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First for NOK is opening at 6 and will not go past 7.

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What are the memes for tomorrow?

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how can i mitigate the losses on my TQQQ position? I'm currently in at about 100.00 per share. should i sell .5 or .25 of the position and buy back in? what is the most effective method?

if i have another red day like last session this is gonna hurt

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I just bought 50 AMC for the memes. Am I going to be investigated by the SEC now?

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Yes, what are the memes under the radar?

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reposting, should I do this?

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just wait for it to go back up, fag

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All in on LFAP it’s heavily shorted

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I dunno. But looks like lots of middle-aged women are buying GME/BB/NOK

I mean a LOT. Just search twitter for “Nokia” and hit “latest

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SPCE for the literal moon mission

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Tootsie roll.

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I have a good feeling about tomorrow

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Tucker Carlson had a segment on GME tonight
could be almost as big as the Elon tweet
normie money flowing in

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What am I looking at?

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Why would you take positions in 3x leveraged ETFs if you can't accept this level of volatility?

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>This is so fun!!
Yeah this is going to end well

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I bought because i support the American life style, so I'm probably going to jail

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It was on abc national news

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What is this? The equivalent of William Wallace's men showering their ass before getting pelted with arrows from the anglish?

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still NOC, AMC, GME
I will give you guys a sneaky one

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sounds like you have way too much invested in tqqq... how big is your position?

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im making peanuts compared to what i could be making if i didnt fucking sell

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Guys am I gonna lose all my money, I all inned at 320 on Gamestop.. vix is way up, futures down. I'm really scared.

>> No.26770833

Charles Payne was on and literally framed it as the little guy fighting back against wall street that was trying to destroy a business
this is gonna be HUGE

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>There's now $540 strike calls for friday on GMEs options chain added to RH
Should I throw all my money at them tomorrow?

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Specifically boomer but just as good as ours

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These threads move so quickly.

To the anon in the last thread asking about JPM and silver, give this a read.

Remember, (((they))) cant print money, but (((they))) can't print metals

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I want to add another $1500 both on SNDL (avg 0.58) and CTRM (avg 0.44) but the problem is that I can’t buy pre market (Euro).
Knowing SNDL I’d say that on a normal day after +26% at opening it dumps for profit take and the same has been true for CTRM, with that said this is not a normal situation.
What would you suggest me? Place an order timed with the bell or wait for a dip that may happen when the price is too far from my avg?

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Why not? Best case it's filled, worst case it doesn't.

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You also assume no risk now. It could crash premarket or after the bell. Who knows

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Any way to time this

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is pic related to that one dude who became a tranny and lives with his grandma? kek looks like a kid version of him

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What a fucking world

>> No.26770971

they can print money they cant print metals

buy physical with your gme tendies

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I put 100$ into NAKD.
If I invested another 100$, should I put it into AMC, NOK, or BB?

Never done this shit before. But 200$ max I can lose and be fine with it. I poor.

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How much did you buy? If you bought 2 shares, you will live without the $700

>> No.26770999

is FOSL the new move?

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get the fuck out of here you retarded zoomer

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Just cut your losses and buy meme stocks you fucking idiot

>> No.26771034

we're all poor together also i also have no clue what i'm doing

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I don't really understand how shorting works.
Right now AMC has 68% short interest:
If a lot of retailers buy AMC tomorrow, does that mean this number will go up?

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is it too late to make a robinhood account so i can invest in AMC?

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i had planned to sell it a few days ago...

>> No.26771085

Wait be careful. This is a prime botnet fake profile demo.

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I sold 2pm today. We are definitely close to the top in my opinion

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Calm down Saber, your stocks are secure

>> No.26771099

The whole market is red, you only lose if you sell, relax a little, take a chill pill bro

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All you had to do was invest your entire life savings into gamestop at $4.

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yes, they cant borrow them when theyre for sale

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Set it higher. Literally tell everyone to set it higher.

>> No.26771135

will what's happening lead to the death of memestocks?

>> No.26771136

bearish af

>> No.26771138

>used to use /wsb/ as a resource

literally just “occupy Wall Street” tier.

Bros I just want good plays

Anyways, VSTO seems like a value play. Earnings 2/4, and they’re gonna kill it.

>> No.26771170

how long are you planning to hold?

>> No.26771183

Are people putting "this is not financial advice" in their posts as a meme or is this some firm deploying bots and covering their asses.

>> No.26771189

no thats how i will lose everything. these memes are gonna be dumped on some retard and i dont plan to be that retard

>> No.26771194

ignore all crying crypto kikes crying about reddit

>> No.26771197

At least 3x that number, faggot

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As someone not in GME: Thank you, coomers, for giving me cheapies on other stocks

>t. mere +30% in 2020 boomerfolio holder

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Broke milfs... daddy like. Soon, my kittens

>> No.26771237

6000 dollars worth

>> No.26771238

to pump NOK? ok then im. not. selling.

>> No.26771248

Slim Jim is the next meme?

>> No.26771250

Be absolutely honest with me, lads.
What price does GME have to reach before you are legitimately saying to yourself "I'm done" and cashing out?

>> No.26771261

Nice try hedgie. We're never selling GME. In fact, we're BUYING MORE GME AT OPEN TOMORROW WE'RE WINNING KILL ALL HEDGIES

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I literally could have got a house if I had just fucking got gamestop weeks ago when you faggots were shilling it. I hate myself

>> No.26771266

I'm 50/50 SPCE and NOK
i'm never selling

>> No.26771272

please respond

>> No.26771280

nok vs gme vs amc vs tr vs bbby

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for noobs

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i was planning to long hold.

>> No.26771304

This, 80% short interest

>> No.26771313

Fuck off

>> No.26771314

smart. im opening spce position on open.

>> No.26771321

Any aapl chads still around or is everyone in GME and others

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>There is a $4 stock out there RIGHT NOW that is going to moon to $80 by April and you just have to find it anon.

>> No.26771330

$500 by Friday and I'm pulling out.

>> No.26771348

That’s why you buy pm stonks and crypto nigga

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Just hold it.
I have over 200k in TQQQ and barely blinked today. It's not even below what it was earlier in the month. In fact, I bought more cheapies.

>> No.26771371

Please frens!

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You're a retard too if you think CWC lives with his Grandmother

>> No.26771392

what was your strategy? why compelled you to put 99% into tqqq for a long hold?

>> No.26771399


This model doesn't explain how squeezes eventually end and prices come crashing down.

>> No.26771401

>GME options untradeable in Robinhood
What the fuck is going on

>> No.26771412

I'm loving that you faggots are talking about stocks again, its been years.

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>he didn't get on on the ground floor with the fine people at Tian Ruixiang today

>> No.26771415

Spce is a hidden gem right now

>> No.26771416

Well if you are having second thoughts; just remember one thing. Don’t get greedy and don’t be afraid to sell at some loss if you must.

>> No.26771418

>230K revenue
lmao go ahead buddy space tourism is gonna take off real soon

>> No.26771430

What’s the next GME? It’s definitely not AMC.

>> No.26771435

QQQ was looking pretty expensive, now TQQQ cheapies are on the menu again

>> No.26771436

>They sold shares they didn't own.
>They sold more shares than the amount that actually exists, something like 138%.
>They have to cover their shorts, effectively buying the shares they don't own multiple times from multiple people..
>They were expecting to buy them at a later date but cheaper. Due date is this friday.
>Retail investors, and most likely large firms, quietly bought it all up knowing melvin would have to buy it from them.
>Media shits on reddit and 4chan over kike greed biting kikes in the ass.
>Kike hedge fund manages to get funding and actually doubles down on a shitty position, thinking it can't go on forever.
>Actually jump from 40USD to 140USD. Yesterday they were 91billion in the hole at 150USD or so. currently at 350USD and climbing, lord knows how deep they are now.
>2008 happened with just 40bil in the hole due to toxic loans and shady trades by these same "people" who are crying.
>Trading halted several times to try and keep from going too high; pulling out all the stops to end the bleed.
>Too late, the secret's out. The goym saw behind the curtain.
>Kevaching all day over "economic terrorism" because mr. smallhat can't stand being a bottom bitch for once after making his living fucking everyone else.
Embrace the cleansing fire. The hodlcost starts soon.

>> No.26771462

apple p/e is fucking 40 bro drop that shit. the crash is coming

>> No.26771466

Nothing has fundamentally changed about the market today vs. yesterday so TQQQ (along with SOXL et al) will likely go right back up. If you sell now you are just throwing money away.

>> No.26771491

Yep, people that short the stocks will need to buy them back to close their contracts which created a positive feedback loop and drives up the price up more

>> No.26771493

thats not why im buying.

this guy knows.

>> No.26771499

guys I've entered the market at 3 different points and held it all. I want to cover my cost basis tomorrow. I'm new to this, but should I sell the shares with the highest return first, or the ones with the lowest?

>> No.26771501

Held 80 apple shares for a year, sold last week and bought more TQQQ

>> No.26771516

little of column A, little of column B

>> No.26771524

Nah but he will 41% within the next 5 years when the last source of income dies

>> No.26771540

Same I miss the old old /biz/

>> No.26771555

Thanks I really appreciate it

>> No.26771570

SPCE, it's like 90% short

>> No.26771576

where my /heem/ bros @?

>> No.26771601

What to buy tomorrow.
Average up on FNGU
Average down on TQQQ
Start a position in SOXL
Buy more NET / WKHS / PLTR
Man, I like having these kind of problems. Life is good. Fuck you.

>> No.26771607

It’s not, but don’t throw in the money you can’t afford to live without, it will go up, but if you have no experience buy some but don’t go all in, good luck

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When the this hedge fund shorting meme business is done with what are some good up and coming stocks and stocks that have taken a hit due to the memes?

I'm currently holding 100 of NOK and am thinking its going to be a mid/long hold

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I told you guys to buy SPY puts, prepare to get your asses dumped

>> No.26771629

You would have had to buy it weeks ago and HELD it. That's the main thing. It's not buying the right stock. It's buying the right stock and HOLDING. Doing both is hard.

>> No.26771630

>>2008 happened with just 40bil in the hole due to toxic loans and shady trades by these same "people" who are crying.

>> No.26771650

At this point there's so many weird simps that would give him money just so he's still able to be alive and tormented it doesn't matter

>> No.26771663

The SEC does not want anyone else to open short positions (or long) in GME. Once the shorts are cleared or defaulted, GME plummets. They want the crash to happen as soon as possible

>> No.26771668

Bros I had gme weeklies and robinhood disabled them. What do?

>> No.26771682

ok i needed to hear this. i dont plan on selling and i dont want to. i want to mitigate the losses. i guess i will just leave it.

>> No.26771686

you'll fomo at the top instead

>> No.26771691

I miss it too, but what do you mean "again"? Just because you werent here doesnt mean it wasnt happening

>> No.26771704

source on 40b?

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im bagholding 75 shares at 99 avg, started to get scared

>> No.26771725

I honestly feel so bad for him man.

>> No.26771750

you guys fucked me over when you told me to invest in MNKD why should i trust you niggers again

>> No.26771763

Acutally I just exercised my options instead of selling them because the IV was fucked up.

>> No.26771767

I'm holding 100 shares. Haven't been smart enough to write covered calls. I'm just letting it ride.

>> No.26771770

it’s like saying “in minecraft” after saying an eyebrow raising statement

>> No.26771772
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I enforce 50% CGT on this thread.

>> No.26771778

mass normie awakening counts as "something fundamentally changing in the market"

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Nothing has united people more than this shitstorm. Funniest shit I've ever seen.

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>> No.26771791

Fair enough but every time I checked the catalog it's been wall to wall crypto for the past 5+ years sorry if I didn't see it

>> No.26771796


>He fell for the MNKD meme


>> No.26771797


>> No.26771831

dude David portnoy just signaled he's yoloing in too. its gonna pump first

>> No.26771832


>> No.26771837

>https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq (embed)
None of them work in Aus.

>> No.26771863


>> No.26771868

Not every shorted company is GME. It was clear the bet was on GME being bankrupt before the consoles launched. Why they didn't close out their losing bets while they were ahead is the same reason why people are buying GME right now. Going and trying to "manufacture" another GME is absolutely retarded and you will blow up your portfolio. However let none of this hold you back I already said I hoped you faggots would try to buy SPCE so I'm all for watching the retard party.

>> No.26771877
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what better a way to celebrate holocaust memorial day than by sending hedge funds into the fucking incinerators?
the memes are transcending reality

>> No.26771884

Did wsb just stops everyone else from shorting forever in the future?

>> No.26771888

christ I cant wait for opening tomorrow morning. if you thought today's crash was bad....wew

>> No.26771893

If you're ever targeted by internet freaks, log out. That's literally all there is to do. Instead he kept responding, and responding, and responding. Only do that if you have nothing to lose and want to become a meme.

>> No.26771903

wonderful, ty. so AMC and NOK are looking good?

>> No.26771906
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>had 23 stocks in gme bought at 20
>tried to swing like a moron
>have 15 at a high buy price

>> No.26771920

I can't feel bad for him because he ignores all the advice of people actually trying to help him, it's like watching a 52 car pile up on a freeway, but every vehicle is a clown car so when the accident goes up in flames they all pile out running around on fire while squeezing horns and trying to put each other out with seltzer bottles

>> No.26771926

Can someone explain to my stupid ass why Friday is allegedly so huge for GME?

I'm just trying to get a better grasp of when the squeeze will hit and why

>> No.26771947

What brokerage should I go with?

>> No.26771960

Im still waiting for them to verify my bank account. I bet they try and fuck me over on this.

>> No.26771976

>you'll fomo at the top because you won't buy into a p&d
whatever helps you sleep nigger

>> No.26771978


5000 moon blast.

>> No.26771984

How dare you sirs

>> No.26771982

Market makers have to buy stock to satisfy options contracts on Friday

>> No.26771988

you should have randomly and irresposibly listened to strangers on an online mongolian throat singing forum

>> No.26772004

Just set it for 9001 so it's over 9000.

>> No.26772023


>> No.26772028

not the same anon but I'm just like you and am probably doing that too

>> No.26772046

anyone else here sell 90% of there gamestop months ago?

>> No.26772081


>> No.26772082

With all this going on, will this be the perfect storm for niggersquareland next month? Might make GameStop look like childs play

>> No.26772085

I dunno people are saying now this is what they want you to think and they really have no sell date for short stocks

>> No.26772092


Now I see why you're BROKE.

>> No.26772093

Yea I heard that, but they HAVE to? I thought you can hold a short position for as long as you have money.

>> No.26772112

No I just keep buying in higher

>> No.26772115
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Futures don't apply to meme stocks right?

>> No.26772124
File: 748 KB, 1600x1000, kancolle_torpedo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep. Doom bull.

>> No.26772160

the short calls get liquidated on friday due to gamma squeeze in the dark pool (DIX, vega etc.) imagine a long short writing naked options, except the options are iron condors, so as IV gets crushed and limit buys get stopped out, the premiums skyrocket.

>> No.26772163
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>> No.26772170

No it has to do with the options contracts being exercised

>> No.26772174

They will try to fuck you, no matter what site you are on. You have to have diamond hands. I got back into the game with GME, BB, NOK, AMC and there were several times it looked like I was getting 92'd, but I held and am up big.

>> No.26772182

alright i probably shouldn't tell you guys this but there's actually some very bearish indicators on pink wojaks at the moment, the aftercoping trading was very weak as low volumes seem to have pushed smaller players out of that market already. small pepes have all been bought up but most predict larger, greener and more excitable pepes to continue trading sideways.

>> No.26772204

how mad are you this week? I'd kill myself anon this has to be tough unless you have other investments

>> No.26772208
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I recognize that bonnet!

>> No.26772212

>two voices will cry out in a voice that all will hear
reddit and 4chan memed the stonks
>the bear will leave its cave forever
short sellers expose the underbelly of the market manipulation and how wallstreet only cares about wallstreet

>> No.26772214

Nope. Or not right now anyway. Bearish tendency on indexes can weigh down potential moon shots but that has not been the case this month.

>> No.26772219

This has been an unprecedented (in the internet age) show of unity between the left and the right. What OWS should have turned into

>> No.26772223

Question, what's stopping the SEC to halt all trading?
What happens to my stocks? Do I get fucked?

>> No.26772224
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Are you still holding GME?

>> No.26772257

Friday is fud

>> No.26772263

I'm seeing random meme pages across my normiebook and normiegram (yeah yeah I know) telling people to buy GME and AMC in order to give the finger to le ebil rich people. Is this the top?

>> No.26772276

According to the yield curve we have a looooong ways to go. This will be a bigger bubble than the 2000s and we will make an incredible amount of money from it.

>> No.26772281

Not really. Hedge funds shorting GameStop may be either long or short on the broader market, so there's no proximate funding squeeze there.

>> No.26772303

Reminder to set your limit sells to 1000% of share price so ((((they)))) can't borrow your shares

>> No.26772315
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Still holding till Friday.
If anything I'm going to buy some more tomorrow.

>> No.26772320

Even if I lose money on this, today is the first day in a while I didn't masturbate because I was too busy looking at stocks.
Maybe I can replace one addiction with a far riskier one!

>> No.26772325

its still a good week for me but yeah it sucks, ive heard worse though. i had 100 have 10 now. someone had 1600 and none now. also i got 200 AMC since last week

>> No.26772329

Gain height

>> No.26772346

$40 is how much I spend on Perrier a week. It doesn't matter what you do with it.

>> No.26772350
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>> No.26772351

Happy holocaust day everyone, it's been a pleasure becoming rich with all of you.

>> No.26772352

So, not only that there are a lot of options going to be exercised this Friday, which will boost the price up, the indefinite shorting will mean that the price can potentially go up forever? Unless a lot of people who are participating bail out?

>> No.26772359

>no BNKU
BNKU was a bad meme wasnt it.

>> No.26772362


Ok so since the last day to exercise your shit is Friday the gamma squeeze will happen, then the short squeeze and gamma will feed into each other?

>> No.26772386
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Who would win in a fight?
1. A corrupt stock Jewish state conglomerate that manipulate the market for trillions of dollars.
2. A couple of faggots who think green means go and red means HODL

>> No.26772390
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>> No.26772414
File: 76 KB, 450x600, nun6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am not and never bought it in the first place. I thought about it at... $6. And passed because that kind of trade is the exact style I lost half my portfolio on back in 2018 and swore I would never attempt again.

>> No.26772434

it's reached peak normie tier I hope they don't fuck this up by panic selling I even saw some shit saying Q may be the people to thank for this

>> No.26772470

I don't have a lot of money. I want to get into swing trading. For swing trading do you recommend a specific chart tool to use? Thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade? The candles and charts really REALLY confuse me.. so I am going to try and put an emphasis on learning those.. for now I am just buying pumps and dumps and trying to get out after I make a few dollars..

My positions are:
1 stock of $NOK
2 stocks of $AMC

I am up around 30 dollars :)

>> No.26772495
File: 35 KB, 112x112, pepechicken.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm fucking dying

>> No.26772517

Yes and it’s giving me a headache

>> No.26772521

what happens when brokers margin call

>> No.26772527
File: 34 KB, 396x396, 1598968814282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26772530
File: 379 KB, 1150x875, 1462_AngryBoxNezuko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Question, what's stopping the SEC to halt all trading?
Question, what's stopping the SEC to halt all trading?
Question, what's stopping the SEC to halt all trading?
Can't they fuck us over by doing this? What's stopping them?

>> No.26772537

I live in SEA, australian resident. I just tried to install robinhood for the memes but I realised its only for US people as you need a SSN.

Never into stocks before, not planning to jump on the amc stuff as I'm not retarded and know im too late, but it just hit me i dont even know how to buy stocks from here

What are the options for someone who is abroad to invest in stocks? Wasn't really sure where else to ask. As i'm aussie is there an aussie market I should be looking into that I can go from there?

>> No.26772539

Wouldn't that indicate it's still ramping up if anything?

>> No.26772542

>2 figure portfolio

not even gonna bother answering your question, no offense just google it

>> No.26772550

Returns under Trump:

BB +79.4%
GME +65.9%
BBBY -38.6%
AMC -91.3%

Returns under Biden:

BB +71.2%
GME +753.4%
BBBY +84.8%
AMC +402.7%

>> No.26772580
File: 75 KB, 130x130, 1588617849982.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26772581

tight stop loss and not going all in obviously eitherway have made enough from retarded shit like bb, nok, amc, expr and gme to cover any potential losses.

>> No.26772595
File: 296 KB, 612x687, OG coom cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a cat that cooms

>> No.26772607

How does forcibly borrowing shares work? This is so fucked

>> No.26772612
File: 85 KB, 1558x642, Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 7.37.31 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm 18 and started with 2k in October, holding until at least Monday, probably further than that. People need to realize Friday/Monday isn't the end. I would also like to add that I am invested in GME solely because I think it is a great company with amazing fundamentals. I like the stock and I like video games. Carry on.

>> No.26772621
File: 565 KB, 564x639, b7b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when they hear I sold AMC pre market just to get more ammo to buy the dip
i got you right where i want you hedgie

>> No.26772627

You have to liquidate your position immediately and pay them back if you now owe them extra.

>> No.26772630
File: 3.21 MB, 2800x3900, 87091174_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thoughts on Sony stock? I'm thinking of longing that one with how big it's gotten over the years.

>> No.26772657
File: 448 KB, 719x834, 1602462867144.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coomers may I have your attention. Shorts are getting fucked and not in the good way the longer we hold. We need to hold through to next week and the fudders want us to give in and bail them out this week with an artificial deadline. Hold with your katchin hands and dont let them get away with it, help the friday options be exercised way ITM, and then be rewarded.
Dont waste time and money with sideshows like amc and nok until we see this through. Cheers frens.

>> No.26772674

No dude, this gravy train on AMC is just getting started. I think AMC will most likely rally for at least 2 more weeks

>> No.26772677
File: 1006 KB, 500x282, tumblr_oervfw8yI81qc9dlro2_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26772680

Interactive Brokers perhaps? https://www1.interactivebrokers.com/en/index.php?f=7021

>> No.26772681

is this gold and silvers time anons

>> No.26772682

When Melvin Capital sold all options on 20million shares of stock, who was buying those options in the first place? They were buying the options before the big run right?

>> No.26772715

Up to what, 30 bucks?

>> No.26772730

Halt trading and then what? The situation will not have changed at all. At that point it's a battle of who can put out a better message, the hedgies or retail.

>> No.26772734

Don’t ignore me >:(

>> No.26772738

no, because the ebil rich who are at the other side of the trade are extremely happy one of their competitors is going down. Wall Street isnt a few hedge funds and not everyone is shorting GameStop, there are giant institutions with GameStop

>> No.26772747
File: 100 KB, 393x391, 1605696023374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26772758
File: 46 KB, 928x732, 9f938fb273776237e6d5433ac11e1f80ab36b691d1a6c5f3359606a8a13cae90.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26772777
File: 603 KB, 633x960, SNAKES.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm undecided on that still.

>> No.26772778

the current generation of GME coomers know that pretty much all the OGs except RK have sold out, right? Even Rod has sold.

>> No.26772790

Solid 3-6 year hold yeah

>> No.26772792

If you guys want a meme that actually has value after the dump, look into FIZZ (company that makes La Croix). It's practically a household name, so I doubt it's going anywhere without getting bought out first.

>> No.26772798
File: 1.05 MB, 1786x2848, 1611804601305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Part deux

>> No.26772819

Why the fuck is everyone talking about GME and AMC when dumping BB is clearly the best long term investment

>> No.26772821

Holy fucking kek

>> No.26772825
File: 68 KB, 912x1024, 1604893752620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26772834

>price can potentially go up forever
if their short positions are liquidated or their option positions are forcibly exercised, they will have to buy. but it's not an unlimited money hack for retail bagholders. once the hedge fund jews have exhausted their capital, whether that's cash or their broker forcibly liquidating their OTHER positions to cover what will go down on "friday," that will be it. the only additional upward movement on stock price will be... nothing... because no one will be buying. no demand will exist and then the price will plummet.

>> No.26772847

hot damn

>> No.26772863
File: 64 KB, 200x201, Doomed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im tired of it all, what do i go all in tomorrow?

Ive missed everything.

>> No.26772877

Knock off the 0 and you might have something. The moment the $GME bubble pops there’s going to be a HUGE market correction all around. Does Reddit think they’ll just hold forever?

>> No.26772881

A lot of people don't understand this. Retail alone doesn't have the power to keep GME at these prices.

>> No.26772932

>not buying gme at $1500

>> No.26772949

You know what Biden? You're alright...

>> No.26772956

What day is it there?

>> No.26772959

so I stepped out for a bit, is this still happening or did SEC step in while I was out

>> No.26773008

Just made a rh account. When to buy gme?

>> No.26773025

BB isn’t making enough money to justify being pumped. At least GME has small enough volume to be affected by individual traders. It’s heavily reliant on the GME bubble continuing to grow

>> No.26773040

>go to robinhood
>Go local
>Find the cheapest two stocks for my state
>One was 4¢ a share
>Other was 6¢
>4¢ stock is up to 12 and the 6¢ stock is up to 55
It's not GME but I would rather support local desu

>> No.26773060
File: 72 KB, 962x596, NOK corp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All right, which one of you retards did this? Japanese investors buying up NOK corp for... some reason. I think we know what that reason is. Aporogize desu.

>> No.26773066


>> No.26773082
File: 79 KB, 350x181, CCE0C7FD-ABDA-498A-A570-FF50FE5ECF59.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26773080

Yes it has potential to be the biggest squeeze in the history of the stock market if people just buy and hold. It can bankrupt every overleveraged fund with a short position in GME

>> No.26773086

sone of them really might honestly which could fuck you up if you trade long-dated options

>> No.26773107

You're an idiot

>> No.26773127


Shrs Out/Float 69.7M/50.2M

SI/% of Float 61.8M/122.97%

Days to Cover 2.1

Those are the latest numbers. AMC is going to get absolutely fucked tomorrow. GME was the play the whole time.

>> No.26773133
File: 695 KB, 472x360, 1519841309583.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

top kek

>> No.26773154

>Does Reddit think they’ll just hold forever?
Probably, that’s what they do with Tesla and every other stock they shill

>> No.26773211

So this short squeeze happened before in 2008 with Volkswagen. So all you have to do is have patience and study the stocks that are over shorted in 10 years time.
Also this happened at the same year as the global recession in 2008 so the current GME short squeeze could be foreshadowing to the beginning of a recession this year.

>> No.26773213

Australians having a hard time buying into this.

>> No.26773216

w-why is AMC getting fucked

>> No.26773225
File: 130 KB, 512x512, 1597019322508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26773237

Yes but they’re retarded. The system is stacked against their favour but they should get out once Melvin folds and pray that they can profit before the price crashes down

>> No.26773245

How come?

>> No.26773258

The original people like u/deepfuckingvalue who bet big on GME sincerely believe if the price can hold high, GME will pivot out of its nosedive with all the extra breathing room selling this much stock would give them. Fair value could literally be in the hundreds unironically if enough people hold these bags and keep the price well above what it was before the squeeze.

>> No.26773259

Big institutional investors including "safe" firms like Blackrock are reaping the lions share of the rewards

>> No.26773264
File: 68 KB, 236x281, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

be honest bros... did I miss my chance.

>> No.26773267

What's the best broker for a starter like me?

>> No.26773281
File: 712 KB, 2000x1334, 9F5E7603-9DF6-49A1-97C2-2906F5193660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is why I hate gambling. Look how miserable this fuck is you can tell it’s a red day and he’s losing millions but he’s gotta go wagecuck anyways

>> No.26773291

>Biden president
>Hedgies couldn't be happier
>Let's short GME into bankruptcy
>Get caught with their dick in the cookie jar

>> No.26773310

pls don't say amc is getting fucked, I'm 4k into it because I thought my time to get in on gme was done

>> No.26773329

Supporting a public business?
What the fuck is wrong with you? We're here to steal, not to give money to charity

>> No.26773333

at least get something into NOK before everyone dogpiles the thing so you dont feel like a fomo later

>> No.26773361

Should I invest in TD Ameritrade?

>> No.26773365

>Q boomers will get left holding the bag

>> No.26773372

Based yeah didn’t think of that

>> No.26773380

thats what the non retarded ones will do i agree

>> No.26773385

You're about to learn something about human nature. Good things don't happen. Watch and observe. The hedgies will win. The cattle are too greedy. There is no "we" here. Faith in human goodness = certain doom.

>> No.26773399

Australian here.
Australian here.

Australian here.

Australian here.

Australian here.

Australian here.

What's a site that allows Australians to buy?

>> No.26773408

Remember that when Melvin has to cover they'll very likely have to liquidate some of their other positions. Grab their 13F and find something you like.

>> No.26773416

Correct. I figured biomedical had a 0% chance to go under during the coof and the other deals in car parts

>> No.26773426

Depends on how things look tomorrow. Buy the morning dip. There's a lot less to be made now than if you bought yesterday though.

>> No.26773444

Too many Australians.

>> No.26773454
File: 206 KB, 1440x816, motherbase.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone want to fund Mother Base with me?

>> No.26773457

If you were really an aussie, your post would be upside down.

>> No.26773477
File: 57 KB, 327x327, 1606792430129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fukken masterpiece

>> No.26773485

If you have not yet bought read this.

Right now is still the time to get in. It's only starting.

Nobody really understands how high the stock will go.

Do not think you're too late, you are exactly on time. Follow your brain. They have to go up.

When you rake in tons of cash, remember this post that helped you. You know this is right, again for once in your life, follow your brain don't listen to fear.

>> No.26773505

>AMC is going to get absolutely fucked tomorrow.

>> No.26773520

Institutional investors have the most long positions in GME

>> No.26773522

I have *5 over the past 3 months. Not bad desu

>> No.26773527


>> No.26773566

Ironically WSBs autism is literally going to be their undoing. They went from making wallstreetbets to actually believing their own bullshit. If they’re lucky shit will hit the fan on Friday, Melvin goes under and then they better take their profits

>> No.26773585

When you borrow shares to short, you also specify a date by which you pay it back and pay interest on the borrowed shares. For example, you would tell your broker I want to sell 100 shares of XYZ. You immediately sell those shares at market value and tell your broker I will pay it back in 6 months, along with interest. So you now have cash that 100 shares are worth, but -100 shares of XYZ on your account that you will need to buy back within the next 6 months.

>> No.26773587

The entire gme meme, from the earliest coom cat, was basically Cohen being part of the board and the squeeze, once the squeeze ends, it becomes a value play, if GameStop can make a turn around etc etc, defiantly dont have steam to hold this insane number. If every single redditor in the entirety of the site owned GameStop it wouldnt hold 50% of this current price. It will prob go down to 20 again and slowly grow for a while. Next earnings (no new console now) will plummeted whatever price it is at

>> No.26773597
File: 195 KB, 662x967, 1611015176446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If you have not yet bought read this.
>Right now is still the time to get in. It's only starting.
>Nobody really understands how high the stock will go.
>Do not think you're too late, you are exactly on time. Follow your brain. They have to go up.
>When you rake in tons of cash, remember this post that helped you. You know this is right, again for once in your life, follow your brain don't listen to fear.
Trying to

Just Australians can't get in on the action as can't find a stock broker that isn't just US.

>> No.26773613
File: 488 KB, 808x805, 1611339190405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did I just get fucking NOK'd today? Bought at $7.

>> No.26773632

dubquad calls it

>> No.26773640

what if my brain tells me the squeeze already happened and it's only downhill from here

>> No.26773645
File: 56 KB, 1125x633, 1611726104910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26773646
File: 185 KB, 1698x1140, 1495688848370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How dumb am I for buying EXPR and NOK at the top today?

>> No.26773651

volkswagen was different tho, that had the fact that the german government owned like 23% and could never sell. they went around buying up the other shares for a takeover secretly and then on sunday afternoon were like 'lol you fuckers gotta cover this week jsyk'

>> No.26773653

The faggot investors at Fidelity (I'm just a code monkey for them) are freaking the fuck out over GME.
Keep it up, you beautiful retards.

>> No.26773666

What are the odds of government shenanigans to our defecit at this point? I cant imagine the SEC not doing anything.

>> No.26773677

Ok, it's not my money. Just remember you were warned.

>> No.26773680
File: 31 KB, 560x315, 51ABB04C-36C7-42B1-A1C1-28D74BC94A2A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Low stock price highest trading volume in the world


>> No.26773730

no theyre literally going to the moon hold

>> No.26773747

Got a firm NOKing today too, fren

>> No.26773750


AMC is not fucked, it's fucking 78% shorted, which is plenty, and will absolutely sky rocket for the same reasons as GME. They are both great buys. Hold everything.

>> No.26773754

dont know whays your point but amc has room to run if even a fraction of gme gamblers move to it, do the math

>> No.26773760


>> No.26773768

Biden will probably try to stop trading and seize the shares of everyone who was a part of the subreddit you retard

>> No.26773782

Doubt your funds will clear in time even if you create an account somewhere now, you would be looking to buy next week.

>> No.26773784

What are they doing?

>> No.26773794

What are they worried about?

>> No.26773814

It will take them days to buy themselves out of the short, if even half hodl value will peak then plateau for days.

Nice try tho fag

>> No.26773830

This is true but it's pretty dicey, yes GME could sell shares to fund the next decade of operations and give them a fundamental bull case to build on but that requires the majority of current holders to not have paper hands. Unfortunately now that retail is piling in there's going to be a lot of paper hands

>> No.26773844
File: 33 KB, 193x182, kekgator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26773850

I have no idea why EXPR is up so much but I am up around 120%. Maybe hold a few more weeks instead of FOMOing but like I said, I don't know why it is up

>> No.26773859


>> No.26773896
File: 118 KB, 1000x1000, 1533883122967.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i dunno mate, i'm doing pretty good.
drinking myself into oblivion and staying up all night is fun

>> No.26773946

its not a meme stock its a value play and just woke up from no volume to 3 fucking million calls, 600k that close in TWO DAYS

>> No.26773948

why would the sec do anything? its literally a few hedge funds, Malvin capital and its buddies. Sec says, should we do something? Blackrock says, hm nah, they done goofed. Dont delude yourself into thinking this didnt make billionaires 300% more rich too

>> No.26773966


Normies are literally buying out of spite, lmao

>> No.26773969

Logically speaking. Most GME while technically being in float is held by firms that are institutionally long like an index fund and are unlikely to buy/sell except to rebalance. In fact over 100% of the float is held in long positions by this institutional investors. So for active traders the short interest as a percentage of active float is like 1000%

>> No.26773974

he wont do that because dems are lazy, if for no other reason

>> No.26773999

Quick Google search https://www.finder.com.au/buy-gamestop-shares#compare

I'm gonna try tonight

>> No.26774026

buying in at 275 is retarded

>> No.26774057
File: 281 KB, 298x412, diamond hands.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

depends, look down at your hands

>> No.26774065

>government shenanigans

You think this GME fiasco is simply organic to reddit? When the market crashes, they need to shift the blame somewhere. People are about to lose their shirts. Screencap it.

>> No.26774119

I cant stand WSB now, theyve completely lost the plot and gained some kind of hero complex. Just make some goddamn money you autistic fucks.

>> No.26774165

Nokia is the only value and logical play from the 3 memes. buy, hold and just forget about it and you will be fine, it will moon more eventually, even if it doesnt now. But it brought it into the spotlight more, so the good things that will happen with Nokia are going to be magnified

>> No.26774210

Asking what the fuck is going on, as they are boomers and don't know that the reddit autism is to blame here
The fact that is Melvin goes down, it wont bode well for other hedge funds

>> No.26774212

I've only ever sold like 3 stocks out of maybe 30-40 that I've bought. Been investing for 6 years. I'll be holding everything until like 50 and then shifting slowly to prep for retirement. Just add money in a new position and let that shit sit unless you're worried it's gonna tank (I don't know shit about tqqq so heavy disclaimer on the above commentary)

>> No.26774273

wsb fags completely and irrevocably shitting on me

>> No.26774274

so it forces everyone to sell then

>> No.26774358

EXPR maybe?

>> No.26774452

am i retarded? aren't iron condors the opposite of a naked option? and premiums pump when IV goes up not crushed

>> No.26774455

Short float won't ever go down from where it is now unless the price crashes. The moment one hedge fund covers at say $100 and the shares go back to the market, they're going to get picked up by somebody else and lend again to another fund that will short them again, except now you need to drive the price to $500 to make them cover, and so on.

>> No.26774675

they are more worried about people knowing the absolute fuckery wallstreet does, so instead of asking why the fuck was big investors allowed to naked short a stock 140%, they will blame on retailers either fighting against big money if the media news is left wing and trying to break the economy if the media news is right wing, so the focus will be on that and nothing will happen

>> No.26774833

Tucker carlson 1-27-21 skip to near the end

>> No.26774846

For the greater good sure.
For your own good, you go to AMC.

>> No.26774859

>they are more worried about people knowing the absolute fuckery wallstreet does
this is the core of the issue. GME is nothing new, the only difference is its regular people doing it in the wide open

>> No.26774938

>It was never about Trump or politics

>> No.26774985


>> No.26775044

it's everywhere. tomorrow could be a huge day

>> No.26775052
File: 341 KB, 468x632, 1572608940423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26775161

I mean yea but wasn't there like 80m in trades on tuesday when melvin allegedly covered their position?

I mean are we in a position where we can squeeze every other short that was made on the way up expecting it to crash? Assuming melvin is out, which they aren't.

>> No.26775216

its not even people doing, the squeeze plays itself once it has enough momentum, Cohen becoming part of the board was the news to hype up the little pigs and then big money saw if they gave just a little push it would play perfectly in their hands. Can you imagine this happening without retailers to blame? The squeeze was there, anyone could see it, but every billionaire, big firm and etc who decided to do that would lose face and it would become basically a wallstreet civil war or something. Now they can just play dumb and say they just had positions on it and capitalized on robinhood investors