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What's the best way to become wealthy that isn't some ridiculous get rich scam?

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Buy 1 LINK

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work hard, save your money from a young age.
stop spending money on bullshit and save.
invest wisely, and if someone says it's gonna 'moon' run away.

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i see /biz/ shill this coin so much
what even separates it from other coins?

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Literally GRT

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be born wealthy and use your existing capital, there is no other way.

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>what even separates it from other coins?
The price will go up instead of down

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See, this is a problem with people having sentences for granted and way too fucking literally

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/biz/ shilled it consistently since 2017 and it actually mooned.

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I actually listened to /biz/ and bought 7,000 LINK at $0.70. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.

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>just wageslave for 50 years and save pennies
get the fuck out of here plebbit boomer faggot

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like i'm wrong.
keep your mcjob and daytrade shitcoins, good luck.

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Stack up on that dmg dip. It'll be a major boost

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It doesn't happen.
You need money to make money.
You hit the lottery.
Be that the literal lottery, or a moonshot you get lucky on.

People go hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt just to get a career that pays over 60k a year.
There's no way out.
You can live comfortably, sure. You can have a nice 5 bedroom house in a good neighborhood and a new toyota, and earn a nice living.
But making it is just another way of hitting the lottery. There's no way to predict it.
Warren Buffett doesn't even exist. He's like superman or Santa Claus. His sole purpose is to keep us serfs living under the delusion that if we work hard and invest our money we too can become billionaires.
Spiderman has a more believable origin story. I'd sooner believe in Santa Claus.
You're either born rich or you get lucky.

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Be born jewish

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every current billionaire bar a handful was born with rich parents and family that gave them capital.Without capital youre nothing. Elon didnt pick himself up by the bootstraps, his father owned an aparthied mining comapny. He didnt found Tesla, he bought it off the guy that did. Its all PR to keep us squabbling amongst eachother

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