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Can we all collectively say "OUR GIRL" now?

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If she keeps this up, she might get her shoes back.

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>Ted Cruz is the Republican counterpart of AOC

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>Trump Jr.
>Elizabeth Warren
>Nick Fuentes
>Dave Portnoy
>Ted Cruz
>Josh Hawley
>Glenn Greenwald
>Michael Tracey
Where were you when horseshoe theory became real?

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The spirit of Huey Long is with us brother

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Commie mommy

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He cute

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No, normies need to realize that politicians are cucks and until they get shit done their words are worthless

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>No, normies need to realize that politicians are cucks and until they get shit done their words are worthless
She tends to stand by her statements well, it's just that she needs another 300 or so people to agree

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kek newfag lurk more no she doesnt
love it when leftists lurk here and try to cling to their failing ideology
I'm trying to get rich not give some buck tooth shitskin fame

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Fuck no, but if she wants to fight on our side I'm okay with that. We need all the allies we can get.

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>Can we all collectively say "OUR GIRL" now?

No. If we make AOC Queen for a day newfags will run with it and we'll never hear the end of it.

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God bless her and keep her.

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So let me get the story staight.
1. The Jews promote trading apps to keep the stonk market afloat while they put put naked shorts on stonks ajnd dump on the retail.
2.The stonks get raided by retail with stimulus checks, the raid banners being carried by Mia Khalifa and Elon Musk and the Jews get their shit pushed in
3. The Jews get spooked and force the trading apps to shut it down.
4. Ted Cruz and AOC join forces to regulate said apps

What level of the clown world are we at?

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Fuck no. Fuck ALL politicians. After Trumps inaction in the face of fraud, he can fuck himself too. That said, I'm really glad to see big names talking about this. The brokers cant keep this up, its literally illegal.

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She's still a retarded cunt. Being right once doesnt change that.

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Holy shit
All those anti Semitic nazis
Based Shapiro knows what’s up

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No thanks.

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Shut the fuck up you turbo faggot

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