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suck my dick
i used to call you my frens
i told you to buy the blue logo
the bitcoin of sending money
>you laughed at me
>who's laughing now faggots
fuck all yall
if you listened
i love you
if you didnt
have fun buying what is still the bottom
how is there not a single thread about the only defi worth owning
praise kek
the lord is good
praise the green frog who gives me giant green dildo charts

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im never selling

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Fantom is an utter shitcoin fuck off and sell take some profits you weak handed faggot

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kek, shitty fud
10$ eoy

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its literally the only defi thats worth owning
its the bitcoin of money sending
to the moon then uranus

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gtfo with your shit poem type spacing
with that said Fantom to the moon $10 eoy

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