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Paper handed faggots.

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everything is crashing you fucking retard

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Just buy the dip you double nigger

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>lto crabs
>btc dumps
>lto dumps
>btc recovers
>lto crabs
rinse and repeat down to 10c

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Kek, spoken like a true bagholder. Most defi coins are pumping hard

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Just sold half my stack to put it into donut, once that meme coin has mooned to andromeda I am putting all the gains back into LTO. Gotta take a risk for the chance at a huge make it stack.

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One link marine did the math.


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comfy af LTO thread wgmi 10k is make it stack

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Ill be holding and leasing this forever, for potential passive income if it decides to start mooning.

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18k leasing here COMFY

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The numbers are there for all to see.

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>10k is make it stack
not even a suicide stack

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What's suicide stack?

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Make it stack 55k


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What does it matter? Why hold LTO if not for the long term?

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It's an interesting thing - I hold a decent amount of LTO and I'm not worried at all that it's down to 20c now. Still comfy.

I'm confident about this project and I know for sure it's a matter of time it's starts mooning.

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god this trash moves fast
fellas better get their portfolio packed fast
I’m rather go for xsn with their Layer2 DEX, top staking protocol and tpos algorithm rather go for this trash

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10K is definitely a suicide stack. Can even be a make it stack if you’re willing to HODL for a years. LTO easily has the ability to reach $100 in 5-10 years.

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sorry bro, lto time will come and I dont wanna miss out

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It might go 1$USD EOY, but beyond a retarded bull run it will not go up to 5$ in the next few years

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Diamond hands not required for LTO


The 6k bot is an accumulation tool!

WHO owns it?

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Didnt sell anything
The dip was binance algos fuelling bitcoins pump to 37k.
Should flow back quite hard soon

Nigger talking about patterns
LTO's price movement:
5 , 15 , 10, 27, 20 .......
continue the pattern brainlet

Sounds like XRP SCHIZO instead, but based

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Number patterns are easier to see when you zoom out.


Narratives change.

Pumps die.

TXs fly!

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Am I the only one here who rates pic rel as big potential?
No one ever talks about the 2021 roadmap for LTO, big new use case.
KYC for business defi
This is an investment , LTOs not for impatient pump degens

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This is me in 5 years

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Hi fags,

lease your LTO to https://xeno.finance

don't be a pajeet.

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The math says otherwise.

/biz is not what it used to be.

Have you ever been paid to pay a bill?

old /biz wouldnt need to wait until Q3 to have an epiphany.

The numbers work above 5$ not below.

How many LTO available right now?

"Tell me and i forget, teach me and i may remember, involve me and i learn" Benjamin Franklin.

Screenshot for POSTERITY.

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I fucking love this token
Strongest fundamentals
Best tokenomics and business model
>Partnered with IBM, United Nations, AIRBUS, Dutch and Euro gov bodies. Already paying and using the service.
>What if the price affects clients badly
If price gets too high for clients,
Transaction fee gets lowered keeping it as affordable for them as it is,
while holders benefit from high prices
>You hold the same token as the clients
The increasing number of transactions will pump staking rewards

Liking the schizo posting, but get rid of the reddit spacing. You don't need 2 new lines every time

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I literally can't tell if you are trying to promote LTO or FUD it

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This is probably my most comfiest hold.

LTO is a based Dutch Oven
Shit skins
Bug people
Oil mongoloids
And plenty more about to go in this Dutch oven and will be fucking paying me.

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put the redditors and jannies in there too I beg of you based Oven operator

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= 2 lines.

"The answers are easy if you have the right questions." Haresh Sippy.

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kek isnt Dutch oven when you fart and cover another person under the blanket?
Did that too my gf once, she still brings it up sometimes

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No, you're just hitting it twice
like a newfag from reddit

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"A joke is not a thing but a process, a trick you play on the listeners mind. You start him off toward a plausible goal, and then by a sudden twist you land him nowhere at all or just where he didnt expect to go" Max EASTman.

The epiphany is in the math.
The math is in the questions.
Make it "stake" 55k.

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what math,
you talking about number of transactions, amount staked , revenue.. or what?

>make it stack is the stack I'm holding

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Cross faded Dutchie

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watch and learn.
This is how you lose half your stack

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maybe he's talking about the DREP partnership.

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Not much math there yet
CEO mentioned 20 bil mcap outlook in ama regarding digital ids tho.

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I'm gonna PnD that shit to buy more LTO stay mad

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You will have no need to ever sell your stack.
I cant do the math for you.
I play fair.

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Layer 2 dex
What a bunch of buzz words
Into the lcx rbc pile of shit it goes

We will live off staking returns

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Ahh feels good to finally be getting some LTO action with all the newcomers seeing its potential. Welcome frens don't forge to lease to /biz/ node if you have less than 100k tokens.

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I like the way you think.
DREP is just a small piece of the puzzle.

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Might have to sell once it goes proof of work in a few years, no?

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55k LTO to make it and live off of the staking returns. I got u

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The math works.
The math doesnt work below 20 Bil MC.
The math cant and wont fail.
Mathematically impossible.

How many LTO available right now?

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It’s not going proof of work.

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Once you’ve bought the coins on binance, how do you lease them?

Also do you think it’s worth selling some link to buy LTO?

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Bought the dip today, wgmi

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Hey brother I or no other anon can't make that decision for you but what makes the LTO Dutch Oven great for me is that you won't get cucked buy big business like the stonk market.

They'll actually be paying you as a LTO chads to use the service.

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>Go to https://wallet.lto.network/
>Create an account and transfer your LTO to the wallet
>Go to lease tab and specify amount to lease
>Select node to lease to, preferably /biz/node Xenon

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"Between top 100-200 we are worst performers last 7d. hows that possible knowing that 95% are useless there. its like someone is doing it on purpose"

Copied form LTOnauts, Telegram.

They havent done the math yet, this is why they are confused.
How many LTO available right now?
Is the 6k bot to provide liquidity??

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LTO is comfy af

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The baba cugs of lto

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Binance algos and 270 mil

>> No.27172605


also since you bought on Binance you're gonna have to use bridge first on wallet.lto.network and you will choose BEP-2 to LTO MAINNET and it will generate an address for you to send to.

>> No.27172743

no you don’t, just transfer using lto network, binance does the conversion for you.

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Dont give such advice
Nice way to get your funds stuck
Binance supports mainnet wallet , you choose LTO when withdrawing

What 6k bots?

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"Theres a small group who can do the math. Theres an even smaller group who can explain it. But those few who can do both, they become Billionaires" Bobby Axelrod.

This will all resurface in approx 15 months.
the synchronicities will astound you.
How many LTO available to buy on exchanges right now?

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SORRY I stand corrected!

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Are you referring to the binance wallet, which is around 52-53 mil?
In 15 months LTO will go parabolic,
Number of transactions will outpace amount staked by far, exchanges getting dry

The bridge is needed for erc20 uniswap LTO

>> No.27173779

So how many LTO do I need minimum for "staking" or whatever that is, I'm poor

>> No.27174054

There's no minimum afaik, but there's a 1LTO fee for leasing.

>> No.27174128

LTO will be one of the most important things for DeFi in the future.

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Just lease, any amount.
Staking is running your own node and server.
Choose Xeno it's the biz node
Leasing you delegate LTO to a node, the eltos stay in your wallet and is safe.

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sorry, I'll throw in some gains after fantom reaches 1$.

>> No.27174427

If ADA can reach 30B MC in a bull run with their vaporware at the time, LTO should easily reach that in a bull run.

>> No.27174428


see this post: >>27162370
Also wish this would be discussed more. Tired of all the price talk, anons need to realize what it is they are holding.

>> No.27174458

So I buy on binance with BTC and where do I go next, do I need a wallet?

>> No.27174538

Now you just need to do the math.
"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being" Carl Jung.

Have you ever been paid to pay a bill?

>> No.27174583

LTO mainnet wallet
create a wallet, save the seed and test relogging before sending money. Choose lto as withdraw from binance.
You lease from the wallet

>> No.27174732

Thanks frens

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>Have you ever been paid to pay a bill?
No, doesn't make sense

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Whut? There's no proof of work coming, druiloor.

>> No.27174897

If i were a gambling man id bet it would be /x who figures it out first. They do like their synchronicities.

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This is heavily overlooked. LTO is investment to earn from companies using LTO. Not to grab cash from the next person putting money in. Stake is where the cash is. #passiveincome

>> No.27175071

The current economy you live in doesnt make sense yet here we are.

>> No.27175165

I hope no parabolic. But steady x2 growth every month. Oh wait, that is parabolic! 15 months is way too slow. Will do it before that.

>> No.27175389

LTO will build DIDs (Decentralized Identities) as a structure for DeFi. It will function as an oracle across all chains (through LINK) for DeFi. Enabling institutional money to enter DeFi more easily as they require KYC doing business by law. Every blockchain will be able to use LTO to solve their DID problems, bringing massive adoption transactions to LTO Mainnet.

>> No.27175531

Proof of importance?

>Have you ever been paid to pay a bill?
Does this refer to the clients of LTO, or LTO the company in some way? I'm somewhat psychotic myself, just a bit slow

>> No.27175610

It would seem LTOnauts now moves faster than /biz.
Will they do the math!

>> No.27175641

Will you shut the fuck up already.
t. LTO millionaire

>> No.27175778

old /biz would be working on it buy now.

>> No.27175810

LTO is also going to be used to keep track of security clearances in area 51 and is supposedly made out of alien tech..... don't you want to own some alien tech anons ?

>> No.27175860

Maybe you're just attention seeking?
Wait 15months to see what happens,
yea lto will go up in price no shit

>> No.27176509

schizos will be predicting pumps based on the moon and gangstalker activity and still outperform you by a wide margin

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Leased Prof of Importance will be less beneficial for hodlers (though not devastating, simply lower APY), so it will not get through the node votes as long as the community holds the nodes. Once more companies have their own nodes and control 80% of the consensus we could see that implemented. But that's a long way from now and the price would be way higher to push for such a move on mainnet. LTO Team even said that it's something that shouldn't really be mentioned on the roadmap or calendar as it is highly dependent on token price and adoption success.

So, maybe in the far distant future.

>> No.27176649

And so just to be clear: Proof of importance is still Proof of STAKE. Not Proof of Work. but POI skews the balance of rewards slightly toward those nodes doing a lot of activity. Meaning community nodes will get less rewards, but NEVER no rewards.

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So living from passive income it is.

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LTO is a SEX token

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why are you shilling thios ? dont u know /biz/ knows this scam has been exposed already?
-all pajeet team
-no use case
-no customers

>> No.27177060

kek LTO is unfuddable

>> No.27177084

Has anyone ever thought about what APY one can expect with ETH staking?! They predict around 10% if you run your own node... but that's without thinking about inflation. ETH can be created. With inflation it's about 3-4%.

LTO already gives 6-8% APY... on a DEFLATIONARY total supply. If more people buy and hold, APY will lower a bit, but eventually all that can be staked is staked... while growth continues and APY starts to rise and rise and rise. People will want in on that. Buy LTO for higher prices. Companies need LTO to run their blockchain solutions, they will buy for higher prices. And the total supply keeps dropping. Now at 10K LTO burned per day. Next year? Who knows! 20k burned per day? 40k?

Do the math.

>> No.27177181

I never shill. I fucking educate (not to confuse with educate fucking)!

>> No.27177377

Say do the math again , I dare you

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Fucking do the math for me
At which point are the exchanges and liquid supply dry

>> No.27178026

An alien sex token made with alien tech

Don't you want to fuck aliens with alien tech ?

>> No.27178071

With the deflation what’s stopping LTO from not becoming too expensive to do transactions with eventually and everyone moving to a similar crypto that offers the same services but cheaper? Inflationary tokens would be worse for holders but better for businesses right?

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>no customers
Literally has the United Nations and the Afghan government as a customer. The single biggest partnership/client in all of crypto!

>> No.27178104

This is true. Can confirm

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>What if the price affects clients badly
If price gets too high for clients,
Transaction fee gets lowered keeping it as affordable for them as it is,
while holders benefit from high prices


He's our regular fudder, pretty funny guy ngl

>> No.27178419

Nodes have consensus. They can vote the LTO amount needed for a transaction down. Which will be needed to keep adoption going, but it will be accompanied with a price increase, so I don't think people will mind at all. You'll see some balance swings of course finding new equilibriums, and then move up again as adoption picks up again.

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Dutch team, better than jeets or chinks.
But could they kike us?

>> No.27178949


>> No.27179223

You started the math, who will expand on it?
My moneys on /x.
Maybe /pol.

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File: 1.97 MB, 1468x1760, 1611957717221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck I get it.
The integrators and clients hold more LTO than they need.
They pay their bills with LTO but as LTO groes their wallets are also getting fatter or what?

>> No.27180457

I see you are putting some thought into this, thought and a calculator is all that is required to do the math.

"It always seems impossible until its done" Nelson Mandela.

You will revisit this page one day and smile.

>> No.27180684

Shut the fuck up

>> No.27181142

Its how it has to be. I play fair.

>> No.27181300

Early adopters will have LTO to keep paying txs, but unless they buy A LOT, their nodes will not get a lot of rewards. Biggest client node currently is 1.2M, which includes tokens for transactions. They're on place 24 of the nodes rank.

>> No.27182045

There's not a lot of numbers for any kind of crunching. How do you factoring in the clients on boarding and buying?
Let's say just e.g. LTO fails to get any new clients , your math fails then?

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Collab with stinky linkies
I'm guessing this is decentralized ids related?

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File: 67 KB, 745x589, 1611901333728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>do the math.
>mfw doing quifs

>> No.27182316

quick mafs*

>> No.27182617


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File: 2.14 MB, 1384x1867, 1612002976756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Suicide stack holder here.
In for the long game on this one...

>> No.27183198

alright faggots, i'm in and bought 55k. Is this enough to make it

>> No.27183242

most of this is known to people who DYOR on LTO tho
Not so much to these price speculators
The thing about /x/ riddles is they are normally something we don't know yet

>> No.27183280

lease and yes

>> No.27183502

lease it pronto! don't just hodl. >>27170683

>> No.27184428

The math works with current clients, its why LTO has value. The math works better in everybodys favour with a bigger client base and higher market cap. Maybe one or more of their clients/prospective clients has already figured that out.
The math cant fail, it can only get better.
There will be no 6 figure hell for anybody in LTO, it will be a comfy stress free ride.

Math will do what it does and push LTO into the top 20 market cap without any shilling, engineered pumps or manipulation of any kind.

"My method is different, i do not rush into actual work, when i get an idea i start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements and operate the device entirely in my mind." Nikola Tesla.

>> No.27185150

DIDs is in there yes. Maybe Chainlink has figured something out.

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File: 72 KB, 888x768, IMG_20210112_194832_397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok so I'm guessing your math is a factor of
- tokens burning
- apy increase
- increasing nr of transactions
- retail buying lto?
- some kind of big accumulation going on from clients

Which should send the price...
Idk what else there is to it, already did my research which is why i hodl and lease.

>> No.27186156

"The thing about /x/ riddles is they are normally something we don't know yet".

I chose to bring it to /biz first, better with numbers. /x better with words. Maybe it will take both boards to do the math.

>> No.27186682

Maybe it wouldn't get as much attention as in an LTO thread. LTO is not even that popular here on biz. Why would anyone go through the trouble for research on a coin they don't know nothing about. Only spoon feeding here

>> No.27187014

The math is a factor of numbers and words. Your words are relevant as are the words i have used.

>> No.27187732

9k stacklet here, wagmi bros

>> No.27187859

"Why would anyone go through the trouble for research on a coin they don't know nothing about."

Nobody knows anything much about any coin until they start to research it. People will research many coins in their attempt to make it.
LTO requires a deep deep dive, its why i came to /biz, /x will help. 50/50 on pol.

>> No.27189191

bullish as fuck if this make belief fud is the only thing people have been able to come up with so far. too bad most of my money is tied up already and i'll have to satisfy myself with the tiniest of bags on this one

>> No.27191600

hhhhahahahahaha this piece of shit is crashing hahahahaha

>> No.27192383

Obvious accumulation.
At a guess somebody did the math around christmas time.

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