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even you can be as happy as homer simpson.

just buy DONUT

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You had THREE years.

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You had 3 days.
What is the price block folio says something and coingeko says something else.

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sold at 50% loss lmfao

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go on uniswap and have a tab open of DONUT to USDC or DAI. then type in 100000 DONUT to check real time swap data

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Turned 5k into 55k in four hours on this today thanks alot shillers

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This has been the easiest week to make money at any point in time, donuts an easy 3x come Sunday just look @ market cap and Reddit synergy

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use dextools.io

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dextools has delays in aggregating data as well. it reports the trades correctly but it simply cannot keep up with the adequate price changes.
nothing beats direct uniswap info to tell you what you will get for your money. especially since i'm trading like $10k of this crap at a time which means i get into the red zone of price impact

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is this guy liquidity farming?

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Is it it too late to get in?

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wtf is wrong with him and why does HE get to have 200 wbtc

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no. if anything this is the perfect time. it found its floor at around 0.038 and it's bouncing back at 0.045.

if i were you, i'd potentially gamble on a 0.038 dip again and buy in then

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Don't worry bobo. Impermanent loss will wreck him.

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