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They told you it would moon Friday. You are being scammed. They will always push the date back. This is Q shit.

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>They told you it would moon Friday.
no they didn't you fucking shill

they said SOMETHING would happen, and it did, but friday's calls themselves didn't become due until closing

the "moon" part was ALWAYS stated to take weeks with friday being a mini-crunch they were saying not to be distracted by

you stupid fucking faggot

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They literally said it would moon Friday

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Nice try jew. Calls ended. Squeez not even begun hey.

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>2 more weeks bro
Yeah for them to unload their bags on you

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Not selling kike.

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friday was spouted by literal newborn children who thought that shorts expired because they don't even know what options are.

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No they said the shorts will come due friday, which they have.

Now they have the next 6 days to buy 140% of gamestop or they'll start paying interest on their shorts

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>30 shares@$96.50 average
I'm selling everything on Monday

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>Calling others brainlets
>Don't realize 60% of short options got struck today and nothing happened
Whew lad, you might wanna back up those reddit tier claims with actual reading.

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Nothing happened because the calls weren't executed. Amazing, isn't it, retard? Learn what an option is!

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Look how they just deny all the posts saying would moon Friday. You all saw them shill it would moon Friday and here they are just lying about it

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When apps like robinhood are limiting purchases to less than 5 shares, you know something is up. I'm still holding. kek

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Get off of Robinhood before the short squeeze comes

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Fomo faggot, polish my diamond with your tears

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jump hedgie in Roblox

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Yeah, it WAS going to moon today.
When you dont understand the mechanism behind the squeeze you shouldn't try to talk about it.

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Shorts are not "due." Problem is half the people typing shit are retards.
Options expire today. Some people claimed that would drive the price up. It only will if they are naked calls.
The shorts can stay in as long as they keep their equity requirements. Just means when it goes higher they have to put in more cash within 3 days or sell. If they're willing to pony up cash, they can stay in forever.

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All I see is new bagholders replacing old bag holders

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Why wont Schwab close my sell order

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>the shorts will come due friday
shorts don't come due friend
like most of the current holders, you've piled into gamestop without even the slightest understanding of the reason it's supposed to bankrupt wall street, and so you've missed the importance of it not mooning today, and why that undermines the whole trade

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They said the hedges would buy back their stock on Friday, that’s why it would moon

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>They literally said it would moon Friday
They literally didn't you fucking kike

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>Diamond hands
I know your assblasted future. They can pay interest on loans for far longer than you can keep these bandwagon faggots convinced it will moon any day now.
You will sell, and you will sell cheap.
Mr. Wolf of wall street that just looked up options on Wikipedia 48 hours ago.

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No, they actually did

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Nobody said Friday you ficking moron. Friday is only one of the deadlines to close their short positions. Way more to come.
Also, what u mean Q shit u dumb fuck? I invested 500, and made 10.000 u fucking retard. Sold 10% to get my initial investment and leave the rest in.
Dont project your retardedness on us, you low IQ nigger.
Also, doge coin just made me 5k today, so stfu and go back to Facebook faggot

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They did.

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>They can pay interest on loans for far longer than you can keep these bandwagon faggots convinced it will moon any day now.
2.6 Billion gone in a single day.
Yes, this is sustainable.
Hedge hedge jump off ledgie.

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anyone who said it would moon friday had no idea what they were talking about.
The consensus always has and still is been to wait at least until Monday-Tuesday when market opens you monkey

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High morel folks.

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If they fail to cover the stock by the deadline, then they have 35 calendar days past it to do so.

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Retarded mouth breathers spamming emojis say these things idiot. Where do they get that information from? From not understanding what they've been told because they are mouthbreathers.

Going to see alot more gamma it beat 320 strike, which became available on tuesday lmao

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there's only so much cash they can pony up until they run out.

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fpbp as usual.

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Same I have enough profit and I invested around $98. Gonna sell immediately in the morning. Can’t rusk this shit it’s turned into a Q larp. Just two more weeks guyz.

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Are u even holding any, you poorfag retard?
Obviously not cause u a brokeass nigga.
So why even partake in this convo, fucking useless moron?
It's like a virgin telling me why analsex isnt as good as a BJ.
U fufking incels are on the wrong board, back to facebook. We dont want u low iq mongos here

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Not how it works brainlet, they can be underwater but only pay interest on the loans to satisfy the stock commitment. With current rates the total pile is like 15 million a day on 70 billion in unrealized losses and that is the total float not even what struck today. Spread out across several hedge funds they are likely out like 500k a day right now in interest.
You think your gonna be able to convince all the hyper brainlets that got into this for a quick buck to HODL strong come mid next week when it just keeps dumping.
I am gonna bet those memes get stale before these fuckers get tired of paying jew tax.

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one thing I haven't seen is any TA on this... What does a blow off, dump, and rejected quadruple top mean? Obvs just looking at that rudimentary screenshot, but hey, patterns is patterns.

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>It only will if they are naked calls
they were (because no one was buying puts and everyone was buying calls) but the options dealer probably bought the shares to cover the options on friday and monday under $100
same time melvin capital closed their shorts
that's why there was no gamma squeeze and why there will be no short squeeze
everybody who piled in short at $350 is going to make a killing while the redditors lose their asses, though

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No, literal retards who know nothing about anything said that. Now fuck off while i MOOOOOOOOON

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I expect them to shut off all trading when the real squeeze happens.

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i think that changed after the brokers restricted purchases. also, theres supposedly as many shorts out as previously. whether it's melvin or not i don't know.

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I thought this was to steal riches. I hope you sell on Monday morning. It’s over anon.

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That is correct. That is a different statement than the shorts are due today though.

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fuck off kike banker faggot

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They said it would start on Friday and that it would continue on into next week. This is just like the Q larp at this point. Elon won’t be there to save you.

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>selling on a saturday

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good for me, I'm not on rh

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Well if anything the hired FUDders are getting better at their jobs. It's almost like actual anon hands typed these posts.
Too bad it's still uncanny valley as shit.
Not selling.

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On Monday you retard. Read between the lines

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ta is irrelevant in cases of mania or panic

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literally the same cope as trumptards on /pol/
>everyone who criticizes the god emperor is a discord tranny

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I'm highly dubious of the claim Melvin closed their short position. If they aren't lying, I expect they offloaded their position to someone higher in the food chain who would have been responsible regardless when they defaulted. I doubt they bought up the required shares though. That sounds like an outright lie to help their position.

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Remember to buy the dip on Monday!

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Checked and true. People start screaming bot when we don't "trust sessions, two more weeks, patriots in control", but the fact is, nothing happened, the kikes halted trading 20 times, pumped and dumped like GME is a used up roastie, and probably covered a significant % of shorts. I really hope they all got malignant hypertension from the stress of loosing billions, but I'm not gonna be a bagholder.

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the squeeze will START on monday

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Patterns have never meant shit. It's all on the float percentage and available share percentage. VW hit 900 euro on a mere mid 50's float ratio.

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No, you came here expecting a upvote safe zone and are now being actually hit with normal unfiltered information for the first time in your coddled life.
Welcome to 4chan, you are here forever.

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Here’s a larp lol

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very cool OP, then short it now and show us the screen

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No one believed immediate push OP. A baby isn't one easy go, the mother has to give a couple dry runs until it's out. But we're already at the stage the water broke.

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No, I came here from fucking /k/ last year you cunt. Explain to me how a 60-70% float percentage rules out a short squeeze. You can't.

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>(((citation needed)))

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so they will continue to leach off you with new short contracts, congratulations, wall street wins again

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Why are melvincels so pathetic? They couldn't even dip gme below 250 today for some free cheapies?

>> No.27100588

I mean he's not wrong. There was SUPPOSED to be another gamma squeeze today with the -chance- it might kick off the short squeeze. Preventing the gamma squeeze made that a moot point.

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not selling


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The worst part is how obvious they are
At least the shills on /pol/ are good at what they do

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why does it sound like a lie?
if you've been a professional trader for thirty years and watched every bubble play out roughly the same way, and not just that, you're a professional short-seller and know intimately the unlimited risk of shorts, wouldn't you take the loss and live to fight another day instead of blowing up your career dreaming that gamestop will somehow drop back down to $3 so your shorts turn green again? it's not even your own money at stake

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True, but mania was two days ago or yesterday, one could argue. Good luck out there, anons.

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Indeed I’m happy with making more than 100% back on investment. Plus I’m in the process of transferring to Fidelity and I need to move the cash quickly.

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mania was elon's tweet
panic is monday

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>all these shill FUDders ITT
no selling, you bignosed fucks

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That is not the same claim as "They said it would moon Friday." Who said it WOULD moon Friday? WSB? I haven't been seeing that at all.

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Did I rock your worldview? Not everyone’s a shill retard. You’re no better than the /pol/cel calling everyone a tranny.

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then you weren't reading wsb two days ago

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And we continue to hold and buy the dip.

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the good news is that, depending how many boomers have piled into gamestop and whether robinhood goes bankrupt over the weekend, the panic may spread to the whole market

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Post screenshots instead of saying NUH UH YEAH HUH NUH UH YEAH HUH jesus fucking christ

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Without synthetic longs the float is actually only 52% right now.
But regardless the short squeeze can still exist, I am not denying that, it is a matter of time frame.
The interest on loans and long drawn out process of real backend settlement on these jew run options will take months, especially with attention from the treasury to prevent market instability.
So basically if you are buying this shit right now or holding through the storm to come you expect all these other fair weather first time investors to do the same.
My bet is these poor ass fucks times a million with 800 bucks in the game will sell at a loss in panic mode when they realize this is not an overnight rags to riches story.
Then compound that your diamond hands crew is basically out of equity and you have a situation where in like 35-60 days the shares are bought in structured blocks when the hype dies down well under 50 bucks.
You get your squeeze, but not the moon mission you expected. Hedge funds lose and if you were not super early on all this shit you lose too.

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They really aren't.

>> No.27101211

They're better than this at least

>> No.27101500

Retail holders are effecting this but are a scapegoat. Big money owns most of the shares; RC ventures, blackrock, and vanguard own 33% together unless they've diminished their positions. Companies with less than 5% of the total shares don't even need to file notice. Let's just wait and see

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Hello ADL I should have guessed you were into the stock market

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No they wouldn't. They always win, and are not used to losing. They are arrogant fucks who got greedy and are now paying.
Humans don't always make rational decisions anon, now fuck off back to wall street you kike

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You’re gonna need some strong copium anon.

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I'll moon you

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>They will always push the date back.

and we'll never sell

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Not WSB, here.
My god i've lost count of how many posts on /biz/ called it for Friday.
"Two more days to moon mission!"
"If we can hold, the shorts 'expire' and it will squeeze on friday!"
"The end of the week will be glorious, $4K!"

And why would anyone screencap that retardation?

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this is R, q's financial replacement
look to the east in 1 week
spilled dr. pepper
french fry red sun
hodl the dam will break

>> No.27102141

that's what I'm thinking too. we're fucked even if we follow their rules because they always cheat

>> No.27102196

you're supposed to color between the lines and read the words lmao

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>some newfag retards on /biz/ said something retarded
>this means anyone agreed
Any anon worth his weight in GME knew that today was a tossup

>> No.27102215

WHAT are you shilling for hedgies here? What's your "reward" for ir? Doesn't you think its "suspect"?

Like seriously, why just NOW so kany of them decided to show up? And why they defend that other people should sell, even spending SEVERAL HOURS on it when they have nothing to gain? Why try to be an "autruist" by warning people fervently while also being a smug fag over it?

>> No.27102221


>> No.27102288

but selling is of course allowed and even forced so it keeps crashing and this will make winning possible for the kikes

>> No.27102349

Almost like they're getting paid per post

>> No.27102432

>some newfag retards
It was more like everyone.
But nice try.

>> No.27102486

almost like anyone who keeps pushing GME pump propaganda has stock in GME

>> No.27102501

Do you think I can't remember two days ago?
What do you think you can accomplish by lying?

>> No.27102539

what to do if robinhood turns off the sell button late next week?

>> No.27102578

kikes gonna fucking kike

>> No.27102657

Apparently you can't.
And if you haven't figured out that the more people can be drawn in to this, the more money we can all make, then you should probably go look up "ulterior motive".

>> No.27102714

Nope Melvin fuck you

>> No.27102810

YUP. I SOLD TODAY AND I AM PROUD TO HAVE SOLD. If you are holding, prepare for BIG losses Monday. It's over and you've been scammed big

>> No.27102854

U kikes really going in hard this weekend aren't u?

>> No.27102894

I just like the stock

>> No.27102899

>he thinks he can beat an hedgie in 3 days
You must be dumb or a kike shill

>> No.27102930

U will go ape shit next week when u see my gains

>> No.27103040

And it's only just starting
Sunday night will be the worst

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I just love how it's a given that the MSM is fucking outright lying in your face now. Nobody even bats an eye.

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Not selling

>> No.27103383

They started airing commercials to tell people just how much they were out of their shorts. Totally legit

>> No.27103580

>only those who disagree with me engage in motivated reasoning

>> No.27104764

>public knowledge deepens in the topic
>consensus changes
>decisions are made
act like anybody watching this go down wouldn't reevaluate their planned selling date


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There are naked shorts and you know it. It's done damage and most short sellers will bleed out millions.

>> No.27105087

You’re right (((THEY))) told you it would moon Friday. OVER 100% of the stocks are still shorted you absolute Faggot. All we have to do is hold and they Jews get jew’d

>> No.27105169

>what is they literally have to buy every share available. Post your nose

>> No.27105325

Oddly enough Fox was REALLY enthusiastic about it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzojHqzm3TU

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>constant new shilling on this board
>coordination with media to convince us they’re not shorting
>robinhood shutting down trading to protect hedgies

Yeah they’re doing all this for no reason. Nice try Melvin

>> No.27105336

They did not say it would moon. That was idiots who stuck to the hype of friday. if you actually looked you would see that is not the case. but go ahead and be a braindead kike

>> No.27105382

You've made decent money.

I recommend letting a few shares ride just for the fuck if it.

>> No.27105698

As long as you have your sell orders placed in advance theres nothing they can do.
Do not try and trade during the squeeze as sites are likely to crash from all the traffic.

>> No.27105809

>Can, but, like, likely
Mmmmm nice lie shit tard.

>> No.27105927

Do you have a screen cap? I don’t remember reading any posts stating this.

>> No.27106009

>t.kikle von schmikle

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I'd be more inclined to agree with you if things had remained normal, but once brokers started locking retail investors out for two days straight, how can you possibly cling to previous predictions that were predicated on normal market operations?

>> No.27106055

This, brokerages not offering to sell us the stocks was never in the original evaluation. Just fucking hold you dumb fucks.

>> No.27106106

>The same people trying to pump and dump you on meme coins now care about your financial well being

>> No.27106803

This comming fee. Some1 that is an absolute nigger. Know nothing...it will take time, but as long as people hold they will have to pay, or big banks like sequoia will dissolve, which won't happen...they.. will...pay...fucking brainless, know nothing niggers...go neck yourself!