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>Its Saturday night

What are you doing here?

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Just rubbed one out and now I've decided that the post nut clarity is right. Gonna invest in AMC and NOK

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Pools closed

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Just fucked my gf and got sucked off now I’m eating pizza before playing vidya with friends

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It's snowing really hard and I didn't feel like driving around in it.

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No friends and hoping to get lucky and rich.

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Eww, too much detail man. I don't want to hear what your dick has been upto.

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I didn't want to go socialize like a normal person so instead I am drinking a bottle of wine and shitposting while feeling depressed. I hate my normie friends, I just don't mesh with them anymore.

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I'm watching the 24 Hours of Daytona with my frens on motor/sp/ort >>>/sp/105718570

and also shitposting on /biz/ about how hyped I am for next week and how I'm never fucking selling

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It's actually sunday morning you fucking dumbo

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Answer him!

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