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Why is AMC and GME falling bros???

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It's the morning dip

Learn 2 stocks

...also HODL!!!!

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So that you can buy the dip

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it has done this literally every single day at market open

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you got fucking psyop'd
imagine thinking you were fighting the man by putting your capital into their game

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Paper hands are selling Smart hands are waiting for it to go lower to buy dip

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Buy the dip you fucking retard

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kike tricks to demoralize bulls, buy the dip

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This is anon is a jew

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Can someone hold my huge hog while I buy the dip?

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The market has only been open for 30minutes you retard

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interesting day traders, they are holding AMC to 13, this is live.

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typical 10-12 am dip. HOLD AMC THROUGH NEXT WEEK

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Weak willed people and day traders doing their thing

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Around how long does the opening dip last?

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Because NOK is a more sound investment, even beyond the meme.

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Da long noze humies trying to scare you. Keep fighting ya git.

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Because I took my 4x profits

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Even if it falls it will rise once people go to the theaters again so this is a Long Holding Investment

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Can I buy GME stock even if I don't have around $320?
First time doing this shit and I'm retardedly lost

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it's called a sale, buy the cheapies

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Retards decided selling at a loss is cool and put in sell orders overnight. Ignore the tards and hold. We can bring this up to $30 for AMC and the price is infinite with GME. Don't forget to set a sell limit on GME to $10,000.

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Im fucked. I bought at opening when it was 340 and now RH is saying I bought ay 400. What the fuck? Can i dispute this?

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I thought it was a midday dip?

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they're not worth anything

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Reddit is dumping on Biz as was the plan all along.

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Why did you retards not sell at 20 how the fuck is anyone still holding this

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You probably did a market sale option

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Did u buy a limit?

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I bought at 9:31. Fuck

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Any bets on what the lowest dip of the day will be?

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cmon paperfags sell your shit i want that dip

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Whats that? How do i change it?

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Morning dip, wait til after 10:30. Also already (((RESTRICTIONS))) on buying stock again and (((HALTED)))

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You are retard if you still try to run for btc for sure
If u don’t have brains to participate protocols you should cancel your portfolio and forget about alts
I will give you advice go base protocol and you will thank me
You should understand how top Cascade and rebase protocols work

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>Morning dip
cope. This is like saying stop the count.

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If you buy a stock a lot of times the default option is "market" sale which means it sells it to you pretty much at some shit price. I don't know exactly how it works but if you choose market you will always pay more. If you set "limit" as your purchase option it will only buy at that amount you put in. Same when selling.

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Just bought 4 shares of amc. What am I in for boys

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Okay retard stay poor

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Yes anon. If you broker allows fractional shares you're good.

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Sadly, the one I use it didn't work. Shit one we got in sweden

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Because they are bankrupt worthless dead companies that have no hope of ever coming back.

Gamestop? Everyone buys games digitally now.

AMC?? Everyone has a home theater now. No one wants to go to a theater and listen to black kids hoopin' and holarin' while they throw shit at the screen and ruin the movie.

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Where can I buy gme in europe except e-toro? Also if there is a premarket option that would be a +.

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ok boomer, back to your fox news on the couch now

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Checked and HODLpilled

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" HUUR HUUR I PUT MONEY IN I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING BUT I SEE RED TODAY HUURR WHYYY /biz/ " Fuck you and read up on a short squeeze you uneducated slime ball. fuck you.

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Revolut, xtb, trading212 again (although seeing what they did yesterday I absolutely wouldn't trust them)

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Why was AMC ever up??? Its not that shorted is it???? Why are people buying??????????????

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Same happened with e-toro.

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is it too late to buy gamestock stock

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330 stablecoin start moving!!

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just hold man you’re going to 2x your profits if you keep the faith and hold

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Thank you I learned a valuable lesson today

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Come on, do zoomies not play RuneScape anymore? You picked the default shit option, for people who want their thing right here and now. Pay more attention to what you're doing next time and maybe look up what a buy/sell limit it.

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Post nose

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surfing the shiny silver wave

they cant bann coins

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coins are stackable ant touchable like a cunt

they need silver more than paper

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Melvin doing his best to minimize loss
Don't fall for it hold
Watch out for the sec trying to freeze assets tho

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but its not and also I'm not fucking selling faggot

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Why are you only using a fraction of the graph? Lmao... it's rising slowly right now

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Shall I buy now or wait. Getting in at 2 shares. Will it go sub 300?

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Wrong thread bro

Gme might go sub 300, but it 300 seems like todays floor, up 100 from yesterday

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idk but i put 40% of my net worth into GME, so i hope it works out

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Rip, I have it set to buy 2 shares if it hits 200, but it seems like I missed that boat yesterday.

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