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So did you leave Robinhood,stay or robbed a bank

Saw a pack of of people go to cashapp,webull and or stayed.

What did you do

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Rh is just for fun. I assume most people with more than 1k have real brokers whose CEOs don't go on tv and get ass raped by Cuomo. That said, I'm holding amc there out of spite. If it ever moons, I'll sell it and close my account but I'm never buying another stock there again

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Never even used it to begin with.
Kek its literally for poor americans.

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isn't amc a meme. was thinking that its so low i could just buy 1

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all of these stocks (gme, amc, bb, nok) are a meme. But just because they're memestocks doesn't mean you can't profit from them

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I have $25k on there. Probably in the top 1% when compared to the rest of the retards that use the app.

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Don't know where to ask so i'll ask herre, what's a good platform to start trading on?

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I'm transferring to e-trade, but they doesn't have crypto. As soon as I get my 10k profit from doge I'm fucking out of here. The beauty is that I'll get that before price hits .10 so i'll avoid the mass selloff.

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Etrade and moomoo.
left Robinhood after they fucked up with TVOX trading a year ago.

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The problem with RH is that they're small - they can't handle forking over the 100% collateral requested by the DTCC to fulfill all the orders that they are getting.

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>he thinks doge goes to .10 and he doesn't get dumped on
First time?

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doesn't etrade cost you a trade?

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I'm stuck on RH because Schwab won't open my account yet.

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Robinhood offers no commissions because they sell your trading data to firms to train HFT's how to trade against you

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ok how about webull

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this, just don't be stupid enough to fall for hype

all about self-restraint

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If you mutts don't abandon this scum app I'm going to murder the next us slut I fuck. You have been warned.

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Gonna stay to see how the squeeze turns out, then I'll move stocks to Webull and sell what I have in doge and move to Voyager.

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made a webull account. never trading gamestop again or I'll probably do Schwab or td.

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how is it. any fees, problems or stuff that you don't like about it. I kinda wanna leave to it right now

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Everyone does this. The only difference is everyone else used to sell your trading information AND charge you $9.99 for the privilege. Robinhood is unironically the good guys.

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Only options

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is fidelity any good?

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Fidelity and Vanguard did not stop people from buying. Robinhood and Etrade did.

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webull also

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Average cost 0.02. I'm good.

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I cashed out all my stocks from RH today. Waiting for it to settle so I can switch to another trading platform

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Are there any decent alternatives? Has anyone used Wealthsimple?

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pics or it didn't happen

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as soon as i can cash out im deleting it

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I have accounts open everywhere. Same with banks. You're the asset/machine. Banks, Exchanges are just engines and storage to execute plays. I bank with Chase, Navy Federal, Schwab. Multiple Accounts


just open them, and track them. But use the serious big plays to hold your serious assets (Schwab). Going to open an IRA there soon

My play exactly - they fucked my limit order and bought market @ ~20. I have 50 shares will close in a week pending news/market.

Good Shit, don't bank with Jews. Welcome o Schwab. Own your tomorrow.

Not signing up for a platform where the owners have been owned/outsmarted by a Jew. On the record so much they made a fucking movie about it. No Thanks.

don't know, you tell me

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get to Schwab and don't be a retard, webull is chinese spyware and cashapp is for nigs.

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Lists more stocks than RH
Longer hours than RH
Has all of RH's features, even the debit card
Didn't cuck its users

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what about cashapp?

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This anon is pretty much right, the only reason I don’t have my money in a dozen different brokers and banks is out of pure convenience.

I have longterm investments in Vanguard and options, day trading, and swing trades in ThinkorSwim. My liquid cash is in a credit union and a small amount in a bank for international shit.

If you are okay with having to micromanage 6 different brokers, more power to you.

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webull also restricted gme you tards, not as bad as rh but still bent over for the hedgies

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Does it have crypto?

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is moomoo any good?

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Isn’t thinkorswim part of ameritrade? Why divide your money between brokers?

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abandon RH ship

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Stay because they were actually trying to protect novice investors that learned of gme yesterday from losing tons of money.

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im still on RH cause I have no fucking idea what to do with this scuffed NAKD

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I like TD Ameritrade’s ThinkorSwim. The site is well designed for active trading and options, and it also has paper trading and a lot of tutorials for noobs.

TD stopped people from trading on margins for GME, which basically means that they wouldn’t give you a loan to buy those shares to cover their own ass. If you had the money to afford it yourself though, they didn’t stop you and everything worked fine. I think that’s pretty fair. If you want to take a loan out to buy stocks, go to your bank instead, TD doesn’t want to be left holding the bag when retards take out loans from them to buy GME that they won’t be able to pay back if it suddenly crashes due to how volatile it is.

The older TD Ameritrade app is simpler but also has crashed at crucial moments, but everything is gucci as long as you use ThinkorSwim instead. I have never had any issues with it. It is really complex and may seem overwhelming at first before you watch the tutorials, but once you understand how to use it, it is like hunting with a sniper rifle vs a rock (Robin Hood) when actively managing funds.

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>Give up your freedom guys it's for the best!

Fuck off. Life is about making mistakes and then rectifying it. The end result of your logic is us all locked in little boxes being fed, forced to sleep and exercise away from all the bad stuff in life just to be safe.

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i hate jews

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Fuck off shill

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I unironically love Robinhood's interface, but fucking hate them otherwise. I'll miss the interface if they die, but nothing else. Fidelity is infinitely better, but also way too overcomplicated as a result. Also, Robinhood is partnered with TurboTax, and I'll miss that big time when I finally leave the platform.

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This, I'm holding my shares but once I sell them whether to gains or losses I'm done with Robinhood. What a bunch of nasty kikes.

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1. Robinhood is shit, look at what happened yesterday, plus they sell your data

2. E*Trade also got cuckes yesterday, and they sell your data

3. Schwab did not get cucked yesterday, but their app is literal boomer shit (not as bad as Vanguard). I do not think they sell your data but I am not sure

4. Fidelity is probably the best right now, and they don't sell data. Fembot CEO. The only problem is everyone knows this and they haven't allowed account creation in about 30 hours now.

TD was bought by Schwab btw.

If you have anything in Robinhood, ride it out, but don't buy new things on it. Fuck them.
Webull is in the same boat. They don't even offer crypto, which RH does. By all accounts, Webull is STILL worse than Robinhood.

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I still have a lot of funds going into RH that I can't use. so I can't really go anywhere till I get that back.. I missed the bus

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$$$ fee stock sell or trade if i remember anon.

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Vanguard has some minor bonuses towards certain Index Funds. You have access to all Vanguard mutual funds commission free too, which is useful for buying fractionally to make sure every single cent of your savings is working to make you money. I use it as my savings account over a bank. It’s where I dump my money to save for retirement. Once the money is there, I can just ignore it for 20 years.

Realistically though, you could just buy Vanguard Index Funds on Ameritrade/ThinkorSwim for barely any difference. This is only for extreme min-maxing, and having two account set up and working is nice if one was to shit the bed in the future like Robinhood did and I wanted an account set up and ready to go to move all my money out.

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Hope you lose all of your money you idiots, making a ponzi scheme off of people who know no better.

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Wasn't their decision and it was only temporarily down. I agree though there's better places to go

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I didn't have a robinhood so I just made a cash app account instead

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nope stocks are 0

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The only reason I have Webull is because the news integration and community they have built on the platform is better designed. When I see something up on RH or Fidelity or whatever, especially during after hours, I go to Webull and check the comments for that stock. They'll probably start charging for that feature if they ever get huge though, then I'll never ever use it.

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I’m happy with my fidelity experience. No fuckery that’s been going on the last couple days.

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Different anon but it looks like you have to apply to get access to their Active Trader Pro because they don’t trust plebeians to not gamble all their money away which is gay as fuck, while ThinkorSwim is available to you instantly at sign up. I haven’t used Fidelity but it seems more oriented around Boomer long term investments like Vanguard is. I don’t know how much a difference the pro active trader mode makes compared to the default app for pulling off swing trades and options.

Also, personally, Fidelity not having a paper trading option is a big downside for me.

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how long will it take to trade my Robinhood shares to Schwab

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Eveybody talking about webull but they are a chinese company and I don't trust them for shit.
Also Fidelity is nice but they charge you for options contracts. I think I'll probably move to firstrade, unless I can find something else with truly free options that isn't controlled by the chinese govt

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Something else to mention is that it seems most stock/option brokers do not offer crypto on their platform. Robinhood was unique in that aspect. You will have to set up a different broker specifically oriented around that if you are interested.

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Already withdrew my funds,/ Get fucked, Vlad.

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They did some grimey shit, what do you expect for not paying fees. Go look at the reviews on play store or app store then select the filter for 1 star

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Question for Fidelitychads. What kind of IRA are you using?