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FTM, but you arent gonna see a bigass shill campaign because we are in it to be rish, not play memer with reddit tourists.

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>Missed, at least for now, on FTM
>Missed the RBC pump, now its going to do nothing for a year.
> Rigel is a rugpull
> Bao is a meme
> DEXG is in a crowded space.
Shit anon, idk either, someone tell me the next big coin!

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checked. do not buy PRQ it is a scam

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>missed FTM
Its at a steady 7c, projected to hit $1-2 EOQ2.
How can you miss an easy 10-20x?

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depends on your goals.
quick flip for some cash? leverage bitcoin (learn charts)
hodl? btc link eth
speculative big hit? if any one could read the future they wouldnt be here.

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I bought a big bag of RBC at 0.01 but I want more.


PRQ seems so moist, maybe indeed should get it.

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Will look into

Also checked

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get more RBC, get PRQ, get FTM (most fudded coins on /biz/)

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This, always follow the FUD.
Basically, always do the opposite of what jews say.
>oy vey goy dont you want to fuck us mean evil kikes over goy?
>no no no FTM and RBC are SHITCOINS goy see they dont even have heavy shilling on /biz/
>yes invest all your cash into our- I mean Americas stock market goy its much much safer and lucrative
>hand rubbing intensifies
Follow the FUD and DYOR will always net you profits.

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ZORD, pre sale starts soon

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Fuck you nigger lol

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High iq


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All in on bucc, mcap 100k, working privacy on eth

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Imagine a DEX that reduces impermanent loss for liquidity providers, where the pools are single token, not pegged to each other, where the asset price is worked out on chain using the volatility function, no external price oracles, linked to their own private network allowing for off chain transactions governed by an on chain smart contract. A dex with barely any slippage thanks to a unique automated market maker, limit orders, order books and a dextools-like system built in. Imagine all this with a market cap of $12 million and the beta already released. Also imagine that Cronje and Adams are suddenly scrabbling around talking about single asset pools now Jollen has showed them the future. This will easily hit a market cap of 500M this year (A quarter of UNI) X50 almost from here and then keep going.

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gj holding bags retard, you literally could have 4x'd on amc if you weren't a complete retard who got lucky.

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>tranny shit
fuck off

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>investing in literal fairy dust
Okay retard

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Dyor on DHT anon

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you faggot

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Big yikes

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lmao. Buy BB

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Checked nice digits fren

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the fuck does it do

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This is a stonks board now, GTFO crypto fags.

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Undervalued right now
Not useless or obsolete like 95% of crypto
Only 2b market cap
After gme bubble ends it will make good x100, at best x250

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Buy LIQUID here, and only here.
Be sure to read the medium article first about it though.
Less than 300 holders and twitter hasn't caught it yet. However it's very risky seeing as the contract is new and unaudited yet. Take the risk or not, you decide. I did and I'm up 40% since I bought already, however at the time I entered it already was up x2.5 from its listing price. Good luck anon, think twice before apeing in.

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>250B marketcap
sigh, brainlet detected

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>hehe buy blockbuster so I can sell
not gonna happen

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>Whole cryptomarket's cap is near 1 trillion
>Saying, that monero's cap is 1/4 of it
Fuck off shill

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it already got dumped, I hope you’re not still holding lmfao

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thank me later

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UNI is a fuckin train without brakes. XSN is a good bet long term in my honest opinion.

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Awwwww, whats it feel like to be a nofantie?
Mad your linkies are stinkies?

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>wCres expanding to asia markets with HQ in hong kong and Singapore
>Targeting institutions first, then retail market
>Target market of course in the trillions
>Fully insured deposit by Llloyds
>3% interest on stable coins
>Want to get fiat only users into crypto stable coins
>Fully regulated in Switzerland
>Decentralised shares with the wCres token
>No presale
>No VC money
>In contact with Andre Cronje
>Did a on-chain deposit product with Telefonica
>Partnership with both AAVE and Chainlink (Stani is advisor and good friend)
>First regulated firm to have equity tokens offered in crypto,
>Visa card program incoming
It's a fucking no brainer.

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>ctrl + F
>no REEF

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hold for 2 years

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go for Rubic, FTM, BAO or UNI
Also good to have XMR around

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Pretty sure it creates bridges to eth defi programs to free up congestion

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Transmute XPB. At the dip right now.

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GRT the Gamestop of cryptos

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What's the best way to acquire BAO?

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CUDOS u fucking frog.

They just enabled delegated staking with cudos on bitmax.
Literally just buy cudos and send to them and hit delegate and its done. Free longer term massive gainer

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Get rubic, it's still not too late

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I'm drunk
I have work tomorrow
I hate my job, my life, myself, and every decision I have taken that has lead me to this point
I'm about ready to kill myself
Shill me a coin to go all in on right now before the alcohol wears off

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LGCY, good, safe long term hold

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Actually bought it in the beginning of December but sold.
Thinking if should get back in

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Already have RBC, bought when it was at 0.01

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just take a look at the roadmap, now is the time to get back in.
I bought 3k myself.

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Whats a good coin trader for Yurop?

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DMScript - Esport coin. Low MC. Gonna moon any day

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Low Mcap gem with a real project, and most of all a serious team behind. The train is still at the station.

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big xrpikes

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It does look good ngl

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Epsorts will be the first thing to go if the economy takes a hit.

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if you got the money
if you are poor, like me

maybe, just maybe

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