x1362, 1602788266819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The idea is Gamestop is a piece of shit company and that is still true.
How many times do we need to teach you this lesson, old man?

>> No.27229365
File: 21 KB, 660x439, trump bloomberg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes, Trump would have thought this was hilarious and egged people on

>> No.27229381

you have a dick? doesn't sound like it

>> No.27229406
File: 552 KB, 1024x868, 1611751989631.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds like your short thesis was wrong and nobody listened to you because you're an idiot. Are you literally Andrew Left?

>> No.27229407

>The people are a tax burden
Thanks rabbi, now get in the oven

>> No.27229412

it created an entire generation that hates banks and wants revenge
so idk bro

>> No.27229414

shit, meant to reply to

>> No.27229434

Stop fighting. Hug and kiss each other already.

>> No.27229435

How does a populace of poor people that couldn’t amount to the money moved by a hedge fund in a day matter?

>> No.27229456

The lesson is that pump and dumps are serious business and not just for penny stocks. I admitted I never thought Reddit could pull off a pump and dump of this scale. Gamestop is still a pos firm that jews its customers and tried to force its employees to scam people.

>> No.27229458

Why hasn't a coordinated short squeeze by retailers like with Gamestop happened before? Or is it just that it hasn't happened on the same scale as what's happening now?

>> No.27229479

It's their fault for being poor. We've had a bullmarket for like 10 years now.

People had every opportunity to elevate themselves

>> No.27229487

>pls psychoanalyse me some more
ur big gay

>> No.27229501

>SPCE is bad
People have been saying this for over a year dude and it keeps going up. You sound just like those boomers who keep shorting TSLA.

>> No.27229522

I don't have to. You'll continue to watch more cartoons, shirk responsibility and retreat inwards. Then, nobody will think of you at all.

>> No.27229525

>welfareniggers and zogbots are people

Go overdose

>> No.27229555
File: 54 KB, 512x512, 1606616182868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27229559

>Doing the thing 12 years ago that put us in this position was the right thing

>> No.27229566

Reddit mindvirus and robinhood making people forget what a pump and dump is.

>> No.27229575

Ask me how I know you're under 25

>> No.27229592
File: 425 KB, 1080x1080, 1611100312820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It wasn't a pump and dump. I don't know how many times or in how many ways you need this explained before you understand it. Gamestop was shorted well below market value with insane leverage, and when it was rerated towards true market value (because Cohen joined the board), it caused a cascade of gamma and short squeezes. If you think it ever goes below $60 again you're a fucking moron.

>> No.27229599

maybe it was just misdirection
you know
>look over here goy


>> No.27229600

Melvin go to bed you are drunk

>> No.27229604
File: 357 KB, 512x512, seed33213.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It'll be okay if you're gay with me.
Amusingly, I rarely watch cartoons of any type.
AI anime.

>> No.27229628

looks like it's citron PT of $20 fren

>> No.27229631

If ordinary people jump on shorting GME, can we squeeze them aswell?

>> No.27229638

Theres over a hundred million worthless people who can’t even pretend to look for a job.

>> No.27229639

>T goblin

>> No.27229662

Or the ones shorting NKLA.

>> No.27229664
File: 21 KB, 563x503, 1612080575878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He's not already in UVXY

>> No.27229668

internet/social media + free money + locked inside for a year

>> No.27229670

Virgin's been saying they'll start flying commercial customers next year for literally ten years. The stock price is fundamentally disconnected from the underlying company.
>muh Tesla
Tesla at least HAS REVENUE. I'm not even asking for positive EPS, SPCE has NKLA tier revenue.

>> No.27229684

I'm actually completely out, this shits coming down. The whole damn thing.

>> No.27229685

Telling people to buy this stock at $300 is the most obvious pump and dump ever and yes that is what was happening on Wednesday and Thursday.

>> No.27229702

I got $30k

What are the highest yielding divvies?

>> No.27229706

I was looking at the 10Y yield on Friday and decided to do a small gamble for Monday with ATM SPY calls. My dark pool indicators helped me predict this dip a couples weeks ago, so I bought UVXY calls last monday and sold them all except 1 on the massive UVXY spike on Friday. There might be a further dip, but I think Monday at least will be green. If Monday is red as well, then we r fukd

>> No.27229715

>prove it
Also that still doesn’t amount to a fraction of the amount of money shuffled day to day with these hedge funds.

>> No.27229730

my oven is ready for you

>> No.27229753

/smg/ is wrong about gamestop as always, but this makes me hopeful that I'll be able to pick up cheapies in the sub-$100 range.

Yeah buying at $300 is fucking retarded I'll give you that. But we got to $300 through grossly mismanaged risk by several hedge funds, not some evil scheme like you've fooled yourself into believing.

>> No.27229760

have you tried killing yourself? It takes the pain away.
>trust me dude

>> No.27229800

You're a jewish tranny cartoon poster sticking his big nose where it doesn't belong. And you use childish come backs, "literally".
>reaches into his cartoon folder

>> No.27229814
File: 11 KB, 250x248, 1608738011863s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man i remember having the weirdest feeling on /smg/ last Sunday. I literally bought every meme stock that was posted because I was crabbing the entire time. And it ended up paying off insanely.
But the wallstreet "shut it down goyim" made me lose all my gains from not just the week but the entire month. Christ.

I just want more tickers that will moon this week. Amc bbby bb and nok are dead. Give me something new man.

>> No.27229863
File: 358 KB, 220x124, minipepelaugh2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you retards actually buy NKLA? How could you fall for such an obvious fucking scam???
>literal who CEO
>no engineers, no CEO
>3D models of things TSLA already has
>Uses the first name of the already in use Tesla
SPCE has working prototypes and importantly a vertically integrated system for building them. They may not be SpaceX but they aren't fucking Blue Origin.

>> No.27229864

hunting weekly pumps is not the way to long term success, find your alpha and exploit it

what do you know that hedgies don't?

>> No.27229868

>look mom, I'm posting the buzzwords I learned on /pol/ again

>> No.27229883

The claim was that they stole from taxpayers but it was actually investment banks that did that not hedge funds. hedge funds were the ones fucking the investment banks.

>> No.27229927
File: 327 KB, 512x512, seed96762 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My cartoon folder is an ai generator website. Perhaps you ought to take a breather. Maybe watch some cartoons yourself.

>> No.27229974

NZfag here, really wish I'd bought cinema stocks when the plummeted at the beginning of last year. They're back where they were now.

>> No.27229990

Learn daytrade. I made 6% on Friday despite stocks going down 2% on average.

>> No.27230011

Nobody here bought NKLA, we're comparing it to SPCE because neither have revenue or a working public but both are/were worth double digit billions anyways. SPCE is the NKLA of space meme stocks, but it might squeeze anyways because 71% short interest lol.

>> No.27230036

Which one of these stocks should I pick next week?


>> No.27230061
File: 71 KB, 700x389, download (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KTOS, buy every dip

>> No.27230063

You fucking nigger tranny.
Now that you could read further and proven that you are not full reddit: do not fucking buy GEO, they will lose stock price faster than they can pay divvies.

>> No.27230069

>hunting weekly pumps is not the way to long term success, find your alpha and exploit it
I can guarantee you i will never find a stock that will blow up where I bought at the bottom, let alone hold it long enough to realize any gains.

But i know nothing. I've been trading for maybe 4 months now and I'm just Trying to hop onto the next big moon. I sold my gme in December and never bought back in. I keep making stupid fucking plays like a retard and losing any gains i get.

>> No.27230073

I think you think I’m retarded as you. I actually understand how hedge funds get funded. Investment banks never got touched nor was money lost. I know you a larping faggot you doesn’t have friends to talk to but this is getting pathetic. Just invest in an actual comapny and stop trying to make money off of people’s misfortune you inconsolable snowflake

>> No.27230074

Make sure Chloe doesn't die or anything because if she threw up now while she's lying on her back, she would choke on her own barf and die.

>> No.27230080

how do you not get jewed by the market makers hunting your stops?

>> No.27230088
File: 40 KB, 772x549, sky tv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any chance Sky will ever recover? Their stock is low as fuck right now.

>> No.27230090

all red next week
market is about to correct hard other than meme stonks and silver

>> No.27230094
File: 17 KB, 345x75, Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 1.40.59 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that kush too dank.

>> No.27230110

any POWW holders?

>> No.27230122

What the fukc is even happening on that pic? It looks liek one of those "name one thing on that pic" aneurysm simulators.

>> No.27230127

That was word salad.

>> No.27230151

dont have stops

>> No.27230164
File: 58 KB, 195x195, 1605794204093.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nooo ur a joo
Cope. Instead of buying an house they could've invested instead. Instead of taking a loan for the house they could've used margin.

The middle-class who didn't elevate themselves during the last decade can only blame themselves. Means were there and it was easier than ever before in human history

>> No.27230179

>working public
working product

>I'm just Trying to hop onto the next big moon.
yeah stop doing that, it leads to this
>I keep making stupid fucking plays like a retard and losing any gains i get.
learn WHY you should invest in the companies you're investing in, if you understood the Gamestop play you'd never have sold in December

>> No.27230186

It was up 60% on Friday when most of retail was locked out of buying. Retail doesn't have that much buying power to move the stock that much you retard.

>> No.27230203

I have no idea, honestly. I just go to https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/ and save shit that works.

>> No.27230215
File: 114 KB, 933x356, 5958680E-6335-426E-9212-682DACDA6E01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27230223

Hey, do you think I should hold on with my planned purchases of tech stock and ETFs until March then?
I want to hold for a long time, but I dont want to buy directly before a dip.

>> No.27230253

stops? What is this? Seriously I don't have them. I rotate my money around on bad days to get some profit and I try to lower my BEP on bigger dips. Lots of stuff you can do, but most of all don't invest in stocks you don't believe in. This way even if I fuck up and get outjewed by bots, I'm fine because I know stock will recover anyway. Basically I rarely make moves that decrease my portfolio value.

>> No.27230261

Figures you can’t read or comprehend language you cuck

>> No.27230291

>Vertical integration of space tech manufacturing
>expecting an experimental stage company to make money
The key is that as long as it has funding its good to go.

>> No.27230302

thank you

>> No.27230313

How to Cure a Hangover is a vade mecum of indispensable bar-room wisdom.

>> No.27230323

Oh so that is why all the institutional asset managers who had stakes sold them on Thursday and Friday and it is still over 100% short (I admit I thought it was unlikely to be the case when I got in after it already went up 1000% since Dec)

>> No.27230328



>> No.27230390

Set a large stop loss like 8-10%. If the price dips down 10%, that usually means the support is broken.

>> No.27230395

How do I turn $10 into $100 /smg/?

>> No.27230417

>I thought
This is where you went wrong

>> No.27230420
File: 365 KB, 2048x1993, Screenshot_20210131-044647.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the list of stocks that /smg/ has mentioned at some point today.

Let's all rare which ones are the best plays right now.

Don't tell reddit i don't want wall street coming in here and blocking trades.

>> No.27230421

Physical ammo is better fucking 9mm going for 1 dollar a shot
.223 almost 2 dollars

>> No.27230446

buy some lipstick and start sucking dicks in an alley

>> No.27230454

Pay some to suck their dick for 100$

>> No.27230456
File: 562 KB, 4096x2304, Es7NFSLU4AAnPQ6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Virgin isn't operating in a vacuum (heh), they have competitors
>their competition has done more development work in two years than VG has done in a decade
>their competition is pushing for a production rate of one per month, VG takes year per ship

And yes I know the SPCE autists will reply
>but muh different market segment
Every single thing SS2 can do is a subset of what Starship can do. It has zero competitive advantages, other than being a few years earlier to market if everything goes perfectly for Branson.

>> No.27230464

Quite right. thinking is a liability in this market when you can just go off of Elon Musk tweets and hype

>> No.27230466

and what take profit %

>> No.27230477

We are being watched by top stonks
Probably the only reason stocktwits and Reddit normal fags know we exist

>> No.27230480

my buddy lost his home. his dad was forced to go back to afganistan and his mom wasnt able to make ends meet.

is 425 degrees too hot for you?

>> No.27230496

Yea, the problem with ammo companies is they don't have capacity to meet demand. But if they build too much, then prices will normalize and they wouldn't make back their money.

>> No.27230506
File: 261 KB, 1620x2160, 347A6D2A-4C96-4B37-93A5-EDC5311FDCE9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27230510

You bought at the top didn't you

>> No.27230513

pretty sure I was shilling MAXR, SRAC and TSM earlier but those aren't in the list

>> No.27230554


>> No.27230561

Faggot go buy LFAP

>> No.27230580

I miss when we were basically stock hipsters, and /biz/ was a cyberpunk dive bar. Now we're more wire tapped than an Italian strip club

>> No.27230596

NAK has been denylisted from the algorithms
we need to come up with a new meme stock that's also a terrible investment to throw them off the trail

>> No.27230597
File: 864 KB, 1024x683, 1610983213591.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Add NIO, and if you want to to capitalize on Silver rush then add BHS.V. Thank me later.

>> No.27230603

Remembering that I sold at 25 hurts


>> No.27230611

Thank this asshole for all that>>27230464

>> No.27230632

fresh bread
fresh bread
fresh bread

>> No.27230634

Not if you go to the real smg

>> No.27230666


>> No.27230680

Who are the other competitors besides SpaceX? Blue origin is a fucking joke. Also they don't even make the same kind of rockets, Starship is a totally different kind of vehicle. SPCE is making sub-orbital super sonic intercontinental travel, and will probably expand after that. Instead of taking 12 hours flights, you can take 3 hour flights to anywhere in the world.

>> No.27230717

I'm going to talk with my broker for the first time this week, he manages almost a billion in funds for different clients. I was introduced to him by my father, anything i should talk about with him specifically? I invest a bit on the side but he's going to ask me what i'm interested in and what kind of risk i want to take and all that, i feel like the markets going all over the place right now. I don't wanna sound like too much of an idiot.

>> No.27230765
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Yeah that's all I saw. There's like 40 /smg/ threads a day, i don't go through them all. But I'll add them

I don't add chinese stocks, nothing personal or anything i just use wealth simple and they don't let you touch chinese tickers. It sucks but they at least didn't screw me this week and try to restrict trading so they're alright in my book.

>> No.27230815

What the fuck are you talking about you tranny nigger reddit shit. It's called blacklist.

>> No.27230827

Is it a female broker?

>> No.27230891

If you're referring to the sideways 8 place you can keep that to yourself and not being that up again. That shit is also wire tapped.

>> No.27230894

get on with the times grandpa it's called a denylist now it's not the civil war anymore

>> No.27230897

No he's a short fat bald jewish man, not kidding either.

>> No.27230906

I like being the 1/100 regular poster instead of just one of the 6.8 million Reddit Normies

>> No.27230931

>SPCE is making sub-orbital super sonic intercontinental travel
So is SpaceX, with Starship. Literally every single role you can use SS2 for, Starship does better. Everything. No exceptions.

>> No.27230949

Wtf bro are you gay or what

>> No.27230969

You will pry my ZSH aliases from my cold, dead hands you SJW fag.

>> No.27230991

niggerlist it is

>> No.27231000

I disagree.

>> No.27231023


>> No.27231042

old jews make all the money so no.

>> No.27231072

Ask him when he thinks the next market correction will be. Screencap your post and post it after you talk to him, so we can remember or just mention that he's short fat and jewish.

>> No.27231153

Funny how the shill got quite silent. Obvious though since it's only going down

>> No.27231327

CCIV moon on Monday when merger is announced. RH already restricted trading on Friday lul

>> No.27231525