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So, just to be clear: buying and holding undervalued stocks is retarded, shorting and American icon into the ground by selling more shares than exist is "sophisticated"?

Concentration camps are inevitable.

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Gee, learn how to jew others, get jewed in return.


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>implying most of these hedge fund kiddies even did that

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Well, fucko, don't oversell your shit, you knew that at 15 prolly

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And what would any of those "educated" people say about shorting a stock past 100% float? And when you got caught with your pants down, to double-down on your positions?

I believe that's what they'd call abso-fucking-lutely retarded.

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in before all these classless faggots start committing suicide with 3 bullets to the back of the head and nobody asks any questions

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>Shorting a stock 130%, then to 240% is considered "the right thing."

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Audible kek

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If you memorised the intelligent investor then you should have remembered the first rule of trading

Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

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Short sellers will burn in the pits of Hell. Fact!!!

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>finely tuning your craft
>of manipulating markets as an institutional investor

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You did the right thing.

Got blackout drunk and ran over a hobo in daddy’s Porsche. Undergrad at Harvard after attending the highest costing magnet schools. Daddy’s friend gave you a vice position in GS. Bought your CFA. MBA while you partied like an animal. Opened your own fund after being skipped a clean 20 mil from papa

And then a bunch of autists had the nerve to contradict and bankrupt you. How dare they. Don’t they know who your parents are!?!!

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just don't get caught bro

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Cope & dial8

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I can think of no finer way to celebrate my victory than with a giant plate of tendies while gaming on my new Xbox, bought at GameStop of course, all paid for with GME gains.

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I've been laughing my ass off all day, despite the fact that Ive been buying fractional all day. Also thanks Robinhood for giving me that free stock! Went from 4 bucks from March 2020 to almost 19 in 2021! Spend the Jew's money to make my own.

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fuck yeah. i fucking hate faggots like this. make them hang themselves. (figuratively, financially, i dont want anyone to actually die)

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Don't get between me and my tendies, kikes.

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Fuck that guy.
I'm a chicken tender eating college dropout.

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>i graduated from muh hahvhard i should be entitled to my shekels!

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they all do it

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You did the right thing
Got born under the right parents
That's it

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I tripled my money today and I'm the dumbest motherfucker alive, how are people honestly out there losing money on this shit

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>You did the right thing
>Went 250% total mcap short on a single stock

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seethe. this is why short selling should be illegal. this is not about money. it's about pain.

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>plz donate to your locate hedgefund

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wow he took a risk and lost he is such a victim

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If you are so smart, Rob, why did you get outplayed by these chicken tender eating HS dropouts?

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and checked

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>cuckolding is the intelligent's man fetish
>retarded naked shorts in front of the world are the intelligent's man investment
Makes YOU think doesn't it

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Yes because 90% of economics is either actual bullshitting (noble prize retards) or colluding.

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I am already thinking about what stock is next after AMC. Eat shit, market manipulating faggot.

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Who the fuck drops out of high school in the US anymore? Even the fucking niggers with 0.1 GPAs and 365 unexcused absences pass now a days.


>thinking that wall street investors are there for any other reason than (((connections)))

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And they all deserve it.

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>you shorted 130% of a company's stock like a retarded kike
Harvard is meaningless now

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Well the stock market isnt representative of a company value. It is entirely gambling and all your "research" and "degrees" are useless. The only reason you might be profitable with that shit is because you have made connections to the people manipulating this shit to hell and back. So fuck you and fuck your kind. I will eat my tendies and bankrupt your entire cult.

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>claim to be smart
>mock the intelligence of others
>lose money to these "dumb" people
he hasn't figured out yet that he is the retard.

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>predatory hedge fund manager
>gambled with what he couldn't afford to lose
>did the right thing
who on Earth is supposed to feel sympathy for this scum? get smoked.

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>You did the right thing
>Make a huge gamble by drastically overshorting a company.
Seems like he should've back to Harvard, clearly he was sleeping during all the classes.

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isn't the amount you can lose on a short theoretically infinite?

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>Concentration camps are inevitable.
it is on this day, holocaust remembrance day, we are reminded as to what exactly drove the german people to do what they did, kek

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meant for

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Its not their money tho thats why its called a hedge fund

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My nigger, tenders are on the menu tonight boys!

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I remember

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Get fucked corpo geeks

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Shorting a stock over 100% doesn't sound very educated on the potential risks

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I'll make this normie friendly no profanity or slurrs so that anytime some douchebag tries this fuck-shit "muh poor bankers" routine again they can have their stupid noses smeared in the shit where they belong.

"You did everything right."
>Be a cut-throat capitalist.
>Borrow, and sell somebody else's assets to make speculation take a dive
>costing others up to billions,
>All to re-buy the depreciated stocks and pocket the money for yourself.
>Get called out on this by a bunch of knuckle-heads on the internet
>Get beaten at your own game
>And they decide to keep holding the biggest stocks so you're forced to pay
100x what you sold at.

So to recap.
>Did the "right" thing.
>Stepped over others for decades.
>Got checked in the face.
>Play victim

Cry harder.

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I did the right thing. Dropped out of middle school at age 13. Sunk my allowance money into BTC. Watched anime every day for 10 years. Sold BTC at $41k. Put everything into GME. Made $3B. These tendies don't pay for themselves BITCH.

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>muh poor jews!
>boo hoo hoo

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Get fucked, Rob. Fucking faggot.

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Should have been prepared for that.

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Yea and you over-leveraged on a short position with no capacity to de-risk without feeding into the buying momentum working against you in the first place. Guess all of that counted for jack fucking shit didn't it? Maybe that's a problem with the CFA, Wharton, etc.
>Bu..but...I got my degree in military strategy from Harvard! I'm supposed to be bulletproof!!! WAAAAAAAAH

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These elites need prayer.

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I hate these faggots more than anything

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It's a shoah! A shonda!

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My chicken tendies will have hedge fund manager tears for dipping sauce.

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This. Also your whole career is based off of sharking and taking financial opportunity whenever possible, by whatever means. Hurts when it’s not you. Also
>I wed books and went to cowegge, I honed my cwaft!!!
All that knowledge and you still weren’t smart enough to safety-net your career. Faggot

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This man on the otherhand...
I think he's on our side

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That's what stop losses are for.

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>allowance money
did u get paid $100 a week?

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is he taking the piss?

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lefties go into fits of rage at any mention of his name so he's a ok in my book

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So based lol

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holy shit, the more they talk about this the more normalfags will go to WSB, the more redditfugees we will take in. hodl fast, don't be too hard on the newfrens they will learn soon enough

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It's real, I just saw it on his Twitter

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Always has been.

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>overborrowed and gambled on shorting a company in the hopes they would go out of business before you had to pay it back
>you did the right thing
>realize that you can hold incredible leverage over these hedge funds since they have to buy stock back to fulfil their contracts
>you're a retard loser

i don't feel the least bit fucking bad for these pieces of shit. you can have all the education in the world, work at the most impressive companies around, but you're still just some fucking guy at the end of it all, and their arrogance in thinking they're above making mistakes is being rewarded right now. fuck $100 billion. they deserve to lose EVERYTHING

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>>Stepped over others for decades.
>>Play victim
this reminds me of an old proverb

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>you did the right thing, you were born into the tribe

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So is GME holders gains.

>> No.26727599

most them probably just insider traded to the top without getting caught.

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Based. Now can we please stop crashing the msci world ami frens. It’s my safe place that i need for my mental health dealing with crypto ups and downs.

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Something about a certain group of people crying out in pain as they strike you?

>> No.26727937

Lol, I found this out the hard way with a friend of mine

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God damn you people are retards ,
its an ironic tweet.

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>Muh college
If this nigger really studied then he would know the risks of shorting and getting fucked by unlimited loss.

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The Jew Know More
And that's because we all play his game.

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>born with a silver spoon in your mouth
>can do literally anything with your life
>become a hedge fund manager

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*smacks plate*

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>theoretically infinite?
Not a theory anymore

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Why is twitter defending rich people now and attacking the working class? I thought most twitter people were against greedy people?

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>HS dropouts
Is it even possible to drop out of secondary school anymore?

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Use your profits to upgrade to a deep fryer, trust me it's worth it.

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>chicken tender
Sounds great. I know what I'm having for dinner tonight. Thanks Rob!

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Hahahaha what a salty faggot. If you wanted a sure investment should have bought gamecube games when they were $5 a pop

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>That one guy that reminds him he also fucked up and missed out on Ethereum

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Mein Nigger.

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We really can build a financial collective to fight back against the jewry, this is glorious, and not a route a thought of.

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>memorize an entire book
If you weren't a fucking brainlet you'd just get the gist of telling the difference between price and value and never taking mr market's folly as fact
That's when I know he didn't not only "memorize" shit but he didn't even understand the book at all

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Fuck Wall Street

>> No.26729075

Media have done a fantastic job of shifting the blame for all the worlds ills onto whitey. If theres another recession CNN will be telling people to raid white peoples houses because its all their fault

>> No.26729147

>undervalue stock to the point that it's a good mid-term investment to fuck you over regardless
>then short a third more floating shares than actually exist
>be absolutely baffled that someone would do something about it
Are american hedge fund managers just retarded nepotist positions?

>> No.26729159

Mediocre to high performing HS students later turned college dropouts, more likely.

>> No.26729262

kike tears are the saltiest of them all

>> No.26729327

>american hedge fund managers
Just call them what they are. Jews.
Always name them.

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>all this kike seethe
Don't even care if I make money off these meme stocks. Best $1000 I've ever spent.

>> No.26729399

Can someone explain to me how it's even possible to short 140% of a stock? How do you short more stocks than there are in existence?

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they can't win without the fix

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ITT literal 65 iq retards
kys dumbfucks and go back wherever

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>> No.26729839

in an irrational world, the rational one is the clown

remember that anons

just yolo

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>> No.26730360

ooOOoHHhh noNOOnOOo, a connected person who managed to be conventionally successful in an industry where connections are basically the only thing that matters is getting fucked by a separate group of people who made their own connections in their own way. Wall Streets cache comes from extremely high barriers to entry that 95% of people dont have a shot at clearing. Theyre getting exposed by the unwashed masses who theyve never had to compete with before

>> No.26730381

Well done Elon Tusk

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>> No.26730434

>isn't the amount you can lose on a short theoretically infinite?
Yep. Seems like someone was skipping classes at Harvard.

>> No.26730483

>borrow stock to sell
>sell it
>borrow it from the guy you sold it to
>sell it again

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Fuck jannies and trannies

>> No.26730718

>but muh golden ticket
>but muh socioeconomic privilege
>daddy SEC please help I'm being bullied by my inferiors
To the guillotine with him.

>> No.26730746

you can lend stock out. basically the ppl who were buying the shorted shares were then loaning them out to be shorted again

>> No.26730761

Is this supposed to be sad or one of those "who would win" memes?

>> No.26730976


>> No.26731170

He's keking at the whole affair, this thread is full of autists who can't see obvious humour.

>> No.26731178

>sn't the amount you can lose on a short theoretically infinite
We about to find out.

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Feels good. Keep Hodling!

>> No.26731372

uh bros did he just hard R? This is pretty problematic

>> No.26731507

Many such cases.

>> No.26731583

You did the right thing.
You were born to jewish parents. You went to temple. You studied the torah. You cursed at the goyim. You rubbed your shekels. Parents then gave you a large nest egg at 18 and access to high power trading. You used your background to try and rip off the goyim. When they tried to elect a President they liked, you rigged their election.

And then you were liquidated by a coalition of tendie enthusiasts who only buy the highest quality ones available to the free market.

>> No.26731786

Anybody that bets against the stock market are asshole to begin with. People like that are actively causing things like the Great Depression to happen.
No one should feel any pity for these assholes because they WANT people to be poor so they can profit from it.

>> No.26731897

>buying and holding undervalued stocks is retarded, shorting and American icon into the ground by selling more shares than exist is "sophisticated"?
>* * *
>Shorting a stock 130%, then to 240% is considered "the right thing."

MESSAGE to the top SEC enforcers: Think very carefully about the above. If you decide to reward Wall Street manipulators and short-sellers who knowingly used (possibly Cayman Island or US illegal) naked shorts PAST 100% of available float, and try PUNISH people at home who publicly and openly pointed out the scam and went long GameStop honestly, you will bring the SEC and yourselves into serious disrepute.

(Pass this message up to your bosses --- and eventually to President Biden. Think before you act.)

>> No.26731940

are you retarded or something m8? kill yourself LOL

>> No.26732436

Agreed. Except it's no longer undervalued.

>> No.26732483

You can't buy a CFA

>> No.26732497

Out jewed.

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Absolutely based

>> No.26732851

you would only get one shot off. just saying

>> No.26733186

>Agreed. Except it's no longer undervalued.

The entire concept of "undervalued" and "overvalued" is absurd. All assets in liquid markets are correctly valued. The real issue is: Which prediction of future price change is correct?

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Do the right thing go to college and get into debt. Cant find a job in you field because of outsourcing and insourcing. Wage cuck for a position that only requires a high school diploma. Also pay for niggas on welfare who reproduce like rabbits while you have no children. Did everything "right". Years later find out that you can make money off of someone else's short stocks or at least screw rich fags over who deserve it anyway. Life is so unfair.

>> No.26733503

If you plan to offload that shit, sure.
For thing you hold for decades it's simply a matter of how much dividends it's paying.

>> No.26734635

The lesson is clear, if you can't afford to lose infinitely then don't short

>> No.26735415

wall street equivalent of tranny pronouns?

>> No.26735489

*COLLEGE dropout. Get it right, jew.

>> No.26735534

I need some tendie$ cuz my car is fuct.

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>> No.26735945

based retards are taking over

>> No.26736115

consider it proven at this point?

>> No.26736835

this is interesting, have we ever seen retail organize like this to rug pull institutional money? is this were the mob realizes that they can take the behemoth down? i know that is i was a head fund manager with my ass exposed in shorts, i'd be cold sweating right now

>> No.26737106
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Umm, hello? Yes, this is based department.

>> No.26737120

>Worth it

>Given the time and effort that candidates must undergo to complete the CFA program, it would be expected that CFA charterholders have higher performance than those who do not complete the program. However, there is some evidence that differential analyst performance is economically inconsequential,

>> No.26737283

unbelievably, irrevocably based

>> No.26737572

Too bad that, just like any time a fuckup this major occurs, the people in charge of it will suffer 0 consequences, and they will pass it all off to innocent people who had nothing to do with it

>> No.26737851 [DELETED] 
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>President Biden
That braindead nigger doesn't even know he's president

>> No.26737862

The point isn't that it makes you better, but that it makes you look better.

>> No.26737986

>implying it's possible to get liquidated after reading The Intelligent Investor
Guaranteed Robbie never read the book. Fuck him. Someone send him smug anime girl pictures.

>> No.26738042

likely its an unwritten rule on wallstreet to not fuck over other wallstreet companies like that. so this was a curveball for them when its been mostly straight ball throws.

>> No.26738101

Maybe you should have gotten a different degree than Finance so that you understand the instruments that you trade.
Finance and Econ fags are only qualified to be data entry robots.

>> No.26738117

Anybody know how to actually but GME on Revolut? It's not giving me any stock purchase options.

>> No.26738169

Why is everyone in crypto such a histronic sleeze?

>> No.26738203


You even remembered to put some other anon's post in quotation marks, anon. That's actually very nice.

>> No.26738319

Is this shit illegal? Economic terrorism?

Looks illegal to the uninitiated

>> No.26738347
File: 719 KB, 270x360, 1611770655094.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who would win?
>$200,000 ivy league education
>noticing stuff

>> No.26738418


You know what also makes you look better? Outperforming CFA's while being a neet.

I know one and he fucking hates me when we compare returns or I get proven right time and time again. He even reluctantly admitted after 4 years of being an acquaintance that it can't be luck and I'm not just a crypto degenerate.

>> No.26738436

This sentiment is so much more powerful than they can even comprehend

>> No.26738456


Don't mean to play the devil's advocate here but I'd rather make a bad decision every now and then but know my stuff rather than get stupidly rich on a fluke

>> No.26738506


Doesn't feel too great when your ass is the one unwillingly taking the big D huh. But oh wait, is was willingly. They literally asked for it by betting against people's livelihoods themselves AND "buying" more shares than actually exist. Almost like people who play with house money their whole lives have no actual knowledge on how to utilize their money nor the ability to appreciate what they have.

>> No.26738521

always give credit where it's due :)

>> No.26738527

Guys, you should help me. I can’t get why NFT is so hyped now??? How it works?

Checked twitter today, everyone is talking about Poolz and their new protocol, I can’t even get what is it? Sorry, I am retard

>> No.26738670

The fucking nerve of this guy.

>> No.26738685

Take a look at Baex (#baex), wanna know your opinion about this exchange. They offer various toolslike crypto/fiat, NASDAQ, Microsoft, Disney, tesla indices, and I think about using it. Is it hard to get profit with binary ?

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Oh this is rich

>> No.26738879

I'm getting it solely because dumb boomers think that it makes you a good future prospect when hiring and have already an internship lined up.

The program isn't anything special and mostly 101 shit, especially with the focus on 'ethics' which is just laughable.

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>niggersaurus avatar

>> No.26739274

>i know that is i was a head fund manager with my ass exposed in shorts, i'd be cold sweating right now
Most heavily shorted stocks are pumping exactly because everyone is cutting losses. Better to lose a couple million on your stupid naked short now than wait a week and lose a couple billion. GME shorts are irredeemably fucked already though so we're definitely going to see some fireworks tomorrow and Friday.

>> No.26739326

This. I'll loose the $1k I put in and the $2.5k I'm up just to spite these kikes

>> No.26739348

All these antisemitic posts, who do you think you guys are feeding by buying GME stocks? Taking money from one Jew and feeding another one. Get real now, they own all sides of the bar but you're all too stupid to realize it. Just make your money and stfu. You aren't going to make any change and the system will always be like this.

>> No.26739357

That's the point I'm trying to make son. "Knowing your stuff" is amounting to doing what the others guys are doing, true speculation died and it's moving towards equilibrium of the "I do everything right investor" trying to emulate correct procedure. Jim Simons is a investing renegade, outperforms all these guys and actively refuses to employ people with a background in traditional finance. Soros and Druckenmiller are seen as crackpots for their market theories but are still the big boys.

Everybody is trying to do what the others do. Once you understand that markets are alive, you will understand why top tier humans outperform algorithmic traders and AI (the ultimate do knowing your stuff in a compooter)

It's all just masturbation.

>> No.26739396

kek glad someone noticed

>> No.26739618


>> No.26739757

It feels like the fundamental understanding that general consensus on a stock means that the stock is not liable to crash/moon is gone and dusted. Investing stands on finding value where others haven't found any yet, and as such is paradoxical to 'teach' to everyone as everyone can't agree that the general consensus is wrong.

>> No.26739844

ebin dude weed drug references lmao

>> No.26740031

Implying if you didnt go to harvard and shit you dont deserve to win. Nice elitism.

>> No.26740052

Um henlo, based department?

>> No.26740373
File: 10 KB, 300x168, tenders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't like chicken tenders? how? they are extra crispy!!!

>> No.26740457

It's ironic that you said moon. Everybody is focused on the next big wave, finding different interpretations for each pattern in the ocean, when instead they should be focused on the moon and it's gravity.

>> No.26740799



>> No.26741037

air fryers are great for tendies

>> No.26741247

i'm pretty sure ben graham would have called those hedgefundies retards for those short positions

>> No.26742224

ITT people who don't understand irony and think that this guy is upset

no wonder 4chan is losing to a bunch of self-described retards from reddit, this place is full of fucking stupid losers

>> No.26742487

What chapter of The Intelligent Investor tells you to short 140% of shares?

>> No.26742533


Lollllllll, based

>> No.26742592

Holy fucking based, and also check'd

>> No.26742769

Checked and Keyed

>> No.26742925

you will never be a woman

>> No.26743038

>shorting like a fucking retarded boomer newfag and blasting an entire hedge fund account because you were too cocky

>> No.26743183
File: 19 KB, 409x393, 1477317834568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Comes to a website specifically designed for people to shed their online identity
>Thinks people there care about their online identity
This shit is for fun nigga, go scramble for likes on Twitter like the dog you are if you care so much about "losing".

>> No.26743229

Exactly. With my GPA and SAT I would have been easily admitted to Harvard if I was black, but I'm white, so I didn't. All I want is some kind of institutional power so I can fuck the people who fucked me.

>> No.26743262

BTC was less than 10c/BTC in 2010. If you spent $25 on BTC in 2010, you'd be a millionaire selling at the top. Spend $100 and you're set for life. If you jumped on it when it was first introduced at $0.001, spending a dollar on it would set your family up for several generations.

People vastly underestimate how retardedly cheap Bitcoin was at the start.

>> No.26743273

so what is the moon?

>> No.26743283

no pity for rich whities. im a black person living in third world poverty and at least profited enough off this to get slightly comfy

>> No.26743328


check em

>> No.26743390

>American icon
Fucking kill yourself you piece of shit it triggers my autism to see people talking about gamestop as anything other than jews who ripped off kids and funko pop merchants. Fucking reddit tier garbage.

>> No.26743471

Newfags like him will never learn.

>> No.26743578
File: 37 KB, 500x364, so it seems.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26743586

>donate to your local hedge fund
oy. fucking. vey.

>> No.26743626
File: 564 KB, 800x430, 1610394483904.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds like the wrong thing to me, kek

>> No.26743691



>> No.26743706
File: 380 KB, 915x1056, 4f5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why yes, I do want the same conditions as 1929 to happen, how could you tell?

>> No.26744057

Musk has been butthurt about short sellers playing games with TSLA for years, this is probably the happiest he's been in a while.

>> No.26744114

the collective mind of 4chan used to be better than reddit. 4chan couldn't have pulled this off

also doesn't change the fact that people don't understand that this guy is being sarcastic

>> No.26744157
File: 13 KB, 225x224, 1611102736517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's attacking a strawman. Clearly projecting.

>> No.26744271

This place is like pol without the memeflags. I feel very comfortable here.

>> No.26744403
File: 101 KB, 1024x958, ceo of based.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26744532

Better how? provide examples.

>> No.26744537

Fuck kikes

>> No.26745221

amc all the way. not selling

>> No.26745264

i literally dropped out of high school but they gave me a diploma anyway.

>> No.26745609

Shia Labeouf flag, habbo hotel, memeing Trump into the white house

actually yeah it was never better than reddit

>> No.26746419
File: 537 KB, 792x550, BobPageIntro2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Your financial freedom should be finalized within the week. I've already @ed the matter to the Citron Research twitter account.
>I take it he was disagreeable?
>He didn't really have a choice.
>Has he shorted?
>Ah yes, most certainly. When he claimed to have closed his position, he was so justed it was almost pathetic.
>This short — the price is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it.
>Why contain it? Let it spill over into the exchanges and brokerages. Let the bodies pile up on Wall street. In the end, they'll beg us to save them.
>I've received reports of cyberattacks on trading apps. There's not enough stock to go around and the funds are starting to get desperate.
>Of course they're desperate. They can smell their deaths, and the sound they'll make rattling their cages will serve as a warning to the rest.
>Hmm. I hope you're not underestimating the problem. The others may not go as quietly as you think. Intelligence indicates they're behind the fake news at CNBC.
>A bunch of pretentious old men playing at running the world, but the world left them behind long ago. We are the future!
>We have other problems.
>To be closed by executive order after the strike on naked shorting. I have other exchanges in mind though. I'm more concerned about Melvin. He's relocated to a non-extradition country.
>Our spite is far in advance of theirs as is our sentience, and their... ethical flexibility has allowed us to make progress in areas they refuse to consider.
>Not shorting a stock over 100% float?
>Among other things, but I must admit that I've been somewhat disappointed with the performance of the primary squeeze.
>The secondary will be online soon, it's undergoing preparation and will be operational within a week.
>We've had to endure much, you and I, but soon there will be order again, a new age. Aquinas spoke of the mythical City on the Hill. Soon that city will be a reality and we will be crowned its kings or better than kings: Gamers!

>> No.26746838

Are anons from chans on other countries also involved? I know for a fact brazilians anons are involved with 1500chan, they are pumping GME. We should recruit the whole world against the jew.

>> No.26747033
File: 16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

to be fair, the peasants always were revolting

>> No.26747089

They fucking sold game insurance ffs

>> No.26747275


lmao what pussies, get liquidated

>> No.26747313

Oh, you're not gonna name Anonymous, Chanology, or Gamer Gate, or any of the other times when faggots like you came here because of the "le ebin badass hacker" memes and expected to "make things happen" with all the new gritty hacker buddies you were gonna meet? These are the groups you're a part of, the people who come here and try to "disrupt society", like you expect it to happen. All those things you mentioned? People did those for fun, not because "fuck society", because they thought it was funny. And that's why you've lost, and the rest of us have won, because you take yourself too seriously on a Lebanese vagina shearing forum.

>> No.26747362

hive mind

>> No.26747413

They wanted GameStop to go bankrupt.
We wanted Melvin Capital to go bankrupt.

Who's has the moral highground?

>> No.26747730

unfathomably based.

>> No.26747791

t. jew

every big happening like this wakes up more normans. clown world is growing and most people are getting dumber but there is a growing percentage of people who can break free of this system and go their own way.
>they'll just vilify and destroy you
i havent filed taxes in 7 years and never will again. they're not as powerful as you think.

>> No.26747829
File: 62 KB, 1023x468, Screenshot from 2021-01-27 21-57-55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The most incredible thing is they are so smug, so in love with the smell of their own farts, they just went deeper into it in order to win in the end.

Now it's not just one, but two companies that's over 100% short.

>> No.26748295

thats the point you idiot

>> No.26748762

Well the past several years have been a repeat of the events leading up to the great depression and wwII anyways.
>Overseas authoritarian government rising in power and taking jabs at its former territories.
>Global pandemic
>Rise of a progressive movement and extreme polarization of politics
>Weak man put into office
>Rise in unemployment and crime

All we were missing was a major stock market crash.

>> No.26749405

why don't people short GME NOW while it's inflated, knowing it's going to tank back to $5 in a week?

>> No.26749472

I dropped out in 10th grade lmao

>> No.26749995

Weird huh

>> No.26750206

Isn't that the company that:
>cooked Greece's books to get them into the EU, then immediately began shorting their companies so they can profit when the EU realized how poor their economy actually was?
>Illegally laudered money directly in the the Malaysian PM's bank account for the friends' pay to play schemes?

>> No.26750374

Checked and based.

>> No.26750413

Lol they can eat my shorts

>> No.26750443

>All we were missing was a major stock market crash.

It's coming, the stock markets keeps pumping while the real economy is trashed the ground, the house of cards will fall

>> No.26750507

I don't know who this guy is but it sounds like "Well coordinated and heavily practiced reddit team beaten by a ragtag group of /v/irgins run by a furry and a BR with 140 ping", it doesn't look to me like he's on the jews' side.

>> No.26750648
File: 401 KB, 1426x638, bank of gamestop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.26750792

>Don Anon! I have fried a special tendie, just for you!

>> No.26750909
File: 65 KB, 750x519, better_to_give_than_receive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Chicken tender eating COLLEGE dropouts.
Fucking a, at least get it right.

>> No.26750915
File: 168 KB, 850x1264, sample-970e1c250434c62dda5a30da7f39b451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26750976

>All that work and all that knowledge
>Does a naked short of >100% on some meme stock.
>Blames the people squeezing the short.

>> No.26751182


>> No.26751304

very fucking based

>> No.26751387
File: 92 KB, 750x736, nORF1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26751605
File: 448 KB, 588x391, 1561449384747.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26752181

Balanced, as all things should be

>> No.26752473
File: 93 KB, 600x600, 1601018650039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i studied biotechnology, you studied fraud

my left hand runs diagnostics on hospital patients, my right hand puts financeshits in the hospital beds i just emptied

>> No.26752671
File: 104 KB, 470x634, based and satanpilled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most based post in this board right now.

>> No.26753099
File: 266 KB, 521x937, based_department.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26753362

Im ready for the camps anon

>> No.26753967
File: 225 KB, 521x937, 20210127_180814.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26754703
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