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this board is fucking dead

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Im hiding and staying away 'till reddit and /pol/ are gone again. Fuck this board right now.

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The reddit kids were too loud with the dog. Everybody left. Now it's sleepy time.

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Why aren't we pumping...

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we are shutting the fuck up and you should too

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This. Don’t be a child.

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sell and buy back at 14 $

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reminder, buy every link dip

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Waiting for the 16th =)

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Any worthwhile Link discussion has moved to twitter now

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still holding, selling at $80, rebuying $20

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Here but christ let me sleep in on the weekend ree

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Because the bullrun got interrupted by a gamecube blockbuster and a norman financial mutiny.

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Linkies have not yet learned how to embrace their Schwabish roots. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Link is not going to be the monolithic sergeyposters that they once were in the last decade. The Schwablord is going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Chainlink to make. They are now going into a Schwab mode, and schizos will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Chainlink will not survive.

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>he's still holding LINK

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Yeah because I absolutely love it here now that you have to compete with fucking Reddit nigger newfags screaming about doge

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Everyone is chasing shitcoin pumps. This is accumulation time. Don't know how long it will last but my gut says about a month.

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Sold and bought GRP the google of crypto new link

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LINK already peaked, it won't go above $25 ever

Sell before this shitcoin crashes

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hiding since their leader sergey increased their weekly dumps by 50% to 1.5 million

id be embarassed too

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>doesn't already have his stacks

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never selling

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holding LINK is pain.

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Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

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Based. Same.

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Bought like 10 link randomly 2 years ago. New job, more income, and im looking to diversify with some crypto. Im not looking for quick flips more long term vesting. Hows the growth looking for this 5 years from now?

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I only have 1 link I bought in yesterday :\

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only 75 link

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We never left

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Gotta start somewhere senpai, its what you do with it that matters

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I don't care about shilling this shit to newfags, they're already priced out forever. They are weak handed brainlets anyway.

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How does $81,000 sound?

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>watched link do 100x
>the memes died out as they all cashed out and became normies

It's better to meme and live than make it and die.

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surfing the aave/ uni/ sushi waves, brah

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these newfags flooding the board also barely understand key concepts about even bitcoin and blockchain in general so its almost completely impossible to even shill anymore on this board kek

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its pooompingg

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>he didn't bought bags of retarded meme coins before the bullrun and stupid money phase

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sold everything for doge

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we're laying in wait

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Honestly I was the same when I got in in jan 2018
I was literally googling 'what coins do I buy'.
After about a month of full time reading I went all in on link and set myself on accumulating

a year later I learned about SNX, that taught me about UNI, AAVE Rune, etc and the rest is history. Now I'm a big dick chad pushing a 7 figure stack around.

I just hope the smarter people getting sucked into this market see the light, but popping back in here I am not confident about it.

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I dumped that garbo at 22 sensing the pump was over. holding all those gains in xrp. Chinklink is meh and its technology was already patented decades ago

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I fear this as well. Seems like the average crypto investor is just as dumb as in 2018.

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The cycle will keep repeating itself as long as btc sticks to the meme chart

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>dumped link for xrp
opinion discarded

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I realized how dumb it is to invest into fundamentals and not hype.

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OG ICO buyer here, this whole "Marines" shit was always cringe, worst link meme by far that was stolen from DGB. twitter ran it to the ground and link is now a normie coin. I'm still holding of course but no need to create memes, research breadcrumbs, endlessly watch Sergey speeches anymore.

I'm sure most people feel the same, we're just waiting for the singularity at this point

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I literally read about someone saying that people should stop mining Dogecoin to increase the price. Really hope it was some troll

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I understand better why I hate those who say that 1k is a make it stack.
They make me want to sell.

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lmao you think it will grow to 81$ some day


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This. Based.

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arguably even dumber, many of those guys are rich now

I lean this way. My big thing is that yield farming, which was enabled by LINK providing offchain data, will take away the Fed's printing press. THere is no way they can keep rates suppressed when there is an uncensorable free market for return on capital. Who is going to buy a 30 year treasury when you can get 10% on AAVE or any competitor? Not many people really grasp the significance of this because anyone smart is turned off to the entire space because of faggot teenagers dumping doge on each other.

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based and redpilled
fuck newfags

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Can someone pump a mil into this so we can see GME 2?

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Its not about that. Its about keeping plebbit fags and normies out. When the happening happens its important that our creed rises to the top with as little normies as possible.

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>He doesn't know

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based. i was the same so I think we have a month until a certain percent of these newfags wise up and the real pump begins.

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sorry this is a free market without third parties being very effective at controlling and manipulating it. If anybody would pump LINK now, it would come crashing down by the force of 1000 suns and nobody could do anything against it. If you want the golden cage and the crumbs >>>/w/sb

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id give it like 4-5 years but yea

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>Fed’s printing press
Link will be behind CBDCs worldwide starting with China and Canada and Singapore

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This is a big brain comment. Newfags listen up.

Sergey has predicted that the key to adoption and the most obvious first step is when people start ditching bonds and blue chip boomer 3%APY stocks in place for staking or yield farming at a guaranteed 10% APY. Right now things are still a little more risky because crypto is so new and unproven. But soon investors won't be able to hold themselves back.

It's honestly just a matter of time until Link takes over and that is the comfiest feeling in the world.

>t. 4k link micro stack but still feel good

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they're not going to be gone until the bull market is over. that's just how it works

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Last week Monday I said fuck it with link and turned my attention to gme. Wish I transferred my whole stack gme did what we’ve waited 3 years for in like 2 fucking weeks. Threw 80k in at $90 basis. Still holding my 50k linkies but desu it’s so tiresome we need some moment of gme fomo into link

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>Newfags listen up.
They aren’t reading this thread.

In the last 24 hours I’ve seen about 10 unironic posts from newfag tourists saying a variation of they invested their first $100 into Dogecoin and sold at $25 loss, numerous screenshots of reddit and twitter with thousands of engagements saying Dogecoin is going to $1 or even $10, and in general it seems that they’re trying to recreate the GME pump by forming pump and dump groups for loads of stocks and cryptos. The latest is XRP, they are trying to form a pump and dump group. They think because the GME pump was somewhat legitimate that it’s smart and a great idea to to try repeat it on meme coins ... THAT is the level of thinking going on right now.

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If I can help even one legitimate lad understand Link and achieve escape velocity from the shackles of wageslaving, that's enough for me.

You need to learn to ignore such obvious redditfags and casual browsers. They'll never truly take over this board. They come and go like the pump and dumps they chase.

There's always nuggets floating around, takes a skilled mind to find them.

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>we need some moment of gme fomo into link
1. No we don’t. I would rather we have sustainable long term growth than a huge pump and dump.
2. Link is in an unbroken parabolic uptrend for 3 years!
3. FOMO will come when staking is launched or any other normie friendly announcement is made, for sure.

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this. /pol/ and redittors are gay.

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Thank you

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>learn to ignore
It’s literally 99.9% of the board right now, it’s unprecedented. I wouldn’t mind so much if decent threads didn’t just get 404d.
It’s actually been kind of entertaining watching the newfags, more than rage inducing. Entertaining and terrifying because it’s the biggest sell signal I’ve ever seen. Is this the top? BTC could reverse trend for a few months before resuming the run to 100k

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Thank you trips of wisdom.

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It's Alt season. February is gonna be wild.

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You really don’t think this is the top? Biz is at ATH for posts right now. It’s almost exactly like 2017, btc is at “return to normal” on the meme chart while alts moon, next btc will crash to 7k and we enter another 3 years of waiting.

Posting something new from yesterday, Sergey is expanding on all fronts.

> We expect 2021 to be another year of record growth for the Chainlink ecosystem and our team. We’ll continue to deploy substantial capital across the ecosystem to support more great team members, blockchain integrations, additional tooling, services, data providers, node operators, individual developers, and dApp teams using Chainlink to consume off-chain data and events in their smart contracts

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If you're asking those sort of questions, you haven't figured out how cycles work yet.

And yes, learning to ignore and disengage from worthless posts is something you and many others need.

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I'm here. I won't have any discussion with you though. Fuck this board.

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I'm a TA fag. Bear with me. Every cycle had two peaks. Look it up on the monthly rsi, when it gets over 90%. The "fake" peak, and roughly six months later the "real" peak, BTC's monthly RSI is close, 84%, but we're not there yet.

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>If you're asking those sort of questions, you haven't figured out how cycles work yet
Oh please, everyone has seen the s2f chart. I’m trying to start a discussion by posing rhetorical questions you insufferable autistic cunt.

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i bought 120 linkies over a month ago. am i goin to make it ?

>> No.27156057

kek this
need my covfefe

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It's definitely a good start

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t. -

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This. I already know what I have, and am just here for the ride. Link is the comfiest hold in crypto.

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Does anyone else think it’s extremely strange that CBDCs are being announced at around the same time across the world?
Is the WEF Great Reset actually behind this?

>> No.27156666

>Yesterday the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) published its latest survey about central bank digital currencies (CBDC). Sixty central banks responded in late 2020. The headline conclusion is that central banks representing a fifth (20%) of the world’s population will issue a digital currency within the next three (3) years

>> No.27156677

no, post 1945 has been defined by a cabal of centralized IOs combining a weird mix of feudalism, communism and fascism, anybody who still wonders if everything is just a coincidence, back to /pol/ and lurk moar

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Where are we? Any of us that bought under a dollar are just sitting back and watching the inevitable happen which is 1000 EOY.

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and you should. Sell.

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>When the happening happens its important that our creed rises to the top with as little normies as possible.
Why? Wouldn't you want to instead shill this to as many normies as possible?

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you area brainlet shut the fuck up for your own good

almost too early, but anyone with a brain in finance will see it for what it is, not the tards dumping $100 in Doge.

uniroincally going to buy 100k nano and dump on these faggots as the fomo, I think that's about the level of understanding you'll get out of retail

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i sold all of mine for grt faggot

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We used to fud when link was 40 cents to keep out the retards
it’s a bit pointless at this point but old habits die hard I suppose

>> No.27157625

Unironically, looks like it's getting ready to move, but Link will move a lot more than that. Soon.

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They're too scared to show their faces and their bags in public.

>> No.27157771

Slowly gaining volume
The meme level entry fag for neets and poorfags is gone, therefore the LINK magic for this board is no longer relevant

>> No.27158250

I have a friend who is a PhD student at Harvard who just took a year off to work at Smart Contracts Inc. Sergey is hiring alot of people, maybe LINK isn't a meme

>> No.27158283

thank you. im kinda poor. i wanna spult my 12k savings into different investments but im still learning but im pump more into it among other ones in generL

>> No.27158287

Lmfao he doesn't know...fucking reddit newfags.

>> No.27158308

If you understand the tokenomics of link you will see that the token price will rise without any retail FOMO at all. The price as a function of network activity is all we need to hit $1000

>> No.27158321

I have been watching chainlink since 2018 and I am going to be able to invest in link only after the next 3 years, it is too late for me isn't it?

>> No.27158395

Yes. What's stopping you?

>> No.27158465

>shut the fuck up
Erm, why though? BSN is confirmed using link, BSN is confirmed to be making the digital yuan CBDB, ergo link will be part of China’s CBDC architecture. There are also bank of Canada crumbs if you search warosu. So no, I am not a brainlet for putting 2 and 2 together.

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You're not adding any value and no one is going to bother talking to you with your shit attitude.

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Already made it.

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Does anyone have any good resources to read on liquidity farming, staking, smart contracts, liquidity providers and all of these terms? This is very interesting but I find conflicting information everywhere. Anyway out of all coins link holders always are so friendly and knowledgeable.

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>Smart Contracts Inc.
They rebranded as Chainlink Labs though. Are you lying? What did your friend get hired to do?

They are posting their job openings on hundreds of recruitment websites. I’ve been searching for “Chainlink labs” to find crumbs like pic related and every day there are new job postings on those recruitment sites. Does anyone know if Chainlink labs has to post them themselves or are they just collected automatically? Does Chainlink labs have to pay to list them on these sites?

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Seems like someone is a little grumpy. I know PMS can be tough!

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No money and I'm studying for college here in Europe. I will have a steady income with which to invest in about 3 years hopefully

>> No.27158815

>It's Alt season
It honestly isn't alt season at all. It's just a few high mcap non-btc non-eth coins pumping, riding on the current GME/Robinhood memeshit fervor where tons of people made Coinbase accounts.

There's only a handful of low mcap alts that have mooned and that's not anywhere outside the norm.

>> No.27158927

Stop fighting, we’re all in this together not bickering like 14 year old girls

>> No.27158963

Finematics YouTube channel might be what you’re looking for.

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uni, snx, aave, sushi ... everything pumps and they have their platforms working as promised and after 3+ years, chainlink is still a price feed, nothing has been delivered beyond this for years. staking doesn't seem to be rolling out in near future (muh controlled staking, for what? which contract? eth/usd price feeds?), even if deco is implemented, who will be using it, ocr: what is the benefit for link itself (maybe arbiswap? who will move so much liquidity from uniswap and v3 is also coming, maybe with profit sharing and IL mitigation) they are so slow even with some reasonable meaningful things while everything is else constantly moving forward). I think it will be nice to teach kids blockchain 101 under unesco. what a joke.

>> No.27159059

B-but he started it mommy!

>> No.27159256

Alts are taking off, as BTC gains get cycled back into the system. And fomo takes care of the rest. I did't say this cycle is over, it's just taking off. When BTC's monthly rsi tops 90%, it's the first peak, and roughly six months later , the second,peak, after that, an alt season like Jan 2018 kickstarts.

>> No.27159380

>Alts are taking off
But they aren't. Like 5 of them have pumped because they were undervalued, like AAVE.
Most alts are still crabbing hard and the btc trickle hasn't taken hold at all.

>> No.27159407

OK. Mr. Genius breadcrumb finder

>Central Banks make digi moneyz. Me know Link work wit digi moneyz china. Me sos smart . Durr.

And people like you wonder why most oldfags don't bother posting and the board seems to be filled with redditfags and newfags. Yikes kek.

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One of the members of interwork alliance is the Blockchain research Institute.

>Decided to take a look at their list of partners
>See this
The BRI is comprised of more than 60 of the world’s leading enterprises, governments, and academic institutions.
>Scrill down
>See Canadian Flag
>BRI is partnered with Canada
>Just Canada, the country
“Blockchain is a great example of an emerging technology that Canadians are playing a lead role in developing. This research partnership with the Blockchain Research Institute will give Canada a globally competitive advantage in the development of this transformative technology.”
Navdeep Bains
Minister of Innovation, Science & Economic Development, Government of Canada”

>Mfw Chainlink will be adopted by the Canadian Government

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Tired of helping ungrateful faggots in this world. Got mostly good people on board over the years. Stealth mode activated from hereon.

>> No.27159644

> It's just a few high mcap non-btc non-eth coins pumping, riding on the current GME/Robinhood memeshit fervor where tons of people made Coinbase accounts
I actually agree. It’s just pump and pump discord tranny groups at a scale we haven’t seen before. The *entire* Dogecoin subreddit coordinated a mass updoot campaign yesterday to push their “buy doge it’s going to $1” shit to the rebbit front page, it still dumped though kek.

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Does USDC use link? BSN is a fucking meme, you don't need link to make a stablecoin. Retarded xrp schizo type thinking there.

>> No.27159767

Just listen to what anon said and please shut the fuck up for your own good. You're going down the wrong path.

>> No.27159789

Stablecoins have been a known usecase for Chainlink since inception, CBDCs are just a more complex stablecoin. You’re embarrassing yourself.

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>Link is in an unbroken parabolic uptrend for 3 years!
The link/btc parabola was broken was it not?

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>> No.27160035

Numerous stablecoins use Link, most recently PayPal’s Paxos uses link for proof of reserve. Also new OCC regulation hints towards banks adopting their own stablecoins. No reason to think some of them wouldn’t go the same way as Paxos/PayPal.

The WEF is also pushing for CBDCs. It’s really not such a stretch to suggest that Chainlink can be involved in this and looking for breadcrumbs is fun.

>> No.27160129

Erm why though? Just insulting me isn’t an argument for anything.

>> No.27160201

Crypto mcap went up like crazy, and BTC's dominance went straight down. That says money is flowing into Alts. They don't need to pump all at the same time,, that's only in the final phase of the cycle.

>> No.27160226

>all these people talking about small 25-50 Link stacks

........how many do yall have? I'm at nearly 2500

>> No.27160256

Do you guys smell that? It smells like *snniiiiiffffff* mmm, yes, it has the distinct aroma of LINK breaking $24 resistance soon

>> No.27160302

nope that’s been debunked

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>> No.27160379

“There is the risk that a CBDC — naively developed — will leak information in ways that people haven't anticipated. That's something that we'll have to pay careful attention to.“ - Ari Juels hinting at DECO implementation for CBDCs.

>> No.27160401

Paxos is not paypal. Their stablecoin existed long before they implement proof of reserve which is basically just a meme to get them more visibility. The market is fine with tether.

I'd encourage you to spend less time hunting for breadcrumbs and focus on stuff that actually exists and learning how to leverage that. Breadcrumb hunting and focusing on 'muh institutions' set me back millions of dollars.

Link works very well in decentralized systems. CBDC's are centralized by definition and don't really need smart contracts and thus, oracles. in fact I'd go as far to say as that'd be a detriment to what they hope to accomplish with them. In my opinion, what they roll out will look a lot like USDC does.

>> No.27160547


When Chainlink announces their part in some CBDC you faggots better apologise.

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LINK pumps via meme magick which only works when anons collectively hope for the growth of LINK. The recent meme stocks and DOGE hype have distracted anons from LINK so it's been flagging. Give it a few days and people will go back to reality warping LINK gains like usual.

>> No.27160720

Based and checked. Everyone giving reddit credit for GME but it has been mentioned as nauseous since feb last year

>> No.27160727

its back on track again

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>> No.27160846

I made this meme in early 2018!!! Love seeing one of mine get posted every now and then.

>> No.27160851

OK anon. The one time an a million anon actually gives you useful advice you choose to spit in his face out of hubris. Keep waiting on BSN. Maybe sit down and watch 20 hours of gay Salesforce Dreamforce cuckage like I did in 2018 hoping huge announcement based on some gay LARP you read on /biz/ while missing out on the greatest opportunity of a lifetime.

>> No.27160867

It’s either trolls or idiots, people have been babbling about gme in /smg/ all year
Wish I listened..

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It sucks being a poorfag. Can't capitalize with no capital

>> No.27160893

Link will pump if you get on twitter and reddit with genuine seeming normie named accounts and foster organic interest in it. People are sheep. Popularity follows the perception of popularity. Get 20~ people discussing link in a place with a lot of normie exposure, let them believe a pump is bound to happen for some believable technical reason, and you will make the pump by generating interest in a hypothetical possible pump.
Do your part. Be a high effort shill. If you have enough invested in a given coin it can pay like a full time job.

>> No.27160948

What’s this opportunity we’re missing out on?

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Never sold. Steaking will come, the *real* network will come, and we will be vindicated.

>> No.27161090

How does 44,000 us dollarinos sound?!

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What's the difference between LINK and ETH?

BTC is large for obvious reasons. Lightning network and LTC have some uses, too (mainly speed). XMR and ZEC have privacy. ETH is for contracts. What the fuck does LINK do that ETH can't do with contracts already?

>> No.27161182

Nice larp, what’s this “opportunity”? Let guess, you’re not going to say what it is because of gay reasons. Or this is an elaborate shill for GRT/AVAX lmao.

DECO will be implemented for CBDCs. Just wait.

>> No.27161184

He'll never learn anon. Just let him simmer. He doesn't deserve it anyways. Funny how you can tell a lot about someone by reading a couple of their comments.

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LINK MARINES? You have your buy signal.

>> No.27161213

>buy back at 14 $

What day?

>> No.27161223

I would agree but not after the recent happenings. People would likely see LINK as another immediate pump and dump get rich quick scheme and crash it into the dirt the moment the first price correction happens.

>> No.27161283

It’s an elaborate shill for avax/GRT, ignore him

>> No.27161326
File: 105 KB, 468x288, sergeymcduck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love seeing bears getting liquidated

>> No.27161361
File: 15 KB, 480x360, sminem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


2019 stealth mode again

>> No.27161415

the killer app of blockchains is pooled liquidity
after that permissionless and uncensorable yield in a world of suppressed rates

niggers are dumping meme coins on each other or praying for the government of china to pump their bags when they've been handed the magic bullet to end world Jewry for ever.... not many understand this

>> No.27161501

Fucking blasphemous that none of you newfags are checking those digits. Scum. Checked.

>> No.27161506


>> No.27161533
File: 24 KB, 112x112, 1611864377209.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pretty gud

>> No.27161577

LINK is strong on technical merits which give it good support. If there was a huge pump and dump it'd fall to $18~ and recover. The normie influx wouldn't dissuade true believers.

>> No.27161640

Stratera shill

>> No.27161657

>selling link for xrp
Really smart move anon
Make sure to add some bsv to your stack as well.

>> No.27161672

Hello everyone, I'd like to formally apologize to every link marine on this board. I bought at $12 and sold at $18, right before it pumped to $23. I will NEVER, EVER doubt Chainlink again, and I have just bought 40 more LINK. I kneel.

>> No.27161698

link marines are on a stealth op right now

>> No.27161731

Honestly, I get it. I was the same way. I bought link because I believed biz larps and breadcrumbs. I didn't understand anything on a deep level and filled in the gaps in my knowledge with superstitous beliefs about institutions and backdoor government plots. It took a good year to snap me out of it, but once link went on mainnet and started pushing feeds I got a clear picture of where it was going and what was going to happen.

And it all happened. I still hear people talking this 'DECO is gonna change the game' as if they have an earthly clue what the fuck they are talking about. It's the same shit XRP bagholders do. Meanwhile, in the real world, gamechanging products are being built on LINK and delivered to the public.

>> No.27161738

can you link to one of the job adds?

Anyone know more about link recruitment, I'm also interested

>> No.27161770


>> No.27161789
File: 63 KB, 470x514, imastinkylinkiyah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reporting in

>> No.27161807

it ends tonight. we go stealth now.

>> No.27161936
File: 38 KB, 582x527, B2F834E9-7B0D-4049-BD24-FA2B4AE214C8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27162002

Same and based. This board is infested.

>> No.27162036

>'DECO is gonna change the game'
Isn't DECO the Chainlink privacy tech they're working on? Are you referring to DOracles, the obvious pajeet scam?

>> No.27162104
File: 22 KB, 572x536, 1597458969136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checking in

>> No.27162156


>> No.27162338

Go back. Please. Just go back.

>> No.27162343
File: 203 KB, 800x1126, 1535544411392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can take any loss outside of my LINK stack and still feel utter comfy

Checking in boys

>> No.27162347

this is bearish. the moment crypto becomes too strong of a competitor to their (((market))) they will use the government to shut it down. politics is a real thing and they wont allow a revolution like this without government overseeing it and making sure their donators aren't hurt by it

>> No.27162385

OMG please just leave. Go and search Google and come back when you don't need to ask questions like that please

>> No.27162423

It is. But it's hyped up by people with literally practical understanding as being the next big thing, like threshold signatures were at one point. It's the 'god of the gaps' type thinking that you find in schizo bagholders. Typically you'll see them make stuff up like 'institutions are waiting to rush into link but they need rprivacy'. which is just made up bullshit. Avoid these people.

>> No.27162426

this implies they aren't in it already, the smart ones are backing projects like LINK

>> No.27162452

Secure inputs and outputs to and from legacy systems. Right now smartcontracts have a problem where they are very secure, but the data they rely upon is not. Using legacy api systems with blockchain would be like having a screen door on a submarine. Link is a system of protocols, incentives, and disincentives that ensure reliable and secure data can enter and exit the blockchain. This is absolutely necessary if smart contracts are to be used for real world activities where one or more parties has an incentive to be dishonest. So basically chainlink is the mechanism through which smart contracts are able to replace our current contract systems. Derivatives, credit default swabs, insurance payments, payroll, accounting, basically any transaction where a party has an incentive to be dishonest or delay payment. And because it’s automated and secure this means companies that spend money on employees or b2b services can cut that overhead out entirely. We’re talking an overhead reduction of more than ten percent. Businesses that don’t take advantage of these costs savings will naturally cease to exist.

>> No.27162500

You’ll need a time machine.

>> No.27162515

They can't shut it down anon. That is the point. Permissionless and uncensorable or it can't work.

>> No.27162542

>They can't shut it down anon.

that's not how the real world works

>> No.27162600

60k linker

>> No.27162621

unfortunately you are probably right
whether they will or won't is another matter

>> No.27162685

lurk more newfag
you cannot turn something like uniswap off
you're not saying anything profound, literally everyone building in this space recognized what you are saying from the beginning

>> No.27162690

Hey Newfags, this is the type of retard shit you should ignore. You’re welcome.

>> No.27162793
File: 60 KB, 800x510, D23630E2-2E99-4112-8747-EFAFA369DFEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the moment crypto becomes too strong of a competitor to their (((market))) they will use the government to shut it down
everyzing iz going according to ze plan
ze great rezet is upon us

>> No.27162799

Thanks for typing that out. Hm, still seem a bit sus to me, though, especially if the target market is large institutions needing the oracle. SWIFT is still used, ffs, and it's insecure as fuck (banks get rolled over with it all the time, especially in smaller nations). But SWIFT gpi is in the works (basically SWIFT 2.0), so why would banks and nations move away from a strong trust system they already have and are improving upon to a purely decentralized, secure oracle based system?

>> No.27162801

LINK has already mooned, moved on. all the og have sold and are well off.

>> No.27162846

keeping waiting on klaus and swift to pump your bags. tyler technolgoies will announce soon. let's livestream dreamforce again

i'm laffin at ur life

>> No.27162848


>> No.27162909

I know you’re an old fag trying to keep Reddit out, but stop being so desperate about it. 13 posts by this ID in a thread about a project you’re not all in on? Cmon now.

>> No.27162913

LINK will break $30 this year

>> No.27163012

Thanks anon just sold 10k link

>> No.27163013

/biz/ has always been blue /pol/, you filthy newfags. In the first place it's a spinoff of /g/, the second most /pol/ board after /pol/.

>> No.27163025

Based. Let me dumb this down so even the dumbest of idiots can understand. Think of how many times you’ve been screwed over. Doesn’t matter how small. You go to fix your car at the local Mr paneer mechanic - he said she won’t screw you and you have your doubts but you use the service irregardless. One month later your car breaks down and you’re fucked. You take it back to Mr Paneer and he saids - sorry sirs no sirs me no fix sirs and then you begin the lengthy process of trying to sort this bs out. Chain link solves this problem. I can’t be fucked getting into details but if you can’t see the ramifications of a system like chain link in a world where it seems almost everyone is trying to fuck you - you are going to get fucked.

>> No.27163032

Try $1000 you ignoramus.

>> No.27163087

When did I ever say anything against Link? I love Link, and I never sold, because Link+Eth enabled a stack where I don't have to, I hate fucking schizo breadcrumb hunting retards hyping up nothing burgers for the millionth time while missing the somethingburgers that are right in front of their faces.

>> No.27163142

Link will break $30 but not $31
Enjoy your "gains"

>> No.27163151


>> No.27163178

You are annoyed but these are the demographics that are entering the market. It shows how early you really are. The financial system is such a clown monkey wrench kids will have an easier time grasping blockchain concepts than boomers indoctrinated thier entire lives.

>> No.27163207
File: 102 KB, 589x658, 1609940771890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

somewhat ironically the fact that LINk is trustLESS makes it more trustworthy, moreso than legacy systems

consider why does Sergay have an autistic obsession with 'definitve truth'?

>> No.27163211

/pol/ hasn’t been the same board it was during /g/ in a long time. You are obviously out of touch. /pol/ is a fucking cesspool now.

>> No.27163356
File: 2.61 MB, 498x451, 1611794222947.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27163411

Well daum. I made a spelling error. Might as well kms now. Cheers Anon

>> No.27163493

Lmao! You can tell this board is so far gone people green texting grammar and spelling to win arguments.

>> No.27163586

1000 link reporting. Hunting for small fish. 2key looks like promising pnd. GrT might be good mid term. Amirite

>> No.27163596

same and i encourage other anons to do this as well. i'll be back mid-March or so

>> No.27163623
File: 48 KB, 680x652, 1609677631599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I filter a fuckton of threads and it feels the same as it was back in 2013. Methinks you weren't ever around for chocolate rambo or zimzam or any of the other golden age of /pol/ stuff, before the cuckening and the cheeto fuhrer era.

>> No.27163780

It's a start anon

>> No.27163834

They tried to ban Galileo. Welcome to the real world.

>> No.27163917

Itll do that in february. 2/16

>> No.27163933

2key was already pumped and dumped months ago when uniswap scams were first taking off

>> No.27164228
File: 343 KB, 1230x1120, 1581868237673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we're still early bros

>> No.27164233

Great start

>> No.27164332


>> No.27164369

if you have less 100k in crypto don't bother buyin link it mooned already.. move on.

>> No.27164370

If you have strong hands you will make six figures

>> No.27164371

lol of course thats what the mayor of Reno looks like

>> No.27164631


>> No.27164898


>> No.27165001
File: 15 KB, 912x217, d3e9efa40c8901b7af55bd035ea098ef.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I looked yesterday a bit around my local area (munich) and found this one:
You still could apply to it yesterday, but they seem to have found someone

>> No.27165404
File: 698 KB, 600x900, What Was That - A Chainlink Story.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27165785
File: 319 KB, 652x1280, 1583450932321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we are still here <3

>> No.27166264

more like $81k amirite?

>> No.27166799


>> No.27167001

Ok i'm getting really tired of waiting. WHEN is link going to cuck back down to 12.65? I've been waiting to accumulate for what feels like months now. I absolutely refuse to buy it at these retarded prices when all the charts and sentiment points to a 50% correction

>> No.27167316

Israel has no right to exist.

>> No.27167531

link is honestly the only coin on my portfolio thats been dissapointing, constantly kicking about the same dollar range for the last 5 days, getting close to dumping this shit

>> No.27167547

OG Link marine whale here. You have half an hour to exit your positions. I will dump 2.5k LINK into the market and sink this shitcoin once and for all.

>> No.27167595


>> No.27167677

>link has mooned
Imagine believing this

>> No.27167870

ah. i thought this was serious for a second and started doing the math to ridicule you. hah.

>> No.27167896

let the pol and reditfags go crazy over pump and dumps while we blast their faces with a pump out of nowhere

>> No.27167978

i literally have three fake twitter accounts as link roasties

>> No.27168014

How do the charts point to a 50% correction??? LINK is still undervalued relative to BTC/ETH

>> No.27168170

Am I too late to the party? On the fence on buying a few link

>> No.27168367

Hahaha fuck me. We're still pretty fucking early

>> No.27168602

Don’t tell them. Shill some more DOGE. DIAMOND HANDS BABY TRUST DOGE IT WILL REACH $1.000.000 EOW

>> No.27168702
File: 1.25 MB, 1200x1200, 1601649889590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where do you think they are?

>> No.27168843

pol always gets triggered so hard when you tell them they're not wanted
if someone in pol ranted about biztards I would not give a fuck

insecurity to the max

>> No.27169528
File: 157 KB, 409x409, COMFEE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this. delete thread and shut the fuck up newfag

>> No.27169586

You know what the biggest tell is when some retard is a redditor pretending to belong here? The fact you niggers can't wrap your little brains around the concept that the boards have backslashes in their fucking names. It's /biz/ not biz and /pol/ not pol. Only a complete and total fucking outsider would not understand that.


>> No.27170328

I'm priced out of link like you said before anon, do I just stop lurking biz and get to reading?

>> No.27170619

bait or extremely early

>> No.27170837
File: 62 KB, 1080x916, based.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No longer friend with LINK, now fren with XRP

>> No.27172036

so early

>> No.27172246

decline of the link marines

>> No.27173094

>He isn’t actively FUDing his LINK bags to the tourists.
Unbased and not a true OG