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They’ve got a real knack for making based things cringe

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They speak the language of the retarded. It's a good post from the perspective that it's going to convince more people to buy.

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that is the normal stockmarket reddit, of course it is going to be cringe.

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Fpbp. Someone please start posting Reddit cringe about how right now is Infinity War and Monday is End Game. Everything has to be simplified into pop-culture nuggets and white knighting

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They don't know any better so they just imitate what they see on television in the worst way possible.

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wtf is /r/stockmarket

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kek, don’t go for in this scam
my wallet is safe with xsn on it
46mil overall mc, Layer2 DEX, great staking and top opportunities without fees

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they need to do some kind of test before letting people do trading, this is going to get retail shut down.

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Why make a difference when you can be a millionaire instead

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Even cringe means may be leveraged for a based end

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It’s so cringy and this is Reddit so I’m assuming they are normies who are generally accepted in society. How are people on 4chan so much more autistic than Redditors yet still able produce language that doesn’t make you want to squirm out of your seat

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Jesus christ what the fuck is wrong with reddit. If this post was made here, 3 people would call him a fucking tardo and the thread would die.

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Only high IQ post ITT
>haha look how cringey redditors are! They should talk about how buying GME fucks the kikes and causes a new holocaust, that will get the normans to buy in!
I hate kikes just as much as everyone else on 4chan but you faggots need to learn what good optics and bad optics are. Fucking retards.

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No no no. 2008 was infinity war where thanos (wallstreet) snapped and made half the economy disappear. This is endgame now. This is the giant final battle at the end where all the marvel heroes (us) join their forces (like reddit and 4chan are doing) to take down thanos (wallstreet) and his army (hedge funds, mainstream media, ect..). Just remember we are ironhands (like how tony stark says at the end "i am ironman" but ironhands like the meme for holding stocks)

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I get it but its still pure pain to read

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I wish I was smart enough to understand exactly what it is about Reddit speak that makes me cringe so fucking hard

That being said if normies eat this "gold, simply gold my good sir, take my upvote" shit up it's better for all us in this specific case

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It's not meant for you, be happy someone is doing the legwork to attract normies while you profit (or lose)

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it's the dollarcaust you nigger lover
this one is real

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jesus christ. My retarded esl ADHD brain can't even produce sentences properly and this redditer somehow conceived something worse

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i hate you so much right now.

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lol fuck these kids im selling as soon as i get 5k

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you dont seem to understand that everyone on reddit is like this all the time

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>I wish I was smart enough to understand exactly what it is about Reddit speak that makes me cringe so fucking hard
I was wondering this too among myself. Reading that post makes me cringe so hard but I can’t explain why I think I’m just to contrarian

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Fuck you

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He's unironically right that their $300 investment here will do as much to change the world as investing comparable resources anywhere else. If anything it's a better chance because no one knows how this shitshow will play out. And they actually have potential to profit from it.

The root fallacy is thinking the individual everyman matters at all ever. People are just in selective denial about that. This happens to be a situation you're not used to people being in denial but that doesn't make it more or less true. Thinking you're going to change the world by voting is just as cringy as thinking you'll change it by buying stocks.

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Excessively sincere while somehow artificial as well, lack of self-reflection and self-awareness, infantility, gayness.
Also the same reason why we cringe when someone repeats the same joke again that used to be funny the first one thousand times.
Also just the good ol' second-hand embarrassment.

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based and bagholders secured. F

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The more, the better.

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CUH ringe!

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Kek someone post this there

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>dont put in anything you cant risk losing
what happened to this being a sure thing?

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Something like this was probably already posted a million times, same with that fucking "I'm not living" WoWS scene.

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You have to go back

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>implying any part of reddit isn’t turbocringe

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Virtue signaling sums it all up pretty handy.
The entire system operates around getting validation and social credit basically, so everyone acts lock step in the same saccharine politically-correct way. And you know just about every single person doesn't actually believe that shit fully, yet they will commit to it and never question it, lest they lose their made-up social credits and don't get the dopamine-burnout rush of a number attached to posts they make.

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They always type in this barney-esque rainbows and sunshine type of dialect that's just so gay. You can smell the fear of rejection and downvotes through their posts, so they always ass-kiss and be as positive as possible with no basis in reality.

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Redditor detected we’re way passed optics faggot

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