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Your entry shall be judged by fellow anons ITT


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>many (you)s, HE IS BASED
>no (you)s, HE IS CRINGE
>I must write things people will reply to so I can get (you)s
Reddit chads incentivise actual discussion and root out trolls, 4chinz incentivise retarded contrarians

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Updoots to the left

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Toilet FUD

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>Prove that you've been here longer than a week
I havent, some retards kept spamming faggy crypto on my nazi larp board so i came here to shit up the place

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I lived in a tent in the woods

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>another thread where newfags google old /biz/ memes to feel cool
it's all so tiring

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I started posting friday

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We made it digimarines!

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Niggers tongue my anus

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bit bean

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oat meal bro

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The more things change...

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Some things you can't fake

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Here since November last year. I knew they can't keep the physical FIAT and will change this year to Digital, so I figured they are probably need something to peg it to. So I gambled it to be Crypto and right now, I am hella comfy.

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crack me in the knackers and slip me the rodger

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you all fail, no oldfag would ever have to prove themselves in a thread like this

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Hello \Biz\!

The events of the past few days have been really interesting!

I've never really done share trading before.

But I'm considering getting into it!

What are some fundamentals, except buy high and sell low? Haha!

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XTZ sub $1

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check em

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boughted LINK at 0.30 cents, antshares at 13 cents litecoin at 4 btc at 400 and no i am not even 30 suck my 8 figure gains

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I'm just glad I was on ghetto looking Mercatox instead of Shitgrail

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sminem haha am i right my friends

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I shitted my pants.

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niggers tongue my anus

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holy shit, everybody got destroyed by a mass replyer

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So you failed too?

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claim haircombs

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I got joosted

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I post about castor oil and kurtosis and shit

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Actually you're right, I lied, it was Saturday, so I've only been a week. Someone was telling me about gme last friday night and I didn't want to learn about it from r*ddit

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Blame the tides and solar eclipses on the jews.
In a discussion of irreducibles in distributive lattices in universal algebra, post the picture of the Grinning Jew.

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Poopoo peepee

A true bizbro can spot a recent save, believe me

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i haven't been here longer than a week, but i've been educating dozens of drooling retards every minute i've spent here. what's that tell you?

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I've been here 2 months
>t. oldfag

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this is the only correct answer.

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French bro fucked trannies

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I've been on /biz/ like two weeks but /sp/ for 10 years kek

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>he didnt buy namecoin

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Fuck lcx

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I am a 2017 newfag, you are nothing.

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I remember when all the retards here fell for Mcafee's GHOST tokens.
They bragged so much about being rich with their true privacy coin.
Then Mcafee rugpulled less than 4 weeks later.

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imagine letting a whore manage your finances

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You can't cash out

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what happened to him eating his penis

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The real money was made on GSH, GHOST was an exit liquidity token

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shiggy diggy

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Fuck you.

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ESH you dipshit

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fuck you

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I've been here since FUN and REQ were getting ICOs. I owned ANT

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yeah I forget that one

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I made this pepe

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I bought funfair now I am financially ruined.

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Ahhhhhh, I remember DGB, lol. I made money on it.

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Lineage Cell Therapeutics
Stem Cells and Cell Replacement Therapy are the future of healthcare.

>DRY AMD (#1 cause of blindness)
>Spinal Cord Injury
>Pic related
>California passes Prop 14
>Prop 14: Authorizes Bonds Continuing Stem Cell Research. Initiative Statute.
>Authorizes $5.5 billion in state general obligation bonds to fund grants from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (pic related) to educational, non-profit, and private entities for: stem cell and other medical research, including training; stem cell therapy development and delivery; research facility construction; and associated administrative expenses.
>Expands programs promoting stem cell and other medical research, therapy development and delivery, and student and physician training and fellowships.
>Participating in JP Morgan’s Annual Healthcare Conference from January 11th-14th
>JPM currently owns 12k shares
>”New Promises for Spinal Cord Injuries”-Genetic Engineering+Biotech News
>institutional ownership:

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Never claimed to be an oldfag, fag. 2017 newfag here

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Top college majors

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Sir pls buy klirus!

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I just bought a gamestop to own the libs

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i remember the great dip of early January 2020. We separated the seal from the hodlers during that era.

Many who claimed to have hands made of iron proved themselves to be pussies and we lost many not great men. The most stoic of us who displayed unshakable courage now enjoy the bags those pussies left behind while the new vultures pick off the bones of those same hands.

Also fuck the Rubic shills

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It tells me you need to lurk more. 2 years minimum.

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Fuck NewFags

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Bogdanodff, he bought ze dep.
Doomp eet.

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Sell me this pen

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i remember the great dip of early January 2021. We separated the weak from the hodlers during that era.

Many who claimed to have hands made of iron proved themselves to be pussies and we lost many not great men. The most stoic of us who displayed unshakable courage in the face tremendous FUD now enjoy the bags those pussies left behind while the fomo vultures pick off the bones of those same hands.

Also fuck the Rubic shills

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this board suckered me into buying BAT months ago and it was a valuable lesson into actually understanding what the fuck I'm buying that paid off this week

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Is this post bullish for rubic?

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Who gives a fuck

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shiggy diggy

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