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How exactly will finance police find out I made money with crypto and demand taxes? Unless we are talking about millions the bank wont alarm them and Im from eastern europe

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unless you cash out literally thousands into a bank account for fiat, you're fine. keep it all in crypto and nobody fucking knows who owns what unless you have an id verification on binance or some other exchange

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Put in aave until we use crypto for goods.

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This. Don't listen to the glownigger fud. They'll only reactively audit you if you take out tens of thousands. They will never be able to see when you held what shitcoin and gains from swing trading, I've never heard of this.

You're especially lucky there is no IRS for you.

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>Scared, Potter?

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This amount is not really that much. What good is making money if you cant use it in exchange for goods except other coins to make more money you cant use?

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They find the same way they would if you were evading taxes any other way. Yeah, your bank rats you out. Once you start wiring $10k+ to your bank you are probably going to get flagged. So whether you were a contractor that got paid cash and deposited it, or a drug dealer, or sold crypto, the same method works to catch you. But only IF YOU CASH OUT. Moral of the story. Don't fucking cash out.

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All exchanges report directly to your tax office.
Enjoy gulag time.

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you could always just find somone to get you prepaid cards/cash app balance or some other form of redeemable currency in exchange for btc. tons of ways to do it, but it'll take time and you have to do it slowly and keep it off the bank books and in your hands. research varying ways to do it online, plenty have the same needs.

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>just launder your money
It's not really enough money to launder efficiently either.

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I use bitrefill

Rather than cashing out, I use gift cards for most of my purchases, and therefore just save my fiat cash.

They can't flag you for NOT spending, those wretched kike motherfuckers can kiss both sides ofy hairy ass.

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