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What will your trophy wife look like when GME moons?

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You gonna spend your precious gains on a niggeress?

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It's all for me faggot. I don't need a woman to distract me from the market.

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she has 400 shares
I'm marrying into money with my 1 (one) gamestock

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>trophy wife
only when anime is made real

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nice milkers

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i appreciate the female form

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thats not female form
thats a human blob

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If we lived in a ancap society you'd be able to buy one of them big titty teens off of tik tok

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this qt3.14 bella from twilight aka Kristen Stewart

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We do. But the buy in cost is astronomical

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How tf is a fucking negress a trophy wife?

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>Getting hot trap wife after getting rich
4chan hasnt changed in 15 years. bless

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I'll prob marry some hot white bitch, have kids with her so my genes don't die, divorce her and go full freedom mode

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wtf who is this? looks like she was made in a lab

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Looks like a man

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You want to fuck a hot twink when you make it?

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it's stocks, anon. most people who are still in stocks during the age of crypto are burgers, with some % of mutt blood

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I spent all of last year accumulating gme (watched michael burry portfolio videos)..

my girlfriend said I'd never make it with stock trading and she told me to growup and then brokeup with me

I started with stinmy, trades spacs, went into gme and I'm over 1mil as of today.

I wonder if she's thinking about me now that all of this news is out
she must know I had gme

she probably resents me so much that she'll never text me back tho

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stimmy aka stimulus check
I'm fucking tired I haven't slept in days kek

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imagine the smell

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Why would she marry you then.

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whoa wow bro she really has a pussy bro? for real a real pussy bro? not just a fake one? thats crazy des u

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Based and venus pilled

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A fellow man of taste, I see.

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You're going full nigger mode is what you mean. Nice abandoning your kids, jackass.

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that's awesome if not photoshopped

sauce? and I am black - I plan on showing white women of this phenotype my appreciation this year

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>fuck bitches
>get money

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>imagine the smell
Oh god

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Based Mal Malloy amateur

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When Monero moons I will marry Charli D'Amelio

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Holy ugly bitch, Tony!

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choco milkies

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It's a fucking shame what she did to herself.

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where her tits at? lmao

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because I'm handsome and have half a million in silver that I'm sitting on

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I already have a beautiful wife with two kids. I'm buying another German Shepherd puppy. I can get great genetics that weren't mutted up for around $1488 if I jew them down 12 dollars.

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you don’t need to be rich to have a little crack for that one anon

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disgusting pedo, expected nothing less from a monero bagholder

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your id almost says nigger

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I'd buy an android waifu if the jews would let them exist already

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The true queen of TikTok.

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imma buy an fatass bit tiddie Asian woman that looks like takemi p5
nice trips

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You have a fat fetish and it is disgusting

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Ancient booba

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This. Literally looks like a man. Has huge manly shoulders and walks like a man. Disgusting.

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mommy gf to bring me tendies in my trump tower apartment

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i will get a new big cocked columbian shemale every year. will make sure she is clean

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veerey hairy pussy

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i already got big booty persian gf waiting for me after this, she's gonna peg me in the ass

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Attracted to someone who acts like an imbecile.

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Edit: My first gold is on a comment about this. I can't believe it, Reddit, you always surprise me. Thank you kind stranger for the gold, and thank you kind strangers for all the upvotes! I didn't think when I woke up today and found out my mom had super cancer that I'd actually be smiling today but you guys changed that. Thank you. When I had to put down my dog a few minutes ago I had tears in my eyes, I still do have tears, but now they're tears of joy! Thank you Reddit for all of these upvotes and the GOLD!! Wow I still cannot believe it. Hey, maybe we can push for platinum??? I've never had platinum before and would love to see what it does! My dad before he had his colonoscopy told me to "Try and live each day like its your last... And also get platinum on Reddit" and I don't want to let him down! I want to show my father that I'm strong and capable of overcoming impossible odds (those odds being getting platinum haha!). In conclusion I just want to thank each and every one of you guys for the hours of entertainment I get on this website, I love each and every one of you wonderful people, each and every one of you is unique and special and can do whatever you want!! I love all of you! Thank you so much for the gold and the upvotes!

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Who is this person.
It has to be the most beautiful human being I've ever laid eyes on

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Human? She's a nigger

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Yeah my cock is steel right now

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Based chaddarwin bro

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Not like that monkey that's for sure.

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Do Americans really?

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absolutely based

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>falling for the big tit meme
enjoy them while they last, big titty girls either become whales or stay thin enough to see their tits ravaged by gravity and time. even op's chick probably has some real floppy titties when she's not wearing a steel bra

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you think i didnt know this?

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Ahahah nigga do some ohps and shoulder raises, your small shoulders are showing
God damn I never thought I'd love chocolate

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I’ve seen better looking crackheads

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No amount of money will let me become my own cute boy wife. Trannies get the gas.

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your mom

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OP whats the sauce. must coom.

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shes so basic you can literally find her anywhere. might as well find the walmart version whos less rich and famous.

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>getting married
lmao you hate money or what bro

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>what is reverse search

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>most beautiful human being I've ever laid eyes on
"She" is an average ugly nigger you nigger

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how many gamestocks for an ASMR slut??

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What a life to be defined by your tits. Every class, job, social gathering people see the tits before anything about her. Her permanent happy expression is that of being fucked multiple times a day since the age of 12 by the hottest guy in a 50 mile radius. She isn't even in our species, some sort of fringe homosapien.

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this i know like 3 copies

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Just want my fat Thai high-society gf already

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good taste

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Debicki for white children and a japanese harem to assist in repopulating japan with non-immigrants.

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Thank u fren

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coked out model for sure

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your post really rustled the redditors, good job.

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Patrician Choice

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incels like you wouldnt understand, you only want to "own" and collect women, your libido is completely fucked after years of hentai.

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Not a "10 a penny" nigger like that, that's for sure!

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good taste.

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Thick eyebrows and will make strong children. Very good.

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Very true.

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