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>not so comfy edition

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Liquidating my holdings in RH tomorrow at open

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Oh no, the inflated market prices are coming down slightly, what ever will we do? Aahhhhh

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futures not comfy

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all in uvxy

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cannabro, you're alright in my book.

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I'll say it again. Ja Rule. Fucking Ja Rule tweeted about buy stocks. That's a fucking signal. Cash gang. Also Cunny gang.

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What's this chart called

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robinkid plays with leverage

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>the dead patient who was defibrillated

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I need this gme saga to end. I need my life back. I cant live like this anymore, the fucking constant anxiety is awful and i cant get any work done or do anything but look at the chart and refresh 50 tabs

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a random walk down wall street

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I’m mostly cash gang but putting it into comfy EFTs soon. For anons have any favorites out of the ARK ones?

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it's a little past your bedtime greg

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What are you talking about, this is the most exciting thing I've ever done in my life
gas the suits hedge war now

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this is the worst futures has been in months at least that i can remember

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I agree, especially at this time of day - London isn't even open yet

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>I need this gme saga to end.

Fucking same.

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1/29 call option holders, it's going to be a game of prisoner's dilemma tomorrow. Good luck.

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>he hasn't taken the chaos theory pill yet
literally no point trying to game the market, long 90% QQQ and 10% bonds and you will always wi

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who did this lol(check the last one)

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reminds me of september pls I can't go through that again

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i have a GME 1/29 $115 call and have no idea wtf to do. i almost sold it today when it hit $33,000 and then the coordinated broker/hedgefund fraud started, they blocked GME buying and the hedges fucking mega dump happened and i held thinking it would come back and then i got totally fucked over

its currently valued less than it would cost to buy the shares at strike. if i had the 11 grand i would just buy them up but i dont

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>literally no point trying to game the market
Try and stop me

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What does it MEAN

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this may help you (not sure how familiar you are with DIX/GEX)
when DIX goes below 40 = bearish
when DIX goes above 45 = bullish
normally, when the market has pulled back over the past 6 months big money has been buying the dip - DIX spikes above 45 on a 'crash'
However, this time, just like in September, DIX went to 36.5 on a big red day
AKA big money was not buying the dip

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hey i just built a model for this

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It's a game of chicken anon. Any call option holder right now will make money. We just want to maximize our gain. Whoever gets sweaty hands and exercises their options early in the day will increase the market price and increase gains for everyone else.

The problem is this is halts and anything that happens 1-2 hours before market closes.

You're in the money anon, so you don't stress too much. This is my theory anyways, disregarding any big market manipulation like today.

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now test it against DJIA/SP500 and you will realize all your efforts are for nothing

>b-but there were 12-15% of my strategies that beat the indices
try it again with a bootstrapped subsample of year data, you'll see it loses against the indexes

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>/\b(Melvin|game stop|wsb|GME)\b|reddit|wallstreetbets|gamestop|WALL STREET BETS/i

*breathes sigh of relief*

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Please guide me to where I can learn this math, I am interested.

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futures broke their channel towards the upside but will it last!!

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Top kek thanks fren

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these 2 books will unironically make you quit the stock market

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It’s a monte Carlo simulation that tests market returns from the past hundred years randomly. So testing it against the market is kind of simplistic in comparison and not really the point. It’s about building a portfolio to either maximize nest egg or maximize minimum return

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I’ve litreally got the same ones I’ve been bleeding out from. I’m praying for a circuit break today.

In other news, I think the commodity super cycle is starting up.

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sounds pretty based, what'd you get for different allocations?

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100% Small cap generally has maximum return and it was something like 30% bonds 70% large cap for maximin

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im gonna lmao if CLF faggot was right about steel, but made the wrong choice with CLF

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What to invest in then

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>it was something like 30% bonds 70% large cap for maximin
what did i fucking tell you m8!? >>26963682

qqqq + bonds for ez money

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unironically >>26966038 >>26966242 >>26965214

then open a separate trading account and treat it like casino money

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Yeah but maximin is boring if you’re not years old, I want to taste that sweet sweet max return

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Idk where my numbers went
Meant to say if you’re not 60 years old

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Why QQQ over others? I was thinking of pairing VTI/ARK

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If the yuropoors open more than -2% it’s gonna be a fun day

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imagine being a kid again, and nothing matters

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lol good point, who am I to talk about shilling QQQ since my main investment account is all vanguard small cap and a few blue chips for extra dividend $$

QQQ shown to outperform SPY in long term
not sure if it beats VTI though

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vixcentral looks better than yesterday at least

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aaaaaaaaaaaah, my conservative 100% TQQQ portfolio

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nasdump at resistance right now, we'll see if it can break upwards past 13080

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yikes got knocked down pretty hard

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that just totally sucked the life out of any rally. really bearish

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Guys. A big correction is imminent tomorrow or Monday. If you have GME or AMC keep it and keep squeezing, but the rest of the market is setup for a fall. Get out while you can. Sell anything that isn't GME or AMC at open. Thank me later.

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Just wanna let you guys know, since this is the comfy thread, that you've all taught me a lot in these past few days. I've never really invested that hard, but since March I've almost tripled my portfolios, without getting into GME or any of the other memes (except NOK, which I bought because I liked their 5G potential).

You guys are really cool.

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>A big correction is imminent tomorrow or Monday.
my UVXY calls expiry 1/29

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>portfolio is outperformed by neopets

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literally a fucking hundred point drop in 10 minutes what the fuck

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get nakd
feed the sndl

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you jinxed it anon

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mercury goes retrograde tomorrow
you have been warned

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>6,000,000 dollar fee for E Trade to purchase stocks from neopia

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you alright lumfag

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thanks mika friend

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not those of us holding cash and UVXY calls lol

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7 days into Biden's presidency and a major financial crisis happens lmao

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So I should keep holding my TQQQ?

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damn you shorts to hell, all of you!

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>today’s the day they may announce great reset ....

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>gambling on volatility is the same as shorting
a-anon pls no bully

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Why is VIX zero at investing.com?

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that's normal

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volatility gamblers get the rope

stock market has been halted... forever.

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if you want to hedge and have cash available buy some TMF

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>volatility gamblers get the rope
h-how is that different from normal options trading though?

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betting on risk isn't the same as leverage anon

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Genuine question
How many people ITT are getting a little scared of the market action going on?
How many people think this is just a short-term dip?
Will you buy the dip?

>> No.26972814

Already did
I was a little scared at first but the fact that futures have stabilized gave me some confidence so I'm leaving my tqqq soxl and sso up for now

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Oh it's not even at the worst yet. You have so many new "investors" trying to get rich and signing up for these brokerages right now. Today, or even next week or two weeks now will be the top. But then what. What happens those those who didn't make it? Those who lost all their life savings on a lottery ticket stock? These next few months will hit those poor souls who don't know anything. Faith in the US stock market will lessen. US dollar is going to crash. People will be angry. Those responsible will be called to be executed.

And you know what? Those new with the power to give that shift or push to the little guys will laugh as everything goes to plan.

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this is getting way out of hand what the fuck

very scared. I'm thinking we break the uptrend we've been in since november tomorrow. could drop another 10% after that. I don't think February is a good month for stocks anyway but I already lost 1/3rd of everything I've made since November on Wednesday. I may already lose most of the rest by market open

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>why didn't (You) buy GME at 5
>why didn't (You) buy AMD at 5
>why didn't (You) buy BTC at .004

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>futures have stabilized
what did he mean by this

I had friends, very, very dumb friends, reach out to me today to ask me about what is going on, and advice on how to start buying stocks
I don't know if it will be able to hold up into next week or the week after. Going to take something big to shift the momentum back up. Maybe I'm wrong though. Mannarino thinks it's just a short-term dip, and he's pretty on the money. But I'm a little shook to be honest

>I don't think February is a good month for stocks
True, and since the crash happened in March of last year, it may possibly happen a month in advance as people try to get "ahead" of it

>> No.26973460

Literally every single person I am in contact with has spoken to me or asked about stocks.

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not scared because because my UVXY is going to PRINT

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Why didn't you buy GME at 80? There was no excuse at that point.

>> No.26973532

you guys seriously didnt sell already? I sold all my financials and into LINK and ETH. If crypto hasnt won you over by now youre gonna be in the fucking FOMO crowd paying top dollar for top 50 MKTCAP coins

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We hit 100 this past week

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I know, I can't go anywhere without someone mentioning it. every unrelated little discord community I frequent is suddenly a stock market server now, it's so fucking annoying

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so crash in March or April?

>> No.26973849

I think it depends on how GME/AMC/MEME stocks play out.

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My dad called me today while I was skiing to laugh at retarded hedgies.

>> No.26974211

ZNN is going up pretty well these past few days. Where to buy?

>> No.26974322

It has been crabbing around 13000 for hours
Also watch his last video he mentioned pulling out because of the manipulation

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would they crash it this early in Biden's presidency though?

>> No.26974468

>Trump leaved us a mess

>> No.26974499

Maybe because orange man bad or something? Gee I really wonder what's in the 12 year playbook

>> No.26974591

He did, that's true.
Over the past few days this is the first time since I started watching his updates in the summer that he has seemed a little shaken
So many times he has said "maybe I'm wrong" "you should be shorting this market if you think I'm wrong" in the past 4 updates
Although he is still super bullish / thinks the market is going higher, he hasn't really sounded as uncertain as he has lately, and I doubt that he would outright say "short this market" or "exit your positions"
Just like with BTC at 44K how he said "you might want to consider taking profits"

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I had a whole schizo post typed out about civil unrest, nig nog chimpouts and aliens but I'll just cut to the chase. Buy POWW.

>> No.26974971

>Biden lets the NYSE implode and drag boomer retirement funds down with it
>Biden bails out hedge fund billionaires and takes a fat shit on retail investors the one time the hedgies should have lost bigly
Good, either way Democrats are taking a lot of heat and plenty of Biden voters will suffer.

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How bad could it be? I'll just hold.

>> No.26975047

This might be a circuit breaker day

>> No.26975111

Yeah exactly
we can all smell the uncertainty in the air
the main good thing we have going is the curve yield indicates no big recession for at least 2 years

>> No.26975255

If we succeed, it will be redistribution of wealth. It will be Occupy Wall Street. If not, you will only make a heck a lot of money.

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With everyone expecting a crash tomorrow it's going to pump. It will crash when you least expect it.

>> No.26975343

*yield curve

>> No.26975369

Honestly I'm wracked with indecision so I'm just going to hold and buy the dips with the cash I have available.

>> No.26975430

If people sell stocks where the fuck are they going to go for returns? Not bonds, not pms, not cash, most won't go to crypto. Until rates start to come back stocks is where it's at.

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How about stockpiling accessible commodities IRL with a civil war happening around them?

>> No.26975684

That's not how it works
circuit breaker days tend to happen during days of unrest in the news
and it always begins with a little red candle

>> No.26975857

9 minutes will tell a bit more

>> No.26975918


>> No.26975936


It literally doesn't matter if it crashes. These fucking boomer hedgies HAVE TO BUY BACK. When that happens the squeeze will happen. You're gonna see some fucking crazy gains. But make sure you fucking diamond hand the shit retard.

>> No.26975941

Of course they're going for cash
Would you rather take a 0.5% loss to hold cash for a month and buy the dip or a 30% loss to hold equities during a correction?

>> No.26975981

NYSE premarket opens in 7 minutes

>> No.26976037

Commodities, STEEL GANG

>> No.26976167

I went all cash on Thursday. Feeling devilish.

>> No.26976246

wrong thread friend
>>>/smg/ will be more your speed

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>> No.26976265

Bracing for premarket, god my anus is puckered up, I should really sleep too.

>> No.26976339

Boomers rushing out of equities into bonds KEK

>> No.26976381

Da fuck? This market is all kinds of fucked up

>> No.26976432


>> No.26976436

...that's not how the bond market works
yields going up means people are selling bonds

this is a small move in the grand scheme, but mannarino has been warning that there would be a big spike up when it was "the big one"

>> No.26976589

But why? Don't higher yields correlate with higher equities?

>> No.26976677

Explain to a brainlet pls , the bond market makes no sense to me

>> No.26976749

because the equity bubble is resting on an even larger debt bubble; so when it actually pops, people will be dumping bonds (spiking the yield up) this isn't that big of a move, but it was very unexpected
it might signify that this is a bear trap
still too early to say
if DXY goes red would confirm

>> No.26976769

I know this is the comfy thread but
>GME 420 pre market
>everything of mine red

They’re just fucking with us.

>> No.26976949
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set a sell limit on GME to 11k and sleeping in. Sweet dreams, cmg

>> No.26976968

Imagine I borrow $95 from you, and I say I'll pay you back $100 - I write it down on a piece of paper that IOU
Your return would be $5 on $95 5/95 = 5.2%
You sell that piece of paper to someone else for $90, their return will be $10 on $90
10/90 = 11.11%
Their return is higher than yours, their yield is higher
So when yield goes up means people are selling bonds

>> No.26977397

Oh jesus, everyone's retirement accounts are getting fucked.

>> No.26977459

I see
But how can there be a bubble in bonds and equities at the same time? Aren't bubbles relative to other asset classes? What's a fair price if there isn't anywhere else to put your money?
Maybe compared to the profits of building a business from scratch vs buying shares?

>> No.26977628

Please don’t let this be another day like Wednesday. I want my gains back.

>> No.26977735

Yields and bond prices are opposite things
When you understand that it begins to make sense
A bond is like a share that pays predetermined dividens except it also has an expiry date

>> No.26977850

We are currently in a debt bubble, that has caused a housing bubble, and also an equity bubble. Never before in history have all 3 bubbles occurred at the same time
A bubble is relative to the value
Start watching Gregory Mannarino's premarket update / post market update every day
He puts it out at like 9:15am and 4:15pm each day
He explains much better than I can

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Where can I see up-to-date premarket data if I'm a poorfag?

>> No.26977964

I do but a lot of stuff just goes over my head

>> No.26977996

take a dynamical systems class

>> No.26978065

Call your female broker and ask ;-)

>> No.26978185

Open a WeBull account
You don't even need to transfer funds and you'll get free Level 2 data for several months free
or open a robinhood account and pay $5 for robinhood gold
I'm not sure if robinhood gold shows order book from 4-9am though..

>> No.26978630

>I’m right until I’m wrong.
Kek. He’s got me there.

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Reddit-tier advice. If I listened to people like you I wouldn't have a $250k portfolio. I'm liquidating at open btw.

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We're all cash till things have calmed down next week, right?

>> No.26980489

Nah. I used the last of my dry powder buying some NET cheapies on Wednesday.

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But think of all the cheapies if the markets are red next week.

>> No.26980871

But why would they be? Money printer is still going at full speed.

>> No.26980961

>A bubble is relative to the value
Ok but how do you measure value of an investment besides the market price? What's the value of 10000 dollars 10 years down the line? 5000? 8000? 9000? 9990? When does the price go above the value and become a bubble?

>> No.26981189

Based dry powder anon.

>> No.26981204
File: 9 KB, 238x192, DC73DBAA-142A-4B2C-B9D6-3446728B5439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don’t take me too seriously here but could you not argue that if everything is in a bubble nothing is in a bubble?

>> No.26981589
File: 301 KB, 1448x2048, d8auxh2hc7x51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally yes. That's why this clown shit has gone on and ramped up essentially since the rennaissance.

>> No.26981754

This exactly looks like a girl I went on several dates with then she aired me. Fuck anon I didnt need to feel this bad this morning

>> No.26981763

It triggers my autism when people apply consumer product logic to stocks and think they're getting "cheapies" just because the price went down without looking at the fundamentals
I bet you would've thought CSCO was a great cheapie "on sale" when it dipped 10%... and then another 10%... and then another and another until it became used goods

>> No.26982315

Just because I’m saying cheapies doesn’t exclude me from looking at any of the fundamentals. They’re not mutually exclusive, and I still think Cloudflare is a great long hold.

>> No.26982413

Yes that was my point
You can only judge a bubble by comparing the interest rate or return with the return of some other investment
That's why I mentioned setting up your own business
Because the real return on investment of a farm or a factory is more or less limited by physics and engineering
I guess you could say bonds and stocks are in a bubble because people invest in 2000 P/E companies that'll never pay a dividend or put it on bonds for 1% gain a year rather than starting a business

>> No.26982861

Can they retain enouh customers to make a profit when they rise their prices? Or would most sites say fuck it and deal with DDOS on their own? 1% of the market cap in sales and not even turning a profit isn't that impressive

>> No.26983197

You can’t deal with DDOS on your own. They’re growing and they’re doing really impressive stuff. I’ve bought into them because they’re the sector I’ve made a living in and feel I understand it well. Cisco are a dinosaur that I wouldn’t touch. (ignore the id change I’d dropped off the WiFi).

>> No.26983216


>> No.26984008

What are you in?

>> No.26984305

Ur mom lol

>> No.26984399


>> No.26985886
File: 512 KB, 818x864, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26986232

Just playing some Mario 64 w/ coffee so I don't obsessively watch my line go down. I should have liquidated yesterday. Not sure what I'm going to do today.

>> No.26986434

Buy the dip. Even if regulations get placed on meme stocks and short selling, the market will always go up.

>> No.26986543

Would you say NET is still a good buy for passive gains in the short-term - a month or so?

>> No.26986678
File: 1.06 MB, 3168x3168, Z8jHrsLw8Fteg75lQwlyZR0aNJD55AjcUcBdmMeQrnA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just looking at the chart it looks like it will break upward so yeah, but should you really be looking at the stock market for a quick weekly gain? Why not just put in some more hours at the plant?

>> No.26986907

I think NET is a good buy and hold for 1-2 years. I don't want to go all sales mode as I'm off work, but DDOS protection isn't the expanding section of their business, people need secure access to cloud environments and reliable CDNs as more and more businesses move to the public cloud, this is where I think Cloudflare will make their money. In hybrid cloud access and security.

>> No.26987015
File: 1.21 MB, 2100x5803, 1174423960109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it possible that everything is turning into quantum physics state?
I'm anxious and comfy at the same time the bubble is not a bubble.
I unironically think we're going to make it however I'm just a newfag don't trust me in any way.

>> No.26987073

I'm a student, and too proud/awkward to handle a normal part time job.

>> No.26987209
File: 656 KB, 2894x4093, p5exixkemg161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I can be a pissjug WoW/Eve player for 10 years and bounce back so can you, nigger.

>> No.26987236
File: 39 KB, 999x827, 551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought AMD would be at $100 by February so take what I say with a pinch of salt anyway.

Fucking AMD

>> No.26987494

Same, I got bought calls and got fucked.

>> No.26987570

I won't work McDonalds, dunno what else to tell you.

>> No.26987698
File: 6 KB, 295x171, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They can't bog us for long brother. We will break out over $100 soon.

>> No.26987811
File: 178 KB, 1125x1398, 99gk4vm2xvc41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you gonna do? collect neetbux? How do you think the govt is gonna treat your student loans and CERB checks when the civil wars start? Best earn a living, anon, or it'll earn you.

>> No.26987875

McDonald's is having a Pokémon promotion soon so you can get in now, pocket the cards and sell them on eBay. Trust me on this you don't want to miss out.

>> No.26988284

I have almost no debt, and I've made a comfortable living off stocks so far. But I don't know why we're discussing me, this is a stock board.
Thanks for the advice, but I'm not american.

>> No.26988465

Dammit lads you've made me want a burger now. Could murder a Big Mac right now.

>> No.26988506

I’m in the same bucket. We will make it through this, fren.

>> No.26988540
File: 219 KB, 1072x1500, 6zcyoenbwvm41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I write market copy for random startups and ghostwrite self help ebooks for internet pajeets. There are plenty of ways to earn your keep and you're better off doing so, even while and expecially while investing in stocks.

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