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Is this a scamcoin or should I actually buy a stack?

It's literally 28% negative on coinmarketcap.

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spoonfeed me you bitch. it's the only way your shitcoin will moon

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Seethe. I just bought 900 stacks.

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Thanks for pumping my bags

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Buy the red, sell the green.

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what is this coin btw

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Btw it's super easy to tell you're the idiot from the last thread who was bragging about 60k. You called it stacks there too and called it a shitcoin.

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Avalanches go downhill.

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It is a shitcoin. Seethe. I figured out how to buy it now, I'm just not sure how much.

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Ahaha it is you.


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Last thread you said you bought 1500, now you said 900 while also saying you're figuring out how much to buy while calling it a shitcoin.

Truly retarded and nevergmi. Go buy some doge with your "60k" big man

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Last time I said 1200 you retard. I am unsure of how much to buy and it's a pain in the ass to transfer more because this site is so fucking slow.

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Did you figure out how to buy it?

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Yes, there is literally only one site you can buy it from and I had to find it on reddit.

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My bad I didn't commit your lying to memory big man.

I'mma cum up your nose and poke my dick into your eyes