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Anyone lend BTC on Poloniex?

How does it work exactly? I see a lot of loan offers, and only 3 loan demands, for some shitty short term loans with crap rates.

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whenever there is a lot of volatility demand spikes and so do the fees, but in general it isn't worth the risk.

a couple of months ago i lend some btc @0.77%/day for a few days but those rates are very rare

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This is what I get from poloniex lending:

0.08640% Day Avg.
0.07344% Day Eff.
26.81% Year
30.73% Year Comp.

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>crap rates

kek these are payday lending tier rates

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Essentially you can use it as shorting - demand a loan, sell the btc for fiat, if in 3 days btc has fallen buy back and repay loan and you'll have made a few bucks.