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>You'd better start selling GME or we'll leak your personal info!
Jesus fucking Christ

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>people who know how to open up an internet browser still watch CNBC
is this true?

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If I gave two shits about reddit I'd go there. Fuck off

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You are fucking retarded dude. You completely missed the point.

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cnbc = rapists

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I feel like this could be a little bit illegal.

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MSM is the enemy. It's about time the Redditards noticed.

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The Cathedral

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normies are waking up hahaah
Everything is rigged
Your future
Burn it down

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Holy shit. Is this going to be their gamergate?

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But CNBC are the good guys, its breitbart that are bad

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This is the current trend in reporting: doxxxing tf out of people. Back in the day they would safeguard information like this with their lives, now it's like sprinkles they can pour over their ice cream until it can't even melt anymore.

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based and moldpilled

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It's time to tell them about the juice.

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They're afraid

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MSM is a cancer, but LMAO don’t try to defend Breitbart. Absolute dick shidder tier “news” outlet

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It's against their programming

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>boycott CNBC
Been doing that for a while lad

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gamergate is retard shit no one cares

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this is literally why the chans blew up these last few years.
the only people who still have the energy to be outraged about reddit/msm kikery are the people who have been happily doing it to others since Orange Man became Bad.
I'm just glad that what went around is finally coming around
fuck em

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Can't wait for the deranged twat of their group to mass shoot CNBC.

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Comfytenderbly sitting at 50k shares in and will never ever sell.

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Isn’t CNBC owned by another rabbi empire?

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No you're missing the point. I fucking hate redditors and everything they stand for. go. the. fuck. back.

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imagine wasting those dubs on such a shitty post

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he agreed to an interview you mongs

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this but 4chantards
i really don't know why some cunts in this thread are as dense as they are, unless they're wall street wumao. wall street is the enemy, not reddit

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it’s true, gamergate is entirely meaningless

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Most of redditors suck, but that doesn't mean they all suck.

You're basically saying you hate most of the population. Cause most people are on social media and most people are retarded.

Go get some sunlight

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I looked into this guy and he was not really even involved in the squeeze. In his videos he explains he felt GME was undervalued and saw potential for the company to turn itself around. He's also been holding GME for about 2 years now.

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Cool, leak it. Joke's on you, I'm otherwise worthless lol

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Of course he looks like a faggot.

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Does he say if he's going to continue to hold?

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They've had many chances to wake up, but they just refuse. Its not going to happen. MSM can kill their family and they'll think its a good thing because MSM said so.

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>use pseudonym online with post history going back years
It was inevitable. You can't have a username and stay anonymous forever. Even Satoshi's real identity is claimed to be known by the NSA after spending months trying to crack it. The only way to get security through obscurity is TOTAL obscurity. No name, no post history, no pictures, nothing.

Also ditch your NSAspyphones. They're tracking you and you don't need it.

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He gave an interview to wsj. Reddit chimping out for no reason again

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Media scum should unironically swing

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>reddit spacing
FUCK OFF. Why the fuck don't you understand this is why you are hated. So god damn pretentious. Nobody fucking likes you here other than the cock sucking faggots from reddit that would do anything to jerk you off for an upvote.

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>chosing to be ignorant because "muh leddit"
go back to pol

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It's /pol/ Another reddit cock sucker found.

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>first it was CNBC
now we target MSNBC. Lets go short micorosft boys.

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even the most dense retard should be able to wake up if this kind of shit keeps piling up.

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>Muh sekrit club
One day you'll fit in if you try hard enough newfag

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Why do people talk like this now?

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Dangerously based.

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He’s going to “commit suicide” isn’t he?

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If I were DFV I wouldn't give a fuck. He's worth 8 figures if he sells now, possibly more when the short squeeze pops off. At that point he's got literal "fuck you" money and nothing the media kikes can do or say will be able to touch him.

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you need to familiarize yourself with Uncle Yuri

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You fucking retard oldfags don’t emphasize the “/ /“

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how is it a doxx when all that info came from here and he gave it to them? https://www.wsj.com/articles/keith-gill-drove-the-gamestop-reddit-mania-he-talked-to-the-journal-11611931696

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Because we're being flooded with newfags and this time they're redditors. This board is going to be permanently fucked

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>Why the fuck don't you understand this is why you are hated. So god damn pretentious.
this. ledditors = fart-smellers

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fer shure b

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This is typical journo behavior.

Reddit is a HoneyPot, didn't anyone learn this from the HanAssholeSolo?


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Cringe, it is literally no worse than msnbc.

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You must be new to the concept of demoralization. There are some people that are legitimately beyond saving.

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Better than being flooded by pajeet shitcoins

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I'm not an ameritard, but even I can tell that mouth was made for BBC sucking.

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Dude he literally did an interview earlier with a news site and gave up his name, where he lives, and where he worked previously

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'go back'

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he talked to wsj retards.

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go back you faggot

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They all need to go back. Whats with the fake outrage? Are we overrun with redditards?

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density isnt the problem with waking people up, none of this is overly complex. it isnt actually that hard to understand whats going on.
its ego that stops them. a good part of their happiness/world view is rooted in the idea that they are special and smart, and the other tribe are really dumb and should be forcibly quieted. Its an identity more than anything else, since something had to replace the destruction of traditional group identity for a species that cannot help but get "religious".
What do you think the chances are of a Muslim actually listening to a Buddhist long enough to even consider what he's saying?
These people aren't waking up until the the fucking they get from their own side is so grim and constant that the veiny, throbbing jewish cock in their ass has to come out or they will die of internal bleeding.
and even then, some will bleed for jesus

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He gave an interview to WSJ using his real name. Even posed for a picture. This isn't doxxing you infinite faggot

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I didn't know that. What is the purpose of that post then?

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>simple as that
>simple as

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feel bad for that faggot but literally don't be a fucking tard and put anything linking you to the real world on the internet
we learned this about a decade ago

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Millions of new retards joined in them in the past week. They're kinda ok, but the average redditor joined in along with bots and other non internet peresons to spread disinvo.

NBasically tons of fake outrage, psyops, etc.

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yikes, have a downdoot

edit: thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

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Wrong. That only fell out of common use after gamergate and redditfags flooded, thinking every board was an r/topic instead of 4chans /topic/ format.

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Yeah biz is shit lately. I meant more of what was the purpose of the post in ops picture if he gave all of his information out. Why call it doxxing?

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To build outrage

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He can use his millions to sue them and make more millions

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lmfao I don't care if they know who i am i bet we can buy cnbc at this point. they'll know me as yes sir mr president if they want to keep their jobs

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This article doesn't exist. Why are you guys falling for bullshit easily?

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I hate most of the population

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GME was a great accomplishment but their sub count tripled in just a week. They paid the ultimate prices for it, place is dead now. I've seen political posts on their frontpage already

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go back faggot

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Like talking to them about Crime Stats. They are NPCS

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>willing to speak and reveal yourself to journalists
Classic reddit

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and get a dVPN

Try for a week or so for free.
100% Open source and 100% Anonymous.

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so they got in cheap and want us to join?
I'm no bag holder, fuck off

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Remember when CNN tried to black mail that guy who made that gif with trump beating up CNN?

Scumbag kikes own the media.

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I sense lawsuit
And he has the money to afford one!

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This. He's too obsessed with mud leddit deserves it. Kek than when they come after him why should he expect any sympathy?

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People don't understand that this shit is pumped down their throats all day long at School.

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boohoo, maybe if he wouldn't have been a clout chasing attention whore redditor, he wouldn't have gotten doxxed.

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Tribalism won't let them

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They are already pumping their next coin on here. Fuckking redditors !!!

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Except claiming that demoralization is final is in itself demoralization. It IS possible to wake people up from this shit.

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take your fucking meds not every single person is from reddit schizo

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Dude are you fucking high ?
Go look at all the donut threads. That's another reddit board coin

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Their world has to crumble around them to see that it was held up by nothing but lies, and then they turn on you not for making it so, but for simply showing them it was this bad all along.

And then they fight so desperately to replace the curtain you've torn down over them. And they hate you.

And it's delicious!

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i have seen so many fucking posts about this and i still dont know why anyone really gives a fuck.

>some people had sex

boohoo, is it just the 4chan incels that seethed at this?

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STFU faggot reddit is making millions on options while this retard board makes nothing off crypto
Biz should ban crypto it's ruined the board

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Reddit is definitely the enemy you newfag kike cocksucking faggot

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>You're basically saying you hate most of the population.
and you don't?
I know this is bait

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and don't ever come back

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I concur here's an upboat.

hey do you mind if share this pic with my facebook friends?

it's top shelf

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So go over there and fellate them

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This is always the refrain of the most recent batch of redit immigrants.

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journalists need to be ripped from their homes in the dead of night, bound, gagged, and transported deep into the woods to be brutally and relentlessly tortured to death, their shattered and decaying remains to be mailed to their family piecemeal over the course of several weeks.

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based dept on the line for you, anon, will you take the call?

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Yup. This is OWS 2.0. we can't let them divide us again. This is 99% vs 1% again

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Or maybe they understand the context of statistics better than you do.

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unironically this. its Gamergate Remake: Zoomer Edition.

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Anybody know what the actual minimum we need to be at to make this happen? I heard around 200?

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they got greedy and red pilled a bunch of people who were pitted against each other- now what trump exposed about media plus this? their influence is slowly leaking to the tech oligarchs.

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You amerisharts really are special and its funny because most of you mutts can't name anyone in the US military during ww2 and what they did but can however name random degenerate niggers that didnt do anything throughout your shitty history lol. Most of you mutts praise nogs that didn't listen to authority (then again nogs never do) and its sad

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I throw CNBC or BB on in the background mainly just to keep an eye on the news.

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kys kike

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So what was this pledditor's name?

>> No.27040661

Fucking hell

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They are downvoting all comments mentioning (((them))). The controversial section is spicy.
They will never get redpilled.

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You don't think WS has the resources to pull a Seth Rich on this guy? I'm sure the jews have already talked about it and are now weighing the pros and cons of making this guy a martyr.

>> No.27043777

The IRS is going to eat his soul. He will be their pet project.
Now because that dumb fuck outed himself publicly, he can't even fuck off to Thailand.

>> No.27044722

I have been watching them a lot over the last couple of days, it's funny seeing them go through the stages of grief.
>pro tip, they are still in denial

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What fucking context can there be for niggers being 13% of the entire population but doing 56% of all violent crimes in 2019?
Lemme guess:
"Dey dndu nuffin!"

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"You're basically saying you hate most of the population". Yeah i think thats what he meant. You are not special, you are an NPC, and you WILL go back

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imagine Fox doing this

>> No.27047866

>muh "Muh sekrit club" (did I copy it right reddit do I get my doot doot award?
And you'll still never be a woman.

>> No.27048159

Fox isn't run by petulent mental children, sorry I mean liberals.

>> No.27048290

oh, anon...

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lmao do it faggots
every social media has already leaked and sold anyones info

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Jesus christ the amount of shills here today are insane. Melvin's must really be desperate.