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The only question is ... should I buy more?

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Yes, absolutely. Only reason I'm not is because I have no more disposable income left.

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yes keep fucking the kikes until shit rises to 1000

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These kike broker apps stole my money not letting me trade while the kikes manipulate the market to drop the prices. Why again did Hitler gas these fuckers?

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yes but dont buy AMC becuase its shit
buy GME or NOK for long term

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you'll pump the price up if you buy more therefore increasing the value of what you already have in it.

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Jewish hands typed this post. 1000 is too low, we're taking the lot.

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So set a sell order for 100k for one share?

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where the FUCK can i even buy NOK right now

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Go ahead, buy as much as you want. Citadel is picking up the tab

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is that even a question? hedgies will be paying, not you

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right now?
wtf, nowhere you dumbass

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Anyone know if Charles Schwab has blocked buy orders for Gamestop?

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Is this a good movie? Thinking of watching it after seeing all the memes.

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Buy more.

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The only question is, will fidelity transfer money from my bank fast enough for me to buy more. Why the fuck don't they have instant deposit?

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>buy NOK
>right now? wtf, nowhere you dumbass

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do you think it'll dump to 100 on open tomorrow? I'm gonna buy more

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They unironically set the "game" up to end by a melt up of Gamestop stock.
And this is biblical.
This event is going to be used to collapse the world economy and usher in Bill Gates' microdot mark of the beast and the one world government.
Game Stop
Game Over

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Get off the crack

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Yes, we’re going for a full on liquidity crisis here. Happy to throw away 5k to do my part in crashing the whole fucked up system.

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Yesterday showed they’ll do absolutely anything to stop this

Expect a freeze come opening bell if it pumps in pre market

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OP here, just queued 3 more shares. lets ride this to the moon

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lol get a load of this thing. rambling homeless people that stand outside wall st have been driven online by the pandemic.

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I dunno I kinda feel him on it. It’s at least a little suspect or the most beautiful twist of fate that the whole Wall Street game is put to a stop by this.

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this, but my 4g's are in limbo in RH transfer AND I don't even know if that jew fucking company motherfuckers will let me buy AND I'm scared if I'm actually on my way to the moon they'll just seize my account to save their kike brethren

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Good christ. I'm so excited for you all.

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So I guess 4chan is pro-Occupy Wall Street. We don't support capitalism here anymore?

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>implying they'll let you buy more

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fuck off hedgie

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We're pro capitalism. Infact, we like the stock.

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Jesus christ you have the mind of a child. If you think "the whole Wall Street game" is going to end because of fucking Gamestop you're delusional. Go read the big short, don't watch the movie, read the book. Witness what they will get away with and barely even notice it.

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I can't buy more... the jews slapped my wrist for trying to.

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I wouldn’t put it past them man. Don’t throw any money into this you’re not willing to loose. If you’re well prepared for a shit storm then dump some money into gme if you can. This short squeeze is for real, they will do anything to delay their suffering but they also know they can’t really fuck with the rules any harder or their whole little game loses whatever legitimacy it had left and everyone will head for the exits real quickly as they try to protect their own asses.

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I fucking love the stock. Gamestop is epic. Kill yourself. We're gamers. And gamers don't flee from a fight.

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I'm buying my first tomorrow. What are the chances it'll dip within the first hour of market opening? I kinda suspect it will skyrocket off people putting in market orders now.

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Don’t tell me what to read fuckhead. Got myself a degree in mathematical economics (for all that’s worth kek) the whole things a house of cards. I know what they got away with in 08, I’m also convinced they can’t pull the same shit, or get the same bailouts, not after corona stimulus, not after the size and sheer scale of fuckery the derivatives market has reached. If funds are out billions, get margin called and need to liquidate positions to cover this whole thing turns quick and they can’t bail it out this time with collapsing the currency.

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For me, it's more about fucking them than making money. I'm ok with risking a couple of grand for that opportunity.

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i bought 15 shares of NOK for 6 bucks a share what do you think i should do with it? did i get in too late?

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Market is closed

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They are literally getting brokers to stop it's trade. What does that tell you?
Buy buy buy.

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>We don't support capitalism here anymore?

No one went to jail for financial crimes of 2008. They only doubled down on the fraud.

I'm pro capitalism, but not (crony capitalism).

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I bought a GME share for 190 when it dipped on fidelity but its only because I placed a limit order when it was halted.

How the fuck do I time it tomorrow if I want to limit buy again? Fidelitys ticker is way behind other tickers. Do I just have to only buy during halts? It wont let me market buy

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"that which cannot continue will not," anon. The whole thing is a house of cards. it will fall over at some point.

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Bro tomorrow is pay day and I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

They wouldn't be freaking the fuck out like this if they were not royally fucked. Which means every dollar not in GME is a cowards dollar wasted.

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Q predicted this

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>Yeah, uhm... this stock market uh.. game eh.. has to stop, you know.

It will be historical no doubt.

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What if the hedgies who shorted this just said "fuck it, see you in chapter 11 court!"? The lenders would definitely squeeze them for all their worth, which would mean a restructuring, but I doubt anyone would buy our $500 share.

I don't mind being a bagholder, I only have a fe shares, and I'll never sell. They are my property. I'm planning on using this to leverage social change. Namely, that the price of things is subjective, and that letting an aristocracy evaluate the cost of something favors no one but the aristocracy. This is just a shield from total schizo for me to speak monetary policy. A destruction of the FED, an ousting of the jews, and a currency based on the virtues and labor of the folk is the reason I'm in this. Tl;dr. We gonna make fascism cool as fuck nigga. I can be more retarded than they are solvent.

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>$400 billion dollars of debt is gonna crash EVERYTHING!
lol whatever loser

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Melvin hands typed this post

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I like the stock. Simple as.

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capitalize Christ!

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Honestly would love if nokia was able to enter the game again
It's about time we have some more alternative phones

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dont say the lords name in vain and capitalize Christ

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bank wire it. that's what I did. I opened an Etrade after RH fucked us, and I did a bank wire by showing them the form on my phone. had funds about five minutes after I got home and bought the dip.

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you. your meds. take them.

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Heard some people earlier say they could, but not on a margin

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Fuck Kikes
Fuck Bankies
Fuck old money

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I'll be going to GameStop Sat to trade in some games for shares

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WeBull prevented me from buying today.
Not selling until 1k+ then liquidating my entire portfolio and putting it into crypto.

This is the catalyst for the next great stock market collapse.

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>I can be more retarded than they are solvent
And this is why I fucking love you /biz/
Thank you anon, and well said.

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This is a simple bet. Melvin Capital and cronies lied to their investors who stand to lose much. They say they didn't, a few million retards with a few weeks wages in shares they refuse to sell say they did. We'll find out in bankruptcy court if we are right. Maybe it will hit the moon, maybe we can force the investors to pay ludicrous prices to the lenders who must find people to buy this stock or eat the cost themselves. Maybe. We'll find out, I guess.

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Yes but not on Robinhood

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Underrated post, got the number of syllables correct and everything

Diamond hands

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I got an email from the vp saying they're staying loyal to retail traders

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tomorrow I'm getting up at market open I'm pumped

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Is that good? I have an account with Schwab but never used it.

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No. Wait for the call from Melvin offering you $1m USD per share. Accept this offer, but with one caviat: it must be paid in LINK.

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shouldnt we buy at the dip not at opening

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You will never be a woman

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That’s my plan

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11:30pm ETS now ive been up for over 24 hours. Tonight I will get rest and wake up at 5-6am and see how premrk trading is. If it is looking good I will sell my long term holdings to buy gme. If this is really gonna go to the moon I WANT IN LET ME INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

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usually dips around 10 or 10:30. see you there frens.

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Yesterday dipped around noon. How far will it go?

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EST time?

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"Crony capitalism" is the goal of capitalism.

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Is it going to dip that late tomorrow though? Isn't tomorrow when Melvin needs to buy buy buy?

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Is it too late to get in on this?
Just want a little bit of action.

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there will be a huge spike premarket, probably 400+, open somewhere around 350.
nice bump at the open and then a dip in the next hour or so. from there who knows, we could see over 500 easily.

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might dip late in the afternoon from normies thinking friday is the deadline. hedgies are required to be equity neutral by 1 hour after market so sell after they buy in for the sweet gains.

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there is no other timezone

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Never too late for a share. May not make money, but you will get a ride on a rollercoaster you will tell your grand kids about.

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Even if you don't make money, each additional share owned by us plebs is one less share that Melvin is able to get to clear out all their shorts.

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>MFW tomorrow is literal payday for my wagecuck job but I forgot until you said that because GME

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Congrats, you just realized that everyone here is a flip flopping hypocritical fuck with no strong cohesion to any belief.

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>wanting to be dumped on by sergey so he can buy more burgers

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Melvin doesnt have to buy until 2pm.

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How do I transfer from Robinhood?
Am I trapped?

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just deal until this is over

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we're fine with capitalism


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>imagine being this new
4chan used to be way more left until the left went apeshit on IdPol

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Thanks for the insight bros.

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Before that it was mostly apolitical because we were all angry 13 year olds lashing out at random people. Kind of miss that shit.

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Hold for two more weeks.

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What is the plan when blackrock dumps their share of GME (isnt the exact % publicly available?) into the market at cheap cheap prices? do we have enough people ready to buy the dip before the shorts do?

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imagine the dip they will try to fabricate beforehand

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They bought in to fuck Melvin too, and already did pull out enough for a giant profit.
Look at the other holders, the other major ones are Fidelity and Vanguard, the brokers that refused to limit sales on it.

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Whats the best app to use to buy that I could get funds in tonight?

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Expect CNBC to be shilling all day, trying to incite a panic sell. They'll have all night tonight to figure out how to improve their fear mongering strategy from how unsuccessful it was today.

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Just set the price quite a bit above what it is at that time, it'll be effectively the same as a market buy.

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TD Ameritrade lets you start buying the instant you transfer funds in via ACH, although if you submit the transfer tonight it won't go through until the market opens.