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They laughed at me at 1.5c. THEY LAUGHED. Now they want to fomo in? Pathetic. When we said Fantom $1 EOY we just meant the Chinese New Year.

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The coinbase announcement pumped it, now its not pumping anymore happens to every coin.

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They laughed at me .03

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$1 eoy is FUD

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When 20c?

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That wasnt a coonbase announcement pump, it pumped becuse the FTM holders stoped fudding and people woke up to the fundermentals, plus the afghan gov contract. FTM was an IQ test, its the fucken end game

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Have faith frens, more time to accumulate and hold.

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>FTM was an IQ test
It still is kek, people are selling and still falling for FUD

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when is it gonna be added i just sold all want to rebuy

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small dip incoming

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When I buy a house with fantom every early adapter is invited.

Of course we’ll have houses hahahahaha

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Why the fuck are you retards sell this for a small profit, hold and you will be rewarded, stop being so fucken Jewish. Stop dumping the price, swingers get the rope!

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>FTM now available on sushiswap 10hr ago
>coinbase custody now supports purchases/withdrawals for FTM, January 28th 2021
>coinbase listing when FTM hits $1
>The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment and Fantom enter into a blockchain pilot program. January 29th 2021

Any and all FUDS against FTM are to be considered schizo and disregard.


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We already hit 0.22 a few days ago. You missed it.

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The fomo reddit pump and dump dont count.

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it pumped because there are literally only 28 million FTM on binance.

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>buy $1200 of fantom
>check my wallet it’s worth $6000 and free rewards from staking

Fucking scam it’s giving me free money

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Of course it counts. I made 100k on that, are you saying 100k don't matter?

It pumped because it's a massively undervalued top 10 coin that will have a 100 billion market cap in 2 years.

I know these thing's because it's going to make me FILTHY FUCKING RICH BABY!

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10$ eoy

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this reminds me of req :(

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why does it say 0% for staking rewards?

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This coin overpromises and overdelivers. I get that peopel want to hype it up because they're at a loss but seriously, put it in REEF and wait for that to pump instead

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Underdelivers derp

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retard shitskin

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"join our Discord" where no one talks

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no no, he was right the first time. thanks for that resounding endorsement of fantom!

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Watch your mouth young man

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haha fantom. like boo your money is a ghost now too.

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Can we do ANYTHING about this? Fucking seriously. I am banned 90% of the time. I got banned for posting a soi jack just so I could giggle and cheer myself up.

Fuck Jannies you fucking kike pieces of shit Jannies WE ALL FUCKING HATE YOU

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150k handsome stack reporting in

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What's reef?

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Look it up ffs DO THE WORK

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those buy orders looking so sexy right about now

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Whats with this image?

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fuck you pump and dump NIGGERS

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I will pump it to 1$ and dump to 30c. We need to shake out those reddit newfags.

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utterly based

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Will it dip lower? I had a tp at 0.15. waiting to rebuy. Rode it from 0.03.
Also anyone know how to set up trailing sl on binance? I will have to write a bot otherwise.

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I only bought FTM because I support trans rights
Holding 1k right now

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I think it will dip in the next 8 hours, just like the last time. Good time to buy

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>tfw you could have had several thousand more coins right now but you panicked and bought at .20 and .15.
I just want to try to get to like 25k. I'm in it for the long haul so its gonna hurt when those few thousand would have turned into something significant down the line. I only wish i had followed this one earlier and gotten in when it was cheaper. I envy all you fuckers who are sitting in 6-7 figures.

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I don't expect it will dip, it would seem the bottom is in. We'll know in the next 2.5 hours if a break out is going to occur though so just keep an eye on the chart. The decreasing volume has been a good sign that upward movement could be in the near future.

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>the 4am dump
how does it happen so consistently?

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all coins are pumping, it seems altcoinseason but Fantom does nothing right now :( is it a scam after all?

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This coin will scam me to 7 figures

>> No.27137670

what would you do with that kind of money? go to Mac Donalds every day?

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if you dont believe anon I'll babysit your fanties for you.

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I'm already 7 figures in FTM and the bull run hasn't even started yet.

Still 50x lower in market cap than Polkadot/Cardano

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a lot of green IDs in this thread, giving me a good feeling. WAGMI

>> No.27137776

how many figures you want to get out of it?

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I'm waiting for $6... and $12 at peak euphoria. This is going to be our year. A ton of alts will be bullish, but Fantom has proven that it's the best option, since it pumped in the past days regardless of btc going up or down. It was the best performer by far

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so about 9 figures, you crazy dude hahahahahahhaa, I have no clue what Fantom price will do, it can go to 0 but it can go to 10 dollars, I am happy if I can buy a car

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hold for the long run brother. this isn't going to be car money, this is going to secure your retirement if you DCA and stake. this is not financial advice.

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I literally bought this shit at the peak and then it dumped.

Literally everything I touch is dumping.

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i put 5k in it at 0.12 will hold to 10

>> No.27138212

solid sell signal

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ive thought about that kinda shit alot. Honestly after making sure i was secure had had enough wealth to pass down id pay off my close friends and families houses and set them up so they would never have to worry about money again. Financial stress is a bitch and it sucks that the world revolves around money. After that it would just be a shit ton of guns, ammo, and tools.

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Crabing peace of shit

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Sell then faggot
More fanties for me

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>Did a fucking scamwick to 0,26c so it correcting would still be over 0,10c
>Establishing supports at 0,10 and now goes sideways until the next leg up
This is so unbelievably bullish, and when we go to 0,30 I'm a millionaire.

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awesome! imagine owning a series of golden M240's, that;s some Dubai kind of shit haha

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you guys are insanely rich, are you going to throw a party for the poorfags of this board also?

>> No.27139385

check this out


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When FTM reaches 5$, I will giveaway 5k to my biz frens

>> No.27139751

that's nice to always remember your roots no matter how rich you become. How about organizing literal parties where /biz members can socialize, maybe even set up our own social network all built around frog memes? so we are still semi-anonymous but we know each other in real life from the parties? I would love to hang out with people from this board in real life. Would be kinda weird though, imagine bunch of non-normies calling each other faggots in real life.

>> No.27139783

Order book looking healthy and pump in progress. 13 c incoming boys.

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im more of an mg42 kinda guy. Almost got a mg53 kit a while ago and was planning to build it but life got in the way and i never ended up pulling the trigger on it.

>> No.27140006

I hate parties fren, I'm asperger

>> No.27140043

god bless you anon, with people like you we might all make it ; ;

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When it reaches 1$ I will giveaway 5k to you fags

>> No.27140657

the reversal to 0.20 cents will be spectacular. I think we got rid of the dumbass redditors

>> No.27141178

yo, scroll through this shit and tell me you arent bullish on FTM https://www.fantom.foundation/roadmap/
also volume picked up a bit

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shh anon

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mountains are world tree husks

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You ready for life changing gains ?

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is somebody freshly making all these new high quality fantom pics? i really like them and haven't seen them, do post more

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More like 7¢ waiting room. What a piece of shit!

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It will never go $1. Too much wallets with millions of FTM.

>> No.27144712

millions of dollars are nothing kek. based little kid

>> No.27144972

What's a make it stack?

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>> No.27145315

I would say even 100k if it does everything they say and gets used.

>> No.27145380

Where will 1k of fanties take me? Realistically?

>> No.27145453

Only got 15K. I wanted to buy more at 6c but I ran out of eth and gemini takes 4-5 days to buy more. Feels bad man.

>> No.27145495

What the fuck was that

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>> No.27145641

I'll shill it for you. DYOR and I don't want to take FTMs spotlight as this coin is also very promising
Can't go wrong with either.
>Reef gives retail investors access to the DeFi landscape with a low technical entry barrier
>>It allows the user to invest/divest into multiple DeFi platforms with a single click and reduces the necessity to manage the outputs of the activities manually (e.g. LP tokens)
>The engine is being extended to support insurance cover of the basket and multi-hop strategies
>The infrastructure will support multiple chains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Plasm, Moonbeam and Avalanche
>Liquidity Aggregated Dex similar to 1Inch available on launch
>Launch Q1

>Reef's infrastructure is a chain of multiple smart contracts composing and integrating on top of the ecosystem. This entry component is called a basket engine which communicates with the liquidity aggregator and the analytics engine
>It allows the user to invest/divest into multiple DeFi platforms with a single click and reduces the necessity to manage the outputs of the activities manually (e.g. LP tokens)
>The engine is being extended to support insurance cover of the basket and multi-hop strategies
>The infrastructure will support multiple chains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Plasm, Moonbeam and Avalanche
>Liquidity Aggregated Dex similar to 1Inch available on launch
>The REEF token is a utility token used to vote on different proposals such as releasing new features, readjusting certain parameters in the system and more. Besides governance, the token can also be used to pay protocol fees

>> No.27145725



One step closer to 20c

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>shilling your shitcoin in FTM thread
kys faggot

>> No.27146314

feel so good about this coin, it could dump 10x and i'd still hold with 0 fud

>> No.27146653

Give it to me straight u pajeet scammers is it worth buying into RN or not

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I cant believe people are buying this when centralized servers have more nodes them fantom

>> No.27147006

Why would you shill reef in a fantom thread?

>> No.27147015


>> No.27147106

Wtf if we keep pumping like this we’ll be top 20 in no time

>> No.27147405

why is the volume dropping bros

>> No.27147432

I have a feeling I know who this is.
Glad i didnt jump in too late.

>> No.27147589

It went from 2 cents to a high of 25 in a week...?

>> No.27147692

The pump was followed up by a pretty huge dump.

>> No.27147729

Like absolute tops like $1000 in a year’s time. More likely way less. Buy more

>> No.27147790

3MM fanties. I have no clue why those other anons reckon 250k is a make it stack, it’s barely more than a poorfag suicide stack

>> No.27147903

they're the stacklet newfags, just disregard them. they're just like the people who say 1000 link is a make it stack

>> No.27148060

2k EOY

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please back to 0.17 sirs i've been below 500% c-ratio for 2 days

>> No.27148453

If Fantom goest to 4 dollar you have a million with a 250k stack. How is that not a make it stack?
Or do you guys just want to feel good by bragging about your bags?

>> No.27148490

Fantom is going to 1$, stop letting people fud you out. DIAMOND hands.

>> No.27148521

a million US federal reserve coupons is not a make it amount in the first world kiddo

>> No.27148600

Okay you just want to brag got it.

>> No.27148626

delusional cope

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>> No.27148875

I haven't told you my stack buddy.
If you think being a millionair is nothing then I don't know on what planet you are living on.

>> No.27148948

try to learn some reading comprehension, pajeet. where did i say it was nothing? what i said was that it's not a make-it amount

>> No.27148968

>3MM fanties
I don't know if you're running fud, trying to steer people away from Fantom or you are just retarded, but with staking rewards and such, you absolutely do not need a 3MM stack of Fantom to make it. 3MM is almost enough to be a fucking validator. And while being a validator will be extreme profitable in the future, and be worth alot just from the tokens you own, it is not at all required to make it.

Realistically, with a stack of 500k staked for the next 2 years, you can almost certainly buy a really nice home cash, retire, and live an above average lifestyle for the rest of your life.

>> No.27149083

i'm sure the amount required for a validator node will get lowered by governance soon, it's pricing out way too many people. if they lowered it to 1M or even 500k it would result in a huge number of new nodes which would contribute to security and decentralization

>> No.27149334

Can confirm its wired, been on 3 meet ups from 3 different boards

>> No.27149482

jesus christ kill yourself, all the posts under this ID are beyond shit

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So I jump in on this back in September.
I've accumulated 16k because it was my first crypto I seriously looked into. Would it be a good strat to sell at these pumps and try to buy more at the dip?
I feel like the answer is obvious

>> No.27150158

It’s not going to $4 you fucking mongoloid. I’ll be incredibly surprised, but very very pleased if it hits $1. Also, even if your wacko price prediction comes true, a million bucks isn’t even close to making it.
I’m super bullish on FTM, not trying to fud. I just think it’s ridiculous to think that you can make it with 250k FTM, or even 500k like you think. Staking rewards are good, but not that good. You either don’t understand how much money you’ll need to live carefree and work free for the rest of your life, or have delusional ideas about where the price is going

>> No.27150227

0.15 barrier broken!

>> No.27150243

It could go to $4 in a few years time or on coinbase listing a la link (depends on sustaining the hype).

100k has always been suicide. 1mm make it.

>> No.27150340


>> No.27150410

I dont think anon means that he'll live work free for the rest of his life for 1mil, but having 1mil, or hell even an extra 250-500k out of nowhere can be life changing. Say you're an average working class person and you pull in 1mil out of nowhere. Your home is paid off, your car is paid off, and likely all your debt is paid off with a couple hundred thousand left over. You keep working your job, but now essentially 90% of your income goes to savings instead of mortgages, car payments, and other long term bills. That money can be used to invest and other aspects to generally help someone retire early. 250k-500k are very similar in that regard.

No one mil isnt enough to suddenly quit your job over, but it could lead to retiring about 15years earlier and never actually having to worry about money again.

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File: 439 KB, 1079x1082, 1612020770365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27150842


>> No.27150928

Omfg just woke up to see we mooning! Yes boys fuck, pump it !

>> No.27151046


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>Satan trips
Lord have mercy

>> No.27151321

Fair take anon, I actually agree completely

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File: 239 KB, 960x789, fantom hope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bros.... is it finally our time?

>> No.27151690

And every other shitskin could become validator and loose peoples coins

>> No.27151712

That was way too gay bro. Dial it back a bit

>> No.27151794

a dump to about 12c still 11c higher than what it was.

>> No.27151802

who's forcing you to delegate to them? i'm sure you'll "loose" your coins as soon as you try to do anything with them

>> No.27151816

I'm pretty sure you can't lose your coins, just your staking rewards if validator fucks up

>> No.27151905
File: 2.16 MB, 1024x1024, 1589877308508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You bros up for a governance vote to reduce the amount needed for a validator node? 3.175M FTM at $0.01 used to be worth around $32k, now 3.175M is worth over $500k and that's only at $0.16
What's a good amount of FTM to aim for? 1M? 500k?

>> No.27151954

That was just doge interference. It was about to moon, and then all of a sudden doge took off and everyone wanted a piece. It killed Voyager's moon shot at the same time. Check the charts if you don't believe me

>> No.27152034

No one but one thing you learn in 4chan and reddit, is that people are dumb.. i mean very dumb. Couple of whiners lose their coins and the downfall is imminent

>> No.27152156

that's not true you faggot and you should go back there

>> No.27152218

Have you researched fantom at all?

If validator messes up or tries something fishy, everyone in that pool loses their coins.

There was an governance vote if they should return two validators coins to their stakers just a week ago. That was an human error which caused those pools to fork fantom. Havent checked if the vote went trough as "yes"

>> No.27152330

aww poor baby, you'll feel better about your self tomorro, dont worry.

>> No.27152386


>> No.27152398


>> No.27152406

you're the one making wild and retarded claims that if a couple of whining redditors lose fantom that "down is imminent", how stupid can you be dude
just go back

>> No.27152516

My life sucks, don't envy me.

>> No.27152650

I also included 4channers to those retarded whiners and you just prove my point. GL with your life.

>> No.27152702

yet you don't understand that the retard and whiner is you. just stop posting and go back

>> No.27153515

dumb amerimut.

>> No.27153952
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I wish viewbase had FTM

>> No.27153974

Feel bad for the swingies who tried to rebuy at 9 cents and it never happened. They came in every thread to try and FUD. You can't FUD when it's literally coming to coinbase.

>> No.27154136

well swingies do always get the rope

>> No.27154341

1m at $1, 100k at $10

>> No.27154505
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looking great guys. Going go game on this fine saturday. Get in while you can brothers!

>> No.27154558

what's your math behind that? those numbers make little sense considering the fact the node-stack price was under $30k at ICO prices and is $500k right now

>> No.27154604

Stop dumping you faggotd

>> No.27154710

Should i get in on this shit?

>> No.27154822

It went over 25 cents yesterday, it will reach 1$ in time. I'm going to be a millionaire from reading biz threads. We're all making it.

>> No.27154864

i see no logic to this dump

>> No.27155073

>aaaaaaaaa im doooooooomping

>> No.27155256

Just panic buyers and sellers from the insane pump. Whales going to keep support until coinbase launch. Just have to keep buying moving averages on the right time frame.

>> No.27155340

when launch on kekbase?

>> No.27155518

It already got almost 1/4th of the way to $1 yesterday, and there wasn't even much hype or name recognition to fuel it. Why do you think $1 is the absolute top? Do you think the shills are wildly optimistic about its real world use cases?

>> No.27155719
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FANTOM is the largest non-Ethereum based DeFi platform.

Not only that Fantom powers entire nations with its OPERA chain, but it's also bitch slapping the DeFi space and the blockchain platforms.
And oh, Andre Cronje is looking to port all his work to Fantom soon.

4D Chess play

>> No.27156091
File: 240 KB, 480x444, 1610116607526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck bro, it's so comfy i feel ashamed of myself
it shouldn't be this easy

>> No.27156132

Whales are manipulating the price.

>> No.27156159

when is the Coinbase listing speculated for? how much will it pump the price?

>> No.27156288

Anywhere between next week and 3 months. From what I remember Yfi had a quick turnaround from when it was in custody.

>> No.27156368

You're super bullish on FTM and you don't think it'll reach $4? Is this your first crypto? $4 would be around $10B cap, shit like NEO did that back in 2017 and FTM actually has novel tech with sub-second finality (via TxFlow) and low fees, promising adoption from Afghanistan, potentially Dubai smart city project, a DeFi suite being worked on with the help of Andre, etc.
I don't know when it'll happen, but while there are no guarantees it'll go that high there's nothing crazy about $4 unless they really mess things up somehow

>> No.27156370

bought by 405sat... i´m fucked or?

>> No.27156382

Fantom has the saltiest whales, I swear. They just won't let the price go ANYWHERE. We finally get above 10 cents and all whales can do is try and push it back down. How much fantom do you fuckers really need?

>> No.27156496 [DELETED] 

Okay boys I'm goin ALL IN - God Bless this Coin

>> No.27157142

I think it's a good sign. They want more and help consolidate support/ shake out weaker hands. Prep for coombase explosion

>> No.27157178

>bought the dip
>now at 5000
Here's hoping this humble poorfag can make it (a little).

>> No.27157668

will this piece of shit DUMP or PUMP for once, I want to BUY LOW and SELL HIGH ffs

>> No.27157803

no dump, only pump

>> No.27157847

You literally just missed the dip.

>> No.27157886

>not even sub 12c

>> No.27157956

13c is the new floor.

>> No.27158217

link levels of cope don't lie to yourself friend

>> No.27158255
File: 1.01 MB, 1295x864, DDD6B082-AF4E-4378-A0F9-0ADFE5A52E7E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27158816

this isnt a dump you newfags

>> No.27159034

The 390sat wall is high af

>> No.27159187
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I'm just a guy trying to make a little cheddar. A little donero... A few... nickels.

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>> No.27159665

Hahahha what a piece of shit, back down to 0.11 again. Easiest swing od my life

>> No.27159742


>> No.27159761


>> No.27159788

>13c is the new floor
oh I am laffin

>> No.27159907

Literally just dumped below it retard

>> No.27159988

I know, I was laughing at some retard that said that a few posts before

>> No.27160018

swingers get the rope

>> No.27160241

Sure thing buddy, i sold at 0.18, see you back at 0.11 where i buy

>> No.27160345

Kek you sold at 11 cents dumbfuck. You reek of desperation. Stay poor forever.

>> No.27161472
File: 222 KB, 600x598, fcd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I sold at .11, you told me fuckers we are going down AAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.27161481

>see you back at 0.11 where i buy
dont hold your breath faggot

>> No.27161875

Now I am thinking even lower, just wait for the overnight dump, like clockwork

>> No.27162148

any new announcement coming?
What's the next big thing for this coin?

>> No.27162164

$10 EOY

>> No.27162497

Coinbase listing incoming (when, its not said)
New contract to digitalize afghanistan. Product should be ready in 4 months.

>> No.27162677

I got a fomo-long scheduled at 0.12. Will it drop again?

>> No.27162815

my memelines say we slowly climbing up, but they're just memelines

>> No.27162977

Looks like that is off the table sorry. But COULD do 0.125

>> No.27163146

profiting off Afghanistan a nation so rich in resources Empires go there to die? Personally I am all in

>> No.27163182

cope nigger, night has been bringing us nothing but based chink pumps

>> No.27163554
File: 32 KB, 322x519, gvwWKhq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

great taste anon

>> No.27164689

See you at 30 cents when you're in disbelief that your swing didn't work

>> No.27164911

What a ride this week has been. I can't imagine doing this for the next few months.

>> No.27165893

this is just the beginning. It will be fun to see my portfolio swinging in the millions with each 5-10% movement

>> No.27165906
File: 128 KB, 1242x1850, 9DD2EC00-7F4D-4913-BCE1-716E441E5E45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We’re really gonna make it, thank you /biz/

>> No.27166358
File: 251 KB, 656x352, fantie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn it feels good to be a fantie
A real fantie-ass nigga locks his stakes tight
A real fantie-ass nigga never pumps and dumps
Cause real fantie-ass niggas don't buy scams

And fudders always gotta schizo
Posting how the fanties will go broke
But real fantie-ass niggas don't flex bags
Cause real fantie-ass niggas know they got em

And everything is cool in the mind of a fantie
Cause fantie-ass niggas think deep
Mints three-sixty-five, ayo 24/7
Cause real fantie-ass niggas don't sleep

And all I gotta say to you wannabe, gonnabe
Shitcoin-shilling, pink-wojaking spammers
When the fanties on the moon, what the fuck you gonna do?
Damn, it feels good to be a fantie

>> No.27166520

His plan is working

>> No.27166930

fanties rise up

>> No.27167468

>Currently, the staking rewards for FTM are 0% APR.

You didn't prove anything here

>> No.27167882

Good to be early in something and have fun watching newfags crying over 10% price changes. I bought half of my stake at 0.024 then it dropped to 0.015 and crabbed for few weeks, then I bought more...

>> No.27168074

If he buys back now, there's hardly any liquidity for them to buy back. A few eth and price pumps. Also the minute a coinbase listing is announced he lost all his ftm.

>> No.27168405


>> No.27168480
File: 33 KB, 1072x316, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw u get scam wicked trying to market buy

>> No.27168868

fucking kek this should be illegal

>> No.27169133

oh so you were the guy who bought at 710 sats KEK

>> No.27169655

holy shit, even if the books have volume dont market sell/buy anything besides btc or eth on binance. They have front running bots

>> No.27169674

You better have strong arm muscles, bro. It's gonna take some time to pass 710 sats again.

>> No.27170354

Exactly. Fantom still on upward trend. People want to buy low right now. People are trying to scare people into selling low.

>> No.27170631
File: 125 KB, 686x932, good news.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.27170745
File: 148 KB, 800x993, dizaytruiaakr70.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not today niggerman

>> No.27170845


I did my part. Getting good news tn.

>> No.27171217


>> No.27171480

Its on the edge of a dump but its been pretty stable for now, this is a strong fucking coin i tell you.

>> No.27171653

>dump but its be
fuck you i love this dump im finally fomoing in WHATS THE PRICE prediction within 2 years???

>> No.27171677

how much time... everything else is mooningg

>> No.27172414

my problem is i bought on 415sat... I would sell on 420sat and buy again by a dip.. I don´t know why i bought on 415sat

>> No.27172794

Come on chinks pump it up!

>> No.27172827

It's him

>> No.27172996
File: 827 KB, 968x928, 1611241531090.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27173163
File: 306 KB, 1376x422, Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 3.24.44 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they laughed at me all summer

>> No.27173252
File: 233 KB, 774x944, Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 6.38.07 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3 dollars is fud do the fucking math

>> No.27173467
File: 25 KB, 657x527, 1607822404628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only got 500 fanties
should I dump all my portfolio into this?

>> No.27173479

if by dump you mean dumping upwards. after that big pump and dump it went right back to following the trend line it's following for last 4 days.

>> No.27173552

Scamwick bro again

I do have strong will power so i think i can make it. One time i did not jack off for 9 months. When i broke my nofap streak it was with a viviane costa video. It was extremely intense

>> No.27173766

based as fuck

>> No.27174038

Go all in, dont look back, iron hands, all the way to lamboland

>> No.27174076

fellas... that depth chart isn't looking so good...

>> No.27174403

Dont give in, they are trying to shake the week. .13 is the floor. Dont let the jews steal your golden ticket

>> No.27174678

someone already said that and then it dipped

>> No.27174970

it's holding .13 quite well and .12 is the absolute bottom

>> No.27175023

Poorfag here, just bought 350 FTM, am I going to make it?
What's the price prediction?

>> No.27175172

Can we please back to 420sat

>> No.27175245

Green IDs will make it. Bro I will screencap this. We will be showing this to newfags @1$

>> No.27175280

world trees would be fucking awesome, but then i thought about branches falling and wouldn't want to be anywhere near one

>> No.27176233


>> No.27176386

fuck, dubs tho

>> No.27176584


>> No.27176609
File: 72 KB, 1206x610, zzzz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27176741


>> No.27176804

I have 80k FTM but I'm pretty sure this is a shitcoin going straight to the bottom.

What should I do?

>> No.27176879

give them to me

>> No.27176881

obviously you should sell my fren

>> No.27176893

Sell, I need more at cheaper prices.

>> No.27177087

can we dump this shit back to 4c so I can buy like 100k of them

>> No.27177137

We are trying bro...

>> No.27177167

I'll take care of them for free, ride the waves for you. I guarantee I will send em back on the next top, you can create a smart contract for it too.

>> No.27177266


>> No.27177381

>What’s a decent app for crypto?

I just installed Coinbase but I don’t want Cucked like Robinhood again..

>> No.27177438

Nah, just stay with Coinbase. Just make sure you switch to Coinbase Pro for lower fees and better UI.

>> No.27177457


>> No.27177510

FTM looks like a long term hold. Things probably will get exciting once the infrastructure for the UAE is finished.

>> No.27177644

This. I don't think people quite understand the gravity of this memecoin's implied applications. We're looking at "it's going to be fucking everywhere" like Java used to be

>> No.27177696

It's all about marketing. No one cares about FTM and it is viewed as a pajeet coin.

>> No.27177885

keep accumulating whilst price is still low fren

>> No.27177923



>> No.27178039

Sell bro its dead coin

>> No.27178126


>> No.27178159
File: 10 KB, 200x200, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27178331
File: 304 KB, 677x677, 1611447365967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just wondering what price were looking for FTM to sit on, like linkies do at 400-1000 with LINK, I have no clue how to use the mcap to calculate it as I don't even know the multiplication table.

>> No.27178813

once the oil sheikh money starts coming in it won't be. but like I said, long term.

>> No.27178919

kek yeah sell it bro its dead

>> No.27179085
File: 346 KB, 1069x913, 1611787937613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone contact Andre about this? What is the progress?

>> No.27179281

Scamtom? Kek

>> No.27179510
File: 1.53 MB, 756x1000, 1606802418946.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the final piece of the puzzle needed is the ethereum-fantom bridge. the REN bridge is supposedly coming EOQ1, that will be initiate the fSingularity

>> No.27179542


>> No.27179719

Sell at the bottom sirs, kek

>> No.27179739
File: 21 KB, 400x400, Es4ufMCUYAAAswm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we play minecraft?

>> No.27179931

I wonder how long they can keep this price suppression up for, tik tok

>> No.27180295


>> No.27180534


>> No.27181044

you dont need marketing when it's going to be squirming its way into entire infrastructures of every country

>> No.27181733

in yesterday’s fantom thread some retard bought the top at 22 and then panic sold at 11....now it’s going back up lmao

>> No.27181984
File: 32 KB, 553x553, 1v0rh5edkp441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27182206

Haha he failed the IQ test. Dont sell, dont swing, fantom is a long hold all the way to lamboland. WGMI bros

>> No.27182518

a true /biz/raeli

>> No.27182531

Going to over 1$ with coinbase announcement. Lets shake the weak hands!

>> No.27182846


>> No.27182999
File: 416 KB, 852x1136, 1611814736667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27183233

don't buy crypto if you have no idea what you're doing

>> No.27183316

Fantomchads, I kneel

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