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400 free tokens at $50 each
2 wallets received airdrop
a good thing finally happened to me

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i started using uni 1 month after the drop

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When is the gas cheapest?

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I finally found my seed phrase after months of searching, i was ready to kms

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Never sold my drop, whats the plan, just checked my wallet and its worth nearly 10k aud.

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>i sold at the literal bottom, 2.50

another perfect trade

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unlucky broskis, i got in 12 days before. i only used it to buy $10 of PNK.

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does anyone know what utility uni has? sushi you can stake it to earn sushiswap fees. what does uni do?

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Same lol

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my $UNI has been printing PS5's for 5 straight months.

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doesn't have any use so far other than le governance meme

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When was drop? September?

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I had 24 wallets. Imagine my delight. Not sold anything yet.

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I had 78 wallets and sold it all at $2 thinking it'd die because "who would buy something you got for free?"

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I had 1,000,000 wallets
converted it all to RBC
good sirs

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Could you please explain to me how these air drops work?

Is it reward for using UNI or just holding coins?

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It's about to break 20 wow. This is without hype too. What the fuck is going on?

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People have realized DeFi's the future, fuck traditional finance specially after RH pulling off that gross move

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We just like UNI.

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people who had used the Uniswap exchange to trade even once were one day airdropped 400 tokens each per wallet. I think the idea was to keep it decentralised, rather than one interest buying the whole lot up and fucking the idea up. Loads of anons sold right away, but the ones who didn't are now glad of it. There's talk of a share of fees down the line, but i don;t know how much truth there is in it. not selling though. V3 out soon

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Governance for the most popular DEX in existence.

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Maybe I should move to it from binance

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Literally same

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That pic needs updated. Uniswap version now $7800

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Was about 6 hrs after the snapshot for me

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I bought YFV
on Hotbit

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My friend missed it by a few days. I airdropped him 100 out of my 400 but now i kind of regret it.

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Jusy found out yesterday when I went to buy more PNK, can't believe $7000 appeared out of nowhere. Where is it selling for $50 though?

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Do you like paying $30+ in fees for every trade? You shouldn't have your long term holdings on a CEX anyway, but uniswap isn't really an alternative to something like binance.

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ure a good guy

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Traded my UNI for ETH at 6.50... suppose it could be worse.

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ETH 2.0 launch

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sold mine for 3 ETH and considered picking up big uni bags when it was sitting at around $3 but thought about how many fkn tokens there are.
>win some you lose some
still free money tbf cant complain

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I sincerely haven't noticed any fee as of yet, other on fiat deposits.

I guess I am retarded.

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>sold at $2.40 during the airdrop because I was convinced jeets would dump it into the ground once they got their airdrops

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feeling regret is indicates he is not

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Binance and uniswap isn't really an either or pair.

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I'm talking about gas fees on uniswap

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I was busy and just now I realized the meme

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feeling pretty good as well anon, started to yield farm some uni on Pancake. Defi is long term

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Ah I see.

I see,
I haven't even opened a wallet yet.
Sorry for being the oblivious newfag

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do you actually think a governance token should be valued at $20 billion fully diluted, ~15% of ETH mcap?
MAYBE with layer 2 but for real? it's overpriced as shit and it sounds like you didn't get an airdrop bruh

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Double kek

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- Most used dAPP
- Defi blue chip
- you earn 0.05% on global volume fee on a layer 2 when v3 is out that reduces fee to nearly 0 and fixes front running. That also probably kills most CEXes becaus it also fixes impermanent loss. 90% of all tokens will be on v3 and probably also 90% of all volumen..... and yeah you will earn a share on that juicy volume.

everything below 100$ is undervalued for UNI.

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governance coins are a joke. nobody cares, nobody actually votes (see maker), no use.
you cant even use uniswap to pay for fees.

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The change in fees alone is enough to send this to the moon. Gas fees are the only reason I even use a CEX. With v3 expected to deploy in Q1 2021, there is no reason not to be 100% in UNI right now.

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I got it for 8 wallets, held and also received MIR for all of them. I got ~ $60k in free tokens.
ETH marketcap is about to 10x. $20b is nothing.

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v3 will bring staking most likely

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When fee rewards come out, I might use my first batch of rewards to buy a PS5. I don't even care about that consoleshit, I'd just do it for the memes. Even use a stencil of a gay unicorn and some pink spraypaint to do a custom paintjob for the thing.

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