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How do I deal with the fact that I've missed this once in a lifetime opportunity?

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You mean like all the other "once in a lifetime" events that have happened in the past year?

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Theyll be more, crypto especially worst thing you could do would become dispondant and give up and risk missing the next one

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watch the people who buy it at the top, see what happens to them, then remind yourself “i would have been that guy”

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At least you're not a virgin

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Actually start paying attention so you don't miss the next one

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Smooth brain here. What's the next one?

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Stay up to date on crypto news and understand trends and you'll understand.

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Buy silver you are still early!

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>tfw you got in on this one
>tfw you have no face but you must gain

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literally just refresh biz late at night and wait for an elon tweet or something. don't fall for retards shilling crypto fundamentals. none of this garbage is worth anything, just ride the wave of normie robinhood retards thinking it is

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Nigger I don't know
I can tell you it will come when things have calmed down and/or bottomed out to despair, you've completely forgotten about this Big Thing, and most anons are preoccupied with vidya or whatever than current events.

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>didn't risk a ton of your hard-earned money on extremely volatile gambling
There you go, you did a good thing OP

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Missed? Just buy amc on Monday silly goose you didn't miss anything

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The answer is always link

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You haven't missed anything friend

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There are oppurtunities every day.

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I don't get why everyone isn't doing this? Some stocks rise by like +100% at times. Why not put in 1000$ and then sell once it starts to fall by more than 10%.

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Anon you have a chance with ZOM. Don't miss your last chance

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There have been so many "once in a lifetime" opportunities this past decade, and more will come. Just keep your eyes open and make sure you're prepared to capitalize on the next ones.

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if only it was that easy

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You missed one, you big baby. Look up RYCEY and do some research. It's on the list restricted stocks yet hasn't jumped like a lot of the others. The price hasn't been this low since 2003. Think about why that is and come up with your own conclusion as to its future price

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I have some myself but it's just 100 bucks.

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at least you have some idea of what's going on, I have no fucking clue, all I know is that some people on reddit are going to make a shit ton of money and some billionaires are upset

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Why wouldn't that work?

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You miss once in a life time opportunities everyday.

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Exactly. They happen every week just about.

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shit happens all the time
I'm 26 and the big ones I remember are Apple and BTC. Just have to pay attention and get in at the right moments

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how do you know what stocks will go up?
you could be a few grand worth of stocks and only have it go up slightly, stay the same or drop.

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You will miss many more if you live more than 80 years. Choosing to act and consistently putting effort into what you want is the surest way to success. The odds of going green on some 1000x is like winning in a casino

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Just follow the hype?

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same bro
i've been drinking myself to death to cope

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what is the best place to buy bitcoin?

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people were saying to buy gamestop early last year

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Wait a decade for the jews to do so much coke that they forget this ever happened and try it again. Just do a yearly check to see which companies are being shorted by what amount, and if you see one higher than 100% immediately dump your cash into it and blow the whistle as fast as possible. We made it go from $10 to $300 in the span of a few months. Imagine how high it'd go if we had an entire year of hype.

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If it makes you feel better anon I'm doing well in link and I missed this one cause I took my eye off the ball and stopped coming to these places and I hate it too (also I distrust the FUCK out of stocks this has further validated me)

Even people who have hit once in a lifetimers miss other ones sometimes its just how it is

Listen to >>27087247
Stay focused and look for future big ones. There will be more.

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Nobody jumps on every big opportunity. If anyone here was actually psychic they'd just play the lottery and pick all the right numbers. Only thing to do is be happy with what gains you do make and look for other opportunities.

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I've made a little by doing that but also lost some. I should've bought earlier but I'm hesitant because things get shilled all the time and there's no certain way of knowing.

I've heard things about rolls royce for example, I've got some but I'm not sure to put in a few grand.

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This is not once in a lifetime myfriend

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how is a company being shorted if it's higher? you mean if a company drops 100% then buy? what if it just keeps dropping?

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LMAO retards still try to give you this scam
chink tards that keeps copying other protocols
I know only one true rebase protocol and this is Base Protocol
amazing uniswap exchange volume, top ratings and best cascade farming protocol

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Relax, my dad was telling me to sell now.

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That is called FOMO sir. More often than not, it makes you lose money

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>just know in advance exactly which stocks are gonna rise and buy those bro!
big brain take
based retard

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Hope you can stay sober and healthy anon.

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>Go to make a fidelity account
>Turns out the company I work for already made me one for a 401k
Well thats fucking creepy. How do I get rid of this 401k trash and manage my own stocks? It's just giving me options for pre-made portfolios and other cringe ass bullshit.

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I swear to fucking god if my store fucked me out of getting away from Robinhood by shackling me to an unused 401k account I have zero interest in I'm gonna flip shit. How the fuck do I get rid of this garbage and open up a brokerage account instead?

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i missed 5 opportunities like that since December first
other will come

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You will carry on missing out on once in a lifetime chances nigga, they're rare for a reason. I missed out on the big deal and am incredibly small beans with a mere 100 or so dollars in GME but I'm still hoping for possibly a 400 uptake for a decent 40 or so profit.

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Only 1 or 3 people come on top in this "once in a lifetime" situations, just keep trading and don´t do something incredibly stupid.

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Pick up the phone and call them you retarded zoomer.

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thank you my frens

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Based ZOM poster

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Every second is a new moment ready to be exploited! I believe in you anon!

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You did not miss anything, buy silver.

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Which one?

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Buy BTC or ETH and wait for when people start moving their profit from Gamestop.

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It is not a once in a lifetime opportunity. There will be many more similar chances to balloon your money.
Just stay on top of the chatter.
Crypto is a really easy way to make money if you don’t just buy random shitcoins

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what's funny is i know the next one
you would have missed it because you're too busy dicking around in this cope thread, or some meme stock thread, or a doge bagholder general
lurk more fag
the gme thread in september had 0 (zero) replies
this one also had zero and slid immediately
but you missed it. again. lol.

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It wasn't meant to be

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TFW your looking at an Oracle / Lending / Yield Farming token sitting at 10M marketcap and mainnet coming any day now... get ready to fly my BIRDies

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please go on

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Cut your dick off and pretend to be female.

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>please go on
not a chance
it's an unspoken rule for lurkers to let important threads slide
you'll start seeing threads soon enough once the bags are filled

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ur a jerk. no one comes into this thread anyway. im a wagie i cant be in here all the time. give me a hint anon

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This is good advice, after the GME stocks get sold people will be looking to invest.

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Disposable underwear. Why wash your nasty drawz when you can just flush em at the end of the day

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You can find old ones at the salvation army for 1/2 price

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Yeah I think I know what you're talking about.

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what is it

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dude you don't have to reply to everyone to thank them. in fact, that's considered bad etiquette on 4chan(nel). glad you're learning new stuff and keeping with it though.

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can I have a hint?

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by being grateful for what you have. You're living and healthy. Everyday is a gift. Money doesn't buy happiness.

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just keep browsing wallstreetbets, they shill a new meme stock every few months

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Hex is the next one

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this is gambling. You missed on both sides of the coin. You missed winning. You missed losing.

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I have $200 ready to go. Should BTC or ETH? I am thinking BTC since it is not at ATH.
I hear ETH os exploding. Should I get more ETH and later put the gains to BTC?

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I have missed like 5 once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Lucky for my I managed to grab hold of a couple others and ride the wave.

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Options doing 50x to 100x returns happen every day, but you have to get 3 things right: the day, the price, and the company. Now you understand just how insanely profitable insider trading is. Even the tiniest information advantage could make you a multi-millionaire overnight. If any of you guys are legitimate geniuses/autists that feel ostracized by society, understand that you have superpowers that could make you more powerful than anyone on Wall Street.

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DYOR faggot kun. Anyway I'm a mirror shill so I'll say mirror.

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i dumped everything into doge at the literal top and am still a virgin at 18 kill me now

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