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copium supply levels are going to reach critical highs this weekend as normies realize that they've been had.

get the popcorn lads

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I admit I fell for the meme too but I got out before losing too much. Its gonna be sad to see guys saying "JUST HODL A BIT LONGER" when GME is back down to $4

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>thanks for the gold, stranger!

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the squeeze hasn't even happened yet

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>three weeks later
>GME trading at $30

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Sorry Reddit, nothing personell kid

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regular people who never heard of a short before this week really thought that by buying at absurdly inflated ATH prices that they could get rich while sticking it to the man

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This is how they kick the goyim out of trading.
People get in around $300, get burned and never trade again. Not totally ruinous, but just enough to hurt.

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literally Qanon

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I'm glad I sold my 300k at 400. Thank you gaydit, very cool.

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Why do you say that?
>t. Stock noob that hasn’t bought GME

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Why did we listen to reddit again? I was making all kinds of gains with 4chan's crypto until reddit came with their shit crusade and meme stocks

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Dude, yesterday all originalfags tried to warn you. Why didn't you listen them?

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The play right now is GME puts.


Tranny detected

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They have single handedly pumped two absolute shitcoins from my alt-shit folio. I wasnt expecting STA to move for a year at least and doge? What can you say.

I welcome them to join us every Q1 shitcoin push of the year. Unironically these are the folk that get scammed by big pump signal ahaha

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they think they are doing something noble with all the HOLD THE LINE posts. They don't realize they are really just holding the bag and allowing the more ruthless of us realize our gains.

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Hedgie Hedgie when will you learn? We HODL you lose. No volume change. Next week will be delicious tendies courtesy of you. Thanks in advance

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Ahhh yes that's the good stuff. Keep it coming!

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>ALL IN FOR GM- [woof woof it's me, le doge] - DOGE!!!!!

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>why YES! The pepe is wearing glasses, this MUST be true!

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Pretty sure most people just wanted to stick it to the man. Only newfags thought they’d get rich.

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agreed, but what exactly is incorrect with the writing?

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>Sticking it to the man by losing money for no reason

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>the more ruthless of us
Just say it, kike

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youuu fucking idiots I seriously fucking hope you mean doge.

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Two more weeks

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lmao this. Supreme Cope

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>no reason
I guess if you’re retarded you might believe that. Or you’re just a dirty kike.

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jews aren't that bad

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>kike cope

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>bought at $75
>sold at $301

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This, us goyim need to sell and get back to working hard for Mr. Shlomo. We had a good run while it lasted.

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It's amazing, they fucked over hedge funds for billions of dollars and now they're gonna fuck over the normies too. What absolute fucking chads.
I should have spent the past 4 years of my life on wsb instead of here, they're clearly superior

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Congrats on the quad bagger

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How much do they pay you?

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>i missed an oportunity now I'm sour and don't want others to win. buy my doge coin or silver instead.

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you would've been conned like the others

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Wanna go balls deep in puts?

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It's honestly genius. They've tricked the masses into thinking holding a worthless stock will somehow be taking down Wall Street.

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>all these sour grapes
Fucking kek, at most I lose 122 dollars. Cry more tho

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nice, post a dick pic

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>bought at 380 cause robinhood fucked me
love this app bros

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>bought at $53
>sold at $400

Yesterday's drop snapped me back to reality after days of delusional euphoria. I was fully expecting a rugpull today and sold a couple of minutes after the market open. I was so happy to see the order go through and thankful for the run up in premarket. Thank fuck I didn't do some meme limit sell like $420.69