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What in the absolute fuck is going on?

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It’s fake. Click it and read.

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pleb bit is taking over, we are fucked

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there is WSB crypto? what?

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A lot of pinks in a few days. Reddit has deluded itself into thinking Wall Street is going to come crumbling down and crypto is gonna replace fiat.

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its just cringe shit

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Whoever made that is a legit 200IQ genius. Literally free money from Redditors.

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It is though. After the GME stock rises to 900$ per share the hedgies have to take lloans of a few trillions from the federal reserve which will devalue the dollar.

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>there is WSB crypto? what?
its gme anon

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Stop using CMC crap. It was bought by Binance.
Use coingecko instead.

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anybody saying "hedgie" is an obvious reddit faggot that NEEDS TO GO BACK. YOU HEAR ME NIGGER GO BACK

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based CMC

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>After the GME stock rises to 900$ per share the hedgies have to take lloans of a few trillions from the federal reserve
or they just play fast and loose with the rules, shift the loss to someone else and the hedgies go bankrupt normally which means they all remain rich irl even if they're flat broke on paper.

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I'm team hedgie, fuck you goy

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But, you see, not every hedgie is a kike, so, he is being unequivocally inclusive, exactly what leftards love.

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>description of wsb on coinmarketcap
gas all redditors 2bh

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I like hedgie, it's clearly insulting and dismissive but I can use it around my normie friends without them getting mad. Can't say kike like that (though a few of them wouldn't mind).

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I’m glad they wrote it in language that resonates with me (a distinguished redditor) and my peer group.

To the moon!

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This. 2 days and the new BTC monthly candle too. It's literally over.