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All you newfags chasing pumps are going to get dumped on.
Only way to profit from this is to sell earlier than the rest.
You're all in ponzi schemes.
Top 10 cryptos pumping because 0.20-0.40 cents.
You don't realize that their supply is inflated and will never be the next bitcoin.

Degenerate gamblers every one of you.
DYOR and invest long term.

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Comfy hold and itโ€™s going to explode and make all these degen pump and dump cucks feel like complete morons! See you at $20 LTO!!!!!

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The board acting all united
pump gme guys
Goys lets pump efferium stock
Guys now lets poompa the dog coin.

Ponzi schemes where the earlier fags dump on the new fags

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Coming from the cuck buying a MEME coin!!

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>please buy doge so I can sell it at a profit

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probably the only wise /biz/ post all night.

long term thinking will generate wealth newfags flooding the markets only to receive pain soon

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๐’€ฑ ๐’€ญ ๐’€ฎ ๐’€ฏ ๐’€–

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What else you in OP? For me itโ€™s LTO, LINK, PRQ, and UNN.

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This. If you are doing the doge pump rn and have profit, just sell.

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LINK seems like a sure thing to me, what app should i get to trade it?

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>long term thinking will generate wealth
Also way less stressful.

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Straight up. Can this ever reach 70b mcap in the future? That would be a cool 100x from here

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You can also have 5-10% of your portfolio to gamble on random memes.

Why not have some fun?

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This post has inspired me to hold on even tighter

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but OP, what if this is a solid entry point for some of us to get into long term investing?

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Maybe but that would be quite far away

Sure, but my post goes out to the ones coming in with 100% of their crypto poorfolio in xrp/doge

It might be, that's how I started off too.
But many will also get burned at the sell off and leave crypto for good.
Instead or treating it as a long term investment with bigger possible returns

t. OP but my wifi changed my ip

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Only have $2k to spend and can wait 5-10yrs for $20. >>26965922
If this does what it says it can then surely owning 10k of this is worth it long term??

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>Maybe but that would be quite far away
How far, do you reckon? 2 years? More?

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Definitely, if you lease 10k and compound the rewards yagmi.

Remember to lease to /our node/ for max rewards, weekly payout every saturday https://xeno.finance/

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>no AVAX

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3 days so far this week we've breached 100k transactions, all paid for by actual gov and businesses. Comfiest hold desu

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Yes. I will be taking small profits wherever this wsb short revenge takes me. I will also be moving my profits over to crypto. It's not hard to see where all of this is going.

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dumped my doge into this an hr ago mate

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Thanks anon, no idea how to do that, have been a hodler so far since May with other coins so will read up

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It was this or bzrx!

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Digital ids (kyc) for businesses and individuals when doing defi.
Next step in crypto, this might be big bros.
In AMA last night they said digital id has 20bil mcap outlook.

UN deal also going well, many more developing countries lined up after Afghanistan for land registry on lto chain

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It's very simple https://blog.ltonetwork.com/staking-and-leasing-lto-network-node-guide/

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leasing my 20k to /biz/ node feeling very comfy.


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UN pic related.

Just wanted to give all the newcomers a good long term pick,
A blockchain that's actually used
And severely underrated in terms of mcap/ transactions

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Thanks anons, will lease this and leave it for 5 years lol

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No shit, if dogecoin gets wide enough adoption it could make it high. The economy isn't normal right now. It made it on Forbes. This could get big as fuck if people don't bail.

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You hold the same token as the clients ( IBM, United Nations, AIRBUS, Dutch, Euro and other gov bodies).
From every transaction they do,
0.25 LTO is given as staking/leasing reward and 0.1 LTO is burned. (0.35 LTO fee per tx, deflationary rewards + supply)
If price of LTO goes up, the fee will get reduced keeping it affordable for clients.
But price will stay high for holders. Transactions are also growing rapidly.

Why jew each other out with PnD when we can profit from institutions using LTO

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> created 2014
> hoping for wide adoption in 2021

Yeah gtfo this thread.

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You have to compound the rewards back into leasing, don't forget to do that every saturday.

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No it can't. There's no chance it can make it lol.
You can mine it forever, the price cant outpace its inflation.

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I heard it's better to wait until 400-500 in rewards,
because of the 1LTO fee when leasing,
it adds up over time

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its true, newfags and normies now think if you all band together and pump a stock that somehow means you get free money

well, it means that certain people (the ones who sell earlier than you) get free money, the rest get left holding the bag

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Ah true.

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Interested in getting into crypto and LTO was one of the standouts to me (alongside PRQ) after reading some threads and then looking into it.
I don't have a ton to invest right now, but figure putting in what I have can't hurt, right? Do I just use Binance and my credit card to easily turn real money into crypto?

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Leasing 114k to biz node and can confirm the comfiness

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As it should be. It is a balancing a teaching experience where you can make some money on the side.

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For being new you did well picking those two. Use binance or look up how to use uniswap if you're american (some coins aren't on binance US?). Hold for a few years and enjoy

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Dont invest what you cant afford to lose
Even tho LTO is a pretty safe bet long term,
You never know what can happen.
Both LTO and PRQ were in Stansberry research report, I will be posting that now.
Prq pumped, lto is still early


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Appreciate it, thanks anon. I won't lie, I'm fucking dirt poor so this is something I'm just planning on putting whatever I can spare into over a few years and hope it pays off in the end. You know how it is, just $30-50 here and there. Probably going to pick up LTO first.
I'm somewhat autistic when it comes to doing research, NANO seemed interesting too, but I'm priced out.

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coinbasePRO unironically

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Is it worth leasing with a 2k stack?
How long would it take me to even pay the fees

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>the next bitcoin.

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this looks so fake. why would the stansberry research paper tell people to buy on uniswap and use metamask? investment firms with big boy money can just buy from the developers

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Worth noting that the report is now slightly dated.
LTO is focusing on defi with chainlink oracle collab >>26969218
And the price is outpacing their predicted growth.
Because of a lot bullish news lately
As well as bull run market

Also 50% of circ. Supply is getting staked,
The buying pressure will be massive

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Because their research is for American holders.
That's their target audience.
LTO is yet to be listed on coinbase, ceo hinted at it on last nights ama (rosetta standard implemented)

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Daily txs looking on track for another 100k day

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>he's not all in on bao

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Let us have our 1 thread

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Wtf is that

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Comfy hold

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Canโ€™t buy LTO from developers sir. All LTO has to be bought on chain via an exchange or Uniswap etc.

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>Comfy hold
cabbing piece of shit

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pumps and dumps are not ponzi schemes. people throw around these terms like its nothing

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Causing waves is bigger than making a few 1-3 zeros kid. Depending on how they handle this PMs and crypto are going to explode

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Ok but the idea that the early ones profit only is constant.
It's scams
There's no point in holding an inflation coin
They are either advocating for a lot of new fags to lose money for memes
Or more likely to dump their dog stocks on the new fags

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Fresh new announcement

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So why Afghanistan then? Why not a first world country?

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Because it's developing and it helps fight corruption.
Afghan is a mess with the rebels and shit so if it works there it will work anywhere

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Only have 4k stack, will I ever make it?

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ok faggots, let's settle this right here and now. it's doh-geh, not dodge. fuck your retarded memeologists and redditor analysis, it's common fucking sense

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swung into rigel, so far I have no regrets besides not buying at 110

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it's been doh-je since its inception eat shit and don't shit up LTO threads with irrelevant nonsense next time nigger.

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reddit is two blocks down

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I'm not a nigger nor a kike or a tranny. They wouldn't want me.

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I call it dog coin because I couldn't give any less fucks about zoomer memes

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Idk guys, I bought doge at .018 and sold at .08. what's wrong with that?

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