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Reddit bulls WILL be tamed: hedge fund chief fires warning shot to vigilante traders.
Savvas Savouri, of Toscafund

Savouri said. But he added that any traders who thought the Gamestop attack could be repeated were in for a rude awakening. He said: 'They think they've slapped us on the a**e and they're going to be able to keep doing it – that's ludicrous.

'You only get one chance to blindside the professionals.

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>mfw they think most of the fags are in for the money and not just to watch it crash and burn

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Yeah this is what the boomers don't understand. This new set of retail 'investors' is not acting in good faith, they will happily lose their 500 dollars if they inflict 10x that damage on a large institution. The big boys are going to learn what a free market is really all about.

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We live in a generation that will sink the boat to spite the captain. Its retarded as all fuck but at times, like now, it can be beautiful

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We do it for free.

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It's not retarded. It's literally revolutionary activity. Not in the commie sense either.

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Are-are we the jannies ?

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Disgustingly naïve. You do realize these hedge fund managers still pocket their management fees if their fund goes in the shitter, correct? You do realize these hedge fund managers will get hired elsewhere, correct? Zoomers like you are in for the redpilling of a lifetime. Do yourself a favor and google "Long Term Capital Management." Take a look at the founders. Look up where (((they))) ended up working after they crashed their fund and global economy (almost). Going belly up on a bad trade at a hedge fund and not hanging yourself is a badge of honor that (((they))) wear with pride. (((They))) always have another member of the tribe ready to bail them out or hire them after the gig is up. You are deluded to think this will teach anyone a lesson.

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>jew thinks it can tame the bull
1488 will commence again

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We cant expect god to do all the work

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Reddit bankrupted billionaires and /biz/ is still mining for Bitcoin, how ya feeling /biz/

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