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>> No.27076195

Hope all you Robinhood fags have the SIPC offices on speed dial LMAO

>> No.27076236

How does robinhood buy shares? Why can't we do the same? How much does a broker dealer license cost? Can't be that hard, their dogshit app could be coded in a single weekend. Let's make our own Robinhood for the lulz.

>> No.27076273

Bros I bought 16 shares at $331 a share.
Is there a chance I can make up to 20k of this squeeze?

>> No.27076283

What brokers have a decent phone app?

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>> No.27076298

What do I do with 500€?

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>Honest fucking question.
>Is Robinhood out of money or something?

Yes. They burned through their credit line, then had to get a few hundred million more from other banks Thursday evening in addition to raising a billion in capital from investors (based on their upcoming IPO).

>> No.27076365

RH is limiting RYCEY purchases to 5 shares
RYCEY will hit $10 EOM

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>> No.27076372

Is CLF dead be honest

>> No.27076374

it's easy and cheap. you do need $3k to buy into funds.


>> No.27076392

gonna need the suicide prevention hotline as well

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So now that in the coming weeks redditors will be pulling out with massive gains which stocks do you think will do well?
There was a bug pullback from SPACs because they moved their funds from there to GME
If the market does not crash I predict a huge bullrun in the meme space. SPACs in particular

>> No.27076428

TD Ameritrade has think or swim which is pretty good

>> No.27076431

Okay, you drive a hard bargain but I'll take it. 1 GME share for 100% of robinhood.

>> No.27076438

so which broker is the broker to use now? after this shitshow I don't think I'll be sticking with robinhood anymore.

>> No.27076450

So I fell into the hype and got some AMC and GME right before close...Can someone be honest with me and tell me what the prices will be on monday?

>> No.27076479

be honest is my NOK 2/5 10c kill?

>> No.27076510

TD or Chuck.

>> No.27076556

It'll get bailed out under any circumstance.

>> No.27076562

>thinking Reddit will sell
Not while they think upboats are currency

>> No.27076571

Fidelity or Schwab. Fidelity has female CEO btw

>> No.27076688

>Female CEO

>> No.27076723

Only if GME doesn’t spike to some crazy number

>> No.27076741

>Is CLF dead be honest
Yes. Steel price boom was due to covid disruptions. CLF could come back but it would be in a different cycle. Solid company but not crazy returns like it had been getting.

>> No.27076751

figures, they want the new guy to take the fall and disappear so they can add fees again maybe

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>NOK 2/5 10c


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I've determined this is the Rolex of mobile application tracking and cloud networking based on the $1 spike today.

>> No.27076801

citadel will bail it out or some 3/4 letter agency.
>"it was to protect the retail investor that we injected $xxmillion into RH"

>> No.27076802

>This order will exceed the maximum allowed RYCEY shares you can hold at this time. You currently have 35 shares purchased or pending - including this order - which exceeds the limit of 5 shares.


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there was only ever one answer

I have a friend with an account, he likes it and it seems okay

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It would need to go up to 1600/share

what the fuck is wrong with you

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Talked to my friend today who works at a financial exchange on her thoughts in regards to Robinhood. She is saying Robinhood really doesn't have a choice.
Clearing companies are mostly the ones pushing this from a liquidity standpoint. Clearing firms are trying to get funding to cover the sheer volume of shares being traded to be able to cover the collateral. If the clearing company is unable to get this collateral, people will try to sell a share for 500 dollars and literally will not get their money sent to them.
So in Robinhood's case they had to stop buying because the clearing firm would front your money over the next couple days but will still let you sell because they have the cash already.
These clearing companies do not require collateral, only for buys. So what do you think is going to happen when shorts are FORCED to put in buys for literally trillions of dollars at once with people asking for 10k a share? There is a cascading effect which will hop to different clearing companies to try and find money. So I know people want to blame Robinhood but it's just because the sheer VOLUME that these hedgies got fucked which is crashing the backbones of the stock market.

>> No.27076990

I'll just buy XMR.

>> No.27076996

Kek with all the focus on GME,AMC,etc, has everyone forgotten the rest of the market?. Cheapies were surrounding you in sickening waves. Hell the S&P 500 hit the lowest drop since October.

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They meme and all that but I'm sure most took profits and are riding the wave with the kikes money.
A lot of faggots made litteral millions and a good chunk of those hedgie money will be going back into the market.
Those hedgies made their gains by mostly shorting and blue chips.
Its all about the meme stocks in the next few weeks screen cap this.

>> No.27077026

it was a yolo lotto play, i was mirroring what i did for amc the day before, any losses are easily washed by the gains i made with the prior play.

>> No.27077051

Had to do my part kek

>> No.27077064

Can the market please crash already? I've been sitting on the sidelines for the past month.

>> No.27077112

this also explains why Robinhood was giving a 1 billion dollar loan this morning before market open. When these companies do not have funds, they need to loan from others.

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I'm all in on spy puts, sqqq, and uvxy Monday I ride to Valhalla

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like clockwork

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I singlehandedly annihilated the company called Blackberry from the face of the earth

>> No.27077202

robin hood allowed sells, but not buys

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>> No.27077215

I bought 132 options with a $25 strike price expiring Feb. 12

I got fucked and not in a good way.

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Corona-chan won't be forever anon!

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>> No.27077235

Yes I did notice my normal portfolio is blood red for the week.

>> No.27077262

I got 10 $7c exp 1/21/2022 for 0.39 each and 200 shares, gonna sit comfy for a year

>> No.27077265

I sold at 60% profit. I’m expecting a lot of big investors did the same as well. I imagine very few smaller investors will sell and there’s a lot of retards bragging about buying over a thousand stocks at 300

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What cheapies did you conquer lad? Shill me some

>> No.27077283

>robinhood takes out $1bn more debt

>> No.27077374

if these clearing housing know this. Obviously the exchanges and other regulatory bodies know this. Why not have a back stop built in from the Fed or from SEC to fund these clearing houses?

>> No.27077378

I sense an ogre it's in future.

>> No.27077436

Fuck kikes!

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>> No.27077505

just bought 10ounces of silver lads, fuck bankers

>> No.27077511

I've been using Vanguard as my broker and WeBull (with no account or money in it) as my free candlesticks viewer. Yeah, I'm a boomer for using Vanguard, but I have yet to lose money or get shutdown during all of this.

>> No.27077519

This plausible to me because RH has restricted TONS of trades. You can't buy Starbucks today ffs. Actually scratch that. You can buy 1 share.

>> No.27077652

Is the market going to crash this year? I'm sitting on $200k in cash i have no idea what to do. I just want something safe at this point. I made $180k then fucked myself down to $155k.

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>> No.27077714

I've conquered all the chippies
I'm never gonna stop
Chips and peas and gravy
I've ate the fucking lot
pepperoni pizza
and chicken vindaloo
I'm a big fat bastard
cause I love my fucking food


>> No.27077717

vanguard is based and jack bogle was the last financier to unironically care about the middle class

>> No.27077720

so did robinhood inverse the short squeeze plays while telling portfolios they had longs?

>> No.27077761

I think its very likely something will happen in 1-2 weeks

>> No.27077763

In the process of transferring my PLTR shares from RH to Schwab
Can I still sell CCs on it while it's transferring?

>> No.27077774

>Vanguard rejected my 10k limit sell on GME
I trusted you Vanguard...you accept 5k but not 10k? You were the chosen one...

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>GME closed above 320
>AMC closed above 13 (needed to close above 9 from what i heard)

what happens now?

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TQQQ rocketing to the fucking dirt

I got out this morning but didn't have the balls to go into SQQQ, need to find somewhere to park my money while I wait for it to bottom out

>> No.27077830

Instantly discarded

>> No.27077835

What's a stock-buying app I can use that lets me BUY STOCKS? TD Ameritrade?

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I took some profits today on GME, had a cost basis of $16

I now have enough cash to quit my shitty job and ride out the rest of the squeeze

thanks for all the memes GME gang

>> No.27077870

wasted digits

>> No.27077897
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God forbid you ever had to trade against the Jews.
Cause then you really might know what it's like to have to lose.

>> No.27077899

Whatever dude. If you don't trust it, call your (female) broker and ask her

>> No.27077903

Digits happen

>> No.27077906

So used to stockpiling index funds that I just realized the other day I could buy meme stocks with my Vanguard account too.

>> No.27077953

I personally believe the dip will happen around tax season when everyone using (((taxable accounts))) for GME gets rekt by short-term cap gains

they rejected my $10k offers too, but $6k is okay

>> No.27077979

Need Lum posts or I wont be able to make it

>> No.27077994

Thank you but I prefer it my way

>I've conqured all the cheapies
>I'm never gonna stop
>Steel and tech and pharma
>I've bought the fokin lot

>Lots of shares in EVs
>and some in SPACs too
>I'm a big fat bastid
>cause I act like a fokin jew
>ole ole ole
>ole ole ole

>> No.27078000

We hold.

>> No.27078018

>So I fell into the hype and got some AMC and GME right before close...Can someone be honest with me and tell me what the prices will be on monday?
$16.77 and $364, check em

>> No.27078020

Apparently you fucking suck at it because it couldn't break the new 13 dollar support if it tried.

>> No.27078021

maybe i would contact your broker. they probably want the stock to fully transfer

>> No.27078029

Lol if you didn't buy UVXY or spy puts today you're absolutely unironically majorly fucked come monday. Like circuit breaker on spy fucked buddy. Turns out shorting stocks after 20 gorillian shekels were printed is a systematic risk kek.

>> No.27078039
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Also checked

>> No.27078085

checking happens

>> No.27078118

lol same. it's been years since I considered buying anything that trades more than once a day

>> No.27078173

$2 and $4

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Pretty sure most of today was hedges trying their best to mitigate losses. Looking at AMC and GME graphs they were almost identical, so likely the hedges were playing a game to twitch the line an effort to get people to sell.

Papers fold and Diamonds hold.

Hopefully Monday we see the squeeze

>> No.27078215

I kicked it down from 20 by buying there

>> No.27078230

Thank you /smg/ for helping me made $5k last month.
I poured all of it into GME today and will hold until it's 10k/share at least.
I'm not afraid of losing it all because this is my responsibility.

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germanons, what app/ site would you recommend?

>> No.27078255

The news and the jews are quiet and this worries me.

>> No.27078284

no one know, this is now fringe trading.

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Trips confirm quints.

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since you asked nicely.

>> No.27078365

>literally took Monday off so I can sit and stare at stock tickers
God I just want to offload my GME at this point. I'm like waking up at 3 AM to stare at my phone for pre-market and shit. My heart can't take this.

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made 50k where do i get a 10/10 escort i need to de-stress

>> No.27078470

For her? Bumble

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Almost completely out of the market rn

All alarm bells went off on Tuesday and I sold it all. I think Monday might be another big red day.

Is /SMG/ still full of the crypto kids? Haven't been here for a week now because of that
Never short the market. Timing that stuff is ridiculous and just being cash is much more comfy.
Crash? Nah. A crash requires unexpected news that shake the economy.

You may see a slow crab though, essentially killing long options. I'd say we're overvalued right now as well and we should see some cheapies coming next week. We're due to a September correction.

>> No.27078514

Does anyone else here use BMO InvestorProfile?

Why won't it allow me to set a five figure sell limit on GME?

>> No.27078522

any girl on tinder with snapchat in her profile is an escort

>> No.27078534

>spending money before you have a milli

>> No.27078605


>> No.27078631

DM some Onlyfans slut who looks not sick and raw dog her

>> No.27078637


>> No.27078653

NOT Trade Republic
they did the same shit as RH

>> No.27078670
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I sold GME at 400 yesterday and bought AMC for double profit no regurtz, don't wanna ruin my sleep over the weekend

>> No.27078720

Made 6k this month only playing with house money. After pulling all of my initial investments from last year out. Still in AMC, GME, and NOK. Anything else I should grab and hold? I don't fuck with crypto. All my defense stocks I pulled out of. I'd like something thats not just wsb meme pump and dump to lok forward to.

>> No.27078726
File: 220 KB, 890x905, 1593011857843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who the FUCK shilled NOK to me when it was $7?? SHOW YOURSELF RIGHT NOW.

>> No.27078752

>Never short the market.
Yeah but it's a direct inverse of the one ticker that I time, so it should really just amplify my gains since the moves are the same.

And don't tell me to buy and hold TQQQ without timing it. I'm not holding that shit though a crash.

>> No.27078754

They always ask for a deposit upfront, always afraid they're just gonna block me and run with the cash.


>> No.27078759

I keep red pilling reddit on jews and they keep calling me racist? Everyone at the top controlling the market is in fact Jewish. How is pointing facts racist?

>> No.27078760

10 year is cracking 1.1% and wants to go higher
Hedgies are buying the dips
This retard rally will retard on

>> No.27078764

i thought this faggot said he and others were going to buy 1 million shares or some BS

>> No.27078767
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they thought that i forgot or something. so let me remind them.


>> No.27078769

>Crash? Nah. A crash requires unexpected news that shake the economy.
Yeah, unexpected news like say brokers going fucking bankrupt KEK

>> No.27078810

What happens to consumable luxuries like tobacco and alcohol in a recession or depression?

>> No.27078875

they become cheaper usually, like everything else.

>> No.27078903

>They always ask for a deposit upfront
then they're a cop

>> No.27078907


>> No.27078934

anyone else buy 420c at close?

>> No.27078935
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What I’m in for guys?

>> No.27078941

All amc strikes for the next month are itm, when does the strike price gets updated higher

>> No.27078965

You are not suppose to ask a question with digits like that. What a waste.

>> No.27078969

you're certified retarded sir. Sorry to tell you. Massive red days inbound

>> No.27078998

Robinhood has an IPO coming up.
Is it legal to short them?

>> No.27079001
File: 34 KB, 960x688, 2a8b56my8be61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody knows anymore my dude.
We are trading in uncharted territory now with only our holds to guide us.

>> No.27079012

Don't know about your broker in particular, but I'm pretty sure no one will let you make a limit order so far out of market price.
Are you sure you're trying to set up a "stop loss" condition, and not a limit order. They are different things.

>> No.27079048

They become high demand commodities for people who lose it all and want to forget the pain of life. Like the people referenced in this video

>> No.27079069

>>GME closed above 320
>>AMC closed above 13 (needed to close above 9 from what i heard)
>what happens now?
Hold you fucking waste of digits.

>> No.27079109
File: 92 KB, 321x333, holocaust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no no no no

>> No.27079170
File: 167 KB, 1004x1080, he_didnt_sell_laughing_hobits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so now that my TQQQ has been completely annihilated, what am i buying to offset this loss

>> No.27079195
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checked, holding

>> No.27079270

>How is being autistic mean I'm retarded?

Fuck off to /pol/

>> No.27079361
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>> No.27079378

Great to trade with, or use personally. Coffee as well

>> No.27079379
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>completely annihilated
zoom out

>> No.27079425

>Crash? Nah. A crash requires unexpected news that shake the economy.
well um the Gamestop stuff if you haven't heard...

>> No.27079441

bonds are chill

>> No.27079447

BNKU puts
UVXY calls
SPY puts
Inverse 3x indexes

>> No.27079449
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good, thats what Im using right now

will keep it in mind, thanks

>> No.27079467

Theyre all Jews goldstein

>> No.27079469

Can anyone give me a non "it's da jooz" answer to how short interest can be greater than 100% if naked shorting is supposedly illegal?

>> No.27079520

they're definitely not doing their ipo after this
they might not exist after this

>> No.27079524
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>now that my TQQQ has been completely annihilated
lmao, I sold this morning

>> No.27079551

bought 500c, $100k worth

I either make it or go homeless

>> No.27079566
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Look at the September 2nd threads if you wanna read the same arguments about "QQQ 400 EoY". Markets not only go up, which people seem to forget every six months, which creates a great buying opportunity as overleveraged fucks get BTFO.

Bonds are shit, but that doesn't mean pouring even more money into stocks with barely any growth is a great idea every day of every week.

>> No.27079570
File: 5 KB, 442x114, JOIN THE PHUN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

quietly moons...


>> No.27079626

UHMMM CRBP shill??

up 8% AH

>> No.27079630

i sold my AMD in the premarket this morning to afford more memes, glad i did. wew lad.

>> No.27079657

If you think that has influence on the market you deserve to lose money.

>> No.27079663

Have some comedy gold:


>> No.27079676

why would they sell? dont they have insider information to use?

>> No.27079698
File: 105 KB, 1565x400, michael burry gamestop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Michael correct? I really want more squeeze bucks.

>> No.27079699

It actually is because they are jews

>> No.27079700

go to japan its legal

>> No.27079709

Unironically the jews of greedy wallstreet type.

>> No.27079715

Someone who bought a share of stock that was short sold to them then lends it out to be shorted again

>> No.27079726

I hope I get out of GameStop at a good price when the Jews dump on everyone. So sick of seeing other people happy

>> No.27079729

You want us to lie to you?

>> No.27079755

Imagine thinking a free phone app broker wasn’t a complete scam

>> No.27079772

Did everyone closed their positions to jump on gme, is that why everthing's reed?

>> No.27079791

Shorts borrow shares from longs and sell to new longs. Short borrow more shares from the new longs and sell to newer longs.

>> No.27079794
File: 27 KB, 556x628, 2a52927120dfa894e19e4c70f3052888652c7c3b3029a8a5d68ea72d405f7728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its a loophole, they borrow the share from the guy they just sold it to, thereby creating a chain of debt and if the company dies they never have to pay the shares back

>> No.27079796

Fuck all of my GME shares are in Robinhood.
Even if I success, I'm afraid I can't take them out later because Robinhood is surely going to die.

>> No.27079839

GME is like the big bang. Everything else is just going to be a tiny explosion.
People are hoping for the same to happen to AMC and others but I think he's probably right.

>> No.27079889

That was MMs getting margin called

>> No.27079921

No it's because literally no one has liquidity lmao. Shorts open you up to infinite risk.

>> No.27079937

ahahahahahahahahahaha hadn't seen the second 2 yet

>> No.27079953

Stupid question here, I’ll ask this out of curiosity: since the hedgies do this all the time, is it possible to exchange stocks with a person by making him sel them for a ultra ridiculous price so I can buy at that limit price and get them for pennies? Is it illegal?

Example: he has a $100 stock and sells 5 of them for 0.10$ each then it triggers my order with limit 5 shares x 0.10$. Would this work?

I’m not talking about an obnoxious amount of stocks.

>> No.27080011
File: 1.43 MB, 1016x660, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27080031
File: 1.02 MB, 2433x3427, 1608930952057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you setting your sell limit to? Is there even any reason to?

>> No.27080044

>12 shares of sqqq at 14.44 today
I'm a poor fag, was that a winning play?

>> No.27080058

In the same boat. Used RH and can't sell now

>> No.27080085

Well laws typically do not apply to the rich white men with billions of dollars. It just so happens to be that these “white” men are mostly of the funny small hat and money related career persuasion

>> No.27080144

Better jumping from a sinking ship in a lifeboat than to go down chasing a whale

>> No.27080147
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because they didn't think of it

>> No.27080149

Thanks, senpai. Ameritrade was being a cunt.

>> No.27080152

Isn't he always?

>> No.27080177

Probably. NOK is too big to see sudden movements like that. Especially now that the hype is dead, and everyone has calmed down and pulled out.

>> No.27080206

it's only legal if your tribe defines the law, so no

>> No.27080248

Sound about right.

>> No.27080250

Yes. We're gonna be rich together anon.

>> No.27080297
File: 239 KB, 680x680, yikes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wooooooow anon wtf is with all the antisemitism? is that really necessary? we won't have these generals anymore if you keep that up

>> No.27080363

I'm setting it to 49999 for the hell of it, not sure if they would even honor it though people keep saying we can go as high as we want

>> No.27080388

i like the commodity is all

>> No.27080408

Do a securities transfer to another brokerage

>> No.27080409

>1 batch to make a little profit/break even
>1 batch to make exponential gains
if all goes well, my piddling tens of k's can be worth over 1 piddly million after 30 years compounding

really hope the jews aren't *that* spiteful, but then again, they cut baby dicks so i know it's a false hope

>> No.27080414
File: 73 KB, 590x666, 2021-01-29_14-08-57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27080466

Everyone who's not in GME has been moving into VIX and bearish plays or just staying cash, liquidity crisis is some serious stuff

>> No.27080474

>GME makes all the media call investors antisemites
Imagine if we go for the silver squeeze, I bet the kikes would rather take the Holocaust, for real this time.

>> No.27080486


>> No.27080552

whats the implications of this?

>> No.27080561
File: 62 KB, 976x850, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mr. Dimon will be having a talk with you shortly

>> No.27080571


Its funny how when the media attacks hedge funds manager they're "white men" but when we attack the same people we are antisemitic for attacking the jews.

>> No.27080630

you don't get money from selling your stock I assume

>> No.27080635

if they were insolvent they would halt all trading

>> No.27080641
File: 117 KB, 443x443, 96089536_3097769913578634_3886813289685975040_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bought GME at $75
>sold at $300
the top is already in. when will this fucking r*ddit fad blow over so we can go back to discussing stocks that aren't GME, NOK, BB, or AMC?

>> No.27080644

Why don’t the Jews just buy the stocks on Reddit instead of ruining?

>> No.27080663

Even the media seems to be split on who's the good guy, which is why I think the squeeze might actually go somewhere

>> No.27080669
File: 30 KB, 128x120, spookyg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i am mr dimon

>> No.27080685

Explain like I don't understand the economy

>> No.27080725

>silver squeeze
there's a lot of silver in the world, anon. we saw what (((they))) did to try and prevent gamestop. now imagine betting on much less certain odds, when every (((central bank))) in the world would collude to illegally fix the silver market.

>> No.27080730

ftfy m8y

>> No.27080745

I forgot to sell my SOXL when I got out of leveraged investments earlier this week. Cut my losses or hold?

>> No.27080757

Vlad the RH ceiling literally said in an interview liquidity wasn't the problem but customers safety. And nothing g excuses force selling stocks without holders permission. Why us that not being reported on?

>> No.27080762

It takes long right? I'm worried that I won't make it in time while the squeeze happens.

>> No.27080773


>> No.27080833

When you 'buy' 'shares' through robinhood you're not actually buying the shares, i don't know the specifics but there's some middle-man bullshit going on where you dont' actually own shit. You might as well consider robinhood as a bank account that only holds cash but tells you you own shares.

>> No.27080836


If they're actually insolvent it means they don't have enough cash to pay the people they need to pay. When you owe more money than you have or are owed, you're insolvent.

>> No.27080852

True, the best thing we can do is simply buy as much physical silver as possible and watch the house of card collapse.

>> No.27080856

Where's the GME version of this?

>> No.27080881
File: 205 KB, 659x525, 848.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my reserach says mr dimon actually doesn't like the commodity fren

>> No.27080884

>selling SOXL

>> No.27080899

How do I put money from paypal into a fidelity account?

>> No.27080916

It has been reported

>> No.27080937

If you're worried about the time, then just hold it on RH and put your cash in a different brokerage

>> No.27080949

They forced sells without permission

>> No.27080961
File: 1.01 MB, 1504x1050, Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-31 um 12.42.23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>RH manipulation of AMD and multiple other none-meme stocks
I'm am so fucking glad I never touched that shit

>> No.27080969

But they HAVE TO pay back, one way or another, bailout or some jewish stimulus. They have to, that's the rules of the game that the Jews themselves created.

>> No.27080980

I still doubt robinhood is going to die

>> No.27081022

yes. I also quietly stack physical and believe everyone should do the same. it's like taking a chunk of value (USD, fiat, volatile money) and sinking it into wealth (deflationary, never more or less, permanently removed from circulation)

>> No.27081025
File: 796 KB, 1280x720, v16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>RYCEY is on the list
Nice job RYCEY shills. Are you ready for $1/share by March?

>> No.27081028

>down 20% in a week
yes keep hodling i'll buy your panic bags at 300 in 2 weeks

>> No.27081053

they didn't force sell stocks they forced closed margins

>> No.27081089

I got a question for fellow leafs, if I sell a stock in my tfsa (questrade), does that count as a withdrawal? Or do I have to move the money out of the questrade account for it to count as a withdrawal?

Ie. If I 2021 my contribution room is 10k. I fund the account with 10k, bought GME and sold it all for 20k but didn't move the money from the sale to my bank account. Is my contribution room in 2022 $16k or $6k (assuming 2022 adds $6k of contribution room)

>> No.27081102

wtf thats even worse
they will get sued to hell

>> No.27081115
File: 57 KB, 567x603, 1611728586992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thoughts on SPCE? Long haul hodl?

>> No.27081129

>not a meme stock
lol wut

>> No.27081131

>Vlad the RH ceiling literally said in an interview liquidity
That's the thing though. He's not entirely wrong that RH doesn't have a liquidity problem. The clearing companies that funnel the money into the brokerages do.

>> No.27081135

I can't believe Reddit and 4chan have beaten Hedgies


>> No.27081142
File: 3.89 MB, 2552x2043, 1488660822440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Niggerinos, whats the word on cruise stocks and airline stocks??? CCL is down so hard right now.

>> No.27081156

he does sir, he just doesnt want you to like it until hes finished

>> No.27081177
File: 53 KB, 256x256, 1600840277545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can an average joe do short selling? I can buy stocks easily even as a nobody, but how do I lend myself stocks from my brooker like the wallstreet kikes do and sell them to buy them back later. Or can only gigakikes do that?

>> No.27081178

fortunately the talmud is self-contradictory by design, the only constant being "we hate goys"

>> No.27081182

lurk escort sites
eros has expensive ones but seems legit.
escortalligator and adultsearch have tons of spam to dig through but there is gold there if you hunt. Some of the more high end escorts have links to their websites on there.

>> No.27081202

How the fuck are you even allowed to operate a business in the stock market if you're insolvent? There's no way they aren't good for it. SOMEONE has to pay, and if it ain't them, then the government certainly does. Otherwise, EVERYONE is out a billion dollars.

>> No.27081218

Who will their customers be now? They've pissed off both their users AND the firms who bought data from them.

>> No.27081256

Yes. Small brokerage will die out, money shuffled around, nothing will happen after chatter and the world will resume its clownery till societal collapse or neuralink hive mind

>> No.27081262

Real brokers:
You deposit money -> You buy shares directly through their software

Dogshit garbage meme brokers:
You deposit money -> You give the money to Robinhood/Etoro/Trading212/Etrade/etc. -> they buy the shares for you -> they deposit them into your account

I don't know how it works but this is what they do

>> No.27081263
File: 7 KB, 203x249, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where should i buy the commodity? do i buy a 1000 oz bar from the bank or something?

>> No.27081270

should i be loading the boat with GME and AMC right now? i can buy AH. or is it going to go down on monday and i should wait to DCA down before the next pump?

>> No.27081296

I've been holding since 2017.

>> No.27081297
File: 728 KB, 1748x2476, Er9ndncVgAEBJVR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stronk stonks, ride the bull lads.

>> No.27081322

I feel like after r/wsb becomes a normalfag central, /smg/ will be the only safe place left to actually discuss stocks and shit.
The big boys will pay a lot of money to manipulate r/wsb just like they did with other subreddits.

>> No.27081336

Surprised this wasn't an issue during the COVID crash and recovery desu.

>> No.27081343
File: 150 KB, 872x1784, 1611955756803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

RH just gave you a shopping list

>> No.27081364

what country do you live in?

>> No.27081383

anyone with 25k can open a margin account and short things. you literally just pick something you don't own any shares of yet, and sell it. that's it. you then have negative stocks.

>> No.27081400

The the question becomes this.
I have 2 shares with Robinhood.
Do I sell there and buy elsewhere?

>> No.27081401


Not if they go bankrupt. Good luck getting your money back from someone who doesn't have money. Honestly I wouldn't want to hold any assets on Robinhood atm.

>> No.27081405

you forgot schwab and TD amerigay in your dogshit meme broker list

>> No.27081434

Buy SQQQ and VXX

>> No.27081453

i wish

>> No.27081454

they aren't insolvent you stupid niggers or they wouldn't allow any buying whatsoever

stop wanking to this reddit larp crusade

>> No.27081488

what's a real broker then

>> No.27081527
File: 28 KB, 305x211, 1605191214631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is it just me or is gamestop being oddly still after hours right now?

>> No.27081531


>> No.27081542

Nope those 2 are legit

>> No.27081557

get out of robinhood, its about to collapse
they are insolvant

>> No.27081582
File: 24 KB, 400x400, 1611367137647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>actually have that much thanks to crypto despite still living in my mom's basement

I am coming for you, wallstreet.

>> No.27081583

the banks then take care of it if that happens.

>> No.27081584

You should be sitting pretty. That's around the time that I sold for muh 5x gains. Could have been 20x. I hate myself.

>> No.27081588


You're not. Anyone who is owed money can demand bankruptcy on a firm that's truly insolvent. I doubt that Robinhood is actually insolvent. Maybe they're not liquid atm, which is not the same thing.

>> No.27081600

is the bull run over bros

>> No.27081637

Usually after most big happenings (the fappening, Bitcoin, guy who posted pics of his gf that he chocked, etc) normies will always leave with minimal retention due to autism racism antisemitism misogyny etc. while the more user friendly areas become oversaturated. Hold out for a few months and /biz/ will be back to comfy market generals and poojeets spamming chink scamcoin.

>> No.27081646

yeah you keep saying that but they aren't sorry

>> No.27081652

The fix is in

>> No.27081670

How many fucking times has zero hedge been wrong over the years? How the fuck do you retards still listen?

>> No.27081699

https://goldsilver.com/ is mike the chad maloneys website either there or jmbullion

>> No.27081702


lol that's horribly naive of you. Why would the bank pay you?

>> No.27081705

They are about to go public which will mean raising funds when they've never been more visible. Even if they've also never been more hated they should be able to squirm their way out of this one way or another.

>> No.27081706


>> No.27081712

>The Goyim are about to get a bailout
Based timeline, expecting some RADICAL law changes this year lel

>> No.27081723

yeah you keep shitposting nothing but garbage fuck off

>> No.27081769

>zero hedge
>zero hedge
the zoomer misinformation gerbil feeder trio

>> No.27081774

This is an incredibly suspect list. Why are SBUX, RLX, RCCEY on there?

>> No.27081811

what the fuck is happening to gme? you'd think such a hype stock would either moon or fall every second but literally nothing happened today
i'm getting bored

>> No.27081833

What’s bad with Schwab. And what’s your recommendation on a “real” broker

>> No.27081869
File: 595 KB, 680x469, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.27081884
File: 128 KB, 768x629, VXX reverse splits since inception (literally rigged to go down forever due to In Contango).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>longing volatility

no, you short volatility, you never long it. idk how many times i have you tell you faggots this: https://sixfigureinvesting.com/2016/10/is-shorting-uvxy-tvix-vxx-the-perfect-trade/

all you really have to do is either buy puts or have enough capital to cover a black swan event, because it will ALWAYS go down, forever. forever, anon, do you understand what in contango is? no, you don't. you're a retard, i know this. you see this chart? you don't long this chart.

>> No.27081891

I don't understand how that's an issue though. Buyer has money. Seller has shares. A transaction takes place. If either side didn't actually have that, it would be naked, which no broker accessible by us mere mortals would even allow. The only issue I could see would be if all this volume was from people using their instant deposits from their checking account and a significant number of them failing.

>> No.27081905

sir if i understand you correctly you are implying that they weren't in on the hit job when in reality they were, how about you kys? r*ddit is still warm for you nigger

>> No.27081944

They blocked trading on many platforms, and (((regulated))) it on the others (e.g. rh only allowed buying 1 share total of GME).

>> No.27081959

>transfer 300 to broker
>wanna buy 1 GME since it's under 300
>goes above 300
>doesn't go down
>market closes
I'm sorry Anons, I wasn't able to help!

>> No.27081973

How are you people so illiterate. He is saying that there WILL be another like it. He starts off by saying "there can't be another", then he ends with, "much like #thebigshort", to twist into reality at the end: these things happen over and over again. Next one won't be in the shape of the GME squeeze, nor in the shape of the big short, but there WILL be another big happening like it.

>> No.27081988

It's about sending a message

>> No.27082046
File: 80 KB, 680x907, 1585530938586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking IPOE has been RIPPING today

>> No.27082053

So they did it to help some clearinghouse middle man part if the settlement process? Prove it. Seems weird. They can't settle orders on the big 20k stocks but can't handle gme ? Bullshit. Proove it.

>> No.27082062

Bruh it went +90% to +30% to +60% TODAY

>> No.27082073
File: 638 KB, 940x816, 1608852763468.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spending it on some 3dpd instead of turning that 50K into 5mil

>> No.27082080

not from peter schiff? will he jew me?

>> No.27082127

>kill a hedge fund
>take out a broker
do you think germans would've been this satisfied if the holocaust had occurred?

>> No.27082133

i know... i just miss tuesday

>> No.27082150

Because our payment system is archaic as fuck. They have to hold those funds for 2-3 days once you pay them.
If this was crypto where transactions take minutes instead of days, it wouldn't matter. so it's more like
>buyer A has money
>seller B has shares
>buyer A sends money to clearing company
>buyer A's money is not added to clearing company's funds for 2-3 days
>seller B gets shares taken out
>clearing company tries to send some of it's bucket funds but is out, so seller B gets no money

>> No.27082154

I didn't tell you to hold it for the rest of your life dickhead

>> No.27082231


Point is that cash doesn't transfer instantly between buyer and seller. It does in theory, and in everyone's accounts it looks as if it does instantly, but behind the scenes the cash takes time to move around.

>> No.27082232

WARNING WARNING multiple groups of gym normies talking about GME AMC and the housing market

>> No.27082239

This was a watcher pick, anybody got the watcherfolio?

>> No.27082281

he has a website i think but i think hes mostly focused on managing money, if you want the physical metal im not sure if he does that, but check him out, anywhere you can get anything is good they will all be the same cost

>> No.27082296

Ya this. It was a group effort they all agreed on as a fad reactionary response that evil right wing redditors did a evil trumpism terror attack the financial system. That the real reason.

>> No.27082297

Now worries, you've got Monday to look forward to. That one should be one hell of a day. Expect the price to whip around a whole $1000 range and finish at $2000. Tuesday: $2000-$5000, and wednesday: open at $1000 and down she goes.

>> No.27082298

how many more days do you think it's gonna take before the flood gates open? (RH either forced to unrestrict because everyone is leaving and they are also getting multiple class action lawsuits now, and/or everyone is leaving RH since thursday morning and moving to fidelity and webull and shit like that which will actually allow them to buy memes again)?

they can only hold back the tide for so long. it doesn't even matter if it dumps, everyone wants to buy just to stick it to the man at this point, whenever they are "freed" from restriction one way or another, there's gonna be a FLOOD of money into these stocks. you can't stop what's cooming.

>> No.27082342

any places to avoid fake chink silver?

>> No.27082346

based. can't wait to sell in 3-5 business days just as their accounts get verified/funded

>> No.27082347

They know it's shilled here.

>> No.27082366

Just think of "the Jews" as a euphemism for the wealthy, nepotistic elite. Who are just coincidentally disproportionately Jewish.

>> No.27082435
File: 55 KB, 480x544, v43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>These restrictions will not prevent clients from making basic buy and sell transactions.
They didn't do anything wrong

>> No.27082436

the point is im not looking to long volatility im looking for where this will peak and then short it. it's way too easy to be wrong as fuck.

but hey just for shits and giggles im gonna buy 100 shares of VXX right now, if it doubles by some miracle i'll sell it.

>> No.27082447


>> No.27082454

Based gym normie reconnaissance, I dumped my bags on them today

>> No.27082507

what are they saying about the housing market, tell them to buy silver
buy reputable brand coins and bars from big legit dealers, swiss bars, american, british, canadian coins from goldsilver or jpbullion

>> No.27082547

sorry i mean UVXY, because fuck it why not.

>> No.27082574


most sensible assumptions i've seen yet. gotta revise my sell orders

>10 captchas in a row
the financial press may be quiet but jewgle is loud

>> No.27082635

cheerio m8 coulda sworn they did. still gay

>> No.27082636

anyone baking?

>> No.27082702

Today was just the beginning. The real cheapies are next week when shorties get liquidated.

>> No.27082713

Don't give me hope like that, man.
If this stock hits $5000 by next week I will actually shit my pants.
Even if it did manage to hit that mark, I doubt people would be able to sell without things going horribly wrong during though.

>> No.27082728

I baked some hotdogs earlier.

>> No.27082758

what the fuck

>> No.27082772

retards lose all their stock
the plutocracy wins again

>> No.27082773
File: 254 KB, 900x684, 266-2660569_apu-pepe-thumbs-up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks for the leads fren can't wait to start stacking

>> No.27082832

I put them in the oven and set the "Bake" mode, Anon

>> No.27082904

But you're supposed to grill hot dogs

>> No.27082944

>pending millionaire

>baking hotdogs

You’re gonna make it

>> No.27082949

You're an animal

>> No.27082950

yeah. now that we "won" and the hedgies are literally throwing chairs at each other, I'm vibing on the grits. how much do i need to sell at what price to break even, while still allowing some good profit?

>> No.27082958

It’s a dynastic line you fucking chudd.

>> No.27082999


>> No.27083003

I don't have one :(
I put it close to the heating element and put the heat above 450

>> No.27083017
File: 719 KB, 270x360, 1611598865708.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27083039

yo thats a good idea

>> No.27083067

Use your broiler

>> No.27083336
File: 64 KB, 300x241, frenpilled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27083379

5000 will only be a handful of shares at the top, as soon as they're bought it's going to dump to 3000 or less. It will probably close around 3000 at best. And of course, if you didn't sell that day, you'll be back to 100 before you can even react.

>> No.27083591

because that's literally the law, fuckface.

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