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Linkies I will never forgive you if you blow this once in a lifetime chance to shill Link to the world. The singularity can be memed into existence

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$100 EOY regardless

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the time has passed

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its ogre

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i think the highest LINK can go is around $250. if you look at its market cap compared to BTC and ETH that seems to be its realistic peak. still a 10x but i think the only people getting lambos bought in years ago.

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were onto doge rn bro..

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>if you look at its market cap

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Sergey's Dad zips through traffic and does a screeching handbrake 180 into the parking lot all the while revving the engine. He then spins the car around once more as he hits the clutch and proceeds to hop out of the vehicle, vertical doors and all and tosses the cigarette to the ground, "Son! It's so good to see you, I just want to thank you and your "investors" for the car."

Sergey beams as smile back and scratches his beard, "you know what they say Dad", he chuckles, "you only raise money from the three Fs; fools, family and friends."

His Dad bursts into laughter and slaps his back as they begin walking along to the temporary Chainlink offices in downtown San Francisco. "But son, what will they say when you're spending so much money?"

"Well, I'm not spending the money" his son sheepishly grins. "The company is, based in the Caymen's, it's outside of US jurisdiction. We just vaccum up the money and drop it there, then we'll just keep piping it to you under your names so if they investigate me, they won't find anything. In fact, I haven't bought myself anything new, I still wear the same shirt day after day." He lifts up his jacket and the familiar plaid shirt is there.

"I see" his Father nods. "But you'll have to show, these i-investors, hahaha" he barely contains himself then wipes away a tear as he keeps laughing. "These investors, they'll want to see something."

"Easy. We hire temporary shills, well basically market promoters all across Asia and North America to keep marketing our token, it's an ever expanding market." And then, he pauses, "as for progress, we set-up some real easy APIs quoting prices and keep drawing out the timeline, so it looks like work is being done but it's not. We show up to some conferences and we never open up any offical offices, moving from here to there so that if anyone does come and knock, they'll see a bunch of wires everywhere and programmers in the corner and then the next day, we just pick and move shop."

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His Dad wears an expression of approval and almost admiration. "You know in Russia, everything was about scheming and scamming. I almost got sent to the gulag for scamming the entire village outside of Leningrad. Ahh those were the days..."

"I know Dad, but things are different now. America is easy. They're fat pigs begging to be ripped off..."

His Dad responds worringly, "but then the market will respond. If you're not actually doing work what will you do when rumors or "FUD" as you call it spreads?"

"This... is the best part Dad. I found a kleptomatic internet culture, essentially an entire internet board of people to parade around our token and market it for us. When people doubt us, they just say, "didn't read, never selling." They... actually belive it! They just keep spouting off "never selling!" They actually believe it Dad! Best of all, I convinced these idiots that this token was never meant for them and it was built for business to business scaling. That they were never supposed to discover it in the first place."

"Mhm... the same guys you talked to, to give them low prices on the ICO and hold the token so that they could spread it and reap in profits."

"Well, yeah Dad, that's how good scams work, you cut the profit a little bit each way so that everyone benefits. I even messaged the moderators and admins, they're called "jannies" and got them to look sideways for all the paid shilling and corruption, to spread the token further. Things are looking great Dad, I tell ya"

"Hmh, of course, now let's get some lobster and steak."

"You betcha, I already had three today. But first, let me show you where we operate. We're in San Francisco to convince these dumb neets that we're in tech capital and attend different shows. These- thes-these hahaha, these morons... sorry, they promote our tokens through so called "organic groups" hosting their own events. I swear, this is a carnie level of theatricalism."

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OP has a point. Shilling to normies right now would take this probably to $500+ we'd all be rich af could sell half our stacks buy back in at $20 again and then wait until singularity and stake

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for the market cap to reach ETH that would be an 18x. do you unironically believe LINK will overtake the network it's run on?

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They arrive in the offices, Sergey flings his coat and throws it in the corner. "Pick it up wagie!"

"Yes Master" a kowtow employee humblly slinks off to pick it up.

"You should've seen the guy who tweeted that dumbass MOAB token tweet, I nearly beat his ass." Just then, Sergey's phone rings, "yes, yes... yes... no..."

"What was that about?"

"The guys from gravel coin called me asking for free link, I told them to buy it off binance."


"It's a chink exchange that I network with. They help handle the money laundering. We sell tokens over the counter from wallets we recycled from the ICO."

"This is much- much too complicated for me son."

"It's simple. Before we ICO'ed I made some threads and recruited some guys. I then fudded other tokens and paid Indians to promote it over the internet. We had the ICO then recycled funds back into it to make it pump. Theoretically we sold 35% but it was probably closer to half, maybe even a quarter, I don't remember the numbers."

"Ah, the classic distraction. Like a magician you lure your targets away from the trick."

"Exactly. By making it seem highly in-demand and creating false group-think, we made it seem many more people buying than they actually were. Then we needed money, we contacted the exchange, shuffled the tokens through there and got the funds. In exchange they got discounted prices and we made money."

"I see... and Google?"

"Same process. Bribe the devs with tokens, assure them a pump will happen then we contacted Coinbase and told them if we got a major company to mention us they would list us. Hey! Hey, give me the big mac, now god damn it!"

An employee scurries to hand Sergey a big mac, unwrapped and ready.

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uhh ohh did the fud now bites you back
nazi are only good for killing themself
little did the boy know
retail was the shill to grow
band did same in 6 months
while link fudded itself to the rope

gj dr;ns ngmi hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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LINK moons without hype since it's actually necessary and used in the Great Reset.

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>market cap
ngmi anon

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why doesn't market cap matter?

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