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Its likely that I become a millionaire soon in my early to mid twenties. I know some more of you faggots are in the same position and some older anons can probably shed some light.

What the fuck does a millionaire do? Am I supposed to start trying to be an artist or something? Do I start a business? Im kinda worried that Im just going to sit around all day desu

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Seek God anon, and whatever you encounter in your path is the right thing to do

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bump please help me with my existential crisis. Should I become religious? Get jacked??

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You have to keep working and building wealth. 1 million will not last you until retirement age. If you're in your early 20s, you probably will need 10 million to retire comfortably in your 60s.

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Also, fuck your thinly veiled Chainlink shill thread.

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you don't have it until you cash out, and you won't cash out.

Still, very impressive

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Place it in a high yield account and profit. APY to live on and travel. Start a blog for passive income during travels. Invent a new personality for yourself. Try not to think of the pointlessness of it all. Die one day.

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1. Consume goods and services.
2. Provide goods and services.
3. Lend capital to someone who provides goods and services.

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Ive heard 10 million is the min to retire like “fuck you money for life” style rich. So I guess if I took this gift from the universe and just became a more active “investor” or whatever I would be able to have something to do all day? Working towards 10 million?? Will that give me a social life too I have like 3 friends

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First of all, you're well on your way. Take 50k and take a few risks. If you're competent, you should be able to get a quick 10x and skip a lot of 6 figure hell. As to what you're supposed to do at a million, nothing. Diversify at best. A million dollars isn't a lot of money, and shouldn't significantly alter your life. Once you hit 5-10 million you can reassess, but that's bare minimum.

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Rescue others from this hell. Find the dreamers, hustlers, geniuses, badasses, visionaries. Literally go to some artsy fartsy party or hipster bar and say “who’s the smartest guy you know” to the bartender. Talk to that guy and listen. Do this a couple times over the next few years, suddenly you’re a multimillionaire. Keep doing it until the world is changed for the better. 90% of these people will fail, but you’ll still have helped them. The 10% will be the people that make this time in history special.

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3 friends is enough, just find some activities to do on the weekend. Go horse riding, learn to fly a plane, travel, etc. Your week should be active investing. And yeah, set your sights on more. At this point, making money should be a hobby, and a fun one. Very few things compare to the enjoyment of making 50k in a day, even if you don't need it.

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once your wealth is sorted, health should be your priority

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The path of least resistance would be something like
>cash out $1-2mm into less risky investments
>$70k/year passive income
>sit around vaping and browsing 4chan all day

This sounds like hell to do for 50 years. So do I just keep waging?

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Travel the world once covid is over. You can contiune investing while your doing that.

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If you're still working with 600k you're doing something wrong. Unless you're making over 200k a year, your time can be better spent in other ways.

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give it away. your gain is always hinged on someone elses loss/suffering
learned that yrs ago now i never trade. well done though if youre not larping, good job

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Aquire 3 million, that's fuck you money. Then you can live comfy and do what you like because you can either live off of interest or dividends from owning shares.

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Put it into low risk investments and draw passive income. Work a job that you would actually enjoy learning from.

You may come to find that a million or two isn't all that much in the end.

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Im in a PhD program right now in physics at a good uni. I kind of just want the title. Is that stupid? My parents don’t know anything so idk who to ask
Interesting. Is traveling the world worth doing alone? How do I make sure I dont get robbed or even worse end up just eating at restaurants across the globe alone. Tinder?

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3 friends is a good amount lad. Believe me you don't want more than that, especially if you're wealthy.

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I made it before I started college, I'm still working toward my MBA because my parents are paying before it and I can hang the degree on the wall in my home office.

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Jokingly, please let me have some. Just enough to get my shoulders checked out.

Realistic, id say put it in a account that gives you the highest return so you can live off the returns or at least use those returns to make more money

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Realistically, worry about taxes

Moronically, give it away like retarded communist

Personally, start business that will give more money you don't need to personally work just take all profit or hide money in crypto or invest in bubbling stocks

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No. Dont listen to people who cant manage their money. After you are free of worrying about money you find a vocation. Something you want to work on because you like it. It can be ANYTHING. Make your hobby your job, it will be fun since you dont have to worry about being homeless. By the way 600k or even 1mill isnt enough to do nothing, you gotta at least make 4mil and make sure the money is working for you

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The best thing you can do for yourself and others is join the cause for Christ. Money will not go with you into eternity. Build riches incorruptible in heaven.

"...Ye must be born again" - Jesus Christ

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Join the Eastern Orthodox Church. The true and original and unchanged Church of Jesus Christ. And definitely workout and be healthy. Find inner peace through Christ and do His will. Money is pointless without Jesus Christ in our hearts. I converted to Orthodoxy and my life has become full of depth and joy.

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If your young and wealthy don't take anons life advice, now take mine instead, road trip if your American safe way to travel "find yourself" just do it modestly and hope you find something you wanna do part time or a small business you'd like to run but that's basically buying a job and being good at coins won't make you good, a lot of anons past recommended buying a house somewhere with rooms for rent to cover living expenses but weather that's good currently eh.

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Eh it depends, if you have enough to outright buy the house you want and a nest egg it's fine, bills would be low

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Invest in biotech firms getting into genetic engineering, invest in start-ups that are developing ML tech, get your hands into anything and everything evil that you possibly can. Stay away from drugs, don't acquire any gf's, wives, or druggie friends. You'll be fine.

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maybe a real estate investment trust?
venture capitalism

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My accounts in total are around $23million. I made my first million in tech stocks back before the dotcom collapse in the early 2000s. I think where things started to feel really different was around $500k. When you hit that value in available funds you really can snowball if you know what you’re doing because you can start swing trading to make big gains with relative ease. You see small time redditors afraid to cash out all the time because they only get one shot at the gravy train and their small time gains are lost because they end up being a bag holder anyway. Me personally? I sold and rebought like 3 times now, I’d be an idiot to give up >100% gains on multiple occasions.
So let’s get to your question: what do you do when you really don’t have to be concerned with working anymore? Personally I’ve spent a lot more time with family. Not just my wife and kids, but I’ve helped set my brother up in a way where he won’t need to work again and I spend a ton of time with him now. You definitely have to have hobbies of some kind though. You ever wonder why golf is so popular with the wealthy? It takes a long ass time to play 18 holes, not much stuff out there can capture your attention that completely for that long. We’ve taken up hunting and fishing recently to good success.
So yeah, that’s my answer. Have a large family, enjoy nature, and just do some living for once.

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>muh pentarchy

The Roman Church is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Convertodox need to get real.

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give 1 link to a poor newfag (like me) and you shall be granted a spot in heaven. wealth does NOT transcend the grave

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Hey man, I was wondering if I could get your thoughts. Right now my portfolio looks like this;
> 0.5 BTC
> 21 ETH
> 300 LINK
It's roughly £40k, and I'm still accumulating with whatever money I earn. I was wondering whether it would be smart to entirely liquidate my BTC position and swing it into LINK? I'm 19, hoping to be like you someday. Thank you in advance

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That's 10 mil TODAY. 10 mil won't be the same when you're old.

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1 Million dollars is only ten years of a 100,000 dollar salary. You have to keep working or you end up like everyone who wins the lottery (living hard and fast for a year or two then crashing even lower than you started)

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>So yeah, that’s my answer. Have a large family, enjoy nature, and just do some living for once.
Surprisingly based answer. I'm not nearly as loaded as you are but I'm comfortable being able to work at my own pace doing consulting/contractor gigs now. Working on my own health, exercising more (although fuck trying to build a home gym during the Kung Flu, prices were inflated like crazy) and spending time with my wife and kids

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Cash out enough to live modestly until the asset qualifies as a long term capital gain. Then probably drop 50k into a bunch of shit coins.
Just do that forever or until the internet is outlawed

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just buy happiness lmao

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Just do something that you personally find meaningful, and specialize in that pursuit and be the best you can be in that.

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>If you're competent, you should be able to get a quick 10x

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Bomb India
Invest in a submarine
Have a family with a virgin 18 year old from a Christian family.

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Hey man what app is that you're using to buy your crpyto? I want to get into Crypto too and was recommended to download the Voyager app. But I'm waiting for this fucking app to send me my verification text.

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>, you should be able to get a quick 10x
In what fucking world besides a handful of lucky cunts is this ever true

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which website are you from? Who brought you here?

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I do a minimum of 2x on my investment each week. Of course, I only invest a tony amount of my net worth, but it's very comfy. I'm quickly closing on 20k a week even with a 1x. Shitcoins are the way to wealth. I did a 2x on 50k with Bridge Mutual this morning. The presalers did 12x. Still holding 20k for when it goes to 3-5$. Making money is easy.

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if you're not capping I'm very impressed; where do you hear about things like Bridge Mutual before they go public?

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Don't do it for the title, do it to open doors for yourself. If you're a physics PhD student, you're already very high IQ, you'll have the opportunity to go into research in whatever field you want.

A STEM PhD is a shit ton of hard grinding work. You want to be able to take it places.

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Only cowards and holders cannot manage a 10x a month. Shitcoins have at least 3 10xs a month, and I've been making 2xs at least once a week. Bridge Mutual, Passive Income, 3XT, DarkBundles, RFI and it's various scam forks. All of those were an easy 5-10x since December. Most of them did at least 15x if you bought in presale. There's no excuse to be poor with a metamask account.

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trick question he's already a millionaire LINK plz

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ship me 20k to clean my debts and live your life feeling good

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my parents still clip coupons and live frugally and prolly got a couple million in investments

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So if you can consistently get 10x a month you must be a multimillionaire by now, right?

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Buy a boat, sail the world. fly to Africa and climb Kiliminjaro. take a snowcat into the alaskan wilderness. build things. theres SO MUCH TO DO GIVE ME YOUR MONEY FUCK

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Telegram. I skim about 10k telegram messages a day from 10-20 groups and find a few that don't look like obvious scams, do a bit of digging, and throw some in. Bridge was an anomaly with a doxxed team and massive hype. Why I threw in 50k instead of the usual 5-10k. You lose, a lot. I lose 2k a week on average on well constructed scams. But I make around 8-10 on the few that actually work. My goal is 20k a week net by next year. My gains so into alt coins, bitcoin and of course ETH for long term holding.

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Yeah, be comfy or you will lose everything in a month

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There are 3 10xs a month in all of shitcoins. I'm lucky to get a 5x out of one of those because I can't see the future. Not to mention I never invest my whole portfolio. I have a reserve of trading money, currently about 1/5 of my portfolio, and I spread it around each week. It slows down growth a lot on paper, but it insulates me from rope-tier losses. But yes, I should have a million by mid year, and hopefully a million a year within 3 years.

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damn, I honestly thought all telegram groups would be pure scam

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I would say keep most of it in crypto

Put some amount, like 5-10g into starting a business (ecommerce like Amazon or a Shopify dropshipping is easy)

Then figure out how you want to spend your time (creative pursuit?) And look if you can make a little change off that

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buy a house in toronto

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You can leanFIRE you goober
>live beneath your means @ $40k per year (safe withdrawal rate)
>either not work, or work part time etc and pursue your passion, take care of kids etc
>laugh at wage slaves
that's my dream anyway

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$1MM is nothing it's basically like having $0. You need minimally $5MM for your life to change, and $10MM to be comfy. This is of course given you want to have a family, anon. If you're just going to be a degenerate single your whole life you can cash out on $1MM move to some third world shithole and live ok until you die.

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I'm kinda in the same boat. 29 with 23.5k Link since I spent the other 5k link on a house down payment back when it was much lower.

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There are an absurd number of scams. A new scamcoin launches and rugs every day of the week. You lose a painful amount of money when you're just starting out, especially if you don't wait for them to list on uniswap and dextools. This morning I felt something was a little off and decided to wait until the dextools listing. What do you know, the telegram group was deleted and everyone who presaled, about 10 eth all together, disappeared. Considering I had 2 eth set aside for that, I'm very lucky.

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use it to become an immigrant investor citizen and get a passport and property in a country you like

>> No.27208144

learn how to drive a transport truck, buy your own truck and become bonded to become an operator allowed to send things across borders.

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True, however
Lets say you take that 1 miillion and move to a country with dramatically lower cost of living to raise a family
This is possible and you don't even need to go to a third world shit hole

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So this to me is a waste of money. Waste time with golf and spend time with family. Where is the transcendence? You should be meditating for the oneness if ascension or at the very least putting money into longevity research.

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What coin?

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I'd start a cult desu

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that sounds pretty goddamn cool actually

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I don't even think it had a name desu. The tg was wormhole something or another. Dude was talking about Rosenberg bridges in chat. Don't know, been busy with $BMI. Looking back, it wad obviously a scam, but I was riding the high of previous gains. Was that you bastard?

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Find a good women and make babies
Literally everything else is a waste of time
Lifting weights is good too

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You're supposed to go for 8 figures after you earn 7.

>> No.27208786

Google's Calico has got that brother. We're going to live centuries minimum.

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id give 150k to my parents
10k for my 5 good friends
at least 50k to charities (not all at once, just set aside for charities that are genuinely good and not total tax break machines for big companies)
buy me and gf a nice house that’ll grow in value hopefully
get some cool clothes and shoes
then id probably just chill

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what's the next big altcoin you're eyeing? im stuck in six fig hell.

>> No.27208998

This unironically.

Also find some cool hobbys to invest time into.

Health should be top priority, as in working out, eating good.

Invest in property.

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Keep learning and try to AT LEAST stay on the trends for knowledge reasons, what has been killing boomers business understanding of the modern market was that they got so cocky with their already established knowledge that they thought it was impossible for "non-stock wise" people to fuck them over.

You stop learning, you risk some newbie enthusiasts killing your business or some Boomer MoFo fucking you with the system.

Also don´t get addicted to substances, reduce alcohol ingestion to avoid resorting to it in bad times and try to get jacked, not muscle beach flexing level of jacked but enough to improve your health and overall lifespam.

Also don´t go to instantly marry the first girl you find interesting if you go worldwide, also avoid girls from oppresive regimes like China or some arab nations, they most likely want your stonks and money for their RL husband and nation.

In overall, enjoy it, and don´t do something stupid.

Godspeed anon, may the tendies be eternal for you!!!

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Who would want to live for centuries though? That sounds horrible.

>> No.27209245

>Be born
>Grow up
>Find woman and make baby


>> No.27209262

self inserting as a caution
if you get into lifting stay the fuck away from roids or any other PED
you’ll die before 50 if you get into them now and stay on them

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>Take a medium to strong dose of LSD or psilocybin
>Set some intentions beforehand on what you think brings meaning to your life
>Focus on these thoughts and try to be as honest with yourself as possible, the drugs will help with this
>Journal your thoughts during your experience, either through writing or audio
>Over the next week, read/listen to what you cataloged and take steps towards a goal that allows more meaning in your life

You should really be doing this whether you're a millionaire or not, but you have a unique opportunity to explore more options than the layman because of your wealth/status. Hopefully you let money help you achieve what you really want as opposed to just using that to create more wealth without meaning.

>> No.27209584

If you're a physicist then use your money to conduct physics experiments and invent some cool shit like teleportation for us

>> No.27209749

step 1: figure out how to preserve your wealth, and then how to make it grow
step 2: use your wealth to influence the world toward the way you want the world to be
take note of all the billionaires who have bought media companies, created foundations, backed political candidates, and more subtle, even devious things. You can do this as a millionaire too. Probably more effective if you keep it local, though

>> No.27209968

drop your tgram handle if you're comfortable mate, promise I won't spam you but I'd like to see some of these groups

last time I was in a tgram group was the linkpool group and it was 99% pajeets pathetically begging for a new token sale. I didn't believe the pajeet theory until I joined telegram coin groups and saw that all of the beggars were literally brown.

>> No.27210003

>Have a family with a virgin 18 year old from a Christian family.

>> No.27210542

This is actually a good idea if OP cares about the humanity enough. But if I was him I would just choose a different path that would benefit *me* more.

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Don't know, just holding

>> No.27210672

How do you find shitcoins to research

>> No.27210712

when’d you get all the uni?

>> No.27210758

>What the fuck does a millionaire do?
fucks children

>> No.27210804

You need to be generating returns with your money on a reliable basis. With that much cash you should be providing liquidity in defi stuff like AAVE-insane returns. It's better than holding it all in Link. You are the banker now, now the pleb.

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I just want enough wealth so I can get her back bros. Anything to get her back.

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Until you're removed some risk and have a solid passive income stream setup then you just keep grinding. Doable on 1 million, but might want to aim for 2 million after tax or your passive income won't be that exciting.

>> No.27210966

Like one month ago

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Start meditating, reading philosophy, develop a relationship with The creator, study some Kabbalah or rosicrucianism to fill the void, exercise/do some yoga. Learning how to not get played by women as well as eat healthy and getting ahold of your emotions/sexual desires will really help you also. If you don’t have a hobby find one, then maybe diversify into some less risky stuff beyond crypto. Do all that and you will find peace and bliss. Find the truth every story is trying to tell in one form or another and don’t become too attached to material things or desires and you will live the life you were meant to and find true meaning.

>> No.27211098

if she only gets back because you have money, you gonna be a cuck

>> No.27211148

>he doesn't know about the Baptist church, founded by Jesus in 33 A.D. and has an unbroken line

>> No.27211193

I don't trailblaze with alt coins bro. I use them as a store of value, I don't get in early. Shitcoins come and go everyday, that's where my money is.

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(I enjoy life) You should try it.

>> No.27211331

Find a state with no sales tax and no state income tax and relative low cost living. Buy or build a GOOD home. Travel, learn hobbies you can make money off of. Enjoy life and live it to the fullest. Have a healthy diet and find a woman who doesnt want you for your money and can share your passions. Keep investing and follow the stock market closely. Look at all kinds of stocks and do a lot of research about them. Get a cyber truck when they are available. Use solar to cut down electricity bill

>> No.27211342

Only reason we broke up was because LDR was an unsustainable model, but if I made it, I'd have enough to move and be comfortable. I wouldn't flaunt wealth or even tell her about it until a bit before I would propose to her.

>> No.27211353

Join the unilock tg and holler out, I'll send you a message.

>> No.27211374

You should YOLO it on GME :)

>> No.27211471


Learn to surf

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Read Marcus Aurelius' Meditations.

>> No.27211534

Buy real estate and get richer. Buy a place on a loan, rehab it, rent it out... then you refinance the house. Part of the refinance process is that the house gets appraised. Since it’s appraised after the rehab, the value of the house officially goes up. You pay off the loan with the rent money, then fuckin sell it and do it all over again and get richer

>> No.27211549

To be honest seeing 1M can be done
Keeping it?
>pools closed

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godspeed then lad, if a 15yo did it you can do it too

>> No.27211641

Yes, be catholic.

>> No.27211658

You work on acquiring more money. You're not just going to stop because you hit some arbitrary number. Everyone needs a goal to work towards.

>> No.27211801

Find a hobby, buy two houses, live in one and rent out the other, enjoy hobby

>> No.27211834

ni hao bro, cheers

>> No.27211864

Get good at something. I brew beer and grow plants.

>> No.27211886

buy hookers and blow. also buy property

>> No.27211939

coom in bitches as much as you can :)

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>made it
>parents paying for college

>> No.27212341

I just got wise about this method desu. I got rugged by LCX and Transmute but made a cool 10k on Donut. I'm actually shocked how easy it was. donno if I can replicate these gains again desu

>> No.27212351

If you haven't started a business already you aren't going to when you have money. I own a small business I work at 20 hours a week or so and get $30k/year. Almost paid off a house and $20k in my bank account. Money doesn't start businesses, drive does.

>> No.27212381

Amen, brother. He is the way, the light, and the truth. Pray for an anon, will you?

>> No.27212447

I wonder if my measly 6k portfolio can become 600k like OPs one day. I’m pretty much just on eth though so I doubt it. I wanna rope.

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File: 341 KB, 1311x1500, 91IxMSRPqYL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I pay a porn model to make a vid of her shoving a bag of tootsie rolls up her ass every week

>> No.27213157

I mean I do enjoy my life but not enough to want to live for centuries.

>> No.27213246

hire people to kill niggers

>> No.27213502

Build a homestead.

>> No.27213593

The fact that you need tk be told what to so with free time already shows how this country has molded you into a robot. Try to get some hobbies

>> No.27213667

but anyways, you obviously continue to invest with most of it. Live cheaply. Free time > "shiny toys". Be a minimalist

>> No.27213979

Its easy OP, youre young like i am , i also have aquired link. All you do is you consolidate your wealth so you can have a sizeable passive income, a combination of real estate and long term growth mutual fund like vanguard. And you just reroll 50% of your passive income back into the wealth generators and live off the remainder (say 50 grand per annum). Then you can literally do what you want, maybe even work part time just to keep yourself busy.

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Listen to >>27204538
and Begome Orthodox!
Frank's Palace is creepy and quite possibly a portal to hell, no thanks.

>> No.27214421

Bssed and real estatepilled

>> No.27214653

-(2% property taxes for 30 years)
-(1 car, food, and utilities for 10 years)


You're not even close to retiring.

A school teacher makes around 100k with a pension, thats almost $5 million of lifetime earnings. Do you see them passing on a bunch of money when they die?


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Hey anons. OP here. Thanks for all the responses. I have taken screenshots and am thinking deeply about all of them. Also when I said I have three friends I actually have two and was counting 4chan as a friend

>> No.27214691

same here bros

>> No.27214724

that's nice fren

>> No.27214774

yes it can homie just keep reading. Defi is the new meme and chainlink will lead the way. Read into all the cool stuff yearn finance is doing, understand how aave and uniswap work, and maybe listen to some other smart guys like Su Zhu at three arrows capital and deribit. And of course /biz/, but only during late night when all the retarded normans are asleep. God speed nigger

>> No.27214786

Buy donut

>> No.27214795

school teachers don't make 100k fren.

>> No.27214822

post your all time chart or gtfo rich kid. noone is impressed that you're trading with your trust fund.

>> No.27214868

buy a house and get back to whatever you were doing before you decided to make money.

>> No.27214907

that's ok, I am yuor fren too :3

>> No.27214926

I have only ever met orthodox people on the internet.

bunch of fucking weirdos.

>> No.27214927

Thank you my nigger. I’m probably older than you at 27 but I want to achieve more for myself. Looking to fund a MetaMask wallet soon. I hope you make it big.

>> No.27214937

I started with two grand I made in army training and selling fun stuff at parties when I was 18. I have nothing to prove to newfags, go back to plebbit.

>> No.27215033


>> No.27215066

Good luck to you friend. I think it's very clear that, when you stop being a wagie, you feel empty inside. Like, you have money, no need to wagecuk anymore, what should you do? Personally, I think you should set a goal for yourself. Now what goal excatly - it depends. Some people might say start a family because it's a long and somewhat interesting journey for everyone if done correctly. Some might say pursue your interests like doing research and stuff not for money, but for yourself.

>> No.27215270

Pro tip- don't let normies know you have money.

>> No.27215290

Invest it and go on with regular life. Keep building money so you can retire at a good age. Take sweet vacations. A million dollars wont go very far at your age bro. You need to keep flipping

>> No.27215301

ya put in a few years as a driver for someone else just to learn how to swing along the different ropes

>> No.27215381
File: 289 KB, 879x1071, original_279735936.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Buy CLF fool

>> No.27215388

with that money what i would do is buy a few budget condos in the surplus economy at low interest.

>> No.27215410


>> No.27215474

and with most of the money on loan invest elsewhere in stable things that pay dividends.

>> No.27215569
File: 772 KB, 867x567, 8E4359F3-A1B8-406A-96B0-06620B073A9B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am catholic but will probably convert after learning the history. sad how much the original gospel and church has been forgotten
I believed this until I read the history. With the bull of excommunication the catholic church in rome split from the original apostolic church, therefore leaving the actual church. They are also incredibly corrupt and have been since the crusades. Catholic church is on par with masons and ultimately seek to play God on earth through the papacy.
once again im talking about the church not the churchgoers

>> No.27215644

Anon, don’t listen to these fucks saying 1M isn’t enough to make it. It absolutely is. 1M after taxes can drastically change your life. Put 70% in buying real estate to then rent out. Do research on areas, you want to focus on big urban centers obviously but still cheap enough to buy 5+ rentals. Put 20% in a high interest dividend stock, AT&T is a great choice, .071% interest yearly, paid quarterly. Keep 5% for emergency money for your rentals, and reinvest the other 5%. Buy the dip, this is a cycle after all. Get 1 BTC and 32 ETH, stake that ETH and make even more money. 1M is definitely enough to make it.

>> No.27215652

This. This is the correct answer. Orthodoxy provides such a rich context in my life, I can’t imagine life without it.

I hope you tithe your gains, anon.

>> No.27215764
File: 249 KB, 540x540, 1611976880629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27215779

>>What the fuck does a millionaire do?
gets raped by taxes

>> No.27215838

if you live anywhere more west than poland you wont meet them in real life fucking retard
orthodoxy has been almost stamped out completely and even where it was strong like in russia theyve been persecuted and killed in recent times.

>> No.27215869

Blessed post

>> No.27215887

start a real business with the funds, look at what Trump did with a small loan of a million dollars

>> No.27215912

1) God told us to
2) it’s your biological purpose
3) the joys of fatherhood

>> No.27215938

Solid fucking plan here. Made me rock hard just thinking about having enough for

>> No.27216008

You can still kill yourself doing risky things or accidents, the immortality that's talked about only refers to reversing and stopping aging

>> No.27216016

"Blue collar millionaire"

>> No.27216078
File: 679 KB, 828x811, B5D80300-486A-4559-8E96-F9F734542000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reinvest that million into safer assets and make gains from passive income and dividends...retire to a house on a lake and fish your days away...THE LIFE

>> No.27216159

Are you blind to the market we are in? Look at any defi coin. Look at any low cap. A couple 3x margin trades on high caps like SUSHI or SNX will give him a 10x in a month.

>> No.27216172

here's an idea don't live in a high cost of living shithole. I grew up in a 5000 square foot house on 8 acres and it's only worth 350k. Even in your example that 930k for the house is spent over a period of 30 years. With interest rates so low he'd be better off getting a loan and putting the rest of his money in VTSAX paying off the interest of the loans with the dividends and having his money 8x+ in the next 30 years

>> No.27216221

This is a painful truth . Boomer wage slave with money but no "ideas" for a business. How did you get started

>> No.27216285

ohhh big man. pertty nice portfolio sir. you're gonna make it. get the ALEPH boost. maybe it'll put you over the top

>> No.27216552

Drugs until you crash.

>> No.27216846

Finish the PhD if you are enjoying it. I’m finishing an MSc in physics and it was enjoyable but now it’s a slog. I wouldn’t have been able to finish the PhD, the opportunity cost is so high. But money is no object for you, personally I’m looking to get a solid job.

>> No.27217237

fwiw an elder on Athos told me to stay away from "internet orthodoxy." try parish life, it's very nice.
t. Orthodox (not LARPerdox, but I looked at pornog earlier today so maybe I am a larper)

>> No.27217373

Wise man

>> No.27217586

This guy definitely sold his UNI

>> No.27217649

Worth a couple mil. Have no creative interests and im not very smart so cant do research what should I do I've been browsing biz all day everyday for 5 years now.

>> No.27217692

I'm 22 and honestly making some massive gains for me

broke and turned 200usd into 2k which is a lot for me, and im gonna be trying to jump trains for the next few years.
wish me luck boys

>> No.27217837

Why was he so based? Is it because of stoicism?

>> No.27217884

I kinda want to start a “hedge fund” where we give ourselves fancy titles, meet every once in a while at an office to talk about crypto and play ping pong. And our only investment really would be staking link and using the returns to flip shitcoins.

Would call it “777 Capital” and our slogan would be “not accepting outside investment at this time”. We should also some big tiddie secretaries for good measure

>> No.27217903

messed up

20usd investment altogether.

>> No.27217919
File: 430 KB, 1013x1280, amusketeer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Am I supposed to start trying to be an artist or something?
No, but some anons here, like myself, are artists, if you ever wanted to commission a portrait of yourself or something. ;D

>> No.27217929

Shill me some stuff

>> No.27217988

Hedge funds are actually dying due to retail having access to information and brokers, unlike how it was 50 years ago (if I'm not talking out of my ass)

>> No.27218090

can you shill me some safer assests? waiting on gme to collapse the stock market to hopefully get in on these on the low

>> No.27218135

It wouldn’t be a real hedge fund anon. Its just a place where rich linkies can all hang out and LARP like wall street investors. So we don’t end up as rich NEETs we end up as rich “VPs of finance” or whatever.

>> No.27218171

Real Estate obviously. Get in now or cry later.

>> No.27218389

So literally just an elite sikrit club?

>> No.27218514

This. Idk about the states but in my country, the amount of money people pay per square meter goes up by a fucking annually in certain states.

>> No.27218528

Teach me how to become a millionaire too

>> No.27218576

If I make enough to fund my own video game id hire biz programmers and artists.

>> No.27218698

Where do you discover new shitcoins to invest in?

>> No.27218725
File: 408 KB, 1197x801, destroy the brotherhood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Am I supposed to start trying to be an artist or something?
That is exactly what I would do in your situation. I have 4k to my name and a desire to wander Forest Park and write for self-satisfaction and many for an income, but I haven't the money to do that right now, I'm stuck jumping from wagie job to wagie job. You are everything I wish I was right now at 30, and I hate how you can't think of what to do with yourself with that much money, when there are people who know what they want and can't get it because they don't know what to do with stocks and the whole thing seems like a great way to just lose all my money and end up further in debt.

You are exactly where I want to be, so please find meaning and live where I can't. I'm gonna go to bed now I'm depressed.

>> No.27218807

Think about it anon. Investing in crypto is a blast. Being a NEET can be fun occasionally too. But being percieved as a rich NEET who made money off crypto is no good. Almost like you’re a lottery winner. This would be an easy way to gain status along with the wealth, while making some connections and hopefully learning from other useful individuals.

So yes a sikrit club

>> No.27218815

Nice shitcoins. Folio posts are bearish. Don't forget to hold all the way down to this portfolio being with $10,000.

>he holds no BoringDAO


>> No.27218858
File: 360 KB, 1535x1456, monapoliceoutfits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ha! I'm actually a concept artist, currently on some mod projects (thankfully not Fallout Frontier, what a shitshow). I'll be floating around /biz/, so maybe we'll run into each other again. :D (Picrel, just some sketches I did for warmup one day)

>> No.27219097
File: 68 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>link kept being memed here
>never bought because it never went up
>just realized it's gone up super slowly

I should've bought a long time ago at $3, what the fuck is wrong with me? Am I too late for a new meme coin?

>> No.27219115

They enjoy loved ones and their time! House, car and happy family!


If you want Polkaswap, Polkadot, and Xor. Send me some ETH so i can get the new swap token MOONs.

>> No.27219166

dollars are inflated, millionaire means nothing these days. UHNW is where you become rich, between 30-100 million in todays dollars

>> No.27219173

Live a modest life and do whatever the fuck you want day to day.

Start a family or get involved in your community... or buy a shack in the wilderness and avoid the rest of the world.

>> No.27219290

If any of you richfags want to help a poorfag out I'd appreciate it a lot

>> No.27219476

Do your investing and research outside. Go to a cafe/park/restaurant. Go to the gym and stay fit so you can retire healthy and in shape. You're bound to make a few friends and catch the eye of a few gold diggers that will want to suck your dick.

>> No.27219655

Forget religion dont waste your time with that. Dont ever tell anyone how much money you have. Just focus on your hobbies and interests.

>> No.27219855

Retard literally do what you want and be healthy

Just don’t fuck up your life once you’ve made it

>> No.27220085

Based. Begome.

>> No.27220115
File: 475 KB, 970x2048, 144543587_2759029344410290_8975827367558160438_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not even 10k in my crypto portfolio
How do I turn this into 10m? Realistically more like 20m because the government is going to want half of it via tax

>> No.27220122
File: 250 KB, 1170x1594, 45621FFF-28DE-4EAB-AF70-471026FD0D9B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

25 yr old in a similar boat, except my dick is slightly larger than yours op. I’m currently trying to figure out how not to get raped by taxes. My goal is 3.5m for this bull cycle

And yes australianBUX

>> No.27220218

When did you start and with how much?

>> No.27220301

2016, 5k.

>> No.27220315

nice. Are you cashing out? Or are you staying in crypto?

>> No.27220432

Skimming off the top for now, I think this bullrun will top out in the Q3. Hoping to triple my stack then by cashing into a stable coin.

>> No.27220507

Nice dude. What was your strategy?

>> No.27220526

I’m probably going to do the same. I see no reason to cash out entirely when I can get 8% apy easily and safely farming stablecoins.

>> No.27220619

do you have a resource i can view to get caught up with the best coins atm? trying to flip my gains

>> No.27220643
File: 1.59 MB, 1656x1243, 1595900217460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I gonna make it with 7500 Linkies?

>> No.27220644

I'm interested in this too. However, I'm still scared to leave a million or so with some of these exchanges over a long period of time, and i dont trust defi enough. Any recommendations? Blockfi is the one ive been looking at.

got lucky with a couple ICOs
Had 150k link but sold most of it during the bearmarket :(

>> No.27220734

Read the thread. Bitcoin, eth, link are really the most obvious and safe plays. There’s a ton of smaller projects in defi with big upside potential to look into. Defi really is the focus of this bull market. Like the ICO craze of 2017.

>> No.27220809

I wish I didn't live in my third world shit hole and wasn't a broke ass student

>> No.27220842

Lol, when you cash out anon, it's going to be a crowded exit. This is just a funny number on your mobile phone display.

>> No.27220845

Aave, yearn, curve etc are what I would use. Im debating throwing my link into the yvault now even.

And you can even take out an insurance policy to protect against smart contract failure via nexus or yearn cover. It’s pretty well thought out.

>> No.27220885

>Bitcoin, eth, link are really the most obvious and safe plays
gotcha thanks for this
>smaller projects
what are your thoughts on RLC saw some news about them recently dont really know what to make of it atm.

>> No.27220897

What about XMR? Heard that shit was good

>> No.27220898

where do you live?

>> No.27220954

take out money and buy property in a nice safe spot that won't go to shit in the next 30 years.

after you fully own your house, it doesn't matter what you do with play money.

>> No.27220994

RLC has been shilled here for years. It may pump or whatever but fundamentally LINK ate its lunch and makes it redundant. Avoid

>> No.27221001

Been lurking this thread too, one of the 23 year old anons from the last one. Thanks to the oldfags and their advice. Don't know you OP but I love you nigger. I also only have 2 friends. We'll find happiness someday. Good luck brother

>> No.27221003

>220k currently
How do I get out of 6 fig hell? Everything is pretty stable with a few pump n dumps

>> No.27221036

I’m a millionaire in real estate. I’m not as liquid as you, but I’m 300k liquid with passive monthly income. I’m bored af. I would say start a family, but the girls today aren’t worth it, unless you import one. Don’t fall into the trap of lifting weights, eating gourmet food and fucking sluts. That’s what I did and it got me nowhere. Look into a business that requires no more than 20-30 hours a week of work. Something like vending machines or a laundromat. Don’t tell anyone how much money you have and hide it as best you can. Take vacations and rent awesome Airbnb’s.

>> No.27221077

yeah XMR is a great project and will probably moon. I don’t think it has as much upside potential as the others but it is not going away and solves a very important problem so who knows

>> No.27221094

Become a Calvinist, literally everything that made the modern world possible comes from them.

>> No.27221132

ah, noted, thanks

>> No.27221157


House out in the middle of nowhere. EZ homested mode, day trade crypto and markets as an income. Enjoy clean air, less people and be happy and raise a family.

>> No.27221174

Mexico. But hey, it could be worse, at least it isn't fucking Venezuela or Honduras

>> No.27221232

>What the fuck does a millionaire do?
I made it a while ago. Nothing changes. Only your worries are gone. You buy your own place, you buy all the tech you like. You keep keeping the world out. You spend your time online like you always did.

>> No.27221397

love you too faggot we’re all gonna make it and good luck

>> No.27221636
File: 197 KB, 434x245, B4AB748A-9A31-4068-926D-8CE87ADBDD4A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I doubt this guy has the skill sets for that, it looks like he just went all in on Link early and got lucky. The rest of his portfolio is crumbs that he missed the bus on deep. The best suggestion is comparable to the advice you’d give some chickenhead hoe from your high school who lucked out on a scratch off: Just don’t fucking blow it.

>> No.27221681

>Don’t fall into the trap of lifting weights
What? On what planet are you from that lifting weights is a bad thing?

>> No.27221869

We really need this VR yacht party it seems.
But I don't know why it seems we all became too lazy to organize it and can't take our eyes away from Chainlink and making money to focus on other projects.

>> No.27221903
File: 383 KB, 1017x1200, 1609812951470.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1,000,000 is basically 0

>> No.27222081
File: 177 KB, 464x590, 1589595839621.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am not a millionaire yet but I am a hundred-thousand-onaire despite still being a NEET.

Maybe one day we will have enough money to buy a girlfriend? That will be my goal.

>> No.27222251

sorry for noob question, what are some stable coins? I keep hearing this term but I never messed with tether or anything of the sort.

>> No.27222359


>> No.27222416

I have been having a hard time coping with the fact that I could aim to become a billionaire or keep the goal of increasing my fortune until I find something better, but that it will all return to nothing once I die without any family and nobody who could inherit it.
Do we just live a good life trying out things to fill out our free time?
Is that all there is to life?

>> No.27222500

The other coins in my portfolio are either leftover eth/weth/dai dust from playing with smart contracts or airdropped tokens I never bought into.
Ive been in since 2016 and link isn’t the only moon mission ive been on. Ive made a few big trades in my life but LINK was by far the most profitable, longest running, and is still the one with the most long term potential. Started with ETH at $7 (I was too young to understand hodl so I swing traded my way down to ~15 eth from the initial 181 I had), 0x and LRC at ICO. Sold them both, took a good amount of profits and went into link with $30 grand. Then this summer I used my link to take out a very small collateralized loan and got into YFI at $800 for ~40k in profits. Ive put blood sweat and tears into this. Huff my balls

>> No.27222555

First Post Blessed Post

>> No.27222580

Workout, eat oats, jack off, buy nice clothes, stay clean, avoid the drugs, fuck bitches and dont get married until 32 at the earliest.

If its new pussy/cock you're messing with use protection and tell yuor partner to get tested/retested before fucking. Its still totally possible to ruin a very important part of your life and future if you don't look out for yourself.

>> No.27222586

Put the million in an index fund which make you nice safe gains each year. Continue working for a few years and hopefully will be in a position to retire in your thirtys

>> No.27222615

Gotta see what it is

>> No.27222645

have some kids idiot

>> No.27222654

You're building an empire brother. Raising princes to carry your success into the future as they make your own.

>> No.27222736

You wouldn't want to buy a girlfriend with money.
They only respect psychological power similar to a psychopath.
But a fembot may not be impossible.

If you are strong enough to trade without your emotions you are unironically already in the right mind state to get a girlfriend without using money.

>> No.27222833

become a mad scientist

>> No.27222853

you are probably a dumb animal.
if you have any form of autism or pscyhopathy, disregard. you have consumed the remainder of the fruit of knowledge . animal instinct will never fulfill you. it's a hard life to be so close to god that you can no longer respect and admire him, but it is what it is. when you die you won't suffer in hell or bask in heaven. you were never really a human, you have a soul but it is more like a terrible deformed angel of such a lowly rank it's stuck here. you will just go somewhere, and live your next life there. unrewarded, unpunished. worse than limbo.

>> No.27223036

How much money did you start out with?

>> No.27223372

>it's basically like having $0
The sad thing is you're not even trolling

>> No.27223373
File: 2 KB, 125x121, 8630E68C-00A2-4369-91C3-7C7C1A03A3BA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not gonna act like I’m not jealous of a ride like that on a material level, I respect it, but if you’re asking for actualizational philosophical advice from NEET autists with gambling addictions and self-destructive tendencies then that itself leaves a lot to be desired, and legitimately something I’m not jealous of.
As cliche as it sounds, Wealth is more of a mentality than anything. If you have money but haven’t figured yourself out yet, you’re gonna blow through it like how a trust fund baby blows through actual blow, maybe literally do that. Or some psycho bitch is gonna take you to the cleaners, which is probably more likely. Anyways, read self-help books or legitimately build relationships that are fulfilling and maybe you’ll get somewhere

>> No.27223621

buy and forget about it for 5 years

>> No.27223688
File: 154 KB, 820x836, 1611376362891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hookers and blow
then suicide

>> No.27224011

Good job anon. I'm proud of you. Learn how to invest in real estate and learn how to manage it. Buy some apartments and rent it out. Or just buy a piece of land and enjoy life

>> No.27224738

No chainlink holder with 10k+ has to shill it you fucking goob
It just so happens LINK has made a lot of bizraelis wealthy

>> No.27224819
File: 581 KB, 1948x3059, christfuel7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27224962

Put everything in LINK. Do it

>> No.27225035

mad respect dude, I always assume larp but pat yourself on the back for how far you've come. I'm 27 and I've got 180k in crypto rn, hoping to get on your level soon.

>> No.27225130
File: 189 KB, 1024x896, evola.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Read Evola.

>> No.27225138

Reminder that the gubmint is going to nuke those gains with tax unless you are clever enough to get an offshore account or some other Jewish legal loophole.

>> No.27225165
File: 668 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210131-095051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> What the fuck does a millionaire do? Am I supposed to start trying to be an artist or something?
I spend half my day on /biz/ while the rest is spent with family and playing with my new Moog One and music production tutorials.
But I knew that this is what I want since my net worth was in the hundreds.
I only became a millionaire to pursue this exact lifestyle

>> No.27225328

Precisely, having the lifestyle you want to live in mind massively helps. I'm an /o/ fag so i want enough to get a few nice rides and a farm, few million silver and gold as backup so a couple mill is not enough, but i'm still 20yo so plenty of time.

>> No.27225336

you should cash out asap before memecoins go to zero

>> No.27225600

>What the fuck does a millionaire do?
Follow your passion. Create some light in this world. I know that's what I'm going to do. This crypto thing is allowing us to make our mark on the world. Create, Build, make something new, fund great projects, follow your heart, be smart with your money, but don't just save and hoard like a fucking boomer. Use your money as the means to Your Ends, not in service of another. Nature ALWAYS corrects the paths of Man; Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Britain, now America. Be on the side of Nature, let your passions fuel you and control you anon, let them drive you and pull you towards doing something great, something that will be remembered, something that will leave a positive impact on this doomed world. You have enough money and time to figure it out. I believe in you anon, and I'm right behind you. We're all gonna make it.

>> No.27225681

I've done the exact same thing, but i only go river fishing like once a year when its in season in AU cant hadle the ocean

>> No.27225822


>> No.27225921 [DELETED] 


You know what a poor person does?
Not wonder about stuff to do if you had money, just things like how the F am I gonna survive without a car.


Eth me you won't :( damn rich bastiges.

>> No.27226197

Give it all to the poor and start over

>> No.27226214 [DELETED] 

Some money to fix my broken teeth would be nice.


Being broke means never being bored I suppose.

>> No.27226380

You should do both! Become Orthodox anon. It is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and there you will find rest

>> No.27226484

travel the world or all over your country, then just be a bum and do whatever the fuck you want, who gives a shit, you and no money worries anymore.

>> No.27226515

what happened anon? I'm poor but i'd like advice on what not to do.

>> No.27226625

You are gonna /makeit/™
Congrats !
Beware of irl jellyfags and keep your money aka don't pay other's bills

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