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Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?

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you bought over 3 cents

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Nothing. Still a great hold

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nothing went wrong, brother. it's consolidating for the next pump.

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We're just getting started

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It's the new shitcoin of the month.
It will be replaced by some new shitcoin be february.
This isn't the next link.
This isn't the next Eth.
It's literally just the shitcoin of the month.
And once this shit coin goes sideways, and the hype dies down. It will be replaced by some new hyped up shitcoin on biz and the cycle will repeat

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its a competitor to Graph
we obviously need tech to parse blockchain data easily for us devs. no one wants to manually etherscan

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this but ironically

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Ellio Trades fucked you morons in the ass.

Because Parsiq slavshit untermensch team gave him 10,000 free coins. You morons lapped his FOMO hype.

Get rekt morons. We tried to warn you.

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>aug - 0.009
>It's the new shitcoin of the month.
>oct - 0.18
>It's the new shitcoin of the month.
>nov - 0.20
>It's the new shitcoin of the month.
>dec - 0.50
>It's the new shitcoin of the month.
>jan - 1.50
>It's the new shitcoin of the month.

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sold 3x and moved on

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>The tech hasn't changed
>The team hasn't changed
>The schedule hasn't changed
Still a great hold, retards.

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I think it's because the team isn't delivering anything.

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this, enjoy the dump to .60 again