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Its full of normies now lol

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Ya lol sorry some of us have lives and aren’t virgins

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It's reddit, it was always full of normies.

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you think hedgies would let WSB fuck them over? Fuck no. they sent plenty of shills

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And biz is full of redditors. Biz was my safe space from all the faggotry of this world. I want to kms now.

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>full of normies
surely you jest

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just spam gore and use naughty words to take your board back
mom is gonna freak one way or the other

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and this place isn't

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Yes you can just see how much the politics of the place changed

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and /biz/ is full of /pol/

where do we go?

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crossboard chads and longtime memers will still find useful tip, tricks, cheatcodes and based gamer strats

if you have eyes to see then you will find you way through the fog of war

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not you

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always has been, nigger

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>/biz/ is full of /pol/

/pol/ has to figure out how to make money without doing anything somehow, its all the same people on this sight.

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not like this no

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>and /biz/ is full of /pol/
always has been

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>/pol/ has to figure out how to make money without doing anything somehow, its all the same people on this sight.
makes me sad desu. I left /pol/ because they jerk each other off all day saying "fuck nigs, kikes, etc." Now they have the audacity to come join us and act retarded in our home, fuck this shit. /pol/niggers are cancer

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it’s counterflow against the politics the plebbitors are bringing in. /pol/ usually keeps quiet otherwise.

where the fuck did you think “/biz/reali” came from, faggot?

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Meiosis isn't required for life, only mitosis.

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if your refugees come here, where will we go?

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4chan is nothing with out /pol/, /pol/ keeps most of reddit and the normies out, because they can't stand the world Nigger.

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>go to a website that is infamous for nigger and jew hate
>complains about constant nigger and jew hate
what the fuck did you expect?

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it's not even the nigger/kike part, it's the fact that schizos are coming over. /pol/schizos are insufferable. what faggots

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normies getting more redpilled by the hour, good.

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It's weird that board used to be packed full of capitalists just wanting to make a quick buck and now it's full of activists thinking their fighting for the same thing lmao

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Remind me again what /biz/ thinks about the federal reserve? The traditional stock market? Fiat currency?

You’re new as fuck if you think /biz/ of all places is some refuge from /pol/acks. Probably the last board I would go to to avoid /pol/acks.

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project harder and take your meds

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When the Corona-chan lock downs first started happening, /pol/ was having a absolute schizo meltdown, it was pretty funny.

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I dont have money for schizo meds

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Go back, normalfags.

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>Bugs: Eaten
You had 3 years

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I’m scared for our future

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God that’s so fucking cringe I hate them

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Wait until 80% of them bleed down to 50% lmao. The females are gonna be standing around clueless asking if they should sell

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*Full of people that are making a difference. While the allmighty 4chan is here jerking of to cumjars and piercings

What the fuck have you all become

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Jfc this is maximum cringe this proves citadel and everyone shorting gme really are the good guys after all

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This. You can’t even say “I don’t think GME will moon like they say it will” without 10 replies calling you a kike

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>where do we go?
you can go fuck off wherever you want, there wont be anyone following you if youre happy to share a space with pussy footing boomers, niggers and jews.

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Of course he’s gonna fucking shill listen to him. They are going to fucking dump bags on you.

Between ruthless traders and government fud it’s not worth the risk. I’m fucking happy my gme shares went from $20 to $380. It’s better than anything I expected.

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>im red pilled now

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This fucking 100x over. The lack of touch with reality is scary and it’s because they don’t understand the fundamentals of how this shit goes. Doge threads are particularly scary

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>he is scared of doge threads
How new are you? Be honest.

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this. even jannies are on board, any thread or post talking about this is being deleted, even some threads on crypto with no obvious off topic or other issues are being deleted, presumably because they're being classed as "slide" threads designed to downplay the GME/AMC meme. i can't wait for the pink fields next week, fuck.

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Have you been in the threads? They think if they keep holding its going to hit at least $1. Meanwhile it literally crashed. So yeah the financial illiteracy and lack of grasp is scary and there’s like 30 of these threads being spammed

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we get garbage worse than fucking doge shilled daily

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wsb was one of better subs tho. Sure, a lot of the usual reddit cancer (stealing content for upvotes, etc.), but at least they somewhat had their own culture and language. I feel the same could happen to /biz/ one day, as soon as a community gets too much attention its fucked

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you have to go back

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For some reason I like it better when it’s not normies and redditors spamming it

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those are plebbitors you dense fool. dogeshilling is a fucking tradition whenever /biz/ gets an influx of newfags.

Did you only join in with the last bitcoin bubble? You would know all of this if you’ve been here for more than a month.

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Probably because you convinced yourself that 4chan was some super secret club. Don’t be too embarrassed, it happens to all newfags.

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refugees allowed as long as they are holding 100k DONUT

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/biz/ is a containment board for /pol/ocks to discuss crypto.

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/pol/ always complained about how Trump becoming president destroyed their board.

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OP is proof that /biz/ is become reddit

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Please don't use that word it's racist and ableist.

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But no one can say what board it was best compared to pre-Trump
>t. 2017 but older than most you you

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There’s no way this lasts another week.

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God just please fucking let me out Jesus Christ I’m up 400% I’ll take it

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quit crying and go shit on wallstreet

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/pol/ hasn’t been relevant or cool since 2016. Everyone on this website thinks you’re just annoying.

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I am a asylum seeker

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I remember it being a Hitler was right board before Trump.

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Biz is a board of business not of hate.

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Always has been

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>/pol/ keeps most of reddit and the normies out
/pol/ fucking is reddit at this point what the fuck are you smoking

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Do people lack a sense of awareness

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destroyed how? they have always shilled for some retard. they even convinced themselves to like romney

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Something I read today said wsb has like 3 million members. If we assume only a sliver of that lurks here, your shitposts are far more valuable than IP count in a 4chan thread would ever indicate.

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Mitt was such a fucking tool his mother named him after a kitchen item.

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I hadn't even found 4chan yet but voted twice before that election and know you're full of shit.

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These. Fuck niggers fuck jannies and fuck redditors

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You can go back to >>>/r/eddit

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Where did you get that picture of me?

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Go back niggerfaggot

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Fuck you chinkhomo

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As someone that has been visiting this board for years it's amazing how many newfags there are shitting up this board. /biz/ being slow as fuck could get boring but I miss it now 50% of posts being made now are just copying someone else and don't even need to be posted.

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cool story nigger. go back to /adv/

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the sooner all of you learn this the better
You're not proving anything by using the secret codewords and signalling to the ingroup, just do what you do and normalfags who don't belong will get filtered eventually
t. stuck in this hellhole for like 13 years now

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as if it wasn't already full of retards who didnt know what they were doing.

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go back

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>What the fuck have you all become
Shut the fuck up newfag, all that scientology shit isn't what 4chan is about.

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>as soon as a community gets too much attention its fucked
/pol/ack here.
just being a stonks tourist but can confirm, newfags attention is a test of endurance,
Mixed bag but you're panning for gold with them.
WSB has gained millions of new subs the last week.
About 75-80% of them will gradually fuck-off again, the other 20-25% become redpilled & decide to hang about.
If WSB ever retains its culture will depend if the base of oldfags can grind out a year of unprecedented newfaggotry

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it won't take a year. Millions of retards piled in as soon as this shit hit the front page and bought gamestonk for fucking $350+. They're absolutely retarded and will be broke within the month. They can hardly even grasp the concept of short selling when explained to them like a 3 year old.

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wat a fucking virgin, downboated

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Fuck you homo

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Yeah there's something way better about retarded anons shitposting. When you hear streamers getting TTS donos telling people to buy dogecoin, random blue checks on twitter talking about it, etc. Just kinda ruins the spirit of it.

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I miss when we just called them kikes.

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