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>What app should I use to buy?




>> 27109821

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I bought using RH. How do i get my shares to another brokerage.

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it takes like two weeks anon. you should stay in RH and pull out when you make your money and they will go under

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If you're a member of the trump team you dont have to say anything just blink twice, also when is this shit stock going to pump

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You’ll have to transfer which takes some time, better start now if you have a substantial amount

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This was my first investment. I am really fucking scared that it won't pull through. I only had 120 bucks left and i spent it all on AMC shares.

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You reversed it, thank you!

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What did you buy at?

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Nothing will change that we can really control till Monday at market open

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Noted, thanks anon. I have CAT, GE and Raytheon in Schwaab because my bank switched me over. Those are long term positions though.

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you are not retarded, transferring now will mean he misses the squoze. troll him more and save wall Street Dons

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I have 75 shares at about 14 a share.

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it will bounce but slower, don't sell at a loss, just hold

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So what’s the next plan? Let’s see what hedges are betting against next, and buy that one up

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like gme but slower anon >>27167878
hold tight, don't sell at a loss. don't sell. don't.

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His fault for using RH like a normie

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we need to HOLD steadfastly
they have big SI close to 100%

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Yeah, this is just degenerate gambling on my part. I turned about $250 of $FLWS calls in to a grand on the meme that Chink flu was going to cause lots of deaths and thus funerals and thus arrangements. So now I sit and wait.

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he's from Reddit

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I will buy if it hits 18$

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Only opened a RH because I didn't do the paperless transfer to CS and I haven't set up my online account yet.

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Quick question.

If they all buy their shorts Monday, cant they just turn around and immediately resell them to lower the price?

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Is it a good idea to buy as soon as the market opens up monday? Putting in 700$.

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there's Revolut or Etoro for that. took me less than 12 hours for both to be trade-ready.
Etoro didn't need proof of identity, Revolut required pp/dl and a selfie video lol

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no, anon wait for monday and buy at less than 13, there's 100% chances of a big dip tomorrow.

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anon, what does that mean? they will end up with their own shorts, after paying over the top for them too. back to square one. infinite squeeze. they won't do it, because it's like eating their own shorts

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I'm not exactly sure what to do. I have 8k in money I'm willing to lose if it means trying to reach the dream. I have 2k invested in AMC so far and idk if I should double down on AMC or put it in some meme coins.

I was here in late 2017, was making like 30k until I lost it all in the crash in Jan and quit the trade. Now I'm 1 year away from becoming a wage slave and it absolutely terrifies me. I'm willing to be risky if it means I have a chance of breaking away from that.

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I'm holding this shit for the long haul boys. Imagine where we would have closed yesterday if all of the on-ramps into the market weren't closed? GME was 80 percent shorted a few months ago, which is where we are now. Guess what? Monday? Not fucking selling. Thursday? Still not fucking selling. Fifty dollars? Nice gains, not fucking selling. One hundred? Wow thats tempting, but guess what? Not fucking selling.

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also later when you see the inevitable dip

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AMC no longer in fear of bankruptcy
AMC getting ready to open theaters overseas
covid going away
theaters open in the summer
everyone flood theater
money to be made

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This big issue is that those Jews in the SEC and other hedgies are going to all band together to try and bleed us all out on GME and AMC to try and get us to sell. They're causing all these restrictions and payment delays to get everyone to sell out of fear, but if we all fucking HODL and not sell then the prices will go insane. GME can go up to four digits and we can potentially scrape three if we fucking HODL and wait.
They will not hand over their shekels so easily because the laws do not apply to them like they do for you and I, not unless we fight them tooth and nail for our payouts. HODL and do not break ranks. The shield wall must remain unbroken or we will all end up with a pauper's pittance rather than a king's cache.

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So anons how high we going here?

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buy amc between $1 and 11.99
or go kick rock with your magic coins

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Can I have a realistic squeeze price to look for? Not the high of course, we don’t have the crystal ball, I just want to be sure not to sell low even if it has been pumped.
People said 1000$ at the peak, should I stick with this high limit or is it far too optimistic?

I’m really confused and anxious but my I don’t have paper hands.

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Dude, please don't buy high and sell low, I had better hopes for you in particular.

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The best strategy for /everyone/ who has a single stock in $AMC is just a textbook Fibonacci. If you plan on selling during Monday open, do so during the expected peak, and use those funds in order to pump buy during the dip. You only lose if you panic sell. If you buy high you still have a really nice chance for a GME mimic, and even if it doesn't turn out, you still have one of the comfiest stocks in history, AMC stock will only retain and increase during summer, and will do so at the eventual end of the pandemic. Even if everyone on the planet where to follow this post picture perfect, we would just end holding even harder, and having an increased value from every share on the market. We literally can't lose as long as you don't act like a retard and panic sell.

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If you’re scared just sell at open on Monday faggot
Diamond hands don’t question diamond hands HODL paper hands sell

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I mean I'll probably get my Schwab account set up here soon and just stick with that. I bought CAT back in 16 when it was $80 a share.

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>currently stuck with Robinhood
>if I sell at market open I won't be able to buy the dip because buys are restricted

I hope Robinhood loses everything and all of its workers live the rest of their lives in prison.

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They think that by doing this they'll be able to lock people into the only button that isn't grayed out (selling), but that just means you have more motivation to hold harder.

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are you comfy my lads, the holding is precious

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>sold BB @ 14 bought at 19
>Sold Mmed and numi @ 11% loss each
>lost my shirt on gay HIV
>BFARF too

All on on AMC. Not sure ill even break even here.

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Comfiest hold. All of the underpinnings of GME's rise are present here. The console cycle factor is analogous to the theaters reopening factor. Like with GME we're going to have good news to run on in addition to the absurd percentage of float shorted. No risk of bankruptcy in the coming years either.

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the questions is how low we going, is only fun from here.

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Fucking based anon
was using Jewhood and amc was blocked
NICE 13 shares

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I'll be orgasmic if I can make even 3x my investment here at $15. Anything more is simply otherworldly elation.

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I’m scared because this is speculation, specifically I’m not scared to lose money but rather of losing many gains by selling early.
If someone could help me figure out a legit squeeze price as realistic as possible I would be helpful.

1000$ per share is my best bet for the absolute maximum.

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Me too anon. I guess I’m just stuck with the 8 shares I have. That’s OK though, after this I’m definitely using fidelity.

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I’ll get 8 more this Monday and 50 more later that day. I’ll have 90. Please go to the moon and let me get out of this third world shithole please

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Are we diamond hands supposed to sell this week or hold even more? That’s what I want to figure out.

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>spent 70% of my money
>472 shares for 16.90 avg
fuck fuck... am I fucked? I’m still holding, I won’t stop believing...

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the maximum speculation is 100% squeeze for AMC next week and reaching its peak on thursday, dont believe another gme rise but a solid and realisitic one..

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cashapp m8

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I don't believe anyone who doesn't post a screenshot of their shit
>pic related
hold the line you bastards

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this will be where the eyes go after or along with GME AMC is tied to GME right now. Lots of potential growth.

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eat my shorts maaan

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I've only got 5 GMC. Should I move out of GME?
>Pic related
>My first ever buys in the stock market

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So 4th of February is the possible date then. Thank you.

I also bought 2 meme stocks from the list of the banned ones on RH and these will benefit as well from the squeeze, I think it would be even harder to figure out the peak for these.

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Why so low? if people hold then we'll get an even better price

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Get some $NAKD after the morning pump dips hard on Monday.

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The way I see it is that the brokers are gonna process SELLS first and dip the price down before they start processing the hedgefunds mandatory BUYS. So there should be a DIP then a PEAK

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Alright, im done going full retard on doge. got 127 on AMC at 13.8 average last week. predictions for next week? will it really see GME level of gains? the volume certainly was there but not sure brokers will let it happen again.

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Do MRE lead to massive gains?

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I think it might peak at around 30 at most, probably around 20-25

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>Changing the long comfy run for a gambling short bet

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Even with the massive volume we're goong to see next week? Anyone actually have technical analysis? You know, someone who can tell the difference between a short position and a put option.

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yes put it in amc

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Seriously you fucking redditors, lets go at least 2 weeks on this, if you sell next week you're 100% ngmi

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>He keeps using robin hood

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$75 transfer fee
fractional shares not transferrable

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Post the apps and websites that didn't block your stocks to help everyone out fellas

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AMC is worth that much once theaters opens tho in a non pandemic world. infact its prob worth more.

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>Zacks Investment Research Upgrades AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) to Strong-Buy
lol this may have been the catalyst we needed

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>he bought at 18
Am I going to make it?

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hold, the peak is next week

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Fidelity got 900 amc.

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I bought at $12 initially, and loaded up on a few more shares when it hit $8. Do I keep holding? When do they have to cover their shorts?

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I was able to sell and buy on Friday using trading212.
>tfw paper hands
Yeah, I basically sold most of my shares without any loss/profit and I'm left holding at 100 at 14.82. Promise I'll be diamond handed with these, maybe I'll buy more if it dips.

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It won't let me buy on cashapp

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I have to admit, after yesterday I was losing faith. But this could be a very good sign.

>> No.27173932

Unironically good stock.
Buy NOK.

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MRE leads to the nicest gains, anon. We're hissing to the top

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I’m out of money, I have SNDL (got it before and added more on the dip) and CTRM because they’re 40% shorted so they’re a a big squeeze possibily for them. I’m set like this for the game.

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I just bought 140$ at 13.4$
and it was scheduled at 8:30am Monday

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>I bought using RH. How do i get my shares to another brokerage.
Just keep them on Robin hodo for now. And if you want to buy more, buy them somwhere else

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am i gonna be okey? i went all in with everything i got, just need 30k an ill be debt free with a years worth of rent

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Limit buy or market?
You might be in for a surprise if it's the former...

>> No.27174272

Ninety Nine

>> No.27174305

I got $200 at an average of $13 yesterday

>> No.27174327

man you're dumb

>> No.27174341

What's the Best Time to sell on Monday?
When's the supposed peak of the day?

>> No.27174360

The latter*

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Guys, how does a europoor invest into AMC? Im using etoro for some time but they only got GME and NOK but no AMC

>> No.27174405

In for 350 at 13.30 average

Dropping one last hundo bomb on monday if theres a good dip

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why do you say that? ive done research for days before i got in, i didnt panic buy the shit when i heard about it, i looked at the mostt shorted stocks an saw amc was the 2nd most chorted stock and i got the gme for shits and giggles

>> No.27174702

i still have amc nok and bb in robinhood. when do i pull out?

>> No.27174823

You don't just HODL

>> No.27174862

When the price goes up high enough for you to want to sell. Robinhood fucked people, but don't let that distract you from the fact that if you try to sell out of Robinhood you likely won't get your shares back at the same price.

Just hold them and refuse to buy more shares on that platform in the future. Regardless of whether you sell and rebuy elsewhere, or pay them to transfer your shares elsewhere, they're going to end up making money off of you. Simply ensure that the next time is the last time.

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hold squad reporting in just checking in with THE AMCHADS and telling everyone we're all keeping DIAMOND strong

>> No.27175159

If A owes B 100 shares, and they cover 10 of them, they still owe 90.
If B sells their 10 shares, A can now rebuy them and give them to B again, now they owe 80.
Except it's 50mil shares, not 100.

Problem is, B isn't going to sell their for less than market price, and market price is like $325 now and will go up as more and more buy it. A was hoping to buy them for $5. The more people hold, the higher the prices get. In all cases the hedgies get royally fucked in the ass, and we get to watch.

>> No.27175231

Did we get memed into saving a failing business? Realistically is it possible to make a profit here if you bought in at $13?

>> No.27175234

Should I buy in now or hope it dips a little more?

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Anon... half these morons preaching HODL has less than 1k invested in this speculation. Better yet some of these idiots think their 3 shares will carry them to the moon.

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We’re all going to be rich

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Well at least you make me feel better about myself. I'm at 400 for an average of 15.5 and planning to hold.

>> No.27175495

this guy is a 1 post shill, dont fall for this and dont panic sell, ive been trading for years and gained and lost plenty of many, but this short squeeze is an super rare event that no one should miss.

after amc blows an i sell im going into lithium stocks, do your own research and take everything people say with a grain of salt. also helps if you have a real time viewer of trades with graphs, i use trade station for that but they requer 500$ to be put in before they allow that

>> No.27175556

I've already liquidated everything that wasnt far into the red, but its takes them days to make the money available for transfer, pain in the ass bullshit app

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>we all change our names to richard on monday
We're in

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I got lucky

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im not fucking sell, see ya at the peak weak cuck

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Is KOSS currently overvalued? I'm in at 60 and a little worried, but it's been consistently pumping like a motherfucker every morning. I just need a tiny gain to feel good about this week since I did good last week. Is it a meme? only like 1m float...

>> No.27176084

Think trips unless your desperate

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>I’m out of money, I have SNDL (got it before and added more on the dip) and CTRM because they’re 40% shorted so they’re a a big squeeze possibily for them. I’m set like this for the game.
What were the sites where you could look at heavily shorted stocks?

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Just give it to me straight lads.

>> No.27176504


Suck it

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im in a similar spot, i dont think we are making money anon

>> No.27176687

both retard

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Hi I'm new to the stock market how many tendies can I buy with this?

>> No.27176946


>> No.27176969

They can have my shares at 1k.

>> No.27177057

trading212, revolut

>> No.27177074

wait for tomorrow and wall street opens

>> No.27177116


>> No.27177133


This is CTRM and it’s big: https://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NASDAQ/CTRM/short-interest/

Idk why they stopped mentioning this stock but just in case I went in.

>> No.27177138

What day do you think it is?

>> No.27177171

make the account already in the service you like, and buy after the dip of tomorrow at the morning.

>> No.27177194


>> No.27177243

we have all week to pump this baby. shorts end thursday i think. monday needs to be a big pump

>> No.27177252

I will as soon as you livestream your suicide :^)

>> No.27177322

when i make fat stacks off my amc shares duh

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Can we get through this week without more dirty tricks bros? Had a phenomenal week despite the shitshow.

>> No.27177401

i picked up 77.7 shares and im hodlin

>> No.27177420

t. Biden

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To all subjects of /biz/. My name is Anon.
I'm using the power of gainz to address all of /biz/'s subjects.
The hardening of all hands present on /amc/ has come undone, and all fingers entrapped within them have started kvetching.
My objective is to protect the people of /amc/, the place where I was born and raised.
However, the world wishes for the annihilation of the people of /amc/.
The hatred that has been swelling up for so long will certainly not end until not just the /amc/, but all of /biz/'s subject have been eliminated.
I reject that wish.
The gainz shall trample all stocks outside of this brokerage underfoot, until all bagholders existing there has been exterminated from this world.

>> No.27177525

not sure i recently woke up after drink in friday so no idea.

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In a fight, you never know if you’re going to win. That’s life. But those who only fight when they know they’re going to win, will never fight when it really matters.

Who here has never lost money? We idolize people who fight even when they know it will cost them their lives, so how can we give up when the most we will lose is some money?

This isn’t about fighting the system and winning. It’s about believing that you can. It’s a test, to see if humanity still deserves to live. Yes it may all be a trick, but did we fight? DID WE FIGHT?

Shills call this LARPing, like it’s not real. But LARPing IS real. We are all playing a role in life. I choose the role of the hero who struggles against fate and never allows himself to give up hope, and you are playing the role of the irreverant smartass who thinks he understands life just because he knows about some of life’s scams.

But the game is rigged against you shills, because the heroes are right whether they win or lose, whereas the shills are only right as long as they win. I get to spend my entire life as a hero, regardless of whether anyone else understands that. You get to live your life in comfort, but with no passion, outside of your hobbies.

Call it cope for not making it, but remember that if you were truly happy with your choice to sell out, you wouldn’t feel the need to ridicule people like me.


>> No.27177547

Resilience through the kikery is what will make big gains

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Can’t wait until I become an AMC millionaire

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I like to think of it like this, everyone was working all week, now they get to stay home for the weekend, lounge around, catch up on news. i believe we may see an influx of new investors because they are probably just catching wind of all this. fucking pump till your penis explodes.

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Buy High, Never selling

>> No.27177807

not to mention all the people who were using robin hood probably switching to other platforms who aren't limiting share purchases

>> No.27177813

You'd be retarded to go all in on this moonshot. I'm in for 2.5, but that's also under 1% of my portfolio

>> No.27177849
File: 47 KB, 640x427, 1610915851136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought I was fat with my 150 shares @ $17


>> No.27177883

cash out and buy a rope

>> No.27177907

Thanks for the link, anon. I’m gonna add to my position on Monday.

>> No.27177925

I got 300 shares. Feel me bro.

>> No.27178003

So are we just waiting for monday, or will be any news before that?

>> No.27178011

There are a lot of millionaires on reddit who are doing most of the heavy lifting.

>> No.27178088

yeah im locked into robbinghood atm, thinking about going in debt a bit just to pump more. hell thats what credit cards are for anyways right? get paid in a few days anyways. i just wanna burn it all. real talk fuck these guys.

>> No.27178146

>1 post by this ID
Not getting my stocks

>> No.27178160
File: 10 KB, 1022x98, reddit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't be like me, anon. I regret this purchase immensely.

>> No.27178214

Well, prepare to be debt free soon my friend, we are riding this squeeze

>> No.27178222

What website had a list of stocks overshorted?

>> No.27178244

My 6 shares will fling me tothe moon just you watch, but any profit is nice

>> No.27178271

No sympathy. It's your fault for not using the sugon method.

>> No.27178277


>> No.27178317


>> No.27178330

the answer is that you never should have been on RH in the first place, you plebe

>> No.27178386

I forgot I already posted.

>> No.27178440

300 brothers, at what price did you buy?
I am thinking about selling in the green and buying the next dip. Good idea?! I got mine at 14,2 $

>> No.27178446

nobody fucking knows

>> No.27178457
File: 100 KB, 801x1041, buy and sell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27178463

It will probably be one of the busiest times in years for security transfer between brokerages, and it's around 10 business days normally. Build up a pile somewhere else, by all means, but you need to keep them there if you plan to sell within the next few weeks

>> No.27178503

You have to go back to plebbit

>> No.27178527


>> No.27178625

never selling.
never settling, I want to hear them squeel.

>> No.27178687

To be honest, it should be at least twice as much as gamestop because how much cheaper AMC is.

>> No.27178693
File: 27 KB, 200x199, 1612028806752.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

653 shares in amc
Holding until it reaches 500-1000

>> No.27178711
File: 86 KB, 1401x671, amc_short.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

according to this, tuesday is going to be the most interesting day. Is there much potential after thursday? Only if they are willing pay interest on their shorts, did i get that right?

>> No.27178734
File: 343 KB, 1000x1271, 1475680504840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Brainlet here. What happens on Monday? Is there going to be a dip meaning to buy more shares? Or is it going to go up meaning you want to sell when it opens ASAP? I have 3.84 shares.

>> No.27178825


>> No.27178833
File: 653 KB, 3840x2560, 2660171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27178835

When I make this money, she'll finally notice me bros

>> No.27178840

if there's a dip buy more

>> No.27178845

>those prices
Didn't it close Thursday on 8.63? And holy fuck 2 bucks?

>> No.27178854

when did they update that chart?

>> No.27178861

I’m 40 in, I hope it goes to 500-1000 but I feel 60 max

>> No.27178877

why tuesday?

>> No.27178895

They're going to keep shorting it more the more that it goes up though, and keep driving upwards movement. That's their perennial strategy (if it's more overvalued, we short it more). So this is just the first leg up in my view. I'm nearly certain we go to AMC being shorted at more than float in a week or two.

>> No.27178985

Dont care about that CTRM thing but maybe the shorts covered already or something because that marketwatch link has data from 15th and this other website has data from 29th?
>GME and AMC short interest is going up
I understand the price, especially for GME, is poomped and will fall greatly at some point so there's big potential reward in shorting this, but who knows when it falls? What is more risky short term, buying these stocks or shorting them? Wouldn't it make more sense to start shorting once this actually starts falling and people shake out instead of now while they still seem stubborn about holding? I'm honestly not sure, someone smarter tell me pls

>> No.27178999

that is what people call a "coincidence"

>> No.27179015
File: 16 KB, 328x370, 1610920664316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just whatever you do, first buy an additional 0.16 shares so that you at least have 4 full shares you can turn in and go buy tendies with

>im serious

>> No.27179112

Only if you use the sugon method

>> No.27179150

Poor anon, days to cover doesn't mean what you think it does. I wish you guys took five minutes to learn what a short is.

>> No.27179189

AMC isn't even listed on Etoro though

>> No.27179197

Doesn't that mean all those shorts are safe?

>> No.27179255

meaning they are willing to pay crazy high interest?! So this will be a long time stare-down?
Possible, they might think that us wagecucks need these invested Dollars to pay our rent and play the long game. Might actually work, if people lose interest

>> No.27179337
File: 71 KB, 467x768, 1611955222088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since I reached 100k gains late last year
been holding for month average being 2.94
Me too anon
If it reaches 1k I'm going to reinvest all of it
300,000 reinvested between graph, link, american airline, carnival cruise, altria, Roblox (when it releases), and AMC when it dips
300,000- taxes hopefully less
remaining myself and my wife.

>> No.27179371

SNDL and CTRM aren't showing up on the high short interest website.

>> No.27179390

Is that where she'll sugon my nuts after I get this money?

>> No.27179407

my man, that is why i formed my sentence as a question. Please enlighten me, if you are so inclined

>> No.27179442

isnt trading 212 kinda sus?

>> No.27179462

What is sugon?

>> No.27179509

Remember 14th Feb. Go ALL IN. To BTC

Watch Max Keiser's take on all this for inspiration.

>> No.27179575

which apps are cucked? Robinhood is a fucking scam this is ridiculous

>> No.27179579

> He thinks 100k is a lot of money lol.

You can't even buy a one story house in Hawaii son.

>> No.27179582

sugon these nuts and find out

>> No.27179606

explain yourself bagholder

>> No.27179656
File: 25 KB, 322x300, 1606426300887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought 60 shares at 18 when it was soaring and I was fucking seething when it dipped, but I bought 30 more when it was 7 along with some GME when it dipped under 300.

I really fucking hope monday makes me some money, this was stressful as fuck

>> No.27179704
File: 236 KB, 617x631, FaceApp_1611807640460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where did you get this from? Link?

>> No.27179779

Most aren't. Robinhood belongs to the hedge funds shorting all these stocks.

>> No.27179782

Imagine selling at a loss and not holding, what a retard

>> No.27179788

post a better woman and will give link.

>> No.27179814

Photoshop amateur hour.

That said, imagine the smell.

>> No.27179821

BTC is the SHORT SQUEEZE on FIAT. You want to really fuck over Wall St. We have to replace it FIAT. So bring your fat gains over to BTC after this. The word is big pump on the 14th.

>> No.27179838

shame because I'm barely 22 with no debt ;)

>> No.27179869
File: 434 KB, 677x405, 1611807362743.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27179904

They view it as the safest way to recoup their money. Think about how it works at a casino. If you call black on roulette and lose half your money, you can just keep doubling your money and calling black over and over again until you make back everything you lost. They know they'll make it all back inevitably because it has to come down eventually. But the game is that we're going to hold until they run out of money to keep doubling.

>> No.27179940

black girls are a lot of fun imo

>> No.27179947

> No debt
> Doesn't understand the concept of good debt that makes you more money.

I think we are done here.

>> No.27180000

>You want to really fuck over Wall St
Do you think I'm fucking retarded? Nobody with a two digit IQ is focusing on fucking over Wall Street we want to make money. Just wait until BTC moons by itself and stop shilling lmao.

>> No.27180010
File: 63 KB, 1024x576, 1611974238830m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're not him. But if you have link, great.

>> No.27180044

Define "everything"? Is this all of your life's savings?

>> No.27180064

now i get it, thank you. Tried that once at an online casino, did not go well for me...
Lets hope it has the same outcome for them

>> No.27180148

>Implying I'm going to need "good debt"
I'm already going to make it with graph and link
amc is just the foundation for my moon missions ;)

>> No.27180197

Well you see anon, the thing is ummm i don't have the link. Please don't be mad.

>> No.27180403

I bought 15 @ 16 a few days ago, am I a dummy?

>> No.27180433
File: 615 KB, 1200x2640, Screenshot_20210130_222708_com.brave.browser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What I'm trying to tell you is that this CTRM thing doesn't have high short volume, actually this marketwatch link is showing wrong number of shares outstanding so it actually wasn't high on 15th of January either, according to yahoo finance at least, pic related
Number of shares short went up 40x since December but it simply went from incredibly low to low

>> No.27180536

one more question:
So they are not buying at all?
Why would it rise then at all, what impact do shorts have at all on the current price? Does it only rise by the means of the common folk?

>> No.27180544

Lemme help you out with that, fren.

Original image: https://nypost.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/02/aoc-corona.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&w=1236&h=820&crop=1

There are artifacts from layer separation on the neck line. Heroic effort no doubt.

>> No.27180596
File: 170 KB, 1080x985, 1537291840430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bought from my bank since Etoro doesn't list AMC
>26%+ commision
>15 minute delay on market prices
>Unable to make a sell order over 20% of the delayed price
I fucked up didn't I?..

>> No.27180609
File: 1013 KB, 400x512, Jewfu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27180693

Does anyone know if you can cancel an asset transfer through fidelity? I fucked up

>> No.27180898

I'm holding.
If the squeeze doesn't work, I'll just let them sit until the lockdowns end or someone tries to buy them out.

>> No.27180906

>scammed by /biz/ again
This is my entire internet life
I'm 44

>> No.27180962

i have all my stocks on robinhood. is it possible to move them somewhere else?

>> No.27181100

one more time for you slow fren:

>> No.27181191
File: 338 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210130-213813_Trading 212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Britfag here, I used trading 212, this is the right stock isnt it? Seemed fine for me and I bought yesterday, wouldn't let me do GME on there though

>> No.27181192

WAIT, the next two weeks will have all the action. Probably the most exciting time for stocks in the next couple of years are happening right now.
If you transfer now you'll miss everything.

>> No.27181229

I qm planning to wait until I am positive on the stocks I have on robinhood and pulling that out and reinvesting It on webull!

>> No.27181263

I put some limit sells on my stocks at 21, you think it will realistically get there so I can move off RH to something else?

>> No.27181277

Checked, thanks fren. But I'm retarded and don't understand interest so much.

>> No.27181321


It is true they stopped trading GME and AMC in UK

>> No.27181341

realistically $30 by summer.
But this stock has a ton of MEME energy. It was the highest volume stock Friday.

>> No.27181365

That's the one yeah.
How long did it take to set up 212?

>> No.27181366

good job britfag you bought the right one. god save the queen

>> No.27181592

Not sure, wont be surprised if it is
Honestly cant remember my memory is broken, not that lkng though think a day or 2 if that, need passport or licence and national insurance number too i think
Checked, and thanks fren, would buy more but I'm a poorfag, maybe monday

>> No.27181683
File: 602 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210130-130826_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I a genius or retarded?

>> No.27181725

Anybody know? :/

>> No.27181772

I'd say you're just based

>> No.27181967

Why do we expect a dip? I'm wanting to get some amc stocks Monday but not sure when the best time to do that would be.

>> No.27182028

What? Those fucks. We PAY them to make you sell. What are they doing?! I WILL HAVE ANSWERS, ZACKS. WHICHEVER OF YOU IS RESPONSIBLE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING

>> No.27182297

good. buy gme which makes our dicks diamonds

>> No.27182346

That lists short percentage as 0??

>> No.27182426

theres no way AMC will make it, theyve already covered their shorts

>> No.27182477

Nokia and BlackBerry are probably not going anywhere any time soon, the meme swarm gave up on them already.

>> No.27182521

can you link proof

>> No.27182594

it was only 60% shorted and they all bought the dip
its over

>> No.27182611

His post count

>> No.27182643
File: 49 KB, 937x198, hmmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I win, and you lost the game.

>> No.27182657

Holding $AMC $BB $NOK $PLTR $AAL

Not selling

>> No.27182660
File: 146 KB, 740x961, A82E9D8B-092C-4204-850D-7A18981BE20C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Similar situation here. Together ape strong

>> No.27182691

People keep saying that the shorts are down from the 78% number that people keep citing and state that the data on this is old but never actually post anything about it. Can you actually post something so that we can verify?

>> No.27182791
File: 2.10 MB, 931x576, Jewery.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27182804

>trust me bro

>> No.27182811

This is what I've been worried about. Technically, you can't really short a company that is no longer dying and AMC paid off their debt and are no longer on the verge of bankruptcy as of Wednesday. It makes no sense for any hedge funds to keep trying to short so logically speaking they would have just ended up closing their positions at a loss and walked away.

>> No.27182840


Only 65, am I going to make it bros?

>> No.27182870

Why is $AAPL on the meme list?

>> No.27182926

>Technically, you can't really short a company that is no longer dying
what did he mean by this

>> No.27182936

This he probably sold at 11 on friday

>> No.27183002
File: 199 KB, 828x1792, 3C548181-AEB1-4F14-876B-66EA71AF3F3E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck the Hedgies. I will hold until we bankrupt the hedgies and start the 2021 financial meltdown.

>> No.27183038
File: 66 KB, 706x539, vlcsnap-2019-03-28-15h28m45s433-e1554622107724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>27182869 Meant to post this here what are your thoughts

>> No.27183043

Think of it this way. The market makers have a spread of calls and puts the way that a bookie does. The more these guys short it, the more that it momentarily devalues the calls, so when we take calls, the financial institutions have to buy up stock to have it on reserve in order to pay out on calls in the future, if the call ends up being in the money. The fact that the stocks have gone viral and commonfolk are buying like it's sliced bread only further ads pressure.

>> No.27183075
File: 3 KB, 118x125, 1605156913020s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who's selling on Monday to get their money back? This stock isn't going to 20$ again just admit it. Only ones thinking they are going to get rich off this stupid shit are actual normie retards on reddit. Unless you share the same IQ level as reddit trannies you should probably just aim to sell at open on Monday before it tanks.

>kike shill

Have fun losing money retards

>> No.27183086

People can (and do) short super successful companies like Apple. They just close their positions fairly quickly after dips.

>> No.27183106

What's the realistic target? $150, 200? Can it go even high that that?

>> No.27183112

Is Cashapp really good.

I sighed up for robinmeinmyhood 3 days ago and will uninstall when i delete cause i was told they sell data.
Cashapp doesn't do this right?
also how do i buy 1 stock. it keeps saying 1 dollar 10 dollars and other stuff?
what do i put

>> No.27183140

Fuck it I dont care anymore, not selling hodl hodl

>> No.27183163


>> No.27183237


>> No.27183263
File: 60 KB, 98x150, 2466DC21-3ED0-4A95-BE68-3EDAFBB11520.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only bought 6 shares cause poor but let’s go

>> No.27183286
File: 639 KB, 1637x1222, 4sxcysm8h1e61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

According to this website:
Current short interest is 78.97% (it says in the bottom it was updated on 29th of January)
Few days ago when it had older data, it was actually lower, pic related
Wouldn't it go lower if shorts covered?

>> No.27183302
File: 83 KB, 1280x720, 1570956846087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post hedgie COPE

>> No.27183324

Nobody can make an accurate estimate because it relies solely on how many people are gonna hold and if there's not a massive market manipulation strategy cooking at this very moment.

>> No.27183339

I have 53$ set for 830 on Monday. Lessssss gooooo bros

>> No.27183363

I got BB at 25 and NAKD at 3. I'm so fucking mad

>> No.27183489

The rationale that I've heard for that is that the update marker means that that was the last time they scraped the NASDAQ datasets for information, but that those datasets are only updated on a monthly basis and are thus not representative of the current nature of the stock.

>> No.27183622

Actually if what you said about it being lower earlier is true and your pic is genuine then that doesn't even matter. Hopefully that really is from a few days ago as you say.

>> No.27183707

Why would the traders block all purchases of AMC stock then? If it's just a meme pump under normal circumstances they shouldn't have felt a need to 'regulate the market'.

>> No.27183718

Hodl. Worst case u go long until amc fully recovers

>> No.27183724

not selling

>> No.27183794

Ahh a fellow fidelity chad

>> No.27183825

Financially it would be in my best interest to sell at the inevitable meme pump on Monday and buy back in on the dip

>> No.27183878

I’m hoping for you anon, and all of us. Wgmi

>> No.27183996

Which site is correct? Marketbeat lists short percentage as 0 for AMC?

>> No.27184113

Last week, the order percentage was at 69% and the sold percentage was at 31%. In fact, AMC was the number one order stock for last week.


>> No.27184131
File: 845 KB, 1200x2640, Screenshot_20210130_231622_com.brave.browser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This website is updated weekly, on Friday after close, I think. You can look at the biz archive if you don't believe this screenshot.
So yeah - what do you think in this case? shouldn't this number go down if shorts covered?
I really don't know much about how it works, I'm good at looking up data but not so good with interpretation.

>> No.27184270

So you are only buying half a share?

>> No.27184294

Big brain post here.
The amount of Kvetching over people Buying AMC is enough for me.

>> No.27184337


AMC are out of debt and are one of the fastest rising stocks due to us retards. If this corona nightmare ever ends, people need some long overdue entertainment from a respectable trusted brand embedded in american movie culture.

Just keep hold of them, there is no urgency to sell.

>> No.27184580

I bought it at 13$. That is a little over 4 shares

>> No.27184584
File: 2.04 MB, 2500x2500, 1611972220604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we are winning

>> No.27184629

You guys are worse than Q believers kek. Going to suck for you all when it tanks to 3 dollars. Imagine thinking you can beat a kike at their own game

>> No.27184739

They lost 600m but are still 5.4b in debt.

>> No.27184766

thanks fren. I thin i am hooked.
I already set up my wallet and will start trading coins too very soon. Why does nobody talk about mining on here btw?

>> No.27184776

guys...I'm begging

is cash app really better. I wanna switch but i keep getting nothing. How do i buy a full stock on it

>> No.27184843


new when this one hit limmit

>> No.27184894

nibba first of all marketbeat has data from 15th of January, just ignore that website
I'd have to do more research to figure out if that website with high short interest stock actually has legit data, but well people have been using it as a reference a lot during all this GME/AMC bullshit that's going on

>> No.27184961

AMC market share alone surpasses 4 billion dollars, not including assets.

>> No.27185049

amc chads i got 24 dls from my father

time to buy or wait for another dip?

>> No.27185234

I walked past a restaurant today and they had one of those chalk board displays on the sidewalk and it said "you cant buy stocks but you can still buy beer"

I've walked past people and caught snips of conversation about what a short squeeze is and how amc got rid of their debt

3 friend last week asked how to get started buying stocks or told me how much GME BB NOK they bought

the streets are abuzz I've never seen anything like it once this plays out I think I'm gunna move most of my portfolio into cash available to trade and just lool for cheapies

>> No.27185421
File: 57 KB, 1005x677, YEAAAH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm selling half of my five hundred shares when it peaks, then rebuying when it dips, same as always. I'm playing with their money now anyways, my money was out on Wednesday with a 3x profit after taxes.

Make sure you put the stocks in your name so the short-sheisters can't "borrow" your stock to float.

I like the stock.

>> No.27185441

Check out the stats here:

IT seems to be bretty close to https://www.highshortinterest.com/

>> No.27185835
File: 181 KB, 768x1024, TempleHat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

YOU are FINE. On Monday you'll be able to sell your position and rebuy the dip if you want back in with your money out and keep playing with THEIR MONEY.

Wash ,rinse and repeat as needed.