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tronbros we won..

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Oh fuck off..
Tron is hated more than BSV & BCH combined. reddit have no fucking clue what they are doing and are now just throwing money at anything without even thinking about it.

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What's the price?
might buy 10000 coins

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reddit is buying because Justin joined them in the GME! He knows how to promote his shitcoin

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Justin being a useful retard

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Haha yes. They also tried pumping SXP but CZ showed them who’s boss.

You have no power here WSB.

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Of course tron is shit but doge it 10x shit. The point is that normies member tron and will buy it because its listed and is ready to moon.

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Yeah, TRX is pumping hard this AM.

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unironically will do 2x this weekend

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you mean like doge?
I'll take my 400% again ty

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Exactly what I said this AM and people were fudding hard.

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Im 50%in on that. Reddit boys will return to crypto and thank the nice asian man by buying TRX

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I just set a sell order at 205 sats for guaranteed 2x gains

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LMAO! Who the fuck would buy TRON or even still own this piece of shit? Have you not heard about LGCY or are you just retarded?

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What's the buzz on reddit on this? I don't go over there.. I heard Statera was being talked about

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Is it bad I bought $50 worth earlier today because I don't know what I'm doing "thought I'd just diversify"
and then I sold it for an $800 profit?

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Now is the meme alt season. trx is the most mainstream meme coin except doge.

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>troonbros we won...
duck off tranny