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and you're goofing around in the broken Boomer system

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You guys need to start running sent nodes before the parbolic nigger advances past a point you can't afford.

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Unfortunately the link token wasnt necessary this time either so I'm not as excited about this as I once was

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You made the same argument against the toilet, Pajeet.

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where is the fucking rollups. you said "soon" at smartcon god damn it. where is whitepaper 2.0 and threshold signatures. fuck

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Arbitrum will be released in the next 24 hours

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How do you know?
Is it part of the core software?
How to neetnode on it?

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How do I buy?

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Wew lad

Gonna be making big bank off my lanks and trading with my masternode rewards. I’m fully strapped

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Source confirm to me

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How buy?

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No I'm all in link but they were going to set up the nodes so that you can use eth too

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XSN buyable on Bitfinex or Whitebit. Whitebit doesn’t allow burgers but you can trade there without kyc, just use a vpn

When the DEX is out of beta in a couple months, I am literally never taking my wealth out of crypto ever again. They will never know how much I have

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why tf are you larping so badly

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I'm so thankful that /biz/ these threads are slipping because of the reddit zoomer invasion.

First arbitrum then staking

we're so fucking early bros

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Stakenet is Arbitrum?

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Where do I buy it why are you shilling but not letting me buy reeeeeeee

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The crypto is called Mobius

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This just fucking make it clear you fucking fags

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Shills are getting paid to create mystery and buzz when in reality we all just want to ape

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>play of century
Arbitrum? I can’t invest into it. Why isn’t Optimism the greatest play of the century?

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im not buying your stinkers you fags, but gamestop

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This thread is shit and you're all gay

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Well, Serg also said september of 2019 would be fireworks and it was pretty meh, we went from like 33% of ATH to like 60% of ATH. Took another 4 months for anything to happen.

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Why is Chainlink dumping right now?

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This kek

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lmao this thread is like a fever dream

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No it’s different. I’m invested in Stakenet and Link

Link used arbitrum, which will shoot it to the moon. I’m using XSN to trade my linkies when the DEX is out because the DEX will have no kyc and almost no fees. I also have masternodes in XSN which will generate me daily income. I will be using that to buy chainlink or any other coin I want anonymously, quickly, and at almost no cost

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whoa wtf

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You pay in ETH and the node operators are payed in LINK. It is actually more bullish than if you payed in LINK as it makes adoption easier.

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It’s link. Arbitrum is an L2 solution working with chainlink that will drastically lower tx costs on ethereum and theoretically any blockchain. Arbitrum doesn’t have a token, so if you want exposure you have to buy link. Everyone here is just meneing you because you’re a newfag redditor who doesn’t deserve this. As far as I know everything I’ve stated is correct.

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Checked. I am gay and I hold Chainlink cryptocurrency tokens.

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Based fellow Redditor. I am infinite consciousness identifying as a human being and I hold Chainlink stock coupons.

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