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The greatest financial happening is incoming brothers. How are you all not in GME?

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I genuinely do not believe wall street will ever pay out. By all means they legally should have to. I doubt they will.

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All they had to do was not touch the video games bro. Gamers rise up

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If wall street doesn't pay out, then contracts mean nothing. Nobody will have trust in the economy and it will collapse.

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In theory, in practice normies will go back to eating the same shit soup.

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Actually it literally has the potential to collapse the entire global financial system, not just market.

GME is going to rise to 1k or much higher in a free market. Imagine if it goes to 10k. How are they going to close their shorts before bankrupting themselves and then bankrupting their lenders and then bankrupting the banks that lends their lenders?

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And my axe!

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This. Look for a happening to happen in the next few days as the s&p corrects

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big players all around the world won't bother trading with the USA if our banks don't honor contracts.

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There are no real rules. Haven't you learned yet? The laws exist for thee, but not for me

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and my gold will explode

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No, the US Economy is 20 to 30 trillion daily. It will cause a couple bad days but get over it.

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this is going way beyond a bunch of normies, we are in the middle of a black swan event if you think things are going to be the same then you are deluded

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This isn't financial advice, this is a threat:

GME will start WW3

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>How are you all not in GME?

Cause I was a Robingoy the whole time and didnt take the original GME posts seriously. I really should have listened when the options fags showed the Robinjew for what they were years ago, but I didnt listen or care cause I wasnt an options trader and thought they were all coked-up autists. I mean I was right, but the jewery RH displayed with them was the first red alert that I decided to ignore like a good goy, and now I'm fucked waiting for my funds to be clear for transfer and hoping they dont get even jewier and steal them.

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And it can happen again, if the right conditions are met.
(A) controls a company. (B) shorts most of its stock. (A) does a buyback on the remaining stock and some of the shorted one. Now (B) is in deep shit, like now.

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Join pol thread >>305590801

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Melvin Capital is gonna fucking pay me

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you new youngfags miss one important fact.
the hedge funds will eventually "bribe" gme corp to just print more shares and sell to them directly.
this is how they are going to cover.
gme execs get flush with 5B in fresh hedge fund money. reddoters get dumped on.

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i hate how everyone learned this phrase last march and use it now erroneously whenever anything fucking happens

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My faggot broker only lets me sell shares at a maximum of $6000, wtf?? I want to sell for 1M!

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but we are just the pleebs. I think China can excuse that transgression.

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Some autist can literally start a shitty company at any time.
Greedy shorters short like 80% of company, expecting to fail.
Autists do a buy back before the shorting contract expires, using the shorted stock, so the shorted stock goes more than 100% of tradeable stock.
The company has to stay alive as long as the contract is active.
And all greedy shorters get screwed just how it's happening now.

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GameStop price doing this is +20 SD event

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Nobody listen to this guy. He is trying to sabotage you and make you lose all your money.

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That became obvious to me when the 4 swing states that mysteriously went down for their own reasons then returned with massive Biden dumps, a pattern not at all reflected in states in swing states that counted their votes on Nov 3rd. But every fed agency and court said there is nothing to look here.

GME is going to be a similar redpilling event but for leftist redditors. They'll know how rotten the fed and media are before it's all said and done.

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What would you suggest, paperhands?
Read up on it and find out for yourself anons!
Naked short sales
Gamma squeeze
Short squeeze

It won't be the end of the market if a handful of hedges start to go down, the government isn't going to bail them out, there are trillions of dollars around in the world market.
Money will circulate. New hedges will arise from the ashes of the old. The market will go on, and the bell will ring.

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>redpilling event but for leftist
2 weeks ago, the techfags at hacker news were smugly saying "twitter is a private platform they can ban who they want...."
this afternoon, facebook banned WSB group and now the little php programmers are all decrying censorship.
have they learned a lesson? no. next week they will go back to cheering the banning of those they disagree with.
physical separation is the only option.

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The demand for GME stock is extreme. Any new shares GME issues will swell up as well.

There is no way out for them other than blowing up the whole system.

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>unironically believing the "steal" shit
>having 0 clue how mail in voting works

fuck off retard, >>>/pol/

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They will retain nothing from the redpilling. They're loser normie NPCs

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when do we find out if the global market collapses? i'm excited.

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Hi Melvin you dumb bitch

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Uhmm...why would GameStop make new shares now?

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Jews would rather have the entire economy collapse and cities burn than pay up. You should know this by now.

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Fuck off schlomo

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then expel or cull all kikes.

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gold, bulk ammo, ironically collector cars all up.
Still sitting on gold, turned a tidy profit on the other 2 in the past month. Shoutout to the first stimulus check for the free AK/MRO setup and a few grand in extra ammo.

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>nobody will have trust in the economy and it will collapse


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Pressure from government

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Fuck this I'm just going to chill in btc while this blows over

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There is a good case that the shorts cannot be covered at all because we're at what, 250% now. Contracts or laws or not, I don't think there's a normal scenario in which they walk all the way through the financial system to liquidate every institution that exists to try and serve "infinite" obligations.

There are two normal, traditional scenarios I can see. First, there might be a new bailout law, let's call it the Financial Stability Act, which undoes the situation. Second, GameStop might issue more shares to sell to the hedge funds.

The big question from a nontraditional perspective is whether the people who run the system would take an interest in this situation to bring in the Great Reset . Let's crash the entire system, blame it on retail, then Build Back Better and ban private property as planned.

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This would backfire them horribly by redpilling normies a lot. Kikes just asking for a death wish.

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you realize how companies raise money right? issuing new shares....companies don't make any money off shares trading on secondary market.

the ability for GME Corp to issue shares when prices are $200 is going to be irresistible. they would be fools not to.

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Lol, why?!

This isn’t the Trump admin that bent over triple backflip backwards. This isn’t going to be like 2008.

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I think they cannot do that until April. Not even employees that have shares cannot sell now at this price and make some profit, they only can in April.

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Not everyone is exposed to this GME. Just a lot of really greedy and stupid people. Let em crash.

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It's already happening, faggot. You're in the crux of it. The GME stock is essentially a money printer right now. Everyone who buys the stock has to be paid by Melvin capital and the bankers behind them.

That means GME stock has infinite potential for growth right now. It can easily balloon to 10k or beyond and then BOOM goes the economy.

(They) brought this on themselves. So it's just karma.

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I'm in cash riding out this bullshit. A plague on both your houses

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There seems to be bipartisan condemnation of hedgies though. You really think so?

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This actually might be how it ends. I think GameStop had already announced they would be doing a secondary offering.

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I agree with you. They are fucking up the entire market.

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To raise money. It’s called a secondary offering and it’s very common.

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I think it was AMC, not GME. Only retards go with AMC.

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So gamestop does the bailout? Not gonna happen

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I'm sorry for being a brainlet, but how can an infinite short squeeze happen when people are still able to buy GME stock at the moment?

I see posts saying "if we refuse to sell then they won't be able to cover their short and the price will keep going up"
But why do the shorting hedgefunds have to buy the stock from the reddit users refusing to sell?
Why can't the shorting hedgefunds buy stock from the market makers who are still selling GME and which new retail investors are buying today?

I mean if when the stock was at 3 dollars you're a hedgefund who short-sold and then the price went up rapidly to 100 dollars, wouldn't you just use whatever other money you had available to buy hte stocks you needed to return at 100 dollars the same way new people getting in have been buying GME stock? and if this has been happening then why are there any exposed short-sold positions left?

Why does it matter that reddit users aren't selling when people are still able to buy stock from the market maker?

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Literally why wouldn't they? It's free fucking money for gamestop to do so, there is literally no downside

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yea I think it needs an annual shareholder meeting.

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when ryan cohen joined the gamestop board last year a bunch of hedgies who already had shorts shorted it even more to suppress the stock growth. im pretty sure he has grudges against them for trying to bankrupt him.

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So this will collapse the global economy which will then collapse society?

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It will be painful. People will be hurt. But drawing poison from a wound isn't painless.

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prepare your anus:
>As part of its strategies to create optimal financial flexibility and expand liquidity alternatives, the Company intends to file a shelf registration and prospectus supplement with the Securities and Exchange Commission today under which it may offer and sell, from time to time, shares of its Class A common stock in “at-the-market offerings.” Net proceeds from sales of shares under the “at-the-market” program, if any, would be used for working capital and general corporate purposes, which may include funding of the Company’s ongoing digital-first omni-channel growth strategy and expansion of its product and services offering. The timing and amount of sales of shares, if any, will depend on a variety of factors, including prevailing market conditions, the trading price of shares, and other factors as determined by the Company.

>Jim Bell, GameStop’s chief financial officer, said, “As we continue to optimize our business model, we are shifting focus to execute the transformational components of our strategy that will position GameStop to be a leading omni-channel retailer for all things games and entertainment, which we believe will lead to sustained long-term profitable growth. Over the past 18 months, we have remained steadfast in focusing on creating a more efficient business model. These efforts, despite the impacts of a global pandemic, have led to a stronger balance sheet. We believe the shelf registration and associated at-the-market program, if we chose to use it, provide us further options to enhance our liquidity alternatives to support an efficient and successful execution of our transformational strategies.”

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>guy posts with some actual info to back up his claims

>another guy posts "na uh!"

Kk faggot.

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There is a downside you tard, it called investor confidence. if they fuck over their current investors now who to say they won't do it in the future.

There best bet right now is to ignore the noise and let this event past by them.

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With something of this magnitude they can easily be coerced into doing it.

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up to $250K, then other many insurance firms will have to cover them, otherwise, Fed will step in and have to cover them. It will lead to Israel and the final one: CHINA.

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They have to get out of the GME bomb in one piece to be able to enact their (regulations).

And they're not getting out in one piece, at least not without redpilling masses on how blatantly rigged the financial system is against them.

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Except when this house of cards falls apart after the squeeze. Their stock would be worth LESS than it was before. They actually might go to zero if they print more.

>> No.26947814

possible. Unless Israel, China and USA have to print more money

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If people can still buy GME stock now then why don't the hedgefunds just buy GME stock now before it goes to 10k?

why can normal people buy GME stock but the hedgefunds who short-sold can't?

surely if hedgefunds just bought gme stock from a market maker at the current price they'd cut their losses and prevent their losses from being multiplied.

why hasn't this already happened earlier?

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daily? Nigger what the fuck are you talking about, 20-30 trillion dollars of risk might get stirred around in the pot, but when you are trading n squared amounts of derivatives around in circles to hedge yourself against anything and everything, and moving them around to make shit look right, thats going to happen. Thats alot different then a failure cascade of billions randomly shooting to the moon, then having literally millions of normies demanding 1k eoy or else.

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(((they))) will just say it was for the people's best interest. The evil trump white supremacists tried to overthrow the economy and got stopped.

>> No.26948055

they could pay off all their outstanding debts and fund massive new acquisitions and expansions.
it would against their fiduciary responsibility to not raise money when stock is trading 50x higher than normal.

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How the hell am I going to get medication if the economy collapses?

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Many normies are not that stupid. Otherwise, they would get WOKE'D.

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There isn’t enough stock to buy as its being bought by retailers. They shorted more stock than existed. They have been buying back stock but have most definitely been unable to exit their positions fully.

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That's fucking nuts. Looking at Venezuela and Lebanon and you're now telling me this could happen to every country from 1st world to 3rd world on the planet within a month from now with an ongoing pandemic.

This really is the end isn't it.

>> No.26948255

Until this trick gets played on a major DoD player, nothing's going to change. Now, if you see these sorts of shenanigans start with Raytheon, Ingalls Shipbuilding, Boeing, etc. Then the time will be nigh.

>> No.26948264

You really think everyone will just sit back and let this destroy the global economy? Something is going to happen in the next few days to end this even if its illegal and screws over investors.

>> No.26948307

Thinking about that is giving me a brain spasm. Other smart anons, what will happen if Melvin buys gme stock to pay off their gme shorts?

>> No.26948344

jewish hands typed this post

>> No.26948345

it would also invite SEC scrutiny cause this is abnormal behavior of the stock. I think no one at GME C-Suite is thinking of doing this shit. Not even the CEO who has like $350 million in the stock right now.

>> No.26948410

they went from 138% short to 122% today during the dip

>> No.26948421

Here's whats going to happen. A few hedge funds will get liquidated into bankruptcy but that will not cover debt. All the bag holders will settle in court years from now for pennies on the dollar. Wallstreet gets a slap on the wrist and is back to business as usual once everyone forgets about it.

>> No.26948453

ya, this would lead to make shorting illegal or ban the stock market forever.

Many kikes and rich whites would be the ordinary people forever.

>> No.26948469

Kek, I can see that happening. Either that or they start some war or false flag to distract people from this.

>> No.26948541

it would have before today. thats why they had to cheat today. they were able to close 20% of their shorts which still cost them billions since the lowest price today was like $150

still over 100% shorted though, keep holding

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The institutional investors make up the bulk of GME. They want to make a profit but they don't want to cause a market crash. They're going to squeeze and dump at gamma tomorrow and while redditor retards are still HODLing the stock price will plummet, probably assisted with some trade restriction fuckery. Then they'll just trade stocks between each other still at a tolerable loss until they're no longer cornered

>> No.26948560

they've already filed with the SEC to do a "shelf offering" (ie. SEC Rule 415).
see announcement here

>> No.26948592

Yea everyone is caught up in gme bullshit failing to see the market slowly starting to crash around it as well as super bullish support over 90 on dxy

>> No.26948675

this is why the white house was forcing brokers to halt our trading while the hedges closed down their positions this morning

>> No.26948731

People will understand that "infinite" compensation cannot be paid. There's bound to be a number of rigging measures that will be acceptable to a large majority. Maybe fix a maximum price per share such that basically everyone who entered the market will make huge profit, then have the Fed print a few $100b to pay out everyone and take over all shares.
People already know the system is rigged. Covid showed that governments can do whatever they want anyway. Historically, with things like gold bans, expropriations, nationalizations, and last but not least Lehman 2008 in tons of countries there is ample precedent to push through unpopular measures under the pretense of systemic risks.

>> No.26948748

Playing the fiddle while Rome starts to burn comes to mind....

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People are giddy but I feel something is wrong. Thinking something bad is going to happen tomorrow. Maybe it's nothing, just because it's a big thing, or maybe we get a happening.

Something just seems off about this.

>> No.26948760

or make it easier for retail investors to get locked out of "sensitive" trades. Like RH did today but completely legal and backed by the SEC.

>> No.26948877

they cant undo profits if people reinvest them into crypto before congress gets back from their recess in feb 17th

>> No.26948880

Hold the line boys hold and sing our stock shanty

>> No.26948883

You dumb fuck. Which hedge fund do you work for or are you a paperhander who sold their position at the dip?

>> No.26948938

Because the market maker is getting gamma fucked by all the call options he's selling that are instantly ending up ITM. He has to buy the stock to hedge against the massive price surge

And because of how much GME has gone up there is now an endless line of midwit shorts who think they can time the bubble. For every short who capitulates there's another one taking their place. Until they ban shorting GME it's basically an endless money injection until a large enough segment of retail or institutes start selling

>> No.26948953

companies offer new shares literally all the time, tesla literally did this a few weeks ago

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I pray nothing bad happens tomorrow.

>> No.26949016

You will die, sorry anon.

>> No.26949038

I have this feeling too.

>> No.26949077

I don't think it's hype bro. This is a checkmate situation where the other player admits to losing but blames the material the chess board was made out of.

>> No.26949139

They filed their S-3 in december you fucking kike. Let see if they can file within a week lmfao.

>> No.26949141

So can I just make a sell order for whatever price I want and the Jews will be forced to buy it from me?

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That's why I bought SQQQ and UVXY

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lets say GME does share dilution, would it happen like this?
>hedgies cover their shorts and now own a sizable chunk of gamestop
>GME gets a few billion in cash
>everyone tries to jump ship
>GME crashes
>hedgies took a massive loss buying GME and now hold most of the worthless GME bags
>normal people are also holding bags but spread out over millions of people

>> No.26949338

You should've felt this way, waaaaay earlier when robinhood haulted buying, and then found a different broker.

>> No.26949455

>10k+ sell order Chad here
Imagine giving those rich cunts an out
I'll lose everything with them if I have to
The shorts are insured up to half a million each. No pussy.

>> No.26949474

also you have to OWN a bunch of stock to be a board member. why would they want to tank the price of their own stock and help out the hedgies who had been massively shorting and driving their stocks to be extremely undervalued.

>> No.26949481

Well they did do that. But not without massively redpilling the normies. We know the game is rigged but normies experienced it today when they got locked out of buying GME as shorts were getting closed.

>> No.26949487

All the stock that they could possibly buy wouldn't cover the amount of stock they have to buy that they borrowed

>> No.26949489

Guys what's a realistic peak short squeeze price

>> No.26949564

>It's late 2021
>fiat currency has all dissolved
>banks are being demolished daily
>Cryptocurrency skyrockets
>credit and debits no longer exist
>Everybody has tattoos which display their public wallet keys
>Biden placed as figurehead of the new anarcho-communist international ogligarchy
>Billionaires are getting man hunted and hanged
>racialized safe-spaces (communes) arise in every city
>the south becomes neo-Africa
>southwest gets annexed by Mexico
>white pogroms commence, essentially south Africa 2.0
>remainder of America militarizes and gets sustained off voluntary mandatory labour
>the elite which made out unscathed retreat to the antarctic and begin the techological singularity exit
>rogue AIs now roam the countryside acting as scrap metal highwaymen

>> No.26949574

Cant the hedge funds or their backers just buy GameStop as a whole and declare it bankrupt

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Stop crying and freaking out. Plenty of rich are making a ton of money on this GME thing. Basically one side is losing big and another faction is winning big time with some small poor fries also getting in on the action. You’re watching two elite groups fight it out financially and one of them is basically getting clobbered with this. And they know it.
And they are trying to spin this in any way they can but it’s unspinnable.

It’s literally GameStop of all businesses. There isn’t going to be any sympathy.
May some get well cards from Hallmark and some “thoughts and prayers”.

Just take the fucking Loss already and quit crying.

>> No.26949653

750 or 1350. Probably the latter.

>> No.26949680

Set it way higher. Collectively, retail investors can force the price up to 50k or any arbitrarily high price if we all hold.

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Should I take all my money out of the bank?

>> No.26949695

But then why don't we all just exclusively shop from gamestop? Merch about the meme stocks itself would be a huge bump in their sales

>> No.26949743

you guys have proved your point with GME. Take your earnings now before the Jew ruins it for you. Turn to DOGECOIN before it's too late

>> No.26949749

>autists buying a failing video game store will kill the economy
can't wait for that to go in the history books

>> No.26949764

And once they buy it all it won't be worth shit

>> No.26949777
File: 52 KB, 720x883, 412a8474e49e63e67bbc4c1ba3ade1bf925c65db90fd2aed327bf22658c9ae0f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he forgot about 2008

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If they were in something really vast and almost ALL of that sector (ie real estate sub-prime morgages), then we would be in for a 2008 style meltdown with whole countries going bankrupt.

This is fucking gamestop however. I still like the stock but its fucking gamestop. Fuck anyone who thinks this is going to crash the market.

>> No.26949810

There is no peak if everyone holds. The longer we hold and not sell, the higher the bid price goes because shorts must be covered when they get called or run out of liquidity

>> No.26949822
File: 92 KB, 550x550, E8C7D87F-ED13-4D14-B6C4-7A9DE252BD5F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve had a very bad feeling about this whole situation. That’s why I’ve been completely avoiding it despite the potential for mad gainz. My guts never let me down before and if miss out because of it I’m okay with that

>> No.26949840

And Here We thought it will go up to $1000. Those mf Robinhood manipulate entire thing.

>> No.26949843

Works for me

>> No.26949855

>why can normal people buy GME stock but the hedgefunds who short-sold can't?
>surely if hedgefunds just bought gme stock from a market maker at the current price they'd cut their losses and prevent their losses from being multiplied.
>why hasn't this already happened earlier?
Because between 40 and 50% of the stock is tied up and owned by Gamestock owner investors and big investors who can’t just exit out and sell it at whim.
So that leaves 50% of the shares left out there give or take roughly speaking.

While this stock was shorted by 120%, ie basically over 100. Now do you see why it’s so hard to exit out.

>> No.26949865

HEY! I saw you in AOC's twitch chat! amirite?

>> No.26949868

You really think the US government can´t screw up?

>> No.26949877

that would mean that the majority of brokerages are solely owned by one side considering that most us-based ones restricted GME trading in one way

>> No.26949911

I have 2@10k
The rest I hold until 100k or death

>> No.26949931

>proved a point
We're not done till we drop down the guillotine, motherfucker.

>> No.26949942

They paid out in 2008
They bankrupted the working class to pay out. Them honoring the terms of the contract is what crashed the economy.

>> No.26949951

The moment biden was sworn in I started looking at foreign indexes and cryptos. I can see recession coming a mile away.

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Ultimately the elites will choose a winner and the loser. But the concern is that with so many "outsiders" they might instead unite to keep the money within the elite.

>> No.26950081

same, if things went cataclysmically fucky there's no way institutions will be made to fulfill their obligations. I imagine retail will still win to an extent, but oppies pic will not be allowed to happen under any circumstance

>> No.26950146

its not to help the HF's.
look its a pretty simple calculation. you hold a bag of shitcoins and now those shitcoins have ballooned up 100x over last 2 weeks. you could sell a portion of your bag and pay off your house, moms house, stock the kids college accounts, etc.
Its irresponsible to not do this now. GME is getting nothing out of this recent price run until this issue more stock.
believe whatever you want to believe but this is /biz...you are supposed to understand this,

>> No.26950192
File: 515 KB, 277x277, 1579728949164.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How Ironic would it be that Biden has to bail out the banks within his first 100 days in office?

>> No.26950197

Sounds about right.

>> No.26950213

They were planning on doing some fucked up shit anyways. That's why the capitol is militarized.

>> No.26950245

set it to $999,999.99

>> No.26950290

anyone find it weird that gamestop has been total radio silence through this whole thing?

>> No.26950298


>> No.26950390

They have no say in it and Ryan Cohen isn't even legally permitted to talk about much of it.

>> No.26950403

You produce from your pocket a can with the label missing, the very last of the food in the ruins of your city. Weak from hunger and sickness, you struggle to open the can. You discover the contents in the same moment that you spill them on the floor, mixing with the radioactive fallout dust that coats all the floors. Spaghetti.
>fucking gamestop

>> No.26950461

they aren't retards. once they get their short term profits the hedges would just go back to shorting them. and no board member can even sell their own shares since insider trading week has already past

>> No.26950498

What happens if the entity that they are contractually obliged to just says the contract is all g and saves the economy.
Why wouldn't they be free to?

>> No.26950516
File: 166 KB, 330x437, 1611447141306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I was Gamestop's CEO I would be hiding out in a cabin in the woods praying to god people don't hunt me down and put a bullet in my brain for having my name associated with the collapse of the global economy.

>> No.26950573

Lmao, they can buy it all they want!
That will simply drive the price up exponentially to all bag holders of GME

>> No.26950619

The amount of interest they’re paying to keep the shorts open alone is more than what they could make doing this

>> No.26950629
File: 114 KB, 600x358, fuckthejews.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shill some more, please.

>> No.26950660

It's great. I'm legit excited.
It's either accelerate or get rich
The memes will be grand

>> No.26950698

A lot of investigations and senate hearings are about to go down and they don't want to say anything that could get them accused of market manipulation.

>> No.26950721
File: 3.88 MB, 480x270, TopplingtheUSD.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hyperflation will kill off 90% of companies and countries.
The United States and its allies will enter a Greater Depression for several lost decades.

>> No.26950731
File: 67 KB, 680x680, 1611877331856.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sold at 400 :) <3

>> No.26950766

If they don't pay there will be blood on the streets. Guaranteed.

>> No.26950783
File: 38 KB, 600x713, ff2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop collapsing the fucking economy, I hope most brokerages put another halt on all of this or force people to sell. This isn't how the market is supposed to work. Buy vanguard growth and value etf's. STONKS GO UP STONKS GO UP

>> No.26950785

yes. GME are virtuous nuns who aren't in it for the money.
they are just going to wait another 6 months until the stock is safely below $6 again before they issue any more shares.

>> No.26950813

What...like some terrorist attack to distract us and crash the market?

>> No.26950818

Holy fuck. We won't ever get another opportunity like this again

>> No.26950857

Checked and intuition pulled. YGMI

>> No.26950892

Perfect, everyone I know is gonna move their wins into crypto and gold to hedge against the incoming inflation

>> No.26950914

I felt like this after I bought at $115 on Tuesday and saw it skyrocket to $230 not even 30 minutes later. This is completely unavoidable at this point and might be one of the biggest, or biggest happenings of the 21st century. I have absolutely nothing to lose so I'm just here for the ride at this point.

>> No.26950934
File: 7 KB, 233x250, 1611851970139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anons make tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars through GME and dogecoin
>financial system collapses, Great Depression 2 Electric Boogaloo
>all that money is worth nothing

>> No.26950938

Stock offerings rarely happen during periods of EXTREME volatility

>> No.26950939

Did you say several decades?

>> No.26950996

Kek underrated comment

>> No.26951006


>> No.26951026

They have a time limit of 6 fucking days you hook nose twat. it takes a good 2-3 weeks+ to file an S-3.

>> No.26951086

shame that the same people run those banks too :^)

>> No.26951123

Not true, I'll pay some nig bitch to suck my dick for .06 shekelz

>> No.26951181

The economy as about to get BOGGED

>> No.26951183

That’s actually a good idea to get out of this. I could see this happening

>> No.26951193

I'm not buying but once there shorts are called, will the stock go even higher?

>> No.26951206

How do you buy a company? You own a majority of its shares. Who owns the shares, retard?

>> No.26951212

Buybacks are almost always debt financed and no lender is loaning money to a company to do this shit

>> No.26951250

>Start with no money
>Get a ton of worthless money
Tight so nothing changes

>> No.26951260

you have to be delusion to think that they aren't even at the least bit angry or in for revenge also considering that the hedges had been naked shorting so much that their stock was undervalued. a company only sells stock if they actually need those funds in the first place, the board members themselves cant get out due to insider trading restrictions.

>> No.26951278

Not yet but be on standby.

>> No.26951280

With 70m outstanding shares, if the price goes to 1k and they're forced to buy 120%, we're still only talking about 85b. That's not even half of Elon's net worth. How is that supposed to crash an entire economy? Even if it goes to 10k, the government could brrr out another 850b in bailouts and it would be a drop in the bucket compared to what they've done recently.
Someone correct me if my extremely simple reduction is off the mark because I'm trying to learn.

>> No.26951294

There is no way in hell this will cause economic collapse. You're fooling yourself if you think banks and the government will pay over necessary to us. They own us, literally. And you will take it because there is nothing you can do.

>> No.26951321

I think they are going to issue more stock and sell it directly to hedge funds so they can settle the contracts. I'm sure the CEO is getting legit death threats at this point.

>> No.26951372

time to get physical (silver)

>> No.26951375

Why do hedge funds even exist? It’s been proven that S&P 500 will outperform any hedge fund in the long term. Brainlet question but I really don’t understand why.

>> No.26951392

So Capitalism is over tomorrow?

>> No.26951399


>> No.26951404

Over the past few days I have become very attached to my Gamestop stock. We have had some good times together and I am proud to be announcing to the world that I am NEVER FUCKING SELLING MY GME. EVER AT ANY PRICE.


Payback for the ruination of the west and my people is fucking sweet. It's time the elites get what they fucking deserve.

>> No.26951407

did Michael Burry really start this? No fucking way....

How does this fucking autist do it?

>> No.26951413

So is everything going to collapse because gamers literally and unironically rose up?

>> No.26951454
File: 178 KB, 1000x748, gamestop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It'd be funny if Gamestop is the cause of the collapse of the global financial system.

>> No.26951515

No, not on this. Too much is at stake

>> No.26951536

Long Term Capital Management had exposure 100x meme stonks, it's collapse didn't do shit

>> No.26951541

because you don't need to be smart to earn or have a lot of money and people are fooled by tricky sales techniques. It's surprising how stupid people are with money, even rich people.

>> No.26951572

do you get what a "shelf offering is?"
it was already filed a month ago...it enables them to sell at any time to take advantage of market conditions.....
funny enough their filing was for about 15M shares...around 100M at the time. Now that 2.2B

>> No.26951574

Its gods last joke before he pulls the plug on the simulation.

>> No.26951588

is he, or are you?

>> No.26951590

Brainlet here. I'll try my best to post a simple short:
>lawnmower worth $50
>borrow lawn mower from neighbor
>sell to mexican for $50
>neighbor wants the value of the mower back
>pay him current market value

What if the neighbor said "fuck it, we'll just take the original cost of the mower. We didn't lose anything. You're cool."

>> No.26951597

They're """"low risk"""" investments anon, lower than bonds in some instances.

>> No.26951618

If you told someone this in the past they'd consider you retarded and delusional.

>> No.26951637

Yup the general public will never learn.

>> No.26951650

I just wanted to play video games.
Then they told me a game that looked like shit was gold and I was a sexist for questioning them.

>> No.26951663

it would be fitting seeing that the word "stop" is in their name.

>> No.26951678

It going to cascade to the other heavily shorted stocks.

>> No.26951688

the ceo doesn't have the power to issue more stock. only the board of directors do which are people who chose to buy up massive amounts of stock in the first place.

>> No.26951694

except they're a dying company anyways in the long run as video games transition to digital so GME might as well just cash out big

>> No.26951718

If GME drops to 0, hedge funds jews buy the stock at 0 and return it to bank jews who pay the short strike price for those stocks currently worth 0.

Isn't the richer bank Jew losing money if the shorts are successful?

>> No.26951719

neighbor aint saying that

>> No.26951724

You have to go back.

>> No.26951747

Whatever happens wouldn't be handled by the Biden administration. There would be a decision reached between the FED, the intelligence community, and the richest men in the world who will then hand explicit instructions to all three branches of government which they will all execute to the best of their ability, as though their lives depended on it because they would.

>> No.26951782

After how mainstream the market has become and the building pressure over the class divide, that unironically has the potential for another American Revolution.

>> No.26951791

good, the west needs some deep cleansing to get rid of globohomo niggers

>> No.26951793

I got 2 shares

>> No.26951798

SO! what's going to happen to the price once their shorts get called?!

>> No.26951844

You are tards. If the exposure is anything remotely as large as you think it will get stuffed into the fed balance sheet and don't be deluded enough to think they're not going to make you a mandatory offer.

>> No.26951856
File: 23 KB, 673x109, bible kikes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember the basics of life.

>> No.26951858

Do you think this ever stops now? The cats out the bag.

>> No.26951878

Ok guys but what does the money do? Will GME get a share of this retardation to do real world investments and create jerbs?

>> No.26951884

2010 should've been our last season, but executives wanted to milk our show for everything its got and look at us now.

>> No.26951919
File: 2.13 MB, 640x360, 1611891050029.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.26951945

The illegitimate potus deserves nothing less. The fact that the reddit board coordinating this has a cartoon donald logo is Divine justice.

I am honestly enjoying every bit of this. Hope GME cracks 600-700 tomorrow.

>> No.26951981

The price of the shares will skyrocket as they beg the public to sell them to them.

>> No.26952010

retards btfo

>> No.26952006

What's stopping him?

>> No.26952053

>GME is going to be a similar redpilling event but for leftist redditors.


>> No.26952111

even if you lose money
come join in

>> No.26952114

>I genuinely do not believe wall street will ever pay out
You don't get it then. All trades are fungible. So if trades fell then the economy collapses either way.

>> No.26952123

Imagine the pyramid scheme they're paying to get (((their))) people to "after-work" assignment to go and come on here and plebbit to post most of this shit. SHILLSSSSSSSS.

>> No.26952157

>what will happen if Melvin buys gme stock to pay off their gme shorts?
That's what they are trying to do. That's what a short is. They are trying to pull kike tricks to drop the price so they lose less money when they buy it.

>> No.26952166

Somewhere right now, a Wall Street investor is shouting FUCKING GAMESTOP.

This timeline, man.

>> No.26952203

Give it to me straight. What're the odds of a stupid limit order of 5k actually going through?

>> No.26952240

When I walk into a GameStop, it feels like I'm walking into MY store. That feeling is priceless.

>> No.26952245

What if we all do this

>> No.26952253

He´s one with autism, a pro in memestock before it was a thing.

>> No.26952264

Whatever percentage of shares the company is sitting on is now worth a shitzillion more than it did two weeks ago. They get liquidity if they sell some of those shares which they can at any time, but they can also hold if they think they can get a better deal later. They're in the same position as regular ass independent GME holders.

>> No.26952280

Invest in the munitions companies.

>> No.26952292

They'll threaten all the owners of gamestop with assassination by "suicide" if they don't dilute the stock.

They will get out of this one way or another. I don't believe for a second that wall street bankers will reduce themselves to paying everyone from elon musk to basement neckbeards billions of dollars from a meme company. My $500 will not become $50,000. There's no way.

>> No.26952294
File: 144 KB, 1280x720, jokerbaby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember when you offered me $0.10 for SimCity 2000 for the ps1?
I remember.

>> No.26952331

No shit? Agreeing to buyout the company would prevent infinite losses and prevent the collapse of the global economy. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

>> No.26952361

Although I am in GME, I am also going to buy VIX calls just in case you are right and the whole thing goes tits up and it's 1929 again.

>> No.26952398

The entire market is a pyramid scheme. That much has become exceedingly obvious this week. They are just upset because they are losing the top spot on it for once.

>> No.26952412
File: 40 KB, 468x382, demjansk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>how mail in voting works

That's the whole point of it you kid.

>> No.26952432


>> No.26952459

How is anything happening not illegal? People are buying en masse, isn't it manipulation?

>> No.26952559
File: 124 KB, 800x450, 1444414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is payback for trying to push their gamecard on me as an insecure teen

>> No.26952564

Except they would probably make more money by encouraging the short squeeze and then selling any shares they bought back close to the top. Why would they want to prevent the short squeeze? Also, as long as this keeps up, they get free publicity. Actually they're getting paid.

>> No.26952596

Obama did that

>> No.26952605
File: 2.92 MB, 1920x1080, showtime.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bye execs

>> No.26952642

The value of this stock is given by some hedgefund who overshorted and is unable to cover it, not by the value of the company. Autists are literally driving the price up so the hedgefund collapses, maybe their broker and it might involve even the banks.

>> No.26952645

>I have absolutely nothing to lose so I'm just here for the ride at this point.
This. I'm a poorfag and put in $5k just for the keks. I wouldn't have to liquify any crypto were I to lose everything, the ride and happening have been top notch entertainment the last few days.

>> No.26952649

>Imagine explaining to your grandkids that the
world fell into apocalyptic chaos because of a
game store market glitch which made it a

>GameStop Event.

>> No.26952659
File: 15 KB, 236x279, int.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I imagine massive restrictions on shorts, a partial ban up to a total ban on short selling. There is no way politicians fuck with retail right now. The toothpaste is out of the tube and nearly every retail trader cant un-see the bullshit they just witnessed today.
I honestly hope the US market is utterly annihilated this spring, it will cost me a good paying job, but im long past the point of caring. The apathetic attitude the American voter has maintained has gone on long enough.

>> No.26952731

>And you will take it because there is nothing you can do.

Lol is that why the banks were scrambling today to shut it down? Looks to me like they are losing control. Oyyy

>> No.26952738

A small price to pay for ethics in gaming journalism.

>> No.26952754

Guess I'll answer my own question:

The only way I see holding the hedgies to account is with physicals force. There are no right in this world, only what you can get away with. If a bank forgives one person, than every person ought ask forgiveness. Literally every person with a loan would tell them to fuck right off, and demand they take give the same terms to them as the hedgie. We pussied out hard in 2008, I fear we might do it again. But, maybe it will double the hatred inside another autist to keep fucking with markets, making incentive to keep pushing and pushing until the rotten structure falls down.

>> No.26952783

I have mine at 10k lowest

>> No.26952791

With jews you lose. No exceptions EVER.

>> No.26952813


so they need to diamond hands too? lmao imagine their HQ right now

>> No.26952819
File: 530 KB, 192x256, 1594400507258.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you fucking stupid?
The company isn't for wholesale. They'd have to buy a majority of the stock to own it, exactly the same way they have to by 130% or 250% or whatever the fuck it is now of the stock in order to cover their shorts. Its exactly the same situation, we just hit an infinite short squeeze slightly slower.

>> No.26952824

there's too many neighbors to have the same opinion and the majority of the lawn mowers would have been borrowed from someone else in the first place.

>> No.26952826

source on anime?

>> No.26952835
File: 512 KB, 1080x1020, you 9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i hate how everyone learned this phrase last march and use it now erroneously whenever anything fucking happens

>> No.26952858
File: 50 KB, 900x789, hedgefund.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they think we aren't gonna get bailed out by gamestop printing more stock

>> No.26952921

damn is this Paranoia Agent? I don't know fuck all about anime but I was JUST thinking to myself that i need to finish this show.. I think it's only one season anyhow? Wow.. weird.. and what a theme right?


the show gives me some severe anxiety. same with Lain.

>> No.26952935

>If wall street doesn't pay out, then contracts mean nothing. Nobody will have trust in the economy and it will collapse.

Good gold and silver will shoot up /PMG/ wins again

>> No.26952938

So we can go to millions then

>> No.26952940
File: 14 KB, 632x632, tzvvibeho8061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be minimum wageslave
>Only have 5k to my name
>Dump it all into the meme of the month
>It ends up being worth $3,000 per stock
>Make $90,000
>Dump it all into bitcoin
>Bitcoin skyrockets because everyone is doing the same thing
>End up with $240,000 in value
>Have enough to live my minimalist life in peace
>Country explodes
>Doesn't affect me because I didn't tie my assets to the jewish cabel system like a fool
>Move to Poland because it's cheap and not on fire
>Proceed to have more money than 95% of the people there
>Live like a king
This is like final destination, except instead of seeing nothing but horrible outcomes I see nothing but amazing outcomes.

>> No.26952942

Gamestop will be the foundation of the new economy

>> No.26952955

>tfw robinhood wont let me set it at 10k

>> No.26952960


>> No.26952983


This is what anons keep forgetting.

>> No.26953004

>back close to the top
whats the top?
why wouldn't they sell at 50x higher than their last 3 year average price?

>> No.26953046
File: 37 KB, 129x137, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whoah stop the GME market

>> No.26953048
File: 276 KB, 1280x960, Crassus_(Louvre,_OA_1761).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The truth is, almost every financial collapse has been caused by Jews refusing to pay their bills.
They play until they lose, then they start a new game.

>> No.26953050
File: 2.93 MB, 1280x720, 1594436960066.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The American right has had its faith in the government absolutely shattered with the election fallout
>The American left is coming to the understanding that they've elected the most establishment politician available
>Neither of them have any faith in the powers that be
I coomed a little.

>> No.26953065

What apps haven't started blocking trades?

>> No.26953111 [DELETED] 


>> No.26953126

> andrew hussie who lives in burgerland starts charging people $240,000 to read hs2 and his new webcomic
oh wait

>> No.26953152

Go get it on GOG, just put 12 hours into my city this week. Still the most based of all simcity games

>> No.26953172

I can't wait to trade in 3 brand new games for a single water ration token!

>> No.26953175
File: 45 KB, 1080x645, Es2_FZDXYAcfb4j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.26953180

They literally have to pay out. The Hegdfund made promises to larger investment banks. The huge investment banks WILL get their pound of flesh whether its from the Hedgefund OR from a gov bailout. the money that the Hedgefund MUST be paid from one source or another or the investment bank collapses which will cause a chain reactuon and destroy the entire economy

most likely scenario is the Hedge declares bankrupty. the investment bank gets what they can from the bankrupty and a bailout covers the rest... further excelerating the collapse of the US dollar

>> No.26953274

>unironically falling for the "mail in" planned cover story

>> No.26953288

same director

>> No.26953326

Why do you retards think their lenders will be on the hook? If a company goes into liquidation, the bank they owe money to doesn’t suddenly become responsible for all their liabilities

>> No.26953383



>> No.26953388

Things will escalate to violence if they get bad enough for the average Joe. Civilised humans turn into barbarians when they’re truly backed into a corner.

I don’t know if it’ll swing this way yet, but the reason the elite are scared is that we’re closer than we’ve ever been to a worldwide civil revolt due to how globalisation and mass communication has allowed people to organise. When they say they’re protecting themselves, it’s because they fear for their very lives deep down.

>> No.26953418

Dumbass. If GME blows up, a lot of their money will go to AMC for the same reason they went into GME.

>> No.26953433


If there's a bailout there will absolutely be massive riots . People didn't really "get it" in 2008 , but now everyone is fucking seething.

>> No.26953446

i am holding a few shares for 25k and up lmao

>> No.26953458

This is going to 840 tomorrow. By 9:30am. Literally mark my words. I'm selling 2 bags and holding onto the 3rd.

>> No.26953478

hmm this does sound familiar
>queue 2008

>> No.26953480

And then AMC
And then NOK
And then the next short

>> No.26953504

lmao, schizo

>> No.26953523
File: 174 KB, 220x303, Battletoads_Coverart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't cry cause it's over, smile cause it happened


>> No.26953531

a bank borrows money from their customers to lend out money in the first place. if they don't get the money back that they lent out someone is getting sued.

>> No.26953594
File: 62 KB, 512x512, 1592314692588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>People who sell things they don't own in the hopes they become worth less in the future are heroes


>> No.26953600

GME is not collapsing anything.
Years of irresponsible shorting is.

>> No.26953607

Schwab has been great through this, they even emailed everyone this evening basically saying basically “our systems have held up but sorry in advance if there are glitches in these historical times.” Probably a good way to build trust and scoop up market share.

>> No.26953643

>collapsing companies for personal profit is heroic

>> No.26953656
File: 9 KB, 300x168, 15646546544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Check all of the big investment bank stocks, they've all been down for several days in a row. At this point in the game, it seems very likely that they're going straight into the ground.

Is it possible to short stocks of these investment banks?

>> No.26953665

Theoretically. If all the paper hands dip out at 5k, 10k, whatever as the squeeze happens and they still can't cover all their shorts then all the diamond handsdictate the price as the bid goes up and up.
Could it happen in reality that it gets to a million? Depends on how educated every holder is on the mechanics of a short squeeze and how much those holders trust each other to hold to drive up the bid price.

>> No.26953729

So, basically, this will print money to the point that the currency is extremely devalued. Basically the ultimate inflation bomb.

So we're all going to die because bread will cost $10,000,000 a loaf, and only those who invested everything will survive.

Great job guys. You're the new Jews.

>> No.26953754

>tfw never got battletoads

>> No.26953778

What I suspect they are doing is minor shutdowns of trading that we saw today combined with calling up their buddies who own ETFs aka other peoples stocks and selling those off to make the line appear to be going down, combined with media FUDs and social media sockpuppets telling anons to sell. The upward pressure to buy was still high all day but I gauruntee you they had HFT algos scooping up every possible buy order as low as they could possibly put it.

We also saw that big downward selloff when robinhood closed out positions of people "for their own good", probably with an excuse that some of it was bought on margin

>> No.26953789

Simple : The price goes up

>> No.26953790

>GameStop might issue more shares to sell to the hedge funds.
porsche did this to bail out short sellers in trying to acquire majority market share of volkswagen
gamestop has been stomped on for months on end by these fucks
if I were them, I'd be out for blood, not in a forgiving mood

>> No.26953813


>> No.26953821

Still worth buying in?

>> No.26953852

Are there any that don't cost 2k a month?

>> No.26953923

Fuck robinhood
Go to SOfi
They let me do it and didn't cuck me out of 4 grand at 5am.
I hope they get liquidated so I can buy some of their Merch just to burn

>> No.26953932


>> No.26954000

You're all retarded. Shorts covered at the beginning of the week. Then reshorted at the top this week. Squeeze is over.

>> No.26954012

Well voting already means nothing, no reason to think they won’t cheat here too.

>> No.26954038

the hedges are going to be forced to liquidate first and then they get bailed out by risk spread throughout several banks when they run out of assets.

>> No.26954053

How do you know?

>> No.26954108

If gamestop issued more shares to help hedge funds, their price tanks more than it should post squeeze and you have a Nokia situation all over again where the float is massive.

>> No.26954110


That would be glorious

>> No.26954124

Don't sell on the gamma squeeze. Just hold it all for THE short squeeze

>> No.26954165


>> No.26954254

Buy on the morning dip tomorrow with an app that didn't suspend trading.

>> No.26954258


no because only the jews are supposed to make money off the private casino

>> No.26954290

>Senior advisor to Toreador Research & Trading
So a company that advises hedge funds.

>> No.26954314

It's literally not possible. There simply aren't enough shares in the market to actually cover their shorts.

>> No.26954323

holy kek
People with fuck you money must be salivating right now

>> No.26954349

same. I have 4 at 5k to take some profits and always be in the green.

The other 32 GME I have is left to make me a millionaire.

>> No.26954369

link is a ponzi

>> No.26954399

buy anything under $400 but be prepared to lose everything you put in (dont put your life savings in)

>> No.26954436

They said so and they didn't lie. There was plenty of volume to support it being the truth in the beginning of the week.

>> No.26954441

If they were covered, then the short ladder attack and the halt on buying that happened today wouldn't have happened.

>> No.26954472

Do you know what app a guy should use?

>> No.26954475

From the piece of paper he received at the shill center.

>> No.26954503
File: 34 KB, 675x342, cringe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i'm gonna sell

>> No.26954510
File: 830 KB, 680x518, 1600576924911.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>unironically believing joe blow biden is the greatest most popular president of all time

here's a (((you))) fuckin kike

>> No.26954533

Globalism is going to backfire soon, and it's gonna do it hard. If this turns into '08 round two during a pandemic and at the highest levels of civil unrest in decades (which are largely due to wealth inequality) it'll go hot fast.

>> No.26954590

And when the dollar value of Game stop suddenly exceeds the amount of money on Earth, what then. Who pays, and how? All the bans go broke. All the money they have is gone, and the FDIC somehow has to cover the savings of every person in the country with an account?

>> No.26954618

shorting is really dangerous and hard. it requires you constantly dishing money in to maintain your short, someone with 50k would run out of time in a few days and if the company doesnt drop enough in that time you are fucked and SoL

>> No.26954672

If they get bailed out people will probably make last summer look like a kid's birthday party. I'm scared bros.

>> No.26954681

Also how hard they are trying to get everyone to bail

>> No.26954722

Fidelity but it's probably a 2 day wait on transfers from your bank.

Just don't use robinhood whatever you do.

>> No.26954781

the same media assholes will try and foment support for anti-bitcoin anti-crypto legislation complaining about asshole speculators getting rich

>> No.26954811

Should've bought crypto retard
Who'd have known that this is how BTC gets to 1 million?

>> No.26954814


With what money will they pay for that assassination you tard

>> No.26954844


Try Dem PR spinning that to people waiting for stim cheques. Not even 50 year old liberal yoga teachers are swallowing it.

>> No.26954849
File: 70 KB, 400x711, naga4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26954861

gamestop should let the hedgecuck gets assfucked

>> No.26954947
File: 94 KB, 1580x393, its over.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There were plenty actually. Total short was less than 70 million shares. Most shorts bought and closed their position on the high volume days.

>> No.26954979

To think we were posting memes about lazercheese to this. If only we had some ethical gaming journalism

>> No.26955045

And we laughed in highschool reading about the tulips incident. Nothing is new, we're just reenacting the past.

>> No.26955051

IF EVERY SINGLE PERSON DID THIS (Not possible since some will just sell out before this as common unity amongst individuals is one of the hardest things for mankind to solve specially with no head to lead the body) then there wouldn't be enough money in the world to cover the positions, theoretically. Again though this is not how anything works practically.

>> No.26955064


>> No.26955104

if the shorts were covered then why did every broker start restricting gme trades?
you do realize that the short % is higher than the float and that the large volume was due to mainstream buyers?

>> No.26955109

Actually IT could take the entire market down. Tldr marvin calls and liquidations. Also with the heavy leverage maybe the funds can't pay their positions and then banks and insurance get fucked. Does this shit remind you of something?

>> No.26955162

checked and yep

>> No.26955163

fucking cringe kys

>> No.26955169

Can a number of small investors (like in this case) pool together so there is strength in numbers?

Do trading apps allow placing shorts?

>> No.26955178


It's afraid.

>> No.26955179

>There is arguably no riskier market move than to short a public company’s shares.

It's heroic when you're a kike.

>> No.26955207

Just use puts dumbass. The poor man's (non hedge fund) short.

>> No.26955307

Sort of like the election...

>> No.26955323


>> No.26955388
File: 58 KB, 500x500, Toast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At worst they will simply freeze Gamestop's price and force the failing banks and hedge funds to give a 'buyout' price to people that is well below the asking price. Basically, you will get a lot of money but still get fucked because this is America.

>> No.26955454

Can this be done? would it actually work/do anything?

>> No.26955502

Anyone know if its allright to buy on "wealth simple"? Or are they jewin too?

And the general consensus is to buy?

>> No.26955549

There's actually one other company thats currently shorted over 100% if you do DD. For some reason nobody else is talking about it here, though.

>> No.26955640

It's buy AND HOLD
Don't sell for a meager profit when the short squeeze is theoretically infinite. Hold for at least 10k/share if you really like to dream big.

>> No.26955667

Idk man, the election results and storming the capital seemed like the start of a new civil war, but if we are jewed out of our money by the end of this, then this is definitely it.

>> No.26955674

At the very least you would make money if the banks stock price goes down.

>> No.26955685

Doesn't matter. GME is the sacrificial lamb that'll could put an end to our gravy train.

>> No.26955691

In that case, all you do is hold and wait for them to get margin called and fucked on the options. You cant be forced to sell, or at least it creates a hell of a legal scenario if they try to go that route.